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Smudge sat down at the fence sad about the news that firestar died, a Starclan cat came out of nowhere "Smudge, you must join Riverclan." Smudge was shocked "Wh-why?" The Starclan cat explained "Listen, there's a prophecy, and it's about a cat who's a kittypet and black and white with a green collar." Smudge gasped, he nodded and followed the Starclan cat.

Chapter 1

Smudge was a little confused, he sighed "What's a twoleg monster?" The Starclan cat walked around him "No time to explain, you can know once you're in Riverclan." They were there and smudge was a little bit scared "This clan thing looks dangerous." he almost walked away but a cat stopped him "Wait!" The cat is a She-cat, smudge fell inlove with her and he blushed, "Your the Prophecy cat!" She smiled smudge looked around the camp "it sure is nice in here." he smiled and blushed "Y-you know-" the leader came and called a meeting "Let all cats old enough to swim the rapids, gather around the wet rock for a clan meeting." They all went to the meeting "Today we've encountered a kittypet who has a sign, Sneezecloud. Attack him." When smudge heard that he started getting attacked by Sneezecloud instantly "You need to train better." Sneezecloud said, smudge closed his eyes and found a way to attack him, he then claws Sneezecloud and Sneezecloud rips his collar off, he then won and became Boulderpaw.

Chapter 2 (sorry if its short!!!)

Boulderpaw then walked up to the she-cat and blushed "wh-what's your name..?" he said "o-oh it's acornpaw!" she said they both laughed but then Leopardstar hushed them "enough!" they both became quiet after leopardstar yelled at them "good, now boulderpaw your mentor is flameclaw i hope he trains you well." flameclaw then walked up to him "it's time for your training." boulderpaw smiled and they got out of the camp.

Chapter 3 (another short one sorry)

boulderpaw was sleeping after a long day of training until he was in his dreams meeting starclan. "h-huh...?" he saw a starclan cat and the cat smiled at him "there you are." the cat said, he was walking around the place seeing beautiful things "woah... starclan why am I here?" he said "I need you to know you are in danger and only you can stop it." "who is attacking us?" "Shadowclan." he then woke up panting "Phew, it was just a dream." he then ran away to see acornpaw and flameclaw.

Chapter 4

coming soon!

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