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Smudge sat down at the fence sad about the news that rusty left him, a Starclan cat came out of nowhere "Smudge, you must join Riverclan." Smudge was shocked "Wh-why?" The Starclan cat explained "Listen, there's a prophecy, and it's about a cat who's a kittypet and black and white with a green collar." Smudge gasped, he nodded and followed the Starclan cat.

Chapter 1 (New life)

Smudge was a little confused, he sighed "What's a twoleg monster?" The Starclan cat walked around him "No time to explain, you can know once you're in Riverclan." They were there and smudge was a little bit scared "This clan thing looks dangerous." he almost walked away but a cat stopped him "Wait!" The cat is a She-cat, smudge fell inlove with her and he blushed, "Hi!" She smiled smudge looked around the camp "it sure is nice in here." he smiled and blushed "Y-you know-" the leader came and called a meeting "Let all cats old enough to swim the rapids, gather around the wet rock for a clan meeting." They all went to the meeting "Today we've encountered a kittypet who has a sign, Sneezecloud. Attack him." When smudge heard that he started getting attacked by Sneezecloud instantly "You need to train better." Sneezecloud said, smudge closed his eyes and found a way to attack him, he then claws Sneezecloud and Sneezecloud rips his collar off, he then won and became Boulderpaw.

Chapter 2 (Acornpaw)

Boulderpaw then walked up to the she-cat and blushed "wh-what's your name..?" he said "o-oh it's acornpaw!" she said they both laughed but then Leopardstar hushed them "enough!" they both became quiet after leopardstar yelled at them "good, now boulderpaw your mentor is flameclaw i hope he trains you well." flameclaw then walked up to him "it's time for your training." boulderpaw smiled and they got out of the camp.

Chapter 3 (Vision)

boulderpaw was sleeping after a long day of training until he was in his dreams meeting starclan. "h-huh...?" he saw a starclan cat and the cat smiled at him "there you are." the cat said, he was walking around the place seeing beautiful things "woah... starclan why am I here?" he said "I need you to know you are in danger and only you can stop it." "who is attacking us?" "Shadowclan." he then woke up panting "Phew, it was just a dream." he then ran away to see acornpaw and flameclaw.

Chapter 4 (Choice)

Boulderpaw was trying to catch a mouse until he accidently bumps into a cat, "wh-who are you?" it was a really tall cat with brown fur, dark brown ears, stripes, and paws. The tall cat helped me up and i blushed a bit (yes because 🌟 gay rights 🌟) "hi i'm Silverpaw, yours?" the apprentice said, "B-boulderpaw.. i've never seen you around here. a-are you from another clan..?" the apprentice sweated "y-yeah, Thunderclan." he gasped "OH NO I AM GONNA BE LATE!" "it's okay! i don't want you to get in trouble, now go!" Silverpaw said i still blushed at the taller cat and i kept on thinking about on the way back to camp. Once i got there, there is already a clan meeting "Let all cats old enough to swim the rapids, gather around the wet rock for a clan meeting." the crowd was chanting while i thought about him but Acornpaw was also cute... Who do i pick? "As you all may know a gathering is gonna start by sundown so i'll need all my clan except for the kits, queens, and elders." then he thought 'a gathering?! what is a gathering?' "excuse me what is a gathering?" he asked "a gathering is where all the clans meet at the fourtrees, with their clan members with them." "e-everyone?!" he said "yes." leopardstar answered.

Chapter 5 (Gathering)

We walked to the fourtrees, me and Acornpaw were just joking around "Shadowclan is really scary." she says "Yeah." i said laughing with her "shush, were here." flameclaw hissed leopardstar jumped onto the tree along with Tallstar all of the leaders were there, he gulped when he saw brokenstar he was really scary, then he saw silverpaw they both looked at eachother and smiled, Boulderpaw walked over to him "it's great to see you again!" he grinned acornpaw ran to him "hi! and who's this?" she asked "oh that's sliverpaw." he blushed at her. "I suppose i should start." Bluestar said "Thunderclan has been doing well for the past few moons, but we had two losses. Lionheart and Redtail." she announced "Oh i'm so sorry.." tallstar says "It's alright, but we have two new apprentices today, Firepaw and Silverpaw and the new deputy tigerclaw." "Firepaw! Silverpaw! Tigerclaw!" leopardstar cleaned herself "I'm next i guess, Riverclan has been doing well too with new apprentices, Acornpaw and Boulderpaw." "Acornpaw! Boulderpaw!" Boulderpaw payed attention to the leaders until he saw him. "it can't be..


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