This is what I think would have happened if Graystripe died in the battle with BloodClan instead of Whitestorm.

Whitestar padded into camp with Jayfeather at his side. "How did it go?" Willowpelt asked her mate, the concern clearly evident in her beautiful blue eyes.

Whitestar looked at Wilowpelt, and licked her between the ears. "It went fine." Whitestar murmed. "I'm Whitestar now."

He walked away from his mate and leaped on top of the Highledge. He threw his head back and yowled, "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting! It is time for me to pick a new deputy of ThunderClan. Birchfall, you mentored Cherryfeather well, when Foxleap was killed by that fox. Also, since you were his, brother, I name you the new deputy of ThunderClan."

The first cat to yowl the new deputy's name was his father, the elder Dustpelt, then the whole clan was yowling. "BIRCHFALL, BIRCHFALL, BIRCHFALL!"

"Whitestar, Willowpelt's kits are coming!" Jayfeather yowled. Whitestar ran to the medicine den and stopped at the entrance.

Willowpelt lay on her side, panting heavily, shrieking. At last, a wet bundle slid into the nest of moss and bracken. Whitestar bent down and begin to lick the kit.

"A tom." Whitestar told Willowpelt. The little kit looked exactly like his mother, but with his father's sandy yellow eyes.

Willowpelt shrieked again, and another kit plopped into the nest. "A she-cat" he said. This kit looked exactly like Whitestar, but with her mothers peculiar blue eyes.

"One more! Push Willowpelt!" Lilypaw yowled. Whitestar was proud of his daughter's kit becoming a medicine cat apprentice.

This shriek made Whitestar bristle, it was so much louder than the others. A last kit slipped into the nest.

"All done." Jayfeather muttered.

"A tom." Whitestar said. This one was a dark tortoiseshell tom, with a bushy dark ginger tail. "What are their names? Seedpaw asked excitedly.

Willowpelt looked at their kits. "The little silver tom, can be Adderkit, in honor of my father, Adderfang."

"You name this one." she purred, pointing to the white she-kit.

"Okay." Whitestar purred. He studied his daughter. "How about Snowkit? You know, after my mother."

"Beautiful." Willowpelt purred.

"What about this one?" asked Seedpaw, stroking the little tortoiseshell tom.

"Fuzzykit." Willowpelt sighed.

Whitestar gazed at his children. These will be amazing warriors, Whitestar thought to himself.

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