Ivypool looked over her shoulder to see her sister Dovewing, the she-cat had everything she was beautiful and everyone thought she was amazing. But there was only one bad thing about her, she was in a halfclan relationship. “Ivypool were losing!” She mewed. The Dark Forest didn’t know yet that she had betrayed them. “Firestar!” Sandstorm yowled. “He’s dead.” Brambleclaw mewed. As Firestar rose from his body Tigerstar killed him slashing his neck with his claw. “Dark Forest Trainees come here for a clan meeting.” Hawkfrost yowled. Bumblestripe moves closer to Dovewing who was sulking out of his death. “He runs across the stars.” Bumblestripe muttered. Ivypool pulled herself under highrock. A black she-cat shuffled her paws closet to her son. Her name was Nightcloud, many cats had murmured that she went to the Dark Forest because of her hatred of Crowfeather and Leafpool. Nightcloud had been particularly lucky as Tigerstar thought the she-cat was beautiful. Nightcloud didn’t hate the Tom she just didn’t see anything in him. “As you know we have won, there shall be our one clan. Darkclan. We will stay in Shadowclan territory, as for the other camps. Thunderclan camp will become the remains of Bloodclan’s camp.” Cats walked out from the shadows. A grey she-cat, similar to Dovewing but with white paws and amber eyes walked out of the shadows. “Windclan camp will be my friend Darktail’s camp. The Tom padded out of the shadows, he then let himself kill Onestar. “Great job!” Sleekwhisker purred. “Riverclan camp shall be a celebrating camp.“ He mewed. Ivypool nodded as for now the Dark Forest thought she was on their side.



Alpha: Tigerstar

Beta: Mapleshade

Leader: Brambleclaw

Deputy: Hawkfrost

Medicine cats: Jayfeather




Guards: Thistleclaw































Apprentices: None

Queen: Mapleshade

Kits: Dewkit




Leader: Blood

Leader’s Mate: Hawk

Deputy: Bane

Warriors: Daisy



Queens: Foggy

Kits: Haven



Leader: Smoke

Deputy: Darktail

Med cat: Tiny

Warriors: Dewberry




Queens: Gingerspeckle

Kits: Moss

Chapter 1

“Wake up Dovewing!” I opened my eyes. Ivypool sat there impatiently looking time to time at her paws. “Ivypool!” “Ivypool come over here you have an patrol!“ Mapleshade hissed. Ivypool nodded, trailing her paws to the tortoiseshell. I stared at the she-cat blankly. I looked over to see Jayfeather grooming his matted fur. Lionblaze was exchanging words with Cinderheart. I felt a stare bore through my skull. I turned around to see Hollyleaf staring angrily at me. I flinched scared of the she-cat’s gaze. I quickly padded to Bumblestripe. My paws then again slunk as I thought of Tigerheart. “He’s dead just forget him.” I thought. My paws suddenly felt heavy. I cranked my head around to look at a murderous glare. “Stop!” I gasped. “Stop Dewkit, you’re turning nto a fine warrior. You took down a cat way bigger than yourself.” Mapleshade cooed. Dewkit released his grasp. “What happen to you Dewkit?” I rasped, my paws sprinting toward Tigerheart. The Tom hissed a red outline around him. “Go away Dovewing!” He hissed. Sorreltail nodded. Clanmates were turning on each other. “N-no.” I whimpered. I padded towards Bumblestripe. “It’s fine.” He muttered. “Why are you just standing there!? We need you to hunt, ugh prophecy cats act like they need to do nothing! No wonder Ivypool is with the Dark Forest.” Silverhawk sneered. I silently hissed in annoyance.

Chapter 2

“A gathering!” Tigerstar yowled. Lionblaze moved himself towards Cinderheart. “Me, Brambleclaw, Hawkfrost, Ivypool, Dovewing, Bumblestripe, Icecloud, Applefur, Nightcloud, Breezepelt, Sorreltail, and Dustpelt.” He hissed. Lionblaze saw Squirrelflight let out a huff if resistance. Brokenstar looked at her in anger. “Hmm, Tigerstar Squirrelflight is being resistant.” He blurted. Lionblaze felt anger prickling his paws. Tigerstar dove his jaws towards Sandstorm’s neck. The she-cat squirmed uncontrollably, after a few minutes she finally let her life go. Her deceased body then ran away. Tigerstar muttered something under his breath. “Darkstripe, Thistleclaw find her.” He ordered. Squirrelflight let out a wail as Leafpool padded over to her body, she let her head fall on the she-cat. “No!, it’s my fault.” She wailed. Dovewing shot a glare at Lionblaze and he knew what she meant, “bring the most loyal clan cats.”

As every cat sat there in silence. “Smokeclan is doing well, A kit named Moss has started her training.” Smoke said. “Tigercla-, Darkclan is very well though a Warrior named Sandstorm has died due to her daughter’s mistake.” Tigerstar blurted. “Traitor!” Brokenstar hissed. He let his claws rake along the tom’s back. He pushed his shoulder into Brokenstar, he then pounced on the Tom, placing his paw on Brokenstar’s neck. “How come?”He hissed back.

Chapter 3

Dovewing tugged herself out of a nest. All the Dark Forest Cats did was sleep and eat. They never really did anything. She then padded to Ivypool. She turned her head when she heard a cat let out a screech.

Mapleshade stood over Sorreltai’s body. She then twisted her head around and glared at Mapleshade before she stormed off to her kits. “What just happen?” she heard Amberkit ask. Sorreltail only responded with a lashing tail and a push in the nursery.

Dovewing focused for a second. “So Ivypool have you ever thought about getting a mate?” Dovewing asked.

“No!” The she-cat hissed quickly. Dovewing heard pawsteps behind her. “Tigerheart......” She whined. The Tom sat beside her. “Hey Dovewing sorry about earlier..... I was angry.“ He said. I nodded. I then scooted over closer to Bumblestripe. Maybe I was getting close to the Tom just maybe.

He frowned, Ivypool then got up. “Dovewing, would you like to go out on a hunt?” The she-cat asked politely.

Chapter 4

Lionblaze watched as Ivypool and Dovewing went out of camp. “I have no more Cobeweb.” Lionblaze heard a sharp hiss. He turned around to see Jayfeather and Puddleshine arguing with Silverhawk. Lionblaze felt his paw sting with pain, he then looked down to see Cinderheart poking his paw with a thorn. “Ow!” He backed up. “That’s you reason to go help them.” Cinderheart then pushed her pelt closer to Lionblaze.

He nodded, padding towards the medicine cat den. “Lionblaze, you don’t need to come to cats aid all the time!” Silverhawk hissed, Lionblaze twitched his ear and stick his paw out to Jayfeather. “I do have moss, all the dark forest cats want soft cobweb to sleep on, instead of moss.” Jayfeather grumbled. "What! They must have bees in their brain! Cobweb sticks to your fur!" Lionblaze exclaimed. "It sure is." Jayfeather agreed.

"You all are so dumb." Silverhawk snorted.

"Sure we are." Lionblaze growled at him. Jayfeather then wrapped moss around Lionblaze's paw, putting Wild garlic on his paw. Blood still came out the moss, and Lionblaze flinched.

Chapter 5

Squirrelflight could do nothing but sigh. It was good she was expecting Brambleclaw's kits but.... Why now? Why when the dark forest had took over. "Are you okay." A soft voice asked. Squirrelflight was suprised, it was Nightcloud who said that. "Don't you hate my kin's guts?" Squirrelflight tilted her head. "I've gotten over that, what I need to do now is support Breezepelt." Nightcloud mewled, siting beside Squirrelflight. "They'll be okay." Nightcloud murmured.

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