I have always felt bad for Tadpole, and it was very sad when he drowned. Well, while I try to forget about it, this fanfic will be about how Sasha managed to save Tadpole. Would Hawkfrost have become that evil cat?


The silver twoleg thing exploded, sending water rushing out. It washed over the three kits, who flailed helplessly in the water. Light shone into the flooded basement from a single open window. A silhouette of a brown she-cat was black against the light.

"Come on, my darlings!" she called urgently, "Come to me!"

The kits paddled to the window, but a black tom was pulled back into the current of the black water. He wailed in fear.

"Help me!" he  wailed.

A golden she-kit was fished out of the water, followed by her littermate, a brown and white tabby tom. The tiny tabby tom whirled around at his brother's fearful wail.

"Tadpole!" he called to his brother.

"Save him!" the golden she-kit ordered.

The brown she-cat hesitated, "But I can't swim!" she protested.

"Do it!" the brown tabby tom ran around his mother and thrust her forward. She let out a yelp and fell into the water.

"Hold on, Tadpole! Mama's going to get you out!" the golden she-kit mewed.

"You better be right, Moth," the tabby mewed.

The kits whirled around as they heard a splash. The last of their mothers tail disappeared unser water. Moth trembled beside her tabby brother.

"What if she goes too, Hawk?" Moth wailed.

"She won't," he reassured, although he wasn't really sure about that. You can do it, Sasha, you can save Tadpole.

Suddenly, a brown head bobbed out of the water. Moth blinked in relief as she recognized her brother, Tadpole, in her mother's jaws.

"You did it!" Hawk gasped as Sasha pulled herself and Tadpole out of the water, "You saved him!"

She began to lick her cold kit, her light brown fur sodden and plastered to her body. "I did," she gasped, "I really did!"

Chapter 1

A light gray she-cat rushed over to Sasha, "You saved him!" she exclaimed. She started to lap at Sasha's soaked fur.

"I did, Shnuky," Sasha mewed, relieved.

"Hawk and Moth rushed over to their brother, "You're alive!" Hawk screeched.

Moth leaped on her bother, purring very loudly.

Tadpole stood on his shaky paws. His black fur was damp and glossy. He rushed over to his mother and her friend, "We're sorry!" he mewed, "We didn't mean to go in there! We just wanted to explore. . ." he glanced guiltily at his siblings.

They were dripping wet.

"We're sorry, too, Mama," Moth apologized, rushing up to her mother, her golden fur plastered to her sides.

Sasha curled around her kits, ""It's okay, kits," she mewedd. She lifted her head and gazed down at them, "But you must promise me you will never do it again!"

"We won't," the kits chorused guiltily.

"Good," Shnucky praised.

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