hi it's Spottedpool. This is a fanfiction about if Firestar turned evil :3

Part one: Leafpool's perspective

I had just recieved a prophecy last night. I went to Firestar's den to tell him. Here is the script of how our conversation went:

Firestar: Hi precious daughter who is very precious and not in any way a tool for evil!

Me: OK... there was something about what you just said that makes me think I'm a tool for evil...

Firestar: no you're not! Oh yeah... I told what's his face... you know... the ShadowClan Medicine cat...?

Me: Littlecloud?

Firestar: yeah, him. Anyway, I told him you would meet him by the ShadowClan border (that's near the thunderpath... moo hoo ha...) at moonhigh.

Me: no problem!

That night I dreamed, and the prophecy came to me again: Fire is the only thing that can save you all, but if it should fall into the wrong paws, It can burn down the forest. DISCO!!!!!!!

Then I said, "Bluestar, that last part isn't in the prophecy..."

"Oh yeah. DISCO!!!!!!!!"


"Oh, little miss perfect always has to have it her way. DISCO!!!!!!!!"

"HEY!!!!" then I backed out of the dream and back into my waking world. As I left I heard one last word from bluestar: "DISCOOOOO!!!!!!!"

I realized it must be moonhigh, or later. I gallopped through the forest to the ShadowClan border, just in time to see a monsterous monster running over Littlecloud! his last word was, in a gaping breath that was almost a whisper: "potato..." Then a dark, flame-coloured shape emerged from the bushes and murdered me...


Random kids: yeeeeeey!

Part two: Squeakers the mouse's perspective

I was eating a nut among the roots of a tree when I saw a patrol of the cats that were alwas killing and eating me and my friends.

I must find a place to hide, I thought. But first... there's something about that male who's fur is the same colour of the burn-stuff...

But then the female who had stripes of the old-mouse colour killed me and ate me, and Mouse heaven mice can only see inanimate objects and other mice and plants and the future, so I couldn't be sure. BYE!!!!

Part three: Cinderpaw's perspective

I padded to Firestar's den. I had to ask him a question.

I asked him, "When do I get to be a WARRIOR???" I asked in my most annoying and pleading voice.

Firestar: *checks warriors wiki* This takes place in Outcast, so it's at the end of the next book. Your name will be Cinderheart.

Me: OK!!!! What's the nekt book called?

Firestar: Eclipse. Of course I pl-


Firestar: eh-hem. As I was saying I plan to have taken over the world and killed you by then.

Me: what?

Firestar: what?

Me: you blabbed your plan

Firestar: oh...

Then I ran outside and said "SAAVE ME! FIRESTAR WILL KILLL MEEEEEEE!"

Part four: Spottedpool's perspective or the final stand

Songstar had just told me that ThunderClan's leader had already killed one cat. Oh... wait... two cats. so I went there and was totally awesome and defeated him the end

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