Feathertail never died. . . .. so what would happen?

Crowfeather and Feathertail sat in the moonlight. Crowfeather had joined RiverClan and was very happy, he even did not mind fish.

Feathertail had three kits, Dawnkit, Robinkit, and Lynxkit. and was expecting two more. well, now they were Dawnpaw, Robinpaw, and Lynxpaw, and tomorrow they would get there warrior names.

Feathertail watched the sun set. . .. . . .then. . . they attacked.!!!

Mapleshade and Tigerstar ran to Crowfeather, tackling him, while brokenbutt and Snowclaw ran to fight. Feathertail's first litter, Sunpelt, and Iceclaw ran and tackled Mapleshade, Dawnpaw ran and scratched at Tigerstar's legs, Robinpaw bit hard on Brokenbutt's tail, and Lynxpaw threw herself at Bettlewhisker (yeah, I know he died) and slashed at his pelt.

Feathertail ran to the nursery, watching as Thunderclan warriors ran into camp, but most of them slashed at the Riverclan warriors. Snowclaw threw down Brokenbutt and, bleeding heavily, ran to fight Redwillow.

Feathertail felt blood run down her pelt, and turned to come face-to-face with Hawkfrost, who tackled her, Feathertail pushed up with her back legs and clawed Hawkfrost's belly. Feathertail ran to the fight, and got scratched by Thistleclaw, who scarred her shoulder, Feathertail rammed it into his side and ran.

Dawnpaw lept onto Robinpaw's back and jumped to Mapleshade's neck, clawing and biting furiously.

Robinpaw slashed wildly and bit hard on Maggottail's foot. Darkstripe lept from behind a tree and scooped up Lynxpaw, Feathertail lunged clawing at his pelt before he dropped her.

Shreadtail lunged for Crowfeather, and Feathertail ran to him, he was clawing at the large tom, Bleeding from several wounds. Sparrowfeather pinned crowfeather down, and Feathertail lunged, Biting Sparrowfeather's shoulder and clawed at Shreadtail.

Suddenly, she felt a stab. turning, she saw Snowtuft, Mapleshade and Tigerstar clawing at her. But she felt pain. . . .HER KITS! FEATHERTAIL WAS KITTING!

suddenly, the cats dissapeared, and a simple tabby was standing over her. "FOR THE QUEENS" she shouted leaping at Tigerclaw, with other starry pelt cats. The cats fought and fought, but, they lost. Feathertail bacame Slashtail, Crowfeather became Hawkfeather, Bright stream (who do you think shouted 'for the queens?") was killed, along with all of Starclan

All because Feathertail lived.

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