Briarlight was still disappointed about her legs she looked at Jayfeather "Good Morning!" Briarlight smiled "Go-Good morning." Jayfeather blushed "I see red stuff on your face" Briarlight looked at jayfeather's face "I-It's Nothing." He got to lionblaze "Well Ok!" Briarlight felt alone, she saw jayfeather walking to her "Briarlight I-I Wanna tell you something." Jayfeather blushed more "ok......? What is it!" Briarlight was confused "Wi-Will you be m-my m-mate?" Jayfeather was nervous, "Yes! I Will!" she was happy (few days later) Briarlight and jayfeather had three kits: Nightkit, Pebblekit, and featherkit, "They are beautiful." briarlight licked her kits

More Coming Soon!


Nightkit: Male, Pebblekit: Male, Featherkit: female

Briarlight: Female, Jayfeather: Male

Lionblaze: Male

Shadowpaw: Male

Pouncestep: Female

Mousewhisker: Male

Minnowtail: Female


Never making new chapters, i am planning on remaking it though so you could comment your warrior oc's!

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