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Storms and Shadows
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Icy Stars Succeded by:
Break a Paw



Leader: Petalstar--Light ginger she-cat with a darker tail tip

Deputy: Breezewind--Dark gray tom with light blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Brackenshade--Bracken-colored tom with amber eyes

Warriors: (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Sparkfire--Flame-colored she-cat

Pebblefrost--Gray tom with green eyes

Apprentice, Quickpaw

Coppershade--Dark brown tabby tom

Bloompelt--Black-and-white tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Russetpaw

Sharpfang--Gray-and-white tom

Tinyfoot--Dark brown tom with yellow eyes

Dustflower--brown she-cat with pale green eyes

Cedarblaze--Pale ginger tom with blue eyes

Falconclaw--Dark brown tom

Vinecloud--medium-sized reddish lanky tom with a ticked tabby pattern

Apprentices: (More than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Quickpaw--Light gray tom

Russetpaw--Light ginger tom

Queens: (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Lavenderbreeze--Pale white she-cat with heather eyes (Mother of Fallowkit, a black she-kit, Shiveringkit, a brown she-kit, and Havenkit, a pale gray tom)

Grasshop--Light brown tabby she-cat (Mother of Jaykit, a brown she-kit, Pinekit, a light gray tom, and Glacierkit, a light gray she-kit with light blue eyes and white paws-adopted)

Elders: (Former warriors and queens, now retired)

Mintbright--White she-cat with black spots and blue eyes

Flamepool--Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Note: I'm not confident with this story, so if you want to collab on this, please tell me! I'll be happy to collab with you on this project. ;)


Breezewind cried. He had lost his mate, Flashpelt, because she had died while kitting. It was a sad memory. He even wanted to give up his deputy role because of this. He padded to the warriors' den, and slumped into his nest. It was empty as usual-because all the warriors were busy.

"Breezewind?" Brackenshade called.

"I'm here," He grunted.

"Why are you in your nest this early? Are you sick?" Brackenshade touched a paw to his forehead.

"I'm fine," He turned away, wanting the AspenClan medicine cat to not see his tears.

Brackenshade sighed. "I know that you're still grieving for Flashpelt, but you can’t grieve forever. You need to...let her go.”

Brackenshade’s words pierced his heart as if claws ripped it apart. “I WOULD NEVER LET FLASHPELT GO!”

Breezewind flicked his tail to dismiss Brackenshade. How dare he be so rude? He lay down in his nest, and fell asleep. There, he woke up in a world of wonderfulness. "Flashpelt!" He cried, running up to nuzzle his mate. But, instead of feeling her soft, warm fur, he ran right through her, as if Flashpelt was a ghost.

"Flashpelt?" He asked. Flashpelt turned around to look at him

"Why did you want to give up our deputy role? You can still take care of Glacierkit...."

Chapter 1

Glacierkit's ear twitched as she felt Jaykit jump on her. She grunted.

"Get off, Jaykit! Go play with Pinekit and Fallowkit,"

Jaykit bounced to Pinekit and Fallowkit, and Glacierkit suddenly felt lonely. She regretted saying that to her littermate, but she knew that Jaykit wouldn't let her play.

Glacierkit gazed at the camp entrance, watching warriors coming and going. She sighed. When can she become a warrior?! Being a kit was boring.

Finally her father, Breezewind arrived, carrying two squirrels in his mouth. "Is that for me?!" She asked excitedly.

Breezewind laughed. "Yes!"

Glacierkit immediately snatched one of the squirrels. "Yum!" She meowed through a mouth full of squirrel. Glacierkit quickly finished the squirrel, but she was too hungry.

"Now, now, time to go to sleep," Breezewind pushed Glacierkit to the nursery, and he didn't seem to hear her complains.

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