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This is Season one of I will run forever.

Enjoy! :3

Warning: reading the blurbs MAY spoil the episode(s).

Episode 1: Beginnings

Sage lives a quiet and hard life in the outskirts of the twolegplace. But as she crosses something she never expected to see, Sage finds herself in a whole different—and dangerous—situation.

Episode 2: Battles

After being rescued by mysterious cats, Sage runs home to find the unexpected, and days later, Sage finds what she has been dreading all along.

Episode 3: The Mighty LionClan

When given a mysterious but promising offer, Sage realizes there is no hope surviving in the Twolegplace. So Sage, Tanner, and Tulip are whisked away to the camp of LionClan, where Sage begins to put pieces together and realize that she’s in a extremely dangerous situation.

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