i'm here for you

a one-shot by bladeofhope


nobody even noticed when sunpelt left the clan

but i did

i noticed, i swear

and i miss her and i want her back


everyone just pretended like she had never been here

maybe they were sad at first, but

it didn't take long for them to just move on

leaving us both in their wake

are her memories here really lost?

she left kits,

whitekit and cloudkit

they'll grow up without their mother standing beside them

but they'll also grow up

in a place that has forgotten her entirely

i mean, i'm sure petalfur will be a good mother, but

it's just not the same


they bounce around at my paws,

their identical white fur blinding in the sunlight

"stripenose, stripenose!" they squeal

"let's play!"

i let out a long-suffering sigh

and dangle my tail in front of their curious little faces

they watch with wide eyes

i tickle their noses, and they sneeze in unison

it sounds like her sneeze

but they don't even realize it

i sigh and they look

up at me with their wide little eyes

so so blue and bright and cold

i feel the bile rising in my throat

"i'll be right back" i say

i turn around and leave

they wail in the distance

it breaks my heart but

i hate them


before i can even think about what to do next

i get summoned for a border patrol


get over here

and join mousefur on this patrol"

i go obediently

ignoring the sideways glances that the others give me

of course they know something's up

but no one


says a word


we plod along the border

between our clan and another

renewing the markers and making them fresh

though everyone knows where the boundaries lie

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