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This is about two clan cats, two rouges, and three loners and their trials and tirbulations. Book one is I Won't Be Coming Back


Raymond just got dumped by the love of his life. He's learning to live in the wild, alone. But can his broken heart be trusted?

Alissa and River and two rouges with a promising future. But with Sparkthorn on their tail, can they survive at all?

Forestheart is the newest warrior in Smallclan. When her mentor is found dead after runing away she's not sure about her future in Smallclan.


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Forestheart started up at the night sky.

"Silverwhisker..." The dark brown she-cat whispered, "I will avenge your death."

Suddenly a breeze blew through the clearing, moving the clouds in the night sky. A bright star winked, casting its light on Forestheart.

"I know your watching me, my mentor. I will avenge you."

Alissa and River look up at the sky, staring at a bright star.

"Alissa," River mewed. "It's calling us."

"What? Stars don't - can't call us."

"Oh yes they can, and this one is. We have a destiny to fulfill,"

Sparkthorn look down apon his dying leader.

"I'm sorry, but this had to be done." He meowed.

"Why?" Antstar croaked.

"I need - no, i want- power." Sparkthorn mewed smiling.

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