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Warriors Fanfiction

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From Two Legs To Four
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A New Start In Life
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Water Under The Bridge
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I can be so, so quite. Haste ruins the slience. Impatience squanders the hunt. I take my time. I am silent as I move through the darkness. Dust hangs in the air of the nightmare woods, the Dark Forest. Its erie golw surrounds me, envelopes me. The only sound is my breath, sliping through my bared teeth. I pad silent through surreal world. I pause, I wait, I smell my prey. Be quite, is the only thing I am willing to think. My ears prick, I hear.....a mouse? No, It couldn't be.

Something brushes my shoulder, I want to flinch away, but don't. I turn my head, and see a faded cat. I decide not to finish the weakling off. I see my prey, Francis, squriming in the dust, all it would take is one little nip, and she is mine. There is only two more after her. I stare her strait in the eyes. I am sorry my love, I failed you, Her eyes seem to say. She is my prisoner, and she can't, won't, wouldn't escape me. When she screams, I kill her.

Chapter 1

Lena was sitting in the back fow of her math class. She hated math, writing was her calling in life. Writing an anime. She loved to read poetry, The Oddyssey was her favorite poem. Her teacher, Mr. Hamilton, was droning on and on about pre-calculus mumbo-jumbo. He was such an robot, he never showed any emotion.


School had just gotten out. Lena had the whole spring breack ahead of her. She was going to Greece, Rome, China, Argentina, and Canada. When she found a seat on the bus, Lena pull out her phone, five missed messages. How did that happen? Jenney and Suzy lost their phones. When Lena looked at her missed messages page of her phone, she noticed her mom was the culprate. But when Lena tried to call back, her mother would never answer. Lena listened to her voice mails.

"Hi Lena, it's mom." Lena listen to recording of her mom's voice. "Please call me back when you get this message."

"Well, I tried mom, I can't help it if you don't pick up." She said aloud. Lena played the next one.

"L..Lena, this isn't the time. Call me back NOW!" Her mom's voice was more stressed and worried.

"Lena, please call me back, we...we need to talk about something." God, her mom could be so dramatic.

"Lena, there...there's someone here to see you....get your butt home. I don't want to be alone with...him. Oh god. Stop! Leave him alone! Jack!" The message stoped abrubtly, as did the bus.

Lena was home, and the door was off the hinges.

Chapter 2

on hold untill the first one is done