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BTW, I'm doing this mostly with Foxpaw because he's already crazy, so it's easier. xD

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1. Ash philosophical questions randomly.

Firestar: So I was thinking-

Foxpaw: Is Strawberry a full warrior name or the first half of one?

Firestar: *feels deep, philosophical, calmness*

Squirrelflight: o.O

2. Give your Clanmates math nicknames.

Foxpaw: So where're we going Phythagrium Therom?

Sandstorm: O_O

Toadpaw: Heh. Funny name...

Foxpaw: Shut up Pi.

3. Prove to yur mentor you don't need cheatsheets.

Squirrelflight: Foxpaw, what Clan are we?

Foxpaw: *has no cheatsheet* Oh,*looks at Honeypaw's cheatsheet* ShadowClan?

Squirrelflight* *facepalm*

Honeypaw: *whispers* That's the manufacturer of the cheatsheets.

Foxpaw: Mouse-dung.

4. Flaunt

Foxpaw: *singing* I AM SO SMART! S-M-R-T!!! S-M-R-T!!!!

5. Try your hardest to become a warrior as soon as possible.

Foxpaw: Can I be a warrior today?

Squirrelflight: No.

Foxpaw: Can I be a warrior today?

Squirrelflight: No.

Foxpaw: Can I be a warrior today?

Squirrelflight: No.

Foxpaw: Can I be a warrior today?

Squirrelflight: No.

Foxpaw: Can I be a warrior today?

Squirrelflight: Yes.

Foxpaw: YES! *dances*

Squirrelflight: On second >:)

6. Speak in forgien languges. (2 parts)

Part 1:

Foxpaw: *in fox* Hello friend.

Badger: >.> *growls*

Foxpaw: That's not very nice! You know, you people almost killed my dad that one time you came into our camp and trampled our food! And then I wouldn't be here!

Squirrelflight: *takes off badger mask* And what a shame that would be.

Part 2:

Foxpaw: *pads in to training* Guess what?

Squirrelflight, Icepaw, and Whitewing: *reluctantly* What....

Foxpaw: I am going to speak ShadowClan!

Everyone else: ...

Foxpaw: *turns away and takes deep calming breaths, then turns back around* Hello.

  • no one says anything and somewhere in the forest, a cricket sounds*

Foxpaw: WHAT?

Icepaw: Oh, sorry, was that it? *pretends to look astonished*

7. Become a diplomat.

Foxpaw: *walking with Squirrelflight to ShadowClan*

Squirrelflight: Now remember we really need some frogs so we can creep out Firestar and make him loose his last -4 lives, so be nice!

  • in Shadowclan camp*

Blackstar: Frogs....well sure you can have them! They taste like crap anyways!

Foxpaw: *attacks him*

Squirrelflight: Foxpaw....WTH????

Foxpaw: I'm negotiating!

Squirrelflight: ....*sneaks off with the frogs*

8. Learn the customs and traditions of other Clans.

Minnowpaw: ...And then we throw the dead fish at the Twolegplace and chant while dancing around a pile of fish carcasses....

Foxpaw: Uh-huh.

Minnowpaw: And then we thank StarClan for everything and we...

Foxpaw: Can I say something?

Minnowpaw: ....Sure

Foxpaw: I made a poem about your RiverClan celebration things. It contains a bunch of words I think describe it.

Minnowpaw: ....

Foxpaw: Ahem. *climbs onto Oak Tree* RiverClan is.....CREEPY!!!! SICK!!!! FISH-FACES!!!! UGLY!!!! MORONS!!! WEIRDOS!!!! SATANIC!!! HATERS!!!!

Minnowpaw: *strangles him*

Foxpaw: *choking* Always learn the traditions of a Clan so you can make fun of it.

9. Respect the dead.

Firestar: *sees Kermit the Frog on TV and looses -4th life*

Leafpool: Wait for it, he'll come back...

Firestar: *stays dead*

Leafpool: *puzzled* huh. *shrugs* Well, there's a first time for everything.

  • at the Vigil*

Foxpaw: *comes up to Firestar's body, sniffles* You lived way too long, but I'm very sad you're dead. *pokes him* That was way more fun to do when you were alive! *pokes him some more!

Squirrelflight: Foxpaw....have you ever heard of a term called 'Abusing the Corpse'?

Foxpaw: *has started jumping on Firestar's body and sobbing* This was more fun when you were alive too!

Squirrelflight: SECURITY!!!!

10. See into the future.

Foxpaw: *with Icepaw and Hollypaw* Watch one second, Toadpaw is going to choke and die!"

Toadpaw: *stops eating his squirrel, chokes, then keels over*

Hollypaw:'d you know that?!

Foxpaw: Well, I may have spiked his squirrel with deathberries..

11. Speak at Gatherings.

Blackstar: ShadowClan is great blahblahblah

Foxpaw: *stands* I have something I'd like to say!

Blackstar: Young whippersnapper! When Firestar asked you three minutes ago if you had anything to say, you said no!

Foxpaw: That's a matter of opinion! Anyways, I would like you all to know how my training has been going. But to give you the best idea, I'll have to walk you through my entire moon...

Everyoner else: *GROAN*

Foxpaw: So, let us begin as I was coming back from last moon's Gathering...

  • three hours later*

Foxpaw: And we finally made it back to camp after the Gathering. The next day...

Squirrelflight: *knocks Foxpaw over the head with Leafpool and drags him into the bushes*

12. Embrace the art of music.

Foxpaw: *creeping alongside Squirrelflight, unseen, singing softly* Now and then I think of when we were together...

Squirrelflight: Brambleclaw, stoppit.

Foxpaw: Like resignation to the end...always the end..

Squirrelflight: Ashfur, I'll rip your throat out.

Foxpaw: So when you said that we could not make sense, well you said that we would still be friends...

Squirrelflight: Knock it off Stormfur..

Foxpaw: But I'll admit that I was glad it was over...

Squirrelflight: What did I do to wrong you Crowfeather!?


Squirrelflight: Got yA! *tackles him*

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