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Warriors Fanfiction
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hello! This story was inspired by me just hanging out with my cats in my backyard. XD hope you enjoy this and just letting you know that I am just some teenager who may get grammar and stuff wrong (the spelling should be fine because auto correct) Also this story is just a little stub and will have some WIP. Also, you may send feedback and stuff in the comments, or you could just hang out and chat in the comments too XD. Enjoy!



Bell- a small and curious Snowshoe she-cat with a pink collar and sky-blue eyes. (If want to learn more about Snowshoes here: [1]

Raven- a big muscular, fluffy, and grumpy black tom with a patch of white on his chest. He has a nose scar and a blue collar.

Milo- a sleek and mean tabby tom with a nose scar and a bite mark scar on his left front leg. He has a red collar.

Oreo- a plump and small tuxedo she-cat that is always shy and scared. She has a blue collar.

Pumpkin- a small but strong ginger tabby tom with the heart of a teddy bear. He has a blue collar.


Hank- a mottled and old tabby tom with the strength to win any fight.

Zoe- a sleek and well cleaned calico she-cat with very sharp claws.

Snow- a very mean and sleek white she-cat that is very territorial.


Rivers flowed at a quick pace but peacefully. The forest was noticeably quiet, and the birds could be heard chirping. The birds quickly flew away as paws could be heard running. A sleek figure of a pale ginger tabby was running at full speed. The dawn patrol was over, and the small apprentice was extremely excited as she dashed further and further away. Today was the day! She was excited to go back to camp because a lovely elder who always shared stories to her was going to tell her an interesting story that she wanted to hear. She heard him say a few words about the story that lingered in her mind. Back then they didn't speak the language we speak now. More excitement filled her when she could smell the strong scent of her clan. As she grew closer and closer, she could just hear their meowing. Once she was close to ThunderClan camp. She slowed down and walked in the camp. She could see cats sharing tongues and relaxing in the clearing. She walked towards the Elders' den when suddenly a black figure was in front of her. She looked up to see the deputy, Shadowfur.

"Uhm hello Shadowfur! What is it?" The apprentice meowed.

"Well, I was w-" Shadowfur was interrupted.

"Oh right! The patrol went fine! No intruders and no danger! We even put more scent markers around the territory!" The she-cat purred.

"No! Not that! I was wondering if you would like to go hunting?" Shadowfur said.

"Oh! But I want to listen to the stories that Oneear was going to tell me!"

The deputy giggled and said. "that's fine! I can go ask another cat!"

The deputy walked off and the apprentice looked inside the Elders' den. Her blue eyes gleaming with excitement. She entered the den and mewed at the elders as she walked in. She walked towards a tortoiseshell tom with one ear missing.

"Sandpaw! Come here!" The elder croaked.

"Oneear!" Sandpaw bounced around before calmly laying down next to Oneear. "Are you going to tell the story of how ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan and StarClan were made?"

Oneear laughed and meowed. "Yes, but did you know they didn't invent StarClan! Stargazer did!"

Sandpaw smiled and said. "Woah! Cool!"

Sandpaw tucked in her arms as Oneear spoke.

Chapter one

Bells could be heard inside the Twoleg Nest. Inside on the couch was a small Snowshoe rolling over trying to get comfortable on the couch. After a while. She couldn't sleep so she woke up grumpy. The Snowshoe jumped off the couch when she heard a Twoleg call out her name. "Bell!"

She walked to the kitchen and then saw the Twoleg place her bowl down on the floor. She trotted towards the bowl. She lowered her head and started to eat soft slop mixed with dry, tasteless pellets. Bell didn't enjoy it, but she finished it anyway. She looked at her Twoleg as it walked away, going to sleep. She walked to the window in the living room and jumped on the ledge of the window. Staring out. Outside were more Twoleg nests and a rocky grey path in between them where the Monsters roared past. Bell drooped her tail. She was sad that she could never go outside. Her Twolegs wouldn't let her outside because she was a Snowshoe and Snowshoes are very vulnerable outside and could easily be hurt or killed. She jumped down the window and walked around the house to entertain herself until she noticed something in the laundry room. A vent was on the wall, not too high for her. Bell realised that it wasn't an ordinary vent that leads to somewhere else. No. This vent leads to the backyard. Her fur bristled with excitement as she saw the vent. This was going to be her freedom! She slid through the vent like it was a cat flap and to her surprise it seemed bigger than she thought. She sniffed the air and opened her mouth to gather the scents of the backyard. Bell could smell lots of interesting scents and her paws prickled with excitement. She ran towards the back but stopped once her paw pads started hurting. Her paws weren't used to the Twoleg paths, and they stung like fire. She slowed down and started to walk hoping that will help. Bell wasn't concentrating as she looked at her paws then suddenly, she walked on something soft and green. She snapped out of her thoughts. Bell looked around to see the same soft green thing. It felt like carpet, but it felt better, and it smelled nice and sweet. She found it better than walking on the Twoleg path and she started to run in it having lots of fun. Her heart then dropped as she heard a dog barking not far away from her. Bell looked behind her to see a husky looking at something. She chose to ignore it, but her fur still prickled at the sight. She then heard a jingling coming from a tree. She turned to the tree and saw glowing brown eyes. Bell unsheathed her claws waiting for an attack. Instead of attacking her. It walked towards her slowly. It looked like a figure of a cat. A rather small one. When the cat came closer, she could clearly see it. It was a ginger tabby with a light blue collar. Bell relaxed as she heard the small cat greet her happily. She trilled back at him sheathing her claws. The ginger cat rubbed his cheek against her's. She purred and began to chase him around the backyard attempting to play. Bell then heard the dog chase them and her fur bristled in fear.

(This may be a slow progress since i have school but thanks for being patient [if you are])