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This is my story. I hope you like it!

(Dustpelt and Bumblestripe walk into camp with Dovewing between them)

Firestar: Why have you brought Dovewing here!?

Dustpelt: Well we found this traitor curled up next to Tigerheart in the boder!

Firestar: WHAT?! Is this true?!

Dovewing: Yes. I-I love him!

Firestar: NO! You die! Ahahahaha!

Whitewing: No not her! Not my kit!

(Whitewing cries while Birchfall murmers softly to her)

Firestar: Now you die!

(Tigerheart runs in the camp and stands by Dovewing)

Tigerheart: No! You can't do this! I love her!

Firestar: To bad! I'll kill you too!

(Firestar calls apon his leader powers and sends a lightning bolt at Tigerheart; Tigerheart dies.)

Dovewing: NO! Why would you do this?!

Firestar: Because I'm old and CRAZY!!

( Firestar sends a fireball at Dovewing and Dovewing falls next to Tigerheart's dead body)

Firestar: HAHAHAH!!! Now I killz everybodyz!

(Firestar sends a giant tornado that kills every cat by the lake)

The End!

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