Okay! So this is just a creepy little fanfiction I wrote. It’s inspired by Nightmare That Cloaks All Reason’s “Checkmate” (check it out, it’s awesome) and something else that happened while we were roleplaying together yesterday. It might not be very scary to you, but there may or may not be intense blood and gore, so proceed at your own risk!



watch out.



you may just make it out alive.

you may just make it out on time.

My legs can’t run fast enough. My heart can’t beat fast enough.

The terror is crushing down on me with more weight than I’ve ever known. But I do know one thing.

This place is very, very dangerous.

I glance left and right, backwards and forward to make sure nothing’s following me. Already my wounds are burning like fire. The pain sinks vicious claws into my fur and flesh, and my blood leaves a dark trail.

But I’ll make it. I see a light up ahead. Light can surely mean a good thing.

Or can it?

As soon as I burst into the light my vision goes black.


the shrieks.

you hear them too, don’t you?

they’re warning you.

just get to the light.

there your hero waits.

don’t let the shrieking distract you.

let it prepare you.

The shrieking comes from everywhere at once. It drills into my ears and grips me with stone-cold claws. My eyes are glued to the sight of his bloody corpse.

My “hero” is dead.

And yet the shrieking still continues.

This isn’t real. It can’t be. I’m hoping, wishing, praying that it’s a dream.

Is it?

Where are the other cats, the cats that I saw earlier? Earlier, before the darkness came.

This dark, haunting dream.

Is this place even real? I’m not so sure.

To be continued...

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