Hi, this is a warriors story about a kittypet. It involves all the clans. It is written in first person, from Sandy's point of veiw This is my first story, so, it may not be that good.=)--Mistysun=)warriors rock! 21:18, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

I watched the sun slowly sink below the clouds, shedding it's last presious rays before the world was plunged into darkness. I felt a shiver run up my spine, what always happens whenever the sun sets. Sometimes i wished for a different life, one more exciting, with more adventure, and one that is is less lonely. I slowly got up as i felt rain starting to fall, and sadly walked to the cat flap leading into my two-leg's nest, flicking droplets of water off my tail.

The next morning, i awoke to find my food bowl already filled. I meowed, and hearing no footspeps or other noise, i guessed that my two-legs must be out. Relieved, i ran outside, and sniffed the early-morning sents. Then, off to the side, i sensed movemnt. A mouse! I crouched low, glad that my two-legs didn't make me wear a collar like Sunshine, another kittypet. Then i sprang, but the mouse was too quick and it darted for the gap in the horrid fence that seperated me from the rest of the world. I didn't have time to realize where i was going, i just ran after the brown, furry mouse.

I darted through the gap in the fence, just in time to see the mouse's tail dissapear around the corner. I sprinted after it, running over a hard black surface where monsters drove on, and comeing to the other side. I followed it under abush, and through a clump of bushes, i skirted around tall maples and oaks.

Yow! I had stepped on a thorn. I stopped, and stat down to lick my sore pads. That when i realized i didn't know where i was. I was lost, i was alone, i had no idea how to hunt, or even life in the wild, my paws hurt. I was in big trouble. I closed my eyes, and meowed for help.

Instantly, paws came running to my side. I saw a group of thin, muscular cats standing in front of me. "Who are you?" A brown tabby yowled at me.

"San-sandy......" I replyed shakily.

"A kittypet." The tabby scoffed, "Leave her be, she won't be any trouble to us. Come on," And she turned to leave.

"Wait!" I called, running after them, my bad paw throbbing.

"What do you want?" The tabby asked harshly.

"I'm....lost." I said meekly, "I don't know how to live in the wild, and I can't find my way home....Can you please maybe help me?"

The tabby seemed to consider it for a moment, before saying more warmly,"Very well, follow us, Sandy,"

(sorry, this story will be finished soon, thx!)

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