Honeywish and the 4 stars

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Leader- Sandstar - ginger tabby she-cat

Deputy- Seedwing- brown tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Rockpaw

Medicine cat- Stormheart- beautiful long furred gray tabby

Warriors- Dewfoot- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice, Mousepaw

Treefur- brown and white tom

Frostpebble- white she cat with an unusual gray muzzle

Apprentice, Darkpaw

Brightwing- ginger tabby she-cat with a white tipped tail

Thornstrike- brown tom with black spots

Apprentice, Spottypaw

Leafcloud- tortoiseshell she-cat 

Ripplewind- black and white tom with yellow eyes

Fernheart- Brown tabby she -cat

Littleclaw- small black tom with bright green eyes

Sunfur- bright ginger tabby

Apprentice, Icepaw

Apprentices- Rockpaw- chubby gray tom

Mousepaw- gray and white tabby

Darkpaw- black she -cat with amber eyes

Spottypaw- white she-cat with brown spots

Queens- Poppypelt- beautiful black and white she-cat (nursing Sunfur's kits: Honeykit, Shinekit, and Redkit

Cherrynose- cream she-cat with green eyes (nursing Ripplewind's kits: Brackenkit, and Lilackit

Elders- Tallstream- dark gray she-cat

Birdfeather- brown tabby tom


Leader- Swiftstar - lean gray tom

Deputy- Ratfur- dark gray tom with a battle-scarred muzzle

Medicine cat- Berrywhisker- tortoiseshell she-cat

Warriors- Cloudflight- small white tom with yellow eyes

Strikeclaw- large black and white tom

Crowshine- sleek gray tom

Apprentice, Skypaw

Eaglestrike- brown and cream tom 

Duskpelt- gray and white tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Flamepaw

Morningmist- brown tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Longpaw

Queens- Shrewheart- white she cat with brown paws (nursing Crowshine's kit: Winterkit)

Alderface- Pretty brown tabby (expecting Ratfur's kits)

Lakeflower- Pale gray she cat with blue eyes ( nursing Cloudflight's kits- Graykit, Talonkit, Hazelkit, Heatherkit, and Rosekit)

Apprentices- Skypaw- cream and white she-cat

Flamepaw- ginger tom with blue eyes

Longpaw- slender black tom

Elders- Ashwhisker- small gray she-cat with amber eyes

Grasspool- Gray tabby she-cat with green eyes


Leader- Brightstar- ginger tabby she-cat

Deputy- Fernwhisker- pale gray she-cat

Medicine cat- Ivycloud- Small black and white she-cat

Warriors- Poolclaw- Big brown tom

Blacktail- friendly dark gray tom

Yellowleaf- Ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice, Smudgepaw

Pouncefoot- White tom with gray paws and blue eyes

Apprentice, Oakpaw

Stonemist- white and gray she-cat with beautiful blue eyes

Apprentice, Streampaw

Hollyrose- tortoiseshell she cat

Apprentice, Tigerpaw

Patchstrike- dark gray tabby tom with black spots

Queens- Echosky- pretty gray tabby (expecting Blacktail's kits)

Sorrelsong- brown and white tabby (expecting Pouncefoot's kits)

Apprentices- Smudgepaw- black and white tom

Oakpaw- handsome brown tom

Streampaw- blue gray she-cat

Tigerpaw- ginger tabby with blue eyes

Elders-  Weedclaw- gray she-cat

Fishleap- slender brown tabby she-cat

Wingstone- black tom with green eyes


Leader- Frogstar- brown and gray tabby tom

Deputy- Snaketooth- fierce gray tom

Medicine cat- Amberstone- brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Tawnypaw

Warriors- Turtlecloud- pale brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Lizardpelt- tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Nightpaw

Graywing- beautiful gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Bumbleflight- black tom

Apprentice, Cedarpaw

Mudthorn- dark brown tom with black paws

Shadowleaf- lean black she cat with pretty green eyes

Sparrowclaw- tortoiseshell she-cat

Queens- Mallowfur- white she-cat with blue eyes (nursing Frogstar's kits: Foxkit, Brownkit, and Swankit)

Featherdream- gray she cat with blue eyes (expecting Bumbleflight's kits)

Bushheart- brown she-cat (nursing Snaketooth's kits: Tallkit, Fiercekit, Hopkit, Woodkit, Pigeonkit, Fuzzykit, Greenkit, and Toadkit)

Leanfoot- Pale ginger she-cat (expecting Mudthorn's kits)

Apprentices- Nightpaw- black and gray tom with big gray eyes

Cedarpaw- reddish tabby tom

Tawnypaw- Brown and black long legged tom (apprentice of Amberstone)

Elders- Hawkfight- brown tabby tom

Curlears- small black she-cat

Cats outside of clans

Hiss- scarred gray tom, blind in one eye

Screech- big yellow tom with yellow eyes

Scar- vicious black tom

Fangs- white and gray she-cat

Claw- big gray she-cat

Strike- big brown tom, with sharp teeth

Bite- Gray she-cat

Jessie- brown she- cat, with a scarred muzzle

Streak- black tom

Burn- giant vicious red tom

Darkness- black she-cat

Snake- swift brown she-cat

Rat- brown tom

Venom- gray tom with green eyes, brother of Poison

Poison- black tom with amber eyes, brother of Venom

Kill- vicious black and brown tom with a split ear


"The kits are coming!" Poppypelt's cry rang out through the clearing, and numerous cats rushed to her side, including her mate, Sunfur

Poppypelt was sitting in agony, her tail twitching. The medicine cat, Stormheart, ran to help her. This was Poppypelt's first litter. The moon shone on her as she twisted in pain.

Sunfur ran out of the den to to get her a twig to bite down on. The elders were creeping out of their den to help Poppypelt. 

The apprentices were taking orders from their mentors, such as: quit yowling! And get water!

Once Sunfur collected the twig, he ran back to Poppypelt.

"It'll hurt less, soon Poppypelt. Just push!" Said Stormheart. 

The first kit came. She was a pale white kit with ginger splotches. Sunfur stuck the twig into Poppypelt's mouth, and the second kit came. He was a muscular reddish tom with a white tipped tail.

There was one kit left, and she was born quickly. But as she came, 4 stars in the sky shone very brightly. It was as if the last kit was special. She was kind, too. She made room for her siblings, even though she was a tiny kit.

Now, it was time to name the kits. The first kit, the one with the ginger splotches, would be known as Shinekit. The muscular red tom would be Redkit. The third kit, who had a bright yellow coat, was very caring and sweet. She would be Honeykit.

"They're beautiful," Sunfur whispered. Poppypelt smiled warmly at them, and the 4 stars continued to shine.

Everyone went back to sleep, but Stormheart received a prophecy: the brightest will light up the forest, and 4 stars will light her path. Stormheart padded out of her den, thinking the prophecy had something to do with the last kit. As she gazed upon her, she wondered what would be in store for her.

Chapter 1

When Honeykit first opened her eyes, everything seemed to greet her. She yawned, and looked up at her mother.

"Well, Honeykit. I see you've opened your eyes," Poppypelt said to her daughter. Honeykit looked at her sleeping siblings.

Cherrynose's kits were batting at a ball of moss.

"Am I the first one?" She asked her mother.

"Yes," her mother meowed, smiling warmly. Honeykit stood up, but her legs wobbled beneath her.

She tripped and fell. A small paw helped her up. She looked up, and saw another kit. He was a brown and white tabby with piercing green eyes.

"Finally! You've opened your eyes! I'm Brackenkit!" The kit mewed.

"I'm Honeykit," she replied. She wobbled again.

"Maybe Poppypelt should have called you Wobblekit!" Brackenkit joked.

"Brackenkit, don't be rude," Cherrynose warned.

"OK," Brackenkit meowed. Another kit walked over.

"Hi there! I'm Lilackit," she greeted Honeykit.

"Hi!" Honeykit said after she regained her balance.

Redkit and Shinekit walked over.

"Can we play with your moss?" Shinekit mewed.

"Sure!" Lilackit agreed. Honeykit batted at the moss, and her denmates played as the queens slept. Then, they got tired and flopped down on their sides.

Then, Brackenkit spoke up.

"OK, hurry. We don't have much time."

"For what?" Honeykit asked. Brackenkit seemed like a mischevious kit, who loved to have fun.

"A tour of the clan," Brackenkit mewed.

Quietly, they crept out of the den. Honeykit took one last look at her sleeping mother, then followed Brackenkit.

"How do you know your way around the camp?" Honeykit asked. She didn't want to get lost.

"I've been here for 5 moons. I know my way around!" Brackenkit said. "Let's go to the hunting grounds". Brackenkit lead them to the hunting grounds.

" Let's catch some mice here!" Lilackit declared.

"We can't catch mice, we're just kits!" Honeykit exclaimed.

"Sure we can!" Brackenkit said. He dropped down to a crouch, and followed a mouse. His tail was close to the ground, and he moved quietly and slowly.

The mouse had no idea it was being stalked. Then, Brackenkit pounced. The mouse struggled under his grip, but Brackenkit was strong. He gave the mouse a quick killing bite, and the mouse went limp.

"Impressive!" Honeykit meowed.

"I know!" Brackenkit purred. He was obviously glad to have gained her approval. Brackenkit will be a good friend, thought Honeykit. 

"Who wants to eat some?" Brackenkit asked.

"No thanks," Honeykit mewed embarrassedly. Redkit and Shinekit backed away as well.

After Brackenkit and Lilackit had finished the mouse, the kits left the hunting grounds. Then, Honeykit saw Frostpebble running to the medicine den.

"Stormheart! Come quick! Treefur is bleeding!" She cried.

"Where?" Stormheart demanded.

"On the hunting grounds!" She cried. Stormheart quickly grabbed some herbs and cobweb, and followed Frostpebble to the hunting grounds.

"Come on! Let's go!" Brackenkit yowled.

They ran to the hunting grounds. Stormheart chewed up the herbs, then spread them on Treefur's bloody shoulder.

"Ooh..." He moaned.

"How did this happen?" Stormheart asked.

"I slipped on a sharp thorn" he said, flicking his tail towards a big sharp thorn.

"You need to be careful!" Stormheart lectured, as she spread cobwebs on his shoulder. Frostpebble paced around, anxious for her mate. Wow, Honeykit thought. Stormheart can save the lives of our warriors! Stormheart noticed the kits.

"Go back to your den," she ordered.

"OK, mumbled Brackenkit. They went back to their den.

"You foolish kits! You're not supposed to leave the den!" Poppypelt scolded as soon as she saw them.

"We were worried sick about you!" Cherrynose meowed.

Brackenkit and Lilackit went back to their mother, and Honeykit Shinekit and Redkit went back to their mother.

"We're sorry," the kits apologized.

"Just never do it again. Come here and have some food," Poppypelt said.

"We're not hungry," they said.

"Well, at least take a nap," Poppypelt said. Redkit and Shinekit curled up and fell asleep.

"Guess what, Mommy?" Honeykit mewed.

"What?" Poppypelt asked.

"I want to be a medicine cat!" Honeykit said.

"And I'm sure you'll make a great one," Poppypelt murmured. Honeykit fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Honeykit woke up to the scent of sickness.

"Mommy, what's  that smell?" She asked.

"Sandstar has greencough, little one," she said.

"What's greencough?" She asked.

"Its a sickness you get that makes you cough," Poppypelt answered.

"Is Sandstar gonna die?" She meowed, waking up her siblings.

"No, Sunstar has nine lives from StarClan.  She'll be fine," Poppypelt soothed.

"Good," Shinekit mewed. Then, Brackenkit and Lilackit walked over to them.

"We're not allowed out of the den. How about you?" They meowed.

"Mommy, can we leave the den?" Redkit asked. Poppypelt hesitated, then said,"no"

"But...But.. i wanna go outside!" Wailed Shinekit, running in circles.

"I know! We can play with the moss ball!" Honeykit said. Shinekit stopped running.

"Yeah! The moss ball!" She said. 

Lilackit and Brackenkit joined in. But Honeykit still wondered aboit sandstar. Was there any way she could help? Sandstar's scent of sickness was spreading around the camp.

Suddenly, they heard a noise.

"Hack! Hack! Cough!" Redkit and Shinekit ran to their mother. Honeykit stared. Sandstar sat down, hunched over, coughing.

Brackenkit and Lilackit lost interest, but Honeykit crept forward. Before she knew it, she was inside the medicine den. Her siblings were yelling after her, but she couldnt hear them.

The medicine den felt like home to her. She didnt want to leave. Stormheart told her to go back to her den. She nodded, and left. She wanted to help Stormheart, but she wasn't sure how.

The others may not believe it, but she was going to help Stormheart. She would help Stormheart so good, that no cat would ever get sick again.

That night, Honeykit had a dream. She was walking in the forest, and the trail she was following was full of stars. She kept walking. The earth was soft on her paws, and she felt good.

She had energy. Then, she saw something. Brightly in the sky, shone four stars. But what did they mean? Why were they there?

Whatever happened, she didn't want Sandstar to lose a life. A clan without a leader was like a kit without its mother.

Chapter 3 

Over the next moon, Sandstar got sicker and sicker. Her greencough seemed to be taking over, which was bad, since Catmint was dangerously low. Soon, Seedwing, Frostpebble,Sunfur and Treefur had it, too.

Honeykit knew it was time to step in. That night, while everyone was asleep, she snuck out of the den. Starlight glittered peacefully around her. The muffled snores of the warriors took place in the back of her mind as she silently padded out of camp.

Honeykit didnt have the foggiest idea of where to find Catmint, but she knew that StarClan would guide her path. The trees embraced her in tall creepy shadows, but it didn't matter to Honeykit.

Then, she saw a patch of flowers. I'll bet that no one has ever been here before, she thought. She padded over to the wild flowers. When she got there, a fresh strong scent caught her by surprise. It was like a dream. She followed the scent, and saw a thick patch of Catmint!

"Yes," she whispered. StarClan was surely by her side. She tore off as many mouthfuls as she could, and took them back to camp. But when she was almost there, she heard loud wails.

"My kit! Where is my kit!" She heard. She heard a cat pacing around anxiously. With a pang of guilt, she knew that cat was her mother. With a sigh, Honeykit walked back to camp. She would have to face her mother sooner or later.

Once Poppypelt saw her daughter, she ran over and pressed her muzzle against her.

"Honeykit! What on StarClan made you leave camp like this! You are in big trou-" Poppypelt stopped talking. "Is that Catmint? Where did you find it?!" Poppypelt demanded as the other cats rushed over.

"Behind the patch of flowers," Honeykit mewed. Stormheart saw the Catmint and ran to Honeykit.

"These are for you," Honeykit said, giving the leaves of Catmint to Stormheart. Stormheart took them, and said,"You are a special cat, Honeykit" 

The look in Stormheart's eyes made Honeykit shiver. What could she possibly mean? She sat there thinking. Then Poppypelt grabbed her by the scruff.

"It's great you found the Catmint, but you are never to go out in the middle of the night like this. Ever. Got that?" She meowed.

"Sorry,I'll never do it again. I just feel useless being a kit, and all," Honeykit said.

"Well, soon you'll be a great medicine cat. You just have to be patient," Poppypelt yawned, dropping her next to her siblings.

"Did you get scared?" "Did you see a fox?" "Did the Catmint smell bad?" Honeykit ignored the other kits' questions. 

She curled up into a tight ball, but that didn't help her sleep. She knew she was destined to serve her Clan the best she could, but she didn't want to wait.

In the medicine den, she heard Stormheart feeding the sick cats Catmint. It's all because of me, thought Honeykit. She had saved her Clan. Sandstar had already lost a life, though. But she was a leader with nine lives from StarClan. She had about 7 or 8 lives left.

But something about the forest made Honeykit's senses jump. She loved hearing the sound of prey rustling in the grass, but she willed herself not to pounce.

One part of her wanted to be a medicine cat, and another wanted to be a warrior. She didn't think she could do both. A cat could only be a warrior or medicine cat. And her choice was medicine cat, warrior instincts or no warrior instincts.

Stormheart's words rang in her head: you are a special cat, Honeykit. She fell asleep, but the words still rang in her head. Just what was she being depended on?

Chapter 4

Honeykit woke up, and shook her fur. She wondered what she should do. Brackenkit and Lilackit were still sleeping late. The sun was barely peaking over the edge of the mountains, and the cats who went on the dawn patrol were coming back.

She saw Sandstar walking to the middle of the clearing. She looked much better, despite her bout of Greencough.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath highledge!" She called.

Poppypelt stood up.

"Wait here, little one, I'll be back in a minute," she said. All the cats gathered around in the clearing, and Sandstar said," Can I have Brackenkit and Lilackit."  Lilackit was shocked, but Brackenkit held his head high as he walked up to Highledge.

"We need more warriors this Leafbare, and these two cats have reached the age of 6 moons. Brackenkit, come here" Sandstar said. Brackenkit padded to Sandstar, head held high like a lion padding out its den.

"Brackenkit, from now until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Brackenpaw." Brackenpaw looked proud. Honeykit felt a rush of admiration for him.

"Seedwing, you have served me well as a deputy. I think you deserve another apprentice, and you will mentor Brackenpaw. I expect you to pass on your courage and strength," she said. Brackenpaw and Seedwing touched noses.

"Lilackit, come here," Sandstar meowed. Cherrynose looked extremely proud of her kits, and Ripplewind's eyes were shining. Lilackit bounded excitedly to Sandstar.

"From now until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Lilacpaw. Frostpebble, you are a good warrior, and I trust that you will be a good mentor to Lilacpaw," Sandstar mewed.

Lilacpaw touched her nose to Frostpebble's, and the clan began to cheer. Honeykit was so proud, that she found herself cheering with them.

"Brackenpaw! Lilacpaw! Brackenpaw! Lilacpaw!" They cheered. Brackenpaw looked like the king of the forest, and Honeykit gave a soft mroww of laughter. Her mother returned, and Honeykit hungrily gobbled down a mouse. A while ago, Honeykit had tried fresh-kill.

Once she was stuffed, she walked outside of the den. She saw Brackenpaw and Lilacpaw beginning their apprentice duties. Then, she remembered that she wanted to help Stormheart. The medicine cat must depend on her, to call her special. This meant she ought to help. She took a deep breath,and bounded inside the den.

"Hi Stormheart! Can I help you?" She asked. Stormheart had been feeding the remaning sick cats Catmint, and spun around to face her.

"I don't need any help, but thanks, Honeykit," Stormheart said. Honeykit turned around, embarrasedly left the den. But as she was leaving, she heard Treefur say," I have a cut on my pad." She went back into the den.

"Alright, Honeykit. You can help." Honeykit hopped up and down in excitement.

"For StarClan's sake, settle down! Now, here's what you do stop the bleeding." Stormheart said.

"Cobwebs, right?" Honeykit asked.

"How did you know?" Stormheart asked, shocked.

"I have dreams about herbs" Honeykit meowed. It was true; for some reason, she had been having dreams about a reddish cat showing her herbs. "In my dreams, a reddish cat shows me the herbs," Honeykit said. She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard Stormheart mutter, " Redflower. It must be Redflower."

"Come, Honeykit. What does this herb do?" Stormheart asked, showing her another herb.

"That's borage. It relieves fever," Honeykit mewed. Stormheart's eyes grew wide.

"And what about this?" Stormheart asked, showing her some small black seeds.

"Poppy seeds, they will make you sleep," Honeykit meowed. Stormheart looked nervous, shocked, and in awe at the same time.

For a while, Stormheart showed Honeykit an herb, and Honeykit would tell her what it was, and how it was used.

"Very well, Honeykit. Help me soothe Treefur's wound. Honeykit helped Stormheart for a while, then curled up and fell asleep. She would be an official medicine cat apprentice in 4 moons. She couldn't wait.

Chapter 5

" Honeypaw! Shinepaw! Redpaw!" Honeypaw's clanmates cheered for her as she touched her nose to Stormheart's. Her siblings looked happy and determined. She was glad to finally be a medicine cat apprentice, since she had waited for 4 moons. It had been hard. Brackenpaw and Lilacpaw had already become warriors; Brackenfall and Lilactail. At their ceremony, Honeypaw had cheered as loud as she could, but trying not to let her clanmates know about her feelings for Brackenfall, since she was to be medicine cat apprentice.

She was walking to her new den, but Stormheart spoke up.

"Tonight is our meeting to the moonpool," she meowed.

"Wow! Will we meet the other medicine cats?" Honeypaw asked.

"Yup. We'll also share tongues with StarClan," she said. Honeypaw felt excited, even though sharing tongues with StarClan was nothing new to her. She would be glad to meet the other medicine cats.

After sharing a vole with Redpaw, Stormheart declared it time to go to the moonpool. As they walked, Honeypaw thought about how Stormheart had called her special a few moons ago. She had always thought that she was an ordinary cat.

"Stormheart, why did you call me special?" Honeypaw blurted out. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Honeypaw cringed. She didn't even know why.

"Because you are. You're a great cat, Honeypaw," Stormheart meowed dismissively.

"Well, there are tons of other great cats. You don't call them special," Honeypaw pressed. She honestly didn't know why she wanted to know.

"Just forget it, Honeypaw. Look, the other medicine cats are waiting for us," Stormheart said. There was obviously something that Stormheart knew that she didn't want Honeypaw to know. Something important. Honeypaw wanted to find out, but she knew that Stormheart wasn't going to tell her any time soon.

After a long time walking, Honeypaw saw some other cats. They sat down, waiting for her and Stormheart. Stormheart ran over to them.

"Hi, sorry we're late." Stormheart panted. "This is my new apprentice, Honeypaw."

"Hi," Honeypaw said shyly.

"I'm Berrywhisker of WindClan. Welcome!" A tortoiseshell she-cat said.

"I'm Ivycloud, and I'm from RiverClan," meowed a small black and white she-cat. A brown tom nodded hello.

"I'm Amberstone, and this is my apprentice, Tawnypaw." 

Tawnypaw greeted her.

"Hey, you're friends with Lilactail, right? I know her," he said.

"Yeah, Lilactail's my friend, how did you know?" Honeypaw asked. She looked at Amberstone, but the expression on his face was blank. He obviously didn't know how Tawnypaw knew Lilactail.

", I was gathering herbs and saw her in border patrol," he excused himself. Great, Honeypaw thought. Another secret.

"Let's go to the moonpool, already!" Tawnypaw said, excitedly.

"Yeah, let's go!" Honeypaw pressed. The other medicine cats shrugged, and agreed. They went to the moonpool, and Stormheart, Ivycloud, Berrywhisker, Amberstone and Tawnypaw lay by it.

"Drink some of the water, Honeypaw," Stormheart instructed. Honeypaw obeyed, and the cold water bathed her tongue. It was fresh and sweet, and sent energy running through her bones.

"Now, lie down," Stormheart told her. Honeypaw lay down, and the cold rock pressed against her skin. She wondered how she would ever bare it. She forced herself to close her eyes. A few heartbeats later, she was asleep. Then, she opened her eyes again. The starry red cat that had been visiting her in her dreams had appeared. Her footprints left stars on the soft earth.

"Congratulations, Honeypaw. You're Stormheart's apprentice!" She meowed proudly.

"I know! I'm going to serve my clan the best I can!" Honeypaw boasted. The cat laughed.

"I know you will," she said.

"So what herb will we learn today?" Honeypaw asked.

"Tonight will be a little bit different, Honeypaw. I think that it's time you learn my name. I'm Redflower. I was Stormheart's mentor." She told Honeypaw. Honeypaw's eyes widened. This was the cat that Stormheart had spoken about!

"I was known for receiving prophecies many times. Now, I have one for you." Redflower meowed. Honeypaw felt honored. She had never received a prophecy before.

"The brightest will light up the forest, and 4 stars will guide her path"

Honeypaw tilted her head in confusion.

"Redflower! What does that mean! I must know, for the sake of my clan..." She started to meow. But Redflower was already gone. Who was the brightest of the forest? And what did she mean when she said 4 stars would light her path? Honeypaw had no idea. Then, she felt a paw prod her. She sat up immediately, and looked at her surroundings. She was by the moonpool, and the other medicine cats were staring at her.

"Honeypaw, are you ready to go?" Stormheart asked.

She nodded. She was still thinking about Redflower's prophecy. Why did StarClan always have to speak in riddles? Couldn't they just tell her the truth?

"Earth to Honeypaw! Honeypaw!" A voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"What?" She snapped.  The voice had been Tawnypaw. He flinched.

"You were about to walk into a patch of thorns," he meowed. She looked at her paws, and saw a patch of sharp prickly thorns in front of her.

"Oops, sorry," she mumbled, avoiding the thorns. Stormheart padded to her side.

"Is there something you're not telling me, Honeypaw?" She asked, her eyes full of concern.

"No," Honeypaw meowed. No use in telling Stormheart. She was too secretive. Finally, they got back to camp. When she got to the medicine den, she curled up and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. The prophecy was overwhelming her, and she didn't want it to disturb her sleep. She needed energy to help her clan.

Chapter 6

For the next few moons, Honeypaw trained hard to help her clan. She was still anxious about the prophecy, but she didn't think about it to much. That morning, Dewfoot came in with a bellyache.

"What do you give her, Honeypaw?" Stormheart asked.

"Watermint," Honeypaw meowed. Stormheart purred, and fed Dewfoot some watermint.

"Great job, Honeypaw. Now, what do you give her for sore throat?" Stormheart asked.

"Easy! Honey, of course," Honeypaw answered. Stormheart nodded, and gave Dewfoot the honey. Dewfoot left.

"Go and get some fresh-kill, Honeypaw. You've earned it," Stormheart said.

"OK," Honeypaw replied. She left the den, and saw Brackenfall returning from a patrol. He was heading towards her, and her paws tingled in excitement.

"Wanna share a mouse with me?" He asked, taking a mouse from the fresh-kill pile.

"I'd love to," she purred. He purred and sat next to her. She took a bite of the mouse.

"Wow! This is really good!" She said, through a mouthful of mouse.

"I know. I caught it myself," Brackenfall purred.

"That's because you're the best hunter in the world," Honeypaw teased. 

Brackenfall let out a small mroww of laughter. For a second, his pelt brushed against hers. He smiled at her. "I better go," he said, touching his nose to hers.

"Bye," she meowed. Brackenfall left, and longing gripped her heart. Honeypaw wished she could be with Brackenfall, but she was a medicine cat in training. Her clan was important. She saw Stormheart run out of the den. Where's she going?,Honeypaw wondered. She layed down on her back, and soon fell asleep. When she came back, Stormheart was in the medicine den.

Whatever she had done had obviously not taken long. She bounded toward the den. "Come on, Honeypaw. We're going to the moonpool, today," Stormheart meowed.

"But we went a quarter moon ago," Honeypaw pointed out.

"Well, tonight will be special," Stormheart replied, with a twinkle in her eye.

"OK," Honeypaw said, suspiciously.

They set off for the moonpool, and when they got there, all the other medicine cats were waiting for them. Then, she saw Tawnyleaf. He had been made a full medicine cat a moon ago.

"Are we ready?" Stormheart asked the other cats.

"For what?" Honeypaw asked. Stormheart grinned at her.

"Follow me to this big rock, Honeypaw," Stormheart meowed. Honeypaw gasped. That was the rock where medicine cat apprentices earned their full names! It must be her time!

Honeypaw jumped on the rock besides Stormheart, and gave herself a few swift licks.

"I, Stormheart, medicine cat of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained long and hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a full medicine cat in her turn," Stormheart recited.

"Honeypaw, do you promise to take care of and serve your clan even at the cost of your life?" Stormheart asked, looking at her expectantly.

Honeypaw's voice was full and true. "I do," she said. "Very well, then. Honeypaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Honeywish. StarClan honors your kindness and loyalty,"

"Honeywish! Honeywish! Honeywish!" The other cats cheered. Stormheart layer her head on Honeywish's and Honeywish gave her shoulder a respectful lick. She couldn't believe it! She was a full medicine cat!

Chapter 7

Honeywish ran back to camp as fast as she could. Brackenfall approached her. "Hi, Honeypaw! What's the rush?" He asked. Honeywish smiled. "Oh, I'm not Honeypaw anymore," she meowed, happily. "You got your medicine cat name?! What is it?" Brackenfall asked. "Honeywish," she said. Brackenfall purred. "Great job, Honeywish," he meowed. But he also seemed sad. Sad that they could never be mates. She also felt bad, but she nuzzled his cheek. "See you later," she meowed. She went to tell her siblings.

"Redpaw! Shinepaw! Guess what? I've earned my full name!" She meowed. "That's great! We have some news to share as well, right Redwind?" Shinepaw meowed. "Right, Shinepelt," Redwind meowed. "Sorry. We had our ceremony while you were gone. But we all have our full names!" Shinepelt cheered. Honeywish purred. Then, Sunfur walked over and congratulated them all.

Honeywish was glad to have her father's approval. He was also a wonderful warrior. After a nuzzle from Poppypelt, and another congratulations from Lilactail, Honeywish went to her den. She was exhausted. 

Curling up besides Stormheart, Honeywish wrapped her tail around her nose and closed her eyes.

She really wanted to be a warrior as well, but she was a full medicine cat already. It would be very disloyal to betray her clan like that. Brackenfall was the one cat she admired, but they had to be separated. My Clan is more important than some tom, she thought. Brackenfall shouldnt have to get in the way of her duties. All this thought was making her eyelids heavy. Soon, sleep fell upon her.

Her eyes opened. I'm not in ThunderClan, she thought. On her paws were soft white clouds. Around her, the pale sky surrounded her. A soft breeze caressed her fur. Then, a gorgeous red cat walked up to her. "Redflower, you need to tell me what the prophecy means! I've earned my full medicine cat name, so I should know!" Honeywish mewed desperately, remembering the words that Redflower had spoken to her. But Redflower only purred. But then, her gaze immediately turned serious. "Honeywish, I must ask you a question. What would you do if a cat that was close to you was being attacked?" She asked. What a weird question, she thought.

Honeywish was about to say, "fight back," but held her tongue. Medicine cats weren't even supposed to think about fighting. Redflower nodded. "Just as I thought," she whispered to herself. "Look at the sky, Honeywish," she meowed. Honeywish stared up at the sky. Shining brightly were the 4 stars that she had seen before. One star blazed so extremely, that Honeywish was almost blinded. Then, it slowly faded away. What could that mean? Was her clan one step closer to dying?

Redflower saw the look on Honeywish's face, and meowed, "You have achieved your first star. Your clan is one step closer to being saved. There are 3 stars left." Redflower faded away, her starry fur slowly disappearing. Honeywish sighed. This, she thought, is my own prophecy. It's my duty to fulfill it.

Chapter 8

A sharp paw prodded Honeywish. "Hey, what gives?" She meowed grumpily. But then, she saw Dewfoot above her, but with a deep gash on her shoulder. Brightwing and Rockpaw were following her. Honeywish gasped, and immediately woke Stormheart.

"The rogues...they got me..." Dewfoot tried to say, but collapsed on her side. Stormheart's eyes widened, and Honeywish immediately got some cobwebs. She spread them on Dewfoot's gash.

Then, she turned to Rockpaw. "What happened?" She asked.

"We were patrolling. Then, we saw some strange cats. We warned them not to come into our grounds, but they...they attacked." The young gray cat's voice was shaky. "They said...their names were Hiss, Kill, and Jessie. They had ratted up collars, so they were originally kittypets," Brightwing explained anxiously.

"Will Dewfoot be OK?" She asked.

Honeywish stared at the bloody tortoiseshell. "I think so," she meowed. "But she needs to stay here a few days to recover, and we need to watch for an infection."

Rockpaw stared at the blood, and gave a shudder. He collapsed onto the ground, muttering something about the rogues killing every clan cat.

Brightwing gave a sharp cry. "These rogues could polish off our clan if we don't do something about this," Stormheart hissed. She began to feed Rockpaw some thyme. Honeywish knew that she had many more lives to save, since the rogues were there. There would be trouble.

Then, Sandstar padded into the den. "What happened?" She gasped.

"Dewfoot was hurt by some rogues that moved into our territory. I think they want our land," Honeywish explained.

Sandstar hissed. "I hate those rogues. They're a bunch of Fox-hearts," she spat. "You need need to heal Dewfoot quickly. We need to go to the gathering," she added. Honeywish nodded. She had been to a few gatherings, and made a met a few cats from other clans. But other than that, she found them rather boring.

Then, another patrol came in. Fernheart also had a bite on her hind leg. "Another rogue?" Stormheart asked. Fernheart nodded. To the rogues, ThunderClan was nothing but a few scraps of fresh-kill. ThunderClan may outnumber them, but they weren't any match for the bloodthirsty rogues. 

After Dewfoot was resting and Rockpaw had taken a nap, it was time for the gathering. Stormheart and Honeywish ran to the clearing, and followed Sandstar.

Honeywish fell in step besides Lilactail. Then, she remembered what Tawnyleaf had said about knowing Lilactail. "So, do you know Tawnyleaf? The ShadowClan medicine cat?" She asked, trying to sound casual.

"Oh, him? Y-yeah, I know him. He's a brilliant cat." Lilactail stammered.

Something's up, Honeywish thought. "How do you know him?" Honeywish asked.

"He, gathering herbs, and I was on border patrol," Lilactail replied. 

Then, Honeywish realized. I'll bet that Tawnyleaf and Lilactail have been meeting, she thought. "Lilactail, listen to me. You can't be meeting a cat from another clan," Honeywish told her.

"W-what are you talking about? I'm not meeting him," she spat. Honeywish sighed, and went silent. But when they got to four trees, she saw Lilactail sneak towards the ShadowClan medicine cat. 

Maybe she's telling the truth, thought Honeywish. But deep down, she knew better.

Chapter 9

Honeywish padded to her friend, Duskpelt. Duskpelt was a warrior from WindClan, and they had became friends a while ago. "Greetings, Honeywish. How are you?" Duskpelt asked. "Im fine," Honeywish lied. Lilactail was still on her mind. "Thats nice. Look at Pouncefoot over there, attracting a crowd," Duskpelt meowed. A gray and white tabby was surrounded by a large circle . "Oh," Honeywish mewed absently.

A large crowd of cats surrounded her. ShadowClan black cats, her clanmates, RiverClan tabbies, and the sleek lean WindClan cats. Her other friend, Featherdream sat by her, and mewed a quiet greeting. Then, the leaders called the meeting. Sandstar beckoned for the RiverClan leader to begin. "Greetings!" Brightstar yowled. Cats from all over replied. "RiverClan is doing well, except for some poisoned fish. The twolegs have been stealing our prey, and put a strange chemical on our food," she meowed.

All the cats gasped, except for Honeywish. She knew that Lilactail was keeping a secret from her. "But we are still strong. We have new warriors. They are Smudgewhisker, Streampoppy, Oakwillow, and Tigerleap," Brightstar yowled. "Smudgewhisker! Streampoppy! Oakwillow! Tigerleap!" Honeywish cheered along with the other cats. Swiftstar spoke up. "WindClan has thrived, but a bout of greencough killed one of our elders" Swift star began. All the cats meowed words of sympathy.

"But other than that, hunting has been well," Swiftstar added. He beckoned for Frogstar to start. "My clan has been well, but we saw a dog. We don't know if there are others, but he may or may not be a threat. Other than that, we are fine," he announced. Honeywish clawed the ground. Nothing worse than more trouble. Sandstar cleared her throat, then began. "ThunderClan has seen a pack of rogues. We know that they want our territory. But we can fight, and we are not weak."

Sandstar had been known for her pride, luckily. She wouldn't let the other clans know that ThunderClan had trouble on their paws. Once the gathering had been dismissed, Honeywish saw Lilactail leave Tawnyleaf, and trot away briskly. Something was up. This made her sad. All of the times that they had played together, no cat had interfered. Now, Tawnyleaf had. Lilactail was her best friend. Did this mean she deserved trust?

Honeywish's thoughts were whirling when her mother walked up. "Something wrong?" She asked. "Nope, nothing," Honeywish mumbled. Poppypelt stared into her eyes. "I can tell when something's wrong," her mother mewed. "Just...she-cat stuff," Honeywish mumbled. Poppypelt nodded, and said nothing. "I'll always be there for you, my precious daughter." Poppypelt's eyes shone with love and affection.

"Thanks," sh replied, nuzzling her mother. But then, she remembered what Redflower had said. What would you do if someone close to you was attacked? Did that mean Poppypelt? Or Lilactail? She didn't know. But to answer the question, she knew she had to be a medicine cat. Fighting was out of the question. But did the attacking mean rogues? Hopefully not. They had hurt her clanmates pretty bad. But did that mean a battle was coming?

Once the clan had gotten back, Honeywish went to the medicine den, but the stench of blood filled her nose. "What happened?" She asked. "Rogues," Stormheart muttered. "I went on a patrol...and they...they attacked," Fernheart moaned. Her side was bleeding. Sighing, Honeywish treated the wound and sent Fernheart away to rest in the warriors den. Brackenfall walked by, and her heart skipped a beat. Did she really want to be a warrior?

Honeywish curled up besides Stormheart, hoping that she wouldn't have any dreams about rogues. Finally, after a long time thinking, she drifted off to sleep. But her dreams were not peaceful. Hissing, cries, and screeches filled her ears. Blood scent bathed her nose. But one thing in particular caught her eye, and it was terrible.

A black and white she-cat was lying down, eyes closed. The cat was dead. But who was the cat? A horrible thought formed in Honeywish's mind.


Chapter 10 the battle

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather to hear what I have to say!" 

Honeywish jumped up, her fur ruffled from sleep. Her dream was echoing in her mind, and her heart was pounding. "Come on, Sandstar called a meeting," Stormheart mewed. "What do you think its about?" Honeywish asked anxiously. "I don't know," Stormheart admitted. "But I think that it might have something to do with the rogues." Honeywish felt nervous. "No," she murmured. "I hope not."

Many cats were gathering in the clearing, and anxious murmurs spread. Even Brackenfall looked nervous. "As you all know," Sandstar began, "Our clan has been threatened by rogues." Honeywish knew it. What else could the meeting be about? "I've decided we need to fight them. If we let this go on longer, we could lose more cats. Honeywish, Stormheart, have your herbs ready. The battle will be right now," Sandstar announced.

Oh no, Honeywish thought. This will be one bloody battle. Cats were called to the battle patrol. With a pang of dread, Honeywish realized that her mother was on the patrol. Her dream was still on her mind. But she pushed the thought away. "Come on, Honeywish. We need to get our herbs," Stormheart beckoned. Honeywish nodded, and followed her into the den.

Once cobwebs and poppy seeds were gathered, all she could do was wait. The battle patrol left, and she felt scared. Her mother left the camp as if she was on a simple hunting patrol. Bye, my precious mother, Honeywish thought. But maybe her mind was just gettting the best of her. Maybe her mother would be safe. But honestly, she didn't know for sure. "Come inside," Stormheart mewed. Honeywish trudged to the den reluctantly.

After a few moments, Fernheart and Rockpaw retreated to the den. They both had bloody shoulders. Honeywish felt anxious. Was her clan losing the battle?! After being treated, Rockpaw was able to go back into battle. But Fernheart needed more rest. Some wounds took a while to heal. Then, she heard the sound of yowls and shrieks. The battle was surely getting bad. Then, Mousepaw and Leafcloud came in. Leafcloud's nose was bleeding, but she squirmed while being treated. "There you go," Honeywish mewed. Leafcloud ran away. 

Mousepaw's foot was badly hurt, and needed rest. Two warriors were already done. But that was not all. Sunfur raced into camp, wide eyes and bristling fur. "The rogues...they killed Poppypelt!" He yowled, voice thick with sorrow. No!

Honeywish's head whirled, and everything began to spin. "No!" She choked out. "Poppypelt!" She wailed. She felt like a lost kit looking for her mother, but never to find her. Then, suddenly, all of the warrior instincts bubbling up inside of her burst into fury. She knew what she had to do. Honeywish ran out of the den. "Honeywish, no!" Stormheart's cry didn't make a difference. Revenge was Honeywish's goal.

The battle clearing sounded in front of her. Looking around, she spotted a big brown tom in front of Poppypelt's dead body. "That is the cat who killed my mother," Honeywish murmured, shocked. Then, she sprang into battle. She leapt onto the big cat, knocking him down. He looked at her, shocked. He tried to bite her shoulder, but she dodged swiftly out of the way. I never knew what I was capable of, she thought.

"Who are you?" She demanded. "My name is Strike! Watch out, little kit," he snickered. Honeywish nipped his hind leg. "I am not...a KIT!" Pinning him down, she sank her teeth into his neck. Strike was surprised, and his eyes widened. He struggled to break free, but she was too furious to let him go. The warm tang of blood tasted in her mouth. She let go, and watched him glare at her, hatred shining in his yellow eyes.

He tried to hiss, but the only noise was blood gurgling in his throat. With one last glare, the huge rogue gave a massive shudder, and went limp. I avenged my mother's death, she thought. Sadly, she pressed her nose into her mother's cold fur for the last time. "I love you," she sobbed. "I'll never forget you. StarClan...light your path," her voice cracked, and grief clutched her.

Chapter 11 The chance

After the vigile and burial, Honeywish moped around camp. Her father and siblings had tried to soothe her, but she just snapped at them. "Honeywish, I know this is hard, but your clan needs you. Please?" Stormheart asked. "Leave me alone," Honeywish snapped. Surprised, her mentor flinched. She had never spoken up like that. Stormheart recovered quickly. "You are a medicine cat. Maybe you should stick to your own duties," Stormheart hissed, with a flick of her tail.

Honeywish stalked out of the den. Redwind padded up to her. "Sandstar wants to see you in her den." With a pang of dread, Honeywish knew that she was in trouble. For fighting in the battle, instead of helping the wounded cats. But maybe she should just be a warrior. Anxiously, she padded into Sandstar's den. A quiet mew sounded from the entrance. "Enter." As Honeywish padded in, she realized for the first time, that Sandstar had a few gray hairs on her muzzle. Just how many lives did her leader have?

"Greeting, Honeywish," Sandstar meowed. "I expect that you know why I've asked you here." All at once, Honeywish began to ramble. "Sandstar, I'm really sorry. I-I just....I wanted to help our clan and avenge my mother, please forgive-"" You're not I'm trouble, Honeywish," Sandstar interrupted seriously. Honeywish froze. If she wasn't in trouble, then why was she even there? Was Sandstar sick, and needed healing? Hopefully not. A clan needed its leader.

"T-then w-why am I here?" She stammered. Sandstar gazed carefully into her eyes. "Honeywish," she mewed, "I think you should be a warrior." Shock bolted through her. Was all that warrior instinct showing? "You have excellent fighting skills, and you're swift. That would make you an exceptional hunter," Sandstar continued. Sadness hit Honeywish. "But...but I like being a medicine cat," she said softly. "You can help Stormheart with medicine cat chores when you have the time," Sandstar offered.

Honeywish was about to refuse, when a voice whispered in her ear. The brightest will light up the forest, and four stars will light her path. Somehow, she now knew that maybe being a warrior was her true destiny. "Um, can I ask Stormheart?" Honeywish asked. Sandstar nodded, and she ran out of the den. As she approached Stormheart, she felt a pang of guilt. Was she abandoning her duties?

"Uh, Stormheart?" She began, anxiously. Stormheart stared at her, tail wrapped over paws. "I think I should be a warrior," Honeywish blurted out. Instead of being shocked, like Honeywish had predicted, she nodded. "I've seen much warrior instinct in you, Honeywish. I agree," Stormheart replied. Honeywish's jaw dropped. Was Stormheart giving up her apprentice? " aren't mad at me?" Honeywish asked.

Stormheart shook her head. "This is your destiny. Something that cannot be changed," she said. Honeywish blinked gratefully, and returned to Sandstar's den. "Very well," she mewed. "I'll do it." Sandstar nodded. Then, a mischeivious twinkle gleamed in her eyes. "I'm going to let Brackenfall and Lilactail train you," Sandstar meowed. Honeywish jumped to her paws. "Brackenfall?" She asked excitedly. Sandstar gave a soft m-rrow of laughter, and Honeywish sat down embarrassedly, licking her ruffled fur.

"He's been talking about how great you are," Sandstar teased. Honeywish yawned, and Sandstar saw the look in her eyes. "Go get some rest. Your training begins tomorrow," Sandstar ordered. Exhausted, Honeywish went back to her den. She curled up, and sleep drifted upon her like a soft cloud. She would finally be a warrior, and train with her true love. Her dream had finally come true. 

That night, she had a dream. Luscious friendly woodlands surrounded her, and three stars shone in the sky. There was no trace of the one that had faded away a few moons ago. Then, another one gleamed very brightly. The prophecy was still fresh in her mind.

The brightest will light up the forest, and four stars will light her path.

Chapter 12 Brackenfall and Lilactail

The next morning, Honeywish woke up and licked her fur until it was shiny and her tongue hurt. "Want to look good for Brackenfall?" Stormheart teased. Honeywish twitched in embarrassment. Soon, Sandstar awoke. Honeywish ran over to her. "Time for my ceremony?" She asked excitedly. Sandstar nodded, and padded to the clearing. But as Sandstar called the camp, she felt anxious. Would her clan be mad at her? Well, there was no going back on a decision like this.

"Honeywish, come here," Sandstar mewed, as soon as the clan was gathered. Honeywish trotted next to Sandstar. Brackenfall caught her gaze, and she looked away. "This medicine cat," Sandstar began, "has chosen a different path from before. She wishes to become a warrior." Honeywish ducked nervously. But instead of hostile whispers, exited murmurs spread throughout the camp. "Honeywish has realized her true destiny. She will begin her training today. Her mentor will be Brackenfall."

Brackenfall's eyes lit up, and he ran over to her. He pressed his muzzle against her flank, instead of touching noses with her. "I can't wait," he murmured. Honeywish purred. "Honeywish will keep her name, but not her title. In a few moons, she will be known as a true warrior!" Sandstar announced. "Honeywish! Honeywish! Honeywish!" The clan cheered. She felt a burst of pure exhilaration. 

Once the clan had set out on patrols, Honeywish followed Lilactail and Brackenfall to the hunting grounds. "I'm going to teach you how to catch a mouse," Brackenfall mewed. "First, you sniff the air to find one." He sniffed the air. "I smell one," Lilactail mewed. She had seem to have forgotten about her and Honeywish's argument about Tawnyleaf. Brackenfall nodded. A patch of brown fur skurried through the grass. Brackenfall dropped to a crouch.

"You have to be quiet," He said. "And you must keep your tail low." Honeywish copied his moves. "Make sure your paws move very softly, and watch out for twigs and crackling leaves," Brackenfall instructed. Lilactail copied him, but fell on her belly. The mouse heard her, and scampered off. "Way to go," Brackenfall meowed sarcastically. Lilactail yawned. Wow, she sure seems tired, Honeywish thought.

"How about we work on battle moves?" He suggested. Lilactail yawned again, and Honeywish nodded. "So, this is a move I'm going to show you. It works well on big warriors. Lilactail, jump on me," he mewed. Lilactail bunched up her shoulders, ready to leap. But when she did, she slipped off of Brackenfall's back and landed with a loud 'THUD.' "Lilactail, are you OK?" Honeywish asked suspiciously. "I'm fine," Lilactail snapped. 

"Never mind her," Brackenfall meowed. "She's just being weird. Honeywish, jump on my back," he instructed. Honeywish leapt squarely onto his back. "I'm about to roll over. What do you do?" He asked. She thought for a second. "Jump off, and swipe at your exposed belly?" "That's right!" He purred. "You're such a good fighter. You might even take my place one day!" He joked. Honeywish purred and batted him playfully. Lilactail rolled her eyes. "Quit playing, you two," she retorted. 

Brackenfall glared at her. "Whatever," he mewed, matching her moody tone. "So, now I'm going to swipe at you. What do you do?" He continued. "I duck...and knock you down?" She guessed. "Nope," Lilactail answered. "It's best if you just nip their legs, since they could hurt you if you're under them for more than a second." Honeywish nodded, taking that in. She swiped at Lilactail, and she fell back. "Oops...sorry," Honeywish smirked. She hadn't meant to knock Lilactail down, but it was a bit funny.

"I'm just tired, OK?" Lilactail huffed. Brackenfall prodded her playfully. "As usual," he added. Was that really true? Was Lilactail always tired like this? Honeywish hoped that she hadn't been meeting Tawnyleaf at night. "We can stop for the day, and take a break for fresh-kill," Brackenfall said. They all nodded, and went to camp. "Lilactail? Can I speak yo you? Alone?" Honeywish asked. Lilactail took a quick look around. "OK," she mewed. Honeywish led her into the forest. "What's up?" She asked. Lilactail tilted her head. "What are you talking about?" She asked.

Honeywish sighed in frustration. "Lilactail, don't pretend you don't know," She hissed. "Don't know what?" Lilactail seemed clueless. "You've been meeting Tawnyleaf!" Honeywish burst out. "You've been more tired than usual. " No I haven't!" Lilactail protested. "Just...just leave me alone. But I haven't been meeting him." Honeywish noticed that Lilactail had been looking to the side a bit. You're lying to me, she thought. 

But she gave up. "Fine," she sighed. She went back to camp. It wasn't like Lilactail would tell the truth, anyway. But a nagging feeling lingered inside of her. Deep down, she knew that they were meeting. It was obvious. But still, she had to focus on her training. There was no time to worry about Lilactail. Still, deep down, Honeywish was worried about her friend.

Chapter 13 a warrior at last

For the next 6 moons, Honeywish trained long and hard to become the best warrior she could be. Brackenfall was an excellent mentor, but Lilactail had been tired during every practice session they had done. But still, Honeywish was exited to become a warrior. She had been a good medicine cat, and soon she would be a great warrior!

"That was fun," She panted, after a long hunting session. "Anything with you is fun," Brackenfall replied happily. She purred and rubbed against his shoulder. Lilactail seemed sad. Maybe even jealous about the way that Honeywish and Brackenfall could be mates. She was obviously missing Tawnyleaf. "You did well," Honeywish offered Lilactail. She only yawned, and Honeywish sighed. Her friend was very tired. From meeting Tawnyleaf at night. No matter how many times Lilactail denied it, Honeywish knew it was true. There was nothing she could do about it.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath highledge to hear what I have to say!" Sandstar called the clan as soon as the patrol had returned. Brackenfall nudged her forward. "You've earned it," he mewed, eyes shining with pride. "I'm going to be a warrior now?!" Honeywish gasped in delight. Brackenfall nodded. "You've proved to me that you're ready." She took a deep breath.

"Honeywish, come here," Sandstar meowed. Honeywish leapt onto the rock besides Sandstar, the whole clan staring up at her. She felt nervous, but she knew that this was how every apprentice felt during their warrior ceremony. "I, Sandstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained long and hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn," Sandstar yowled.

Honeywish struggled not to twitch in excitement. "Honeywish, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and serve your clan even at the cost of your life?" "I do," Honeywish mewed, eyes twinkling. "Very well then. Honeywish, you are now a true warrior. StarClan honors your kindness and determination," Sandstar declared. "Honeywish! Honeywish! Honeywish! Honeywish!"

The whole clan cheered her name as Sandstar rested her head on Honeywish's. She gave her shoulder a respectful lick. But one voice was cheering very loudly, above the others. Brackenfall. He was cheering louder than she'd ever heard before. Louder than the wind. Smiling in pride, Honeywish hopped down from the rock. She was a true warrior. 

That night, Honeywish sat warrior vigile through the night. The next day, she was exhausted. An idea took place in her mind. She padded softly to Stormheart's den. "Hi Stormheart," she mewed quietly. "Honeywish! Hi!" Stormheart nuzzled her former apprentice affectionately. "Hello, Stormheart. I'm a bit tired today, so can I help you?" She asked shyly. Stormheart smiled and nodded. "Of course!"

After treating bellyaches and scratches, Honeywish retreated to the warriors den, where she found Brackenfall sitting in his nest. Yawning, she limped to her own. "Come sleep with me?" Brackenfall asked shyly. Honeywish purred. "Sure." Curling up, besides her best friend, she rested her head on his flank. At once, he began stuttering. "Honeywish, c-can I just say something?" He asked. She nodded. She knew what was coming. 

"I-I don't think of you as a friend.'re more than that," he blurted out. Her soft rhythmic purr continued. "I love you, Honeywish." She gazed into his green eyes. "I think I already knew that," she whispered. "I love you too." Purring, they both fell asleep, warm pelts touching. 

That night, Honeywish dreamt that she was in the forest. In the sky, she saw the regular three stars. But the third star did something. Its glow increased to blinding light, and she looked away. Then, the light ebbed away. Only two stars remained in the sky.

Chapter 14 surprise

"Ooh..." Honeywish bolted up. A pain was aching in her belly. "Ugh," she murmured. Had she eaten a bad mouse? "Good to see you're awake," Seedwing mewed, his amber gaze burning into her pelt. "Oh no. Did I over-sleep?" She groaned. Seedwing nodded. Great. The first day being a true warrior, and she had already wasted part of it. "Would you like to come on patrol?" He asked. She nodded eagerly, and followed him outside. But she was aware of extra weight in her belly. What's wrong with me? She thought.

She felt a kick, and she staggered. Seedwing looked at her skeptically. "You OK?" He asked. "Um, yeah. I think so," Honeywish replied uncertainly. "Go grab a piece of fresh-kill, then hurry up," Seedwing told her. She nodded, heading for the fresh-kill pile. Grabbing a rabbit, she sat down and bit into it hungrily. For some reason, her appetite had grown. But one piece was not enough. Quickly, she gobbled down a vole. "Lay off the fresh-kill," Fernheart joked. She shook her head. "Sorry. I'm just hungrier for some reason," Honeywish apologized.

"It's OK. Let's get to the patrol." Honeywish nodded, and followed Fernheart to the hunting grounds. "I smell a shrew," Seedwing reported, dropping into a crouch. With a swift bite, the shrew was killed. She sniffed the air. The scent of mouse caught her nose. Quickly, she dropped into a crouch. But as she crept quietly, she lost her balance. 'THUD!' Honeywish fell on her belly, and the mouse quickly scampered away. Seedwing rolled his eyes, and led the patrol deeper into the hunting grounds.

"Sorry," Honeywish mumbled, panting. She fell in step besides Fernheart. "Trying to stretch your time, eh?" Fernheart joked. Honeywish tilted her head. "What?" "Aren't you supposed to be in the nursery?" Fernheart asked. "What are you talking about?" Honeywish asked. "Haven't you told Sandstar yet?" "What?" Honeywish cried in frustration. "You're expecting kits," Fernheart meowed, eyeing her belly. Honeywish stopped in shock. "I'm expecting kits?" Her belly was quite plump, and lacked energy. "Of course! Don't worry, I didn't notice it my first time," Fernheart meowed. "Thornstrike was thrilled!"

"I've got to tell Brackenfall!" Honeywish mewed excitedly. Fernheart grinned. "I'll tell Seedwing you had to be excused from the patrol." "Thanks so much!" Honeywish raced off, and found Brackenfall hunting alone. "Brackenfall," she breathed. "Can I talk to you?" She asked, panting. He eyed her with concern. "OK." He padded towards her. "Brackenfall," she mewed. "What?" He asked. "Is everything OK?" His eyes shone with anxiety. "Of course!" Honeywish laughed. "I'm expecting your kits!" Brackenfall's eyes lit up immediately. "That's great!" He meowed. "Let's go tell Sandstar!"

Honeywish and Brackenfall padded excitedly to Sandstar's den. "Hi Honeywish. How can I help you?" She asked. Honeywish glanced at Brackenfall happily. "I'm expecting kits!" Sandstar smiled. "That's wonderful! But you do look awfully big. I'm no medicine cat, but you will probably have more than three kits." Sandstar meowed. "Why don't you move into the nursery?" Honeywish nodded. "OK!" She walked to the nursery, and curled up into a nest. "Just yowl if you need anything!" Brackenfall told her. She beamed at him. "I will."

A while later, Stormheart walked by. "Oh, hello Honeywish! Are you having Brackenfall's kits?" "Of course!" Honeywish replied. Stormheart nodded. "Congratulations! I'm sure the will be beautiful kits. Want me to see how many there will be?" She asked. Honeywish nodded. Stormheart put her paw to her flank, and thought for a moment. "You're going to have five kits. Be ready! Nursing that many kits is hard!" For the first time, she groaned. Five kits would likely be a paw full. But the would also be a blessing.

By sun high, every cat knew about the news, since Brackenfall had boasted to every cat he'd seen. Even Lilactail had came to visit. But when she did, a big secret was revealed. "Honeywish, can I talk to you?" Lilactail asked anxiously. Honeywish nodded. "So, when are your kits coming?" Lilactail asked, trying to sound casual. "In about a moon," She replied.

"That's nice," she replied. "Im exited, but a bit nervous," Honeywish meowed happily. Lilactail nodded. "I have to tell you a secret. Promise you won't tell anycat?" Lilactail asked nervously. Honeywish nodded, eyes wide. "Well..y-you know h-how you thought that I was meeting Tawnyleaf?" Lilactail stuttered. She nodded suspiciously. " were right," Lilactail blurted out. "We fell in love at the border, and now..." Lilactail's voice trailed off. "Now what?" Honeywish asked in dread. Shed known it all along! The way Tawnyleaf had once spoken about Lilactail proved that there was no doubt about it.

"I'm going to have his kits." A cold feeling filled Honeywish's stomach. How disastrous! If Lilactail had his kits, then how would she keep it secret? And Tawnyleaf was a medicine cat! He was forbidden to have kits. "But...I have an idea if you're willing to help," Lilactail shuffled her paws, ashamed. "Well?" Honeywish asked. "Can you say that you found them in the woods? You're the only queen who can care for them," Lilactail mewed, sorrow in her eyes. Honeywish hesitated. What if she was caught? This was against the warrior code! But...if her friend needed help, she was willing to help her. After all, they'd been best friends since they were kits.

"Very well then," Honeywish replied. "You're my best friend, and I'll help you." Lilactail's eyes lit up. "Oh thank you so much!" She cried. With that, she left the den. Had that been the right thing to do? She hoped so. Helping the clan was Honeywish's main goal. But maybe she was caring for her clan if she nursed an unwanted kit into a strong warrior. That would help the clan benefit.

Chapter 15 the kits

For the next moon, Honeywish grew bigger and bigger. It became almost impossible for her to walk. Lilactail wasn't that big, but if Honeywish looked closely, she could tell she was pregnant. The kits squirmed inside of her often, and she was very tired. Expecting five kits was difficult. 

Then, on one early morning before the other cats were awake, Honeywish was awoken to a stabbing pain in her belly. Gasping, she dragged herself out of the den. The kits were coming! "Stormheart..." She breathed. Stormheart sat up immediately. "Are the kits coming?" She asked. Honeywish nodded in agony. Brackenfall heard her, and ran over. So did Shinepelt and Fernheart. "Are our kits going to be born?" Brackenfall asked excitedly. "Give her some room!" Shinepelt shooed him away. "But I'm the fathe-" "Well give her some space! Do you know how much pain she's in?" Fernheart interrupted, flicking her tail. Brackenfall made a face and walked away.

"Honeywish, just push!" Stormheart urged. She bit back a yowl as a spasm rolled through her belly. The intense pain washed over her like a wave. "Try harder!" Honeywish pushed harder, and a beautiful gray and white tabby she-cat rolled onto the moss. Honeywish took a moment to examine her kit. A feeling of ferocious love boomed in her heart. Nothing would ever hurt her kits. "Ow!!" Honeywish wailed as another spasm rolled through. "Don't worry, Honeywish. Just four more to go!" Stormheart meowed. Four more?! How would she ever bare the agony?

Dewfoot ran in, and gave Honeywish a twig to bite down on. "Thanks," Honeywish managed to gasp as more pain took over. Brackenfall sprinted into the den, a bundle of wet moss in his jaws. "I brought you water!" He mewed, as Shinepelt dragged him out again. Another spasm gripped her as she grabbed the twig in her mouth. It cracked into two pieces as the next kit was born. It was a blue-gray she-cat with white spots. Fernheart began to lick the kits swiftly. Three more to go. Then, a different pain took over. She felt a throbbing feeling.

"One kit is stuck!" Stormheart cried in panick. "You must push! As hard as you can!" But there was no energy left in her. "I can't..." She murmured. Everything was going black, and she felt herself ebbing away. But suddenly, strong paws pushed her belly. They were starry and red. Honeywish found herself gazing at the beautiful green eyes of Redflower. "Don't think I'd let you die," she mewed. "You're the brightest one in the forest. You can keep shining." Her green eyes shown with pride and affection. Quickly, Redflower faded as a huge brown tabby tom rolled out. He had a loud yowl and very broad shoulders.

Quickly, a calico kit was born. She had long pretty fur. "One more kit," Dewfoot urged. Honeywish sighed as a black and white she-kit was born. Five beautiful kits were suckling at her belly, and Brackenfall walked in. His eyes rested on his kits. "They're the most beautiful things I've ever seen," he gasped in awe. She gave him a weak smile, then let her head fall back. She was exhausted. But they still had to decide on names. "How about Stormkit for the first one?" She asked. This kit would always remind her of Stormheart. Brackenfall nodded, and there was not a trace of his usual arrogance in his eyes. Just love. 

"And Twinklekit for the second one. Oakkit for the tabby tom." Brackenfall nodded, and licked his kits with love. "Redkit for the Calico." This kit would represent Redflower. "And the last one will be Poppykit." Her voice cracked. This kit would resemble her precious lost mother. Brackenfall's warm voice whispered in her ear. "They are perfect. Just like you." She smiled at him, and purred. Five kits was good luck to the clan, and she would never let them get harmed. 

But then, she remembered. Lilactail's kits were due in about one moon. When they came, she would care for them as if they were her own. No matter what, Ho Honeywish would never let her down.

Chapter 16 Bellkit

"Honeywish! Wake up!" Lilactail's soft hiss awoke her. "What...?" Honeywish rolled onto her back. The kits were sleeping soundly. "What is it?" She mewed sleepily. "The kits are coming!" Honeywish bolted up. She had trained as a medicine cat, so she knew how to help Lilactail give birth. She stood up, and Lilactail's violet eyes shone with pain. "What is it, Mama?" Twinklekit mewed softly. "Hush, little one. I'll be back in a few moments," Honeywish mewed reassuringly to her small daughter. Twinklekit stared at her for a moment, then fell back asleep. 

"Come with me," Honeywish told Lilactail. Lilactail followed her behind the den, and layed down. Her breathing was fast, and she writhed in agony. "Push!" Honeywish directed. Lilactail cringed. "I can't! It hurts!" "That's normal," Honeywish said. "No, but it really really hurts!" Lilactail gasped. Panic shot through her. Kitting was not supposed to be this painful! "OK, deep breaths!" Honeywish meowed. Lilactail gasped again. "I-I can't!" She cried. Spasms rolled through her belly, but nothing happened. 

Lilactail yowled. This was extreme pain. "Help!" She hissed. Honeywish pressed her paws against her belly, but the kits didn't come. "Keep trying!" Honeywish begged. "I can't breathe! Its throbbing!" She replied. Then, with a pang of panic, she realized that one kit was stuck. She pressed her paws against her belly again, and felt one kit. One kit was causing that much pain?! "Honeywish..." Lilactail couldn't finish her sentence. "This really hurts..." Fear gripped her. "Lilactail! Stay with me! You can do this!" Honeywish pleaded. 

"No, I can't" Lilactail shook her head. "Please...tell Tawnyleaf that I love him..." Lilactail's last words slipped out as her kit was born. Honeywish ferociously licked the kit quickly. "No, Lilactail! You did it!" Honeywish begged. But it was no use. Her friend was gone. "No!" She wailed in grief. "Don't worry, my beautiful daughter. I will take care of her." Poppypelt's soft voice echoed in Honeywish's head as she mourned. The kit was a blue-gray tabby with a white tipped tail and a white spot on her eye. This kit reminded her of a bluebell. Lilactail's kit would be known as Bellkit.

That was what Lilactail would've wanted. Honeywish buried her muzzle into Lilactail's cold fur for the very last time, remembering the bright chipper voice she could once her. The memory clutched her in pain worse than kitting pain. Lilactail was gone for good. The small kit shivered, and Honeywish wrapped her tail around Bellkit. She would be a foster mother, and say that she had found her all alone and lost in the woods. This kit would forever be safe. The small kit huddled into Honeywish's golden warmth and fell asleep. But Bellkit would need feeding. Nursing six kits would be hard, but she would have too. For Lilactail. 

But how could she explain her friend's death? Honeywish stared at Lilactail's motionless body. She knew what she had to do. She would tell her clan that Lilactail had fallen from a tree and hit her head while hunting. That was not the truth, but the truth had to be kept secret. Taking Bellkit in her jaws, Honeywish left her in the nursery with the other kits to provide body heat. Then, she went behind the den and took a deep breath. Time to tell her clan.

"Help!" She yowled. "Lilactail fell from a tree!"Quickly, the clan gathered around her at once, shaking sleep out of their eyes. Questions poured out. "What happened?" "How did she fall?" Honeywish only shook her head in grief. "I was asleep, and I heard a loud 'THUD.' I ran over to see what happened, but she was already dead," she meowed softly. Brackenfall, Cherrynose, and Ripplewind sniffed Lilactail, and wailed in grief. Honeywish curled her tail around Brackenfall's back, and joined him in grieving for his lost sister.

It had worked. A lie was spread among the cats, and no one would ever know the truth. Lilactail was honored and respected for hunting for her clan. No cat would ever have to know the truth.

Chapter 17 sickness

After the dreary vigil and grieving, it was time to go to a gathering. The other clans would find out eventually. "The following cats will go with me to the gathering." Sandstar announced. "Seedwing, Stormheart, Dewfoot, Fernheart, Brackenfall, and Littleclaw." The cats set out for the gathering, and Honeywish watched her tiny kits play. Over the past moon, each one had seemed to develop a personality of their own.

Poppykit was shy and calm, like her mother. Twinklekit was spunky and arrogant, like her father. Stormkit was a cheerful kit who loved to have and play games. Oakkit was kind, strong, and very obedient. Redkit was quiet and happy, and kept to herself a lot. But Bellkit, was more kind and gentle than the rest. But she often seemed left out and depressed. Honeywish curled her tail protectively around her. "What's wrong, sweetie?" She asked. "I don't really have a mother, do I?" The blue gray kit sighed. "Of course you do. But...she couldn't take care of you. But she loved you very much," Honeywish reassured Bellkit. The kit nodded. "But..." Her voice trailed off. "But what?" Honeywish asked, staring into the troubled eyes of Bellkit.

"Twinklekit has Greencough. See her coughing?" Bellkit mewed. "What are you talking about?" Then she realized. Twinklekit was huddled in a corner, back arched violently as she hacked. "Oh sweetie!" Honeywish rushed to her daughter's side. "Let's get you to Stormheart!" The little kit shook her head. "No mama...I'm okay," she wheezed. Honeywish grabbed her by the scruff.  

"Oh no, you aren't. We're going to see Stormheart." Honeywish took her daughter to the medicine den. "Stormheart, Twinklekit has greencough!" Honeywish cried. Her small kit was shivering with fever. Stormheart nodded. "I'll just keep her here for now, and give her some catmint. OK?" Honeywish's eyes shone with pain. "Please," she murmured. "Take good care of her." Stormheart nodded. "I think she'll be OK." Honeywish thanked her former mentor, then returned to the nursery. Her daughter would likely be safe, especially in the paws of Stormheart. But a new thought occurred. How had Bellkit known that Twinklekit was sick?

Bellkit shouldn't know about illnesses, since she was just a kit. And she'd never spent much time around Twinklekit, so how had she known? 

"Bellkit?" Honeywish asked. 

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