Chapter one: the snake

Honeyfern walked across the clearing, enjoying the new leaf sun warming her fur. Berrynose was laying on sunning rocks waiting for her. Briarkit, blossomkit and bumblekit were playing together while millie and greystripe watched. Honeyfern leaped gracefully onto sunning rocks and layed next to berrynose. "We'll have kits like that someday " berrynose purred to her. Honeyfern rubbed her muzzle along his and purred. Suddenly a snake came out from a crack in the rock. Briarkit was pressed into a corner, paralyzed with fear. Without thinking honeyfern threw herself in front of the kit. The snake bit her and honeyfern's world went black.

Chapter 2: star clan

Honeyfern blinked open her eyes to a beautiful grassy field full of yellow flowers. A spotted she-cat stood a few tail lengths in front of her. "Who are you? Where am I?" Honeyfern asked the she cat. " I am spottedleaf" the spotted she-cat said. "You are in starclan." Sadness, fear and anger flashed through honeyfern. What about berrynose? What about our kits?! Honeyfern thought. Spottedleaf saw the fear in honeyfern's eyes and quickly assured her. " dont worry brave one. It is not yet your time to join us. You have a long road ahead of you, but you need to return to your mate and your clan." Suddenly the field around honeyfern faded and she opened her eyes to thunder clans medicine den. Jayfeather stood above her. "I thought I was going to lose you!! Berrynose is delerius. " jayfeather was overjoyed that honeyfern had awakened.

Chapter 3: berrynose

It had been a week since honeyfern was bit by the snake. Everyday berrynose , sorreltail, and popyfrost would come and visit her. Jayfeather had let her finally leave the medicine den this morning. He said the poison could affect her more than she thought. She had begged him to let her move back to the warriors den but he had made her wait. Today he had told her she was better but to be careful. Now it was night and honeyfern had curled up in the nest berrynose had so carefully built for her in the warriors den. It was right next to his nest. "Honeyfern?" Berrynose whispered to her. "Yes?" She whispered back. " I can't sleep. Would you like to go on a walk with me?" Honeyfern nodded and the two cats left the den and walked into the forest. Berrynoses cream fur brushed against honeyfern's light brown tabby pelt. " race you to the lake!" Berrynose mewed, and together they ran

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