I've always been a fan of Honeyfern, and I cried when she died, so I'll write a story about her reincarnating as Cinderheart's daughter. ☯The Power Of Three: Shinystar, Phoenixsong and Horizonheart!!☯ 13:17, February 16, 2011 (UTC)


"Help, my blood is on fire!" Honeyfern could clearly remember the last words she said just before her death. She had loved Briarkit as if she was her own, so she had saved her from the snake bite. But she had died herself.

Chapter One

Honeyfern paced around. Ever since Poppyfrost had given birth to Berrynose's kits, she had been unhappy. True, she was happy for her sister, but she wished that she could have been Berrynose's mate. Suddenly, she spotted a huge group of StarClan cats gathered around a pool. "There you are, Honeyfern. It's time for you to reincarnate." mewed her brother Molepaw. "Reincarnate? Is that going to hurt?" Honeyfern asked, worried. "Not a bit." her uncle, Sootfur reassured her. "Cinderheart was also reincarnated from Cinderpelt." her other uncle, Rainwhisker added. Bluestar, the former leader of ThunderClan padded forwards. "I will now reincarnate you. Firstly, your pelt will be light brown, and you will be a tabby she-cat. Your eyes will be blue, and your fangs will be short. The reason I chose these descriptions was because I wanted you to look like Honeyfern. You will become your sister, Cinderheart's daughter. Crouch down and lap from the pool, so you can be reincarnated." Bluestar instructed her. Honeyfern did so, and she found herself falling into darkness.

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