"I'll get you something!" I told Mousefur happily.

As I strode away towards the fresh-kill pile, I stopped dead, a snake, slithering towards, OH MY STAR CLAN BRIARKT! I screeched and launched myself at the kit, knocking her over. But as I did so a burning pain came over my body, cold as ice and as hot as flame, I was withering in agony. "Help me!" I desperately yowled. As Leafpool came over with no herbs, my heart plummeted. Knowing this was the end. My ending. Oh Berrynose! What about him? And Poppyfrost! and oh my star clan Sorreltail and Brackenfur! I saw some stars coming down to meet me. The close they came the more they seemed to look like cats. StarClan, I had made it.

Hmm..... not sure how i feel about this one.... --♥Shinestar♥ 15:52, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

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