This is season 1 of Home, screenwritten by Robo, which releases every Saturday.


WaterClan's problems involving Star and FireClan have been solved... but trouble is still awaiting for the Clan; and this time it's not external. Cats are being haunted by dreams, memories, and spirits, none of which can be located in order to fight. Then, for the first time in many seasons StarClan delivers a prophecy. And it's not one of good fortune. Will WaterClan be able to overcome this obstacle? Or, this time, will they fall?


The Dreams-Hawkpaw is haunted by dark dreams of disastor in WaterClan night after night, and, when one night Aquapaw recieves an identical dream, the two agree that they have to get to the bottom of it.

The Fantasy-The worst of dreams don't always involve bad things. Sometimes they are all illusions, memories, and hopes to be crushed by the light of day.

The Omen-The whole of WaterClan shares a dream which includes Aquapaw's first catch in many sunrises, a talking mouse with a familiar voice, and a dark omen.

The Enemy-When FireClan comes begging to WaterClan for help with defeating the remainder of StarClan, Aquapaw isn't sure it's an honor to be picked for the patrol. But, as she will soon learn, there isn't always an enemy.

The Jealous-When two female apprentices fight over a tom, Brightpaw attempts to step between the two and convince them that it's not worth to give into the strong, deadly emotion of jealousy just because of a tom.

The River-A friendly stroll between Aquapaw and Scarpaw ends up strange when they receive a piece of advice from the founder of the Clan, Saur.

The Fatality-Shimmerbreeze dies in her sleep, leaving the Clan in chaos. Between the misery and fear there is just one cat who can attempt to return the spirit of WaterClan.

The Stars-A visit is made to the MoonPool when WaterClan needs answers about the death of Shimmerbreeze. However, the method used to get answers may end up being what no one had expected.

The Reality-Aquapaw and Darkpaw are assigned with the duty of keeping all the cats awake, while not saying what they know, as the senior warriors meet.

The Confrontation-It's the final battle against the 'enemies from within' and Aquapaw needs to discover and face her inner struggles.. before they destoy her.

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