This is season 2 of Home, screenwritten by Robo, which releases every Saturday.


FireClan has been taught a much needed lesson, and the routine of the clan begins to turn back into a peaceful one. But a loner, soon followed by more, begins to pose a threat to WaterClan, who soon turns to the last cats expected for help. Yet, not everything is as it seems and nothing should ever be assumed.


The Stranger- Aquapaw and Secretpaw head to the twoleg place border where they discover a very strange cat and must decide whether she is trustworthy enough to be accepted into their clan.

The Pursuit- Aquapaw and Secretpaw are aided in their battle against Star, but when she tried to escape, Driftpaw is sent with the two, to track down the she-cat so that she can be questioned. One cat, however, will be forced to make a grand sacrifice.

The Spy- Birdwing is sent to save Driftpaw and discover who Star really is, but the mission will come with great risks, while what Birdwing finds might not be what the Clan wanted to hear.

The Ambush- When Star's loners arrange a surprise attack on WaterClan camp, Aquapaw is excited to get in on the action and prove her worth to the Clan. But, she soon learns that the heroes aren't always those in the heat of the battle. Source

The Dare- When Aquapaw and Eclipsepaw sneak onto FireClan territory, they are soon met with a strange surprise; and they are completely unsure of what to make of it.

The Chance- Aquapaw and Mintpaw come across one of Star's cats who claim to be a spy for them. But can they trust what he says, after all of those who have lied before him?

The Choice- Scarpaw is denied the chance to be a spy for WaterClan. But when Star threatens to take his life if they don't pay the proper cost; the cats of WaterClan are faced with one of the greatest choices of their lives.

The Offer- StarClan is becoming a problem far too large for WaterClan to take on alone. There are mixed feelings about turning to FireClan for help. Will the WaterClan cats be able to swallow their pride and turn to their greatest enemies for help?

The Traitors- When WaterClan and FireClan head off to fight StarClan-Aquapaw and Tanglepaw are left to guard camp in case anything goes wrong. And they will soon discover that not everything is as seemed and there are more traitors than they ever imagined.

The Sacrifice- The final battle is taking place in WaterClan camp-and all will be revealed as one cat makes the greatest sacrifice for the sake of her Clan.

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