This is season 1 of Home, screenwritten by Robo, which releases every Saturday.


Life in WaterClan is happy, as clan life blooms. But threats from the nearby FireClan threaten their safety and existance. Experience the adventures of WaterClan as they transform from a group of cats living together to a family. And from a family, to home.


The Adventure- Rainpaw and Aquapaw go out for fun, as Aquapaw is eager to prove that she can come up with the greatest adventure they have ever seen.

The Newcomer- A new cat named Ivypaw joins WaterClan, and the apprentices struggle as they try to make her feel welcome among them.

The Moment- A short episode flashing to the future future, right after they become warriors in which Aquasplash and Fuzzypelt learn to live each moment as it is.

The Story- All the apprentices are gathered one day to hear a story from Wetstream about how WaterClan and FireClan were formed and the struggles that were overcome to form the WaterClan they knew.

The Decision- Aquapaw, Nightpaw, Ashpaw and Rainpaw take a journey outside of the territory to find Silver and face her with the decision of her life while trying to avoid the 'shame walk'.

The Effect- A tragic loss leaves Nightpaw at the edge of sanity. While the rest of the apprentices try to help her, Nightpaw seems prepared to spend the rest of her life in misery.

The Message- After a horrible robbery by FireClan, WaterClan is furious and prepared to go to war. In the meanwhile, Mistypaw appears to be one of the only few who can sense the trap waiting for them at the other side of the upcoming battle.

The Wait- Mistypaw and Birdwing have yet to return and when a patrol heads out to find them, Aquapaw is left behind she has to learn an important lesson that Featherpaw can teach her; patience.

The Plot- The Clan is struggling to find a successful plan so that they can take Mistypaw and Birdwing back from FireClan, who they now know has stolen the two. While the warriors spends long days in deep thoughts the greatest plot may happen to come from a young apprentice.

The Rescue- The final attempt to save Mistypaw and Birdwing begins as Aquapaw, Rainpaw, Nightpaw, Ashpaw and Hopeflare sneak into FireClan camp to rescue their clanmates. But Hawkstar has more in store for them then they had expected and a dangerous injury may prove that the mission wasn't worth the cost.

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