Home is a WFW 1 show, screenwritten by Robo, which is released every Saturday.


Season 1

Life in WaterClan is happy, as clan life blooms. But threats from the nearby FireClan threaten their safety and existance. Experience the adventures of WaterClan as they transform from a group of cats living together to a family. And from a family, to home.

Season 2

FireClan has been taught a much needed lesson, and the routine of the Clan begins to turn back into a peaceful one. But a loner, soon followed by more, begins to pose a threat to WaterClan, who soon turns to the cats least expected for help. Yet, not everything is as it seems and nothing should ever be assumed.

Season 3

WaterClan's problems involving Star and FireClan have been solved... but trouble is still awaiting for the Clan; and this time it's not external. Cats are being haunted by dreams, memories, and spirits, none of which can be located in order to fight. Then, for the first time in many seasons StarClan delivers a prophecy. And it's not one of good fortune. Will WaterClan be able to overcome this obstacle? Or, this time, will they fall?


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