This is the journey of my OC, Hollowstorm. You may be allowed to take inspiration from this story, but do not flat out copy and paste it and claim it as your own. This is my story, and the OC's and characters in it were made by me, with the exception of some of the characters made by my friend. Please enjoy it, and leave suggestions down in the comments. Enjoy!



LEADER: Daisystar - yellow tabby she-cat 

DEPUTY: Spottedsun - brown and white she-cat with green eyes

MEDICINE CAT: Mosswhisker - grey tabby she-cat

APPRENTICE, Rippleleap


Greynose - smoky grey tom with a darker muzzle


Brackenfoot - white tom with a golden brown paw

Duskleap - orange tabby tom


Rosethorn - brown she-cat with spiky fur

Smoketail - dark grey she-cat with a fluffy tail and blue eyes


Nutwish - brown she-cat with white paws and muzzle

Leafsong - brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Whitenose - Black she-cat with a white nose, a white tail-tip and yellow eyes


Flightstorm - ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes

Ashnose - grey tom with amber eyes

Poppytail - calico she-cat


Shinefoot - pale grey she-cat with one darker paw

Sorrelnose - white she-cat with light brown markings 


Rippleleap - grey tabby tom with yellow eyes and white ears

Thriftpaw - orange tabby she-cat 

Petalpaw - brown she-cat with small paws 

Cloudpaw - yellow tabby tom with white patches

Tuftpaw - golden tabby tom with tufts of fur that stand up

Smallpaw - small brown she-cat with a stump for a tail 


Frostleaf - white she-cat with one black ear, is nursing Flightstorm’s kits: Featherkit (white she-kit) Patchkit (brown tom-kit with ginger patches)

Tuftnose - cream she-cat, expecting Duskleap’s kits


Kestrelwing - brown mottled she-cat

Darkflight - dark grey tom with green eyes


LEADER: Redstar - Red tabby tom with white spots 

DEPUTY: Leapwing - light brown tabby tom

MEDICINE CAT: Leapfeather - very pale gray she-cat with green eyes



Shinefoot - light grey she-cat with one darker paw

Whiskerwing - white tom with long whiskers 


Hopspring - white tom with dark grey splotches and yellow eyes

Honeypelt - yellow she-cat with a white muzzle

Bluetail - grey she-cat with a blue-grey tail 


Stemfeather - golden tom with black spots


Leafnose - white she-cat with light grey stripes and green eyes

Heatherwhisker - dark brown she-cat with blue eyes

Seedleaf - golden-brown tom with a black belly

Cloudleap - fluffy white tom 



Shellheart - tortoiseshell she-cat, nursing Stemfeather’s kits: Splotchkit (ginger tom-kit with white patches), Sparrowkit (black she-kit), Shadekit (brown tom-kit)


Lightfrost - brown she-cat with bright blue eyes

Goldenstem - golden she-cat, lost hearing in one ear


LEADER: Maplestar - white she-cat with orange tabby patches and yellow eyes


DEPUTY: Duskpetal - dusky brown she-cat with a white tail-tip and chest

MEDICINE CAT: Gooseflight - old grey tom with spiky fur


Ripplecloud - grey tabby tom

Larkflight - black she-cat


Featherleap - dark grey she-cat with yellow eyes

Firethorn - dark ginger tom with blue eyes

Squirreltail - brown she-cat with a fluffy tail


Frostcloud - white she-cat with amber eyes


Clovernose - grey tabby she-cat 

Stonewing - large dark grey tom


Primrosepelt - brown she-cat with black spots and yellow eyes

Leapwhisker - dark cream she-cat

Owlflight - pale grey tom


Leafberry - white tabby she-cat, nursing Thistlefoot’s kits: Nettlekit (brown tabby she-kit), Starlingkit (ginger she-kit)

Shadestorm - dark grey she-cat, nursing Firethorn’s kit: Plumkit (tabby ginger she-kit)


Reedleaf - small white tom


LEADER: Troutstar - golden tabby tom

DEPUTY: Dustcloud - tortoiseshell tom


MEDICINE CAT: Birchfur - brown tom with cream spots



Laurelleap - lavender-grey she-cat with green eyes and curly fur

Crabbelly - orange and cream tabby she-cat 

Condorcry - black and grey tom  

Streamrunner - silver-grey she-cat


Mangomask - a yellow she with a thick, straight fur

Hayheart - dark ginger tabby tom


Whiskersplash - grey tabby tom 

Peachleap - light cream she-cat with amber eyes

Leapfoot - tall, brown tabby tom


Otterfur - black tom with brown patches

Bushtail - dark ginger she-cat with a thick, bushy tail

APPRENTICE, Tadpolepaw

Ravenwing - black spiky tom

Hollyheart - black she-cat with green eyes and grey ears and paws


Kestrelnose - light ginger she-cat, nursing Dustcloud’s kits: Dapplekit (tortoiseshell she-kit), Redkit (reddish-brown she-kit), Darkkit (dark grey tom-kit), Breezekit (black tom-kit with a white chest)


Brightstream - red she-cat, has one eye


Hollowstorm’s Doubt

“Leafsong! No!” Nutwish yowled. Leafsong was was standing in the middle of the Thunderpath, and there was a monster coming straight towards her! Leafsong tried to run, but she was frozen with fear. She was not able to move, and the monster drew closer and closer, Leafsong’s eyes growing wider and wider. Nutwish ran onto the Thunderpath, and shoved Leafsong onto the grass, and Leafsong heard a loud cry, and then silence. She sat up, and when the dust had cleared, Leafsong saw the body. Nutwish’s body. Lying on the Thunderpath, not moving. “Nutwish!” Leafsong cried, and she ran to her sisters side, and pushed her nose into her fur, tears streaming down her cheeks. (sorry but cats cant cry) She heard a patter of footsteps behind her, and when she looked, she saw Spottedsun, the ThunderClan deputy. “What happened?” She asked. Then she saw Nutwish. “No.. She… did she..?” Spottedsun asked, and Leafsong nodded. She heard the loud noise of another monster coming, and Spottedsun grabbed Nutwish’s scruff, and dragged her onto the grass, Leafsong following. More cats came, drawn by the noise. “What-” Smoketail began, then stopped. “Oh, Leafsong, I’m so sorry..” Leafsong nodded again, and her grief pierced the air like a thorn in a paw. She and Smoketail sat next to each other, Leafsong burying her fur into Smoketail’s, and they both sat quietly, and the ThunderClan medicine cat Mosswhisker arrived and she glanced at Spottedsun. “Was it a monster?” Mosswhisker asked, and Spottedsun nodded. “Not again.. Not after Juniperfoot..” Mosswhisker padded up to Nutwish’s body, and sniffed it, checking to see if she was still breathing, even though the answer was obvious. “I’m sorry, but.. She’s gone.. She hunts with StarClan now.” Leafsong moaned, her voice filled with sadness, and Smoketail set her muzzle on Leafsong’s head, comforting her. Thriftpaw, Smoketail’s apprentice, padded from the forest, and saw her mother’s body. Tears formed in her eyes, and she pressed her nose into her fur, crying. Spottedsun flicked her tail. “Smoketail, get Leafsong and Thriftpaw back to camp. Even though Nutwish is dead, she won’t be forgotten.” Smoketail nodded, and led Leafsong back to camp, Thriftpaw trailing behind. Spottedsun glanced at Mosswhisker, who had nosed Nutwish’s forehead. “May StarClan light your path,” She murmured. “Goodbye.”

Chapter 1

“Ok, here comes the first kit. Breath, Leafsong, breath.” Mosswhisker was standing over Leafsong in the nursery, and was praying to StarClan that none of the kits died. Leafsong grunted as a spasm hit her, and then a tiny tom slipped onto the moss. “That’s good, that’s good.” Mosswhisker whispered, giving Leafsong a drink of water. “Rippleleap, hand me that borage. We have at least two more kits coming.” She told her apprentice. “Is everything going well?” Leafsong’s mate Ashnose asked, peering into the nursery. “Yes, everything is going fine.” The Frostleaf queen replied. “It won’t be long.” reassured Tuftnose, another queen. Frostleaf’s kits Featherkit and Patchkit were play fighting, getting close to Leafsong. “You two!” Frostleaf ordered. “Get over here. Leafsong needs more room.” Featherkit and Patchkit obeyed their mother, watching with wide eyes as the second kit came, a she-kit. “Ok, just one more kit. You got this, Leafsong.” Rippleleap whispered. Leafsong nodded, and just as she was, another spasm swept through her, and out came the last kit. “Oh, their so beautiful.” Frostleaf mewed. Leafsong smiled down at her three kits, who mewled while Leafsong licked them. “Well done. You have three healthy kits. Two she-kits and a tom.” Mosswhisker said. Leafsong began to cry, and Ashnose padded into the den, pressing his nose into her fur. “What's wrong?” He asked. “If only Nutwish were here to see them..” She cried softly. Nutwish was Leafsong’s sister, hit by a monster on the Thunderpath while saving Leafsong’s life. “I’m sure she’s watching over you, and the kits.” Ashnose whispered as the three tiny kits began to suckle. Leafsong swept her tail over them, to keep them warm. “I hope so..” She meowed, and she watched her three kits, happiness in her eyes. “Ok, were done here. Let’s leave Leafsong alone. She needs to name the kits, and they’ll be a pawfull when their older.” Mosswhisker retorted. Ashnose, Mosswhisker and Rippleleap padded out of the den, leaving Leafsong and her three kits alone with the two other queens. “So?” Tuftnose prompted. “What are you going to name them?” Leafsong stared at her kits for a few heartbeats, then rested her tail on the tom. “I will name him Snowkit, after the color of his white fur.” She rested her tail on the next kit, a small brown she-kit. “I will name this one Nutkit, after Nutwish.” Tears formed in her eyes as she said this, and Frostleaf and Tuftnose sat next to her, comforting her. “Nutwish would have loved that name.” Frostleaf soothed. “She would have.” Tuftnose echoed. Leafsong rested her gaze at the small kit, and saw how much she looked like Nutwish. “What about the last kit?” Featherkit squeaked, and pointed a paw at the other she-kit. “Oh. I forgot.” Leafsong said. She thought long and hard, until she drew in a long breath and exhaled slowly. “I’ll name her,” Leafsong paused. “Hollowkit. Hello there, Hollowkit.” Leafsong whispered setting her muzzle on the small kit. “Those are wonderful names.” Frostleaf mewed. “I bet these three are going to be just  outstanding warriors.” Leafsong stared at her three kits, mostly Hollowkit, who she could tell would be an important part of ThunderClan. “I don’t know why,” She meowed softly to Hollowkit. “But I can feel that your going to do something important. I can feel it.” Hollowkit mewled, as if replying to her mother, then moved closer to Nutkit, and padded her softly with a tiny paw. Nutkit squeaked, and did the same thing to her sister, all while Snowkit was sleeping, not a care in the world. Leafsong nudged Nutkit and Hollowkit with her muzzle. “Don’t hurt your sister!” She playfully mewed. Nutkit grunted, and fell asleep, all while Hollowkit was looking around, even though her eyes were closed. “Go to sleep, my little warrior.” Leafsong whispered, and Hollowkit closed her eyes. Leafsong stared at her three bundles of joy, wrapping her tail around her kits, keeping them warm. She heard Ashnose pad into the den, and Ashnose nuzzled his mate. “Those three are the best thing that has every happened to me. And you are too.” He meowed, and laid down next to Leafsong, and Leafsong fell asleep, her mate and kits being the most important thing in her world right now.         


Chapter 2

“Hollowkit!” Nutkit squeaked. “Catch this!” Nutkit pawed a moss ball and threw it at Hollowkit, Hollowkit catching it. “I can catch anything!” Hollowkit boasted. Nutkit squinted her eyes playfully. “Well, then, catch this!” Nutkit crouched, then pounced at Hollowkit, pinning her to the ground. Hollowkit squealed, and she and Nutkit scruffed around, getting dirt all over their fluffy fur. “Nutkit! Hollowkit! I just washed you two.” Leafsong padded out of the den. “We were only playing!” Nutkit whined. Hollowkit flicked her ear. She and Nutkit always got in trouble for play fighting. “Yeah! Plus, we were practicing our battle moves. We’re going to be the best warriors ever!” Hollowkit jumped on Nutkit’s tail, and Nutkit whirled around to pounce on her sister. “I know that you two want to be warriors,” Leafsong began, sweeping her tail around her two kits. “But being a warrior isn’t all about fighting. You have to hunt, and do patrols, pick ticks from the elders-” “Ew! That’s gross! Who would wanna pick ticks?” Nutkit interrupted their mother with a snort of disgust. “Yeah! I heard Darkflight has the worst ticks in the entire forest!” Hollowkit added. “Don’t talk about the elders like that.” Leafsong scolded Hollowkit. “It’s part of being an apprentice. You have to become an apprentice before you can be a warrior. And you two want to be warriors, don’t you?” Hollowkit and Nutkit jumped up. “Of course we do!” Nutkit mewed. Hollowkit nodded. “Yeah! We can go pick ticks now!” Leafsong shook her head. “You two would probably add more ticks than remove them.” Hollowkit grunted and sat down, and then heard a meow echo throughout the camp. “Cats of ThunderClan, gather underneath the highrock for a clan meeting.” Daisystar called, sitting on the highrock with Spottedsun, the clan deputy. Cats from patrols had just come back, and cats padded out of the dens, wondering what was going on. “Let’s go!” Nutkit meowed, and she charged toward the group of cats, only for Leafsong to step her paw on Nutkit’s tail. “Don’t be disruptive.” She mewed gently. Hollowkit, Nutkit and Snowkit sat by their mother, watching Daisystar with wide eyes. “We have just come to learn that as of this morning, Rippleleap has had a vision.” The Clan’s eyes turned towards Rippleleap, who was sitting by the medicine den with his mentor, Mosswhisker. “Tell them what happened in your vision.” Daisystar mewed. Rippleleap shifted his paws, then stood up. “I had a vision,” he began. “I was standing beside a river, and I heard a mew come from the water.” The cats listened with wide eyes and shocked whispers, listening to Rippleleap talk. “I looked closely, and saw a cat floating in the river, getting splashed around by the waves. I tried to call out to them, but they were whisked away, and by the time I caught up to them, they were lying on the shore, not breathing.” Rippleleap took a gasp of air, and turned to the cats watching him. “Who was the cat?” Leafsong asked. Rippleleap paused, as if taken aback by this question. Then he sighed. “The cat I saw…was Hollowkit.” 

Chapter 3

Hollowkit’s eyes went wide as Leafsong stepped forward angrily. “How dare you?” She hissed. “It must have been another cat! Why would you scare Hollowkit like that?” Rippleleap padded forward, trying to calm down the bristiling queen. “Calm down, Leafsong. I’m only saying what the vision showed me.” Leafsong swept Hollowkit closer to her. “And why should I believe you? It could have been anyone in the river!” Hollowkit looked up at her mother, who’s eyes were showing deep anger. “Leafsong?” Hollowkit squeaked. “Am I going to drown?” Hollowkit’s ears flattened. “No, of course not, dear.” Leafsong bent down to lick her kit’s fur. “Rippleleap is just confused.” Hollowkit stared at Rippleleap, who was looking down at her with sorrow in his eyes. “Alright, enough.” Spottedsun leaped down from the Highrock and padded towards Rippleleap. “Leafsong is still distraught about Nutwish,” She whispered in his ear. “Grief hits cats differently.” Rippleleap nodded and padded back to Mosswhisker, who was waiting for him by the medicine den. “I know it is shocking to hear about such a depressing vision,” Daisystar announced. “But it is a vision. The cat may have been Hollowkit, or it may have not been. We shall wait and see what StarClan says.” Daisystar stared at the cats below her, who were still surprised by the vision that Rippleleap had received. Daisystar flicked her tail. “I call this clan meeting to a close.” She padded off of the highledge, headed into the leader’s den, Spottedsun at her heels. The cats began murmuring and whispering about the vision, and Hollowkit could hear vaguely what they were saying. 

“Do you think it really was Hollowkit?”

“What if it was some other cat?”

“Is the vision even real?”

Hollowkit shaked her head, overwhelmed by what had just happened. Hollowkit opened her eyes as a sharp pain went through her, and saw that Snowkit had pinched her tail with his claws. “Ha! Gotcha!” He mewled triumphantly. Hollowkit smirked and got into the crouch and pounced, pinning her brother to the ground. “I’m still stronger!” She boasted. “Not as strong as me!’' Nutkit argued. Nutkit piled on top of Hollowkit and they were all piled on top of eachother, all of them snickering. “Hey!” Nutkit protested as Ashnose, their father, picked her up by her scruff and set her gently on her paws. “Don’t play too rough.” He warned, nudging Hollowkit off of Snowkit. “We are just having fun!” Snowkit meowed. “Yeah! And, we were also practicing our battle moves. Were gonna be the best warriors ever!” Nutkit jumped in the air happily. Ashnose smiled and nuzzled his kit. “Of course you three are.” He purred. “But being a warrior is not just fighting. You have to hunt, patrol, protect your clanmates..” Ashnose kept on rambling and Nutkit scooted closer to Hollowkit, whispering into her ear. “This is so boring! We already heard this from Leafsong.” Hollowkit nodded. “We could sneak away!” Nutkit murmured, her green eyes wide with excitement. Hollowkit stumbled back, surprised. “But what if we get in trouble?” She muttered. Snowkit pawed at Hollowkit’s ear. “What? Are you too shy-mouse to come with us?” He teased. Hollowkit tensed. “No!” She protested. She pawed at the ground nervously. “I just.. What if we get caught?” Nutkit brushed her pelt against her sister’s fur. “Of course not! We just have to be really sneaky.” Nutkit’s  words sounded persuasive, but the plan was risky. “Fine.” She mumbled. “Yay!” Nutkit squeaked. Hollowkit glanced at Ashnose, who was still talking. “Let’s go!” Snowkit mewed. They began to stalk away from Ashnose, who was still rambling. They looked at their mother Leafsong, who was staring judgingly at the medicine den. Nobody noticed them! They walked toward the dirtplace, since it was a normal place to go, they suspected nobody would see them. They almost ran into Smoketail, but ducked out of the way before she could see them. They ran out into the tunnel, and made sure nobody was following them, before they all bounded into the forest. “Woah!” Snowkit squeaked. The forest was huge! A load of scents hit Hollowkit’s nose and she stumbled back, shocked at how many smells there were. “It’s so big!” Nutkit exclaimed. “Let’s go! Come on!” She ran into the forest, while Snowkit and Hollowkit exchanged glances before following her. Hollowkit was amazed at how many trees there were. She smelled prey, and she licked her lips at the thought of eating fresh vole. “We reached the lake!” Nutkit meowed. Hollowkit looked out and saw a huge pool of water, and she was surprised at how far it stretches. “I smell something!” Hollowkit mewled. She sniffed the air, and the scent of fish hit her nose. “Yuck!” Snowkit gagged. “Is that RiverClan?” Hollowkit asked. Nutkit nodded. “I heard that they swim. On purpose!” Hollowkit was horrified at the thought of getting her fur wet, and she glanced out at the lake, slightly backing up. “If that's RiverClan,” Snowkit muttered. “Then that must be WindClan!” he pointed a paw at a moor with large hills, and she squinted as she thought she could see cats running across it. “Wow! They must be fast.” Hollowkit squeaked. “What’s that?” Nutkit asked, peering over to see another forest, denser than  ThunderClan, and pine trees instead of oak. “I heard that cat’s called ShadowClan are there. Maybe that’s where they live.” Snowkit answered. “Well, duh! Of course it’s where they live!” Nutkit snorted. Snowkit’s fur bristled, and he pounded over, swiping at Nutkit’s ear. “Hey!” Nutkit protested. She swiped a blow at Snowkit, but missed, and bounded back into the forest, headed towards the ShadowClan border. “You guys!” Hollowkit yoweled, but they didn’t seem to hear her. Hollowkit ran after them, following their scent as best as she could. She saw Snowkit’s pure white pelt through the bushes and trees, and she bounded over to them, and was confused at why they screeched to a halt. “Hollowkit! Watch out!” Snowkit yoweled. Hollowkit saw what he was warning her about. The river that separated ShadowClan and ThunderClan was right in front of her! Hollowkit halted to a stop, but she stumbled on loose rocks and she fell into the river with a loud splash, water clouding her vision and turning her world a dark blue.

Chapter 4

Snowkit’s yowl dissolved into a muffled cry, and Hollowkit sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, flailing her paws in a desperate attempt to go upward. But no matter how hard she tried, the water was pulling her farther and farther into the dark waves. Hollowkit heard a splash, and saw a cat reaching their paws out towards her. Hollowkit wanted to gasp in air, but she held against it, and winced as the cat grabbed her scruff and began dragging her upwards. Hollowkit realized that she was short on breath, and she began fighting to stay awake, but the peacefulness of the river fought against her. She closed her eyes, hoping a miracle would happen. Hollowkit eyes fluttered open as she felt paws rocking her body, and she squinted to see the cat in front of her. It was Bushtail, a RiverClan warrior. “Is she alive?” A black and white tom asked. “Hush, Tadpolepaw.” Bushtail whispered. “Go fetch Troutstar and Dustcloud. Tell them what happened.” Tadpolepaw nodded, and bolted into the direction of the RiverClan camp. Hollowkit coughed, and her whole body shivered from the freezing cold water. “Are you okay?” Bushtail nosed Hollowkit worryingly. “C-Cold!” Hollowkit whimpered. Bushtail wrapped her tail around Hollowkit, protecting her from the cold. She heard pawsteps running where they were beside the river, and Trouststar, Dustcloud and Birchfur, the RiverClan medicine cat, stopped beside them. “What exactly happened?” Troutstar prompted while Birchfur was checking Hollowkit. “I was teaching Tadpolepaw ways to catch a fish, and he spotted a tiny body floating in the river. Bushtail explained. “Luckily, I dived in and saved her before it was too late.”

Birchfur looked at Hollowkit with big, concerned eyes. Hollowkit stared back at him, scared and shivering. “I want Leafsong!” Hollowkit wailed, and Birchfur smiled softly. “We’ll get you back to your mother. We just have to tell Daisystar.” He meowed. Hollowkit’s eyes went wide. She jumped up and stared at Troutstar with distraught in her eyes. “No! You can’t tell Daisystar! I’ll be in trouble!” Troutstar shook his head. “I’m sorry, Hollowkit, but I have to tell her.” Hollowkit sat down and began whimpering. Will Leafsong hate me? She thought worryingly. “But,” Troutstar suddenly mewed. “I can tell her it was just an accident, and that way none of us get in trouble.” Hollowkit bounced up and down. “Yay!” She squealed. “So can I go home now?” She asked. “You need to rest, first.” Bushtail replied. “Birchfur will take care of you.” Hollowkit frowned, but then thought about it. I’m cold right now. If they take care of me, then the sooner I can go home! “Okay,” Hollowkit agreed. She squeaked when Bushtail picked her up by her scruff, and she, Birchfur, DustCloud and Troutstar padded into the camp, surprised eyes watching them. “Who is she?” A yellow she-cat hissed, her fur bristling. “Calm down, Mangomask.” Bushtail warned. “She’s just a kit. She fell into the river.” “She smells like ThunderClan!” Otterfur lashed his tail. Dustcloud glared at him. “Remember, Otterfur. The warrior code says to always help a kit, no matter if it’s from another clan or outside the clans.” Otterfur muttered something under his breath, then stalked away into the warriors den. Dapplekit, Redkit, Darkkit and Nightkit peeked their heads out of the nursery den, looking at Hollowkit. “Look! A new denmate!” Redkit squealed. All four kits leaped at Hollowkit, pinning her to the ground. Hollowkit gasped for air, and she suddenly flashed back to the river, where she had no air, being dragged into darkness. “Help!” Hollowkit cried. “I’m drowning!” Kestrelnose hurried towards her kits, and moved them off of Hollowkit. “You four! What have I told you about playing rough?” The kits hung their heads, and Bushtail pulled Hollowkit towards her. “You're okay,” She reassured. “You're not in the scary river anymore. You're okay.” Hollowkit whimpered and crouched to the ground, and Birchfur and Bushtail escorted her to the medicine den, where a small nest was. “Your going to rest for a little while. We need to alert ThunderClan for a little while.” Birchfur explained. “I don’t wanna be alone.” Hollowkit mewled. Suddenly, Dapplekit, Redkit, Darkkit and Nightkit popped their heads into the den. “We’re sorry about earlier,” Dapplekit squeaked. “Yeah. We didn’t mean to startle you.” Redkit echoed, her tail drooping. Hollowkit tipped her head to one side. “It’s okay.” Nightkit jumped up out of nowhere, his eyes bright. “I have an idea!” he squealed. “What is it?” Bushtail prompted. “You don’t wanna be alone, right?” Hollowkit nodded. Snowkit and Nutkit were always by her side while she slept, and now she felt empty without them next to her. “Great! We can sleep in here with you!” Nightkit jumped again, his black pelt fluffy with excitement. Redkit padded forward. “If you want to,” She mewed softly. Hollowkit’s eyes sparkled. “Yeah!” Darkkit was the first to hop inside the nest next to Hollowkit, followed by Dapplekit, Redkit and Nightkit. “Oof!” Hollowkit huffed. She was being squashed. “I told you not to eat that extra mouse, Darkkit!” Dapplekit meowed. “Sorry! It was so plump, I couldn’t resist.” Hollowkit held back a purr. Hollowkit suddenly sneezed, and Birchfur looked at her with a worried expression. He padded to his storage and pulled out feverfew, and nosed it towards Hollowkit. “Eat some of this,” He ordered. “It’ll make you feel better.” Hollowkit nibbled at the herb, and gagged. “This tastes weird!” she cried. “Well, if you wanna catch a fever.” Birchfur shrugged. Birchfur’s apprentice, Mintpaw, padded into the den, her pale grey fur shining in the sunlight. “I patched Streamrunner’s wound, though I would give it a couple of days before she can-'' She stopped and stared at Hollowkit and crouched down. “Who is this little one?” Hollowkit stared back, Mintpaw’s green eyes filled with curiosity. “This is Hollowkit!” Darkkit squeaked. “She fell in the river.” Dapplekit chimed in. Nightkit badded at Mintpaw’s ear. “Where were you earlier? You missed the leaf I caught” Mintpaw put her paw in the air. “I, Mintpaw, promise to never miss another moment like that again.” Nightkit purred and sank deeper in the nest. “She might need thyme, since the river was so cold.” Mintpaw glanced at Birchfur. “Good thinking.” He nodded. Mintpaw grabbed a bundle of leaves, and spread a poultice on Hollowkit’s back. Hollowkit began to feel better, and she started to feel sleepy. “Okay, Bushtail, out of the den. Holllowkit needs space right now “ Like I have any. Hollowkit shifted between Redkit and Darkkit. Birchfur and Mintpaw settled in their nests, falling asleep. Hollowkit finally closed her eyes, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Hollowkit thought, for a split second, if things would be fine when she got back to camp. For some reason, she doubted that highly.

Chapter 5

“Hollowkit? Wake up.” Hollowkit flicked her ear, and snuggled deeper into the nest. She breathed in the cat's scent, and was surprised not to smell Leafsong. She sat up confused, and realized the cat in front of her was Birchfur, RiverClan medicine cat. “Where am I?” She asked, looking around the den. “Your in the medicine den, remember? We rescued you after you fell in the river.” Hollowkit gasped as she remembered, being plunged into the dark, cold waters, not being able to breath. Hollowkit shivered, and Birchfur wrapped his tail around her. “It’s alright. You're far from the river now.” Hollowkit felt better, and she looked up at Birchfur who was looking at her with care in his eyes. “I bet you wanna go home, right?” Hollowkit nodded aggressively, the thought of getting home making her excited. “Well, you're in luck. Daisystar is coming with a patrol to bring you home.” Hollowkit bounced up and down. “Yay!” She squeaked. “When are they coming?” Just then, she heard voices outside of the den, and she ran out, excited. Daisystar was talking with Troutstar, who glanced at Hollowkit. “I believe you're looking for somebody.” Birchfur meowed at Daisystar, nudging Hollowkit towards her. Hollowkit ran to Daisystar, happy to see a ThunderClan cat again. “Did they treat you well?” She asked, sniffing Hollowkit. “Of course! RiverClan is awesome!” Hollowkit mewed. “Well, let’s hope that you're still loyal to ThunderClan.” Daisystar purred. “Hey!” Hollowkit heard a mewl come from the nursery. Dapplekit ran out of the den, Redkit, Darkkit and Nightkit following close behind. “Are you leaving?” Redkit asked, her big round eyes full of sadness. “She has to get home.” Kestrelnose meowed, coming up behind her. “But she’s funny!” Nightkit protested. “It’ll be boring without her!” Darkkit echoed. Hollowkit pounced on top of Darkkit, pinning him to the floor. “We’ll see each other when we are older.” She promised him. Darkkit jumped, knocking Hollowkit back. “And I’ll be a better fighter than you are!” He squeaked. “We’ll see about that!” Dapplekit, Redkit, Darkkit and Nightkit huddled around her saying their goodbyes. “Nice to see you made some friends.” Daisystar glanced at Hollowkit. “It’s best that we are getting home.” Daisystar turned to Troutstar, dipping her head. “Thanks for taking care of her.” “Of course.” Troustar nodded. “But just make sure you take care of your kits better in the future. We don’t need the river to be filled with kits and not fish.” With a final goodbye, the patrol turned and headed out of the camp, Hollowkit being carried at the scruff by Spottedsun, who looked relieved to have her back.

Chapter 6

The patrol walked back into the camp, where every-cat was doing something, probably to distract them from worrying. Ashnose was trying to calm down a worried Leafsong, who was pacing back in forth, her fur on edge.

"Leafsong, please stop worrying. The patrol went to go find her. I'm sure they'll be back-" Ashnose was cut off by Leafsong's protesting.

"Calm Down? How can I calm down? My kit fell into the river!" Leafsong's breaths were short and quick. "She could've drowned! How do we even know she's alive?" Ashnose set his tail on her back, easing her.

"Nutkit and Snowkit said they came back right after they saw her fall in. She couldn't have gone that far. She's a fighter. She'll make it." Leafsong took a deep breath, though it was shaky, she started to slowly calm down. "I.. Okay. I-I'm just scared she'll.. she'll e-end up like Nutwish."

Leafsong's sister, Nutwish, had been strucked by a monster while saving her sister. It killed her instantly. Ashnose licked Leafsong's ear, comforting her. "I'm sure Nutwish will make sure that won't happen."

They both had been so invested in talking to one another they hadn't even noticed the patrol was back. Leafsong noticed them out of the corner of her, and she bolted right up to Daisystar. "Did you find her? Did you find my kit? Please tell me she's alive!"

Spottedsun padded out from behind Daisystar, holding a small, brown tabby bundle in her mouth. Leafsong's eyes showed relief and as Spottedsun set Hollowkit down, Leafsong bent down to check over her. "Are you alright? Does anything hurt? Do you need me to-"

"I-I'm fine. I just missed you." Hollowkit stared up at Leafsong, sadness in her eyes. Leafsong sat down. "I missed you too, my little warrior." They sat there for a moment, embracing each other.

"Hollowkit!" A yowl in the distance caught Hollowkit's attention. "Hollowkit, is that you?" She knew who's voice it was in an instant. It was Snowkit!

Hollowkit ran from Leafsong, and bolted towards Snowkit, who was emerging from the nursery with Nutkit close behind him. "Hollowkit!" Snowkit said as he pounced and landed on top of Hollowkit. "Oof!" Hollowkit grunted.

"Get off of me, you big loaf!" She said playfully. "Sorry, I just missed you." Snowkit mewed. Nutkit jumped in happiness and she circled Hollowkit. "We missed you! Are you okay? Where did you end up? What was the river like?"

That last sentence sent literal chills down Hollowkit's spine as she remembered the coldness and iciness of the river, not being able to breath and being pulled down from the air. Hollowkit whimpered.

"I-I don't like rivers now." She said shakily. Daisystar padded up with Leafsong, who licked Hollowkit. "The river led to RiverClan, where luckily Bushtail saved her." Daisystar informed the kits.

Hollowkit's ears perked up when she heard Bushtail's name. She was the cat that saved her! "Bushtail was nice. A-and so was Birchfur." "Isn't Birchfur RiverClan's medicine cat?" Leafsong asked, padding up behind Daisystar. "Yeah, and he was really nice to me." Hollowkit mewed. "And so were the other kits."

Nutkit looked confused. "What other kits?" Hollowkit turned to face her. "Dapplekit, Darkkit, Redkit and Breezekit! They were funny."

Nutkit's glare gleamed with jealousy. "Were they funnier than us?" Nutkit asked, sitting besides Snowkit, pouting. Hollowkit gasped lOuDly. "Of course nOt! I'll AlWaYs love you gUyS!"

Hollowkit, Nutkit and Snowkit all rolled around on the floor, the other ThunderClan cats looking relieved that Hollowkit had been brought back. "Hollowkit has returned home safely." Spottedsun announced. "Rippleleap," She turned to look at the young medicine cat. "Will you check over Hollowkit, just to make sure she doesn't have any wounds or damage?"

The blue-gray tom nodded, leading Hollowkit into the den with his tail, Nutkit, Snowkit and Leafsong following close behind. "Now, gather round so I can set up the new hunting patrol-"

Spottedsun was cut off by the sounds of loud pawsteps, followed by a dozen WindClan warriors padding into the camp.


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