A little writing. Enjoy,--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 00:54, February 17, 2010 (UTC) (Wait, I TYPED it, not wrote it xD)

It was his loss.
But her pain.
It left a scar on her heart.
An ugly scar, full of loss.
His loss,
But her blame.
He caused it.
And they felt it.
It was his choice,
Not hers.
But the ugly scar burned her heart.
He went to kill us,
But didn't succeed.
With her, she wished he had.
Their kits were punished
With hostile glances and hisses.
The ugly scar burned more.
The pain was too much.
It was burning a hole.
And it took over the once noble cat.
The she-cat lost everything.
Everything that once mattered.
Because of his cruel love.
And her fate.
Goldenflower lay down, full of grief. She didn't get up. Tigerclaw's love left her, so did her soul.

A response to this was written by Artimas Hunter. It's amazing. It's called Goldenflower's Pain

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