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This page contains a song written by the pop group "Brokenstar's Rogues".

Album - Rule Song #Special.

Author's Note

w:c:warriors:Warriors Wiki talk:Charart/Accepted 15#Blackfoot (Ro) - Approved

Hey everybody, how are you

He's asked me to write to you

Filth he may be, he's still the leader

Though he doesn't feed us, I'm writing this song

Though I know it's quite wrong

Brokenstar is his name

And killing is his fame

A longhair dark brown tabby

Is how he's described

The warriors below are his elite

Blackfoot, the name itself speaks

Black of heart though he may be

He is the bully without brains

White in fur; black in paw and in heart

Paws which have caused many a start

Of battle

Boulder, silvery though he may be

The rogue, through and through, is he

Loyal to the leader; disloyal to the Clan

Of Brokenstar he is a fan

Clawface, like Brokenstar

In looks and in behaviour

Killing is like his second nature

Spottedleaf, he killed with a blow and up she went

Firepaw avenged her in the end

These are his elite, the fierce creatures

And now I shall go

Disappear before I spark a row

The song has ended, it is time

That I stop singin' these lines


Well, that ends the first album.

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Sequel: An old dusk

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