Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction


This is my very first songfic, so keep that in mind as you read. ;D I always have ideas for Warriors MAPs but I have no animation skills, so I’m using songfics to express the images instead of actual art. The whole songfic is from Rosepaw's POV (one of my OCs). It's is a deleted song from the Dear Evan Hansen play. The lyrics are in bold italics. Enjoy!

When it’s just you

And some song

I pad through the camp, head low, as the voices of my Clanmates echo through the pine forest. Happy mewls of kits, excited exclamations of apprentices, and stern meows of warriors blend into a ceaseless chorus like the humming of cicadas in greenleaf, creating a song in which I’m always off-key.

That you don’t know how to play

I slink into the apprentices’ den, my dark pelt a shadow against the tangled brambles. Brown tabby, just like the cat everyone’s trying to erase from memory, the cat everyone strives to forget.

How can I possibly blend in when I resemble him so greatly?

Fake your way through

Strum along

My sister Mintpaw is chatting with another apprentice, Shimmerpaw. Although Mintpaw and I are daughters of the same cat, she experiences none of the scorn and open mistrust that I do, just because her pelt is gray and not the brown tabby color that everyone fears, that I was unlucky enough to be born with.

She looks up at me, beaming with happiness. Her amber eyes are sparkling with joy and laughter.

Amber. Like his.

Why isn’t she bothered by the stares of our Clanmates as I am?

“Hi!” she meows cheerfully. “Shimmerpaw was just telling me about the toad she caught. It was enormous!”

“Great!” I reply, my voice immediately taking on a hearty, pleased tone that sounds painfully forced, even to my own ears.

Be cool and you’re okay

“I’ll just be by the willow tree,” I explain, feeling the need to get away from them. Resentment boils beneath my pelt as my sister nods in easy acceptance and turns back to Shimmerpaw. The two excited she-cats converse rapidly, their words full of unrestrained glee. A heavy weight settles on my heart. I never showed the boundless enthusiasm that Mintpaw did. My mentor never had to tell me to pay attention, because I had no cat around to distract me from my training.

It was always just me, padding in the darkness of his shadow. Trying to rid myself of his legacy. Failing to ignore the whispers and suspicion that trailed me wherever I went.

With a forced smile that feels more like a grimace, I shove my way out of the apprentices’ den and break into a run, streaking out of the camp like a frightened rabbit. I barge past the guards and sprint blindly through the pine forest, wishing I could just leave everything behind.

So your fingers get tangled in a pile

On the way to the willow tree, I spot a slimy, mottled back rising and falling rapidly in a patch of boggy ground. It’s a frog, nestled in a forest of brittle reeds at the edge of a pond. Its small webbed feet are submerged in the murky water, but it remains where it is. Momentarily entertained by the prospect of prey, I slip into a hunter’s crouch and begin to stalk it.

Your rhythm is a mess

I leap at the frog, but I land short, my paws closing around muddy water instead of slippery, lumpy skin. With a startled croak, the frog springs forward and lands with a splash in the scum-crusted pond, splattering me with mud. I am left alone at the edge of the bog, my brown fur now dirty and foul, feeling like an utter failure.

But nobody sees,

’Cause you smile

Thank StarClan no cat saw that.

And the world will never guess

I approach the willow tree, my muddy fur drying in stiff clumps of spikes. The ancient tree’s branches sway hypnotically, the leaves swishing against the bark. The ceaseless sound soothes me, and I feel my outer walls start to crumble as I pad closer. It’s whispering my name, over and over, without the judgement carried in my Clanmates’ voices.

“Rosepaw, Rosepaw.”

The willow tree welcomes me. It gives me a safe place to hide in the embrace of its creaking boughs. I curl up in a ball at the base of the trunk, where I can gaze out over the unclaimed land beyond MoonClan’s borders. I am alone here, and I prefer it.

Can’t let them know

’Cause no-one understands

I need to be alone. Nobody understands me, not even Mintpaw.

Why do I have his pelt?

Why does he have to be my father?

Your face can’t show

What you’re hiding in your hands

A tear rolls down my cheek and splashes quietly into the marsh. Furious at being fragile, frustrated by my own weakness, I scrub my eyes with the back of my paw. I’m stronger than this! I have to be!

Daughter and son

Man and wife

My mother’s face wasn’t always creased with worry lines. She was a kit like me, then an apprentice, then a warrior. She and my father were just another pair of young cats in love, one lost in amber eyes, the other lost in green.

In the aftermath of his betrayal, I came into the world, innocent and unknowing, a kit with no idea of her family’s past, unaware of the shadow hanging over her birth. Oblivious to the mistrustful stares of my Clanmates, never pausing to consider who my father was, and why our similar pelts unnerved the Clan.

Fill the photos on these walls

We should have been happy.

Look at the fun, perfect life

Of plastic dress-up dolls

Mother and Father were once as carefree and innocent as Mintpaw and I. Their hearts were not yet darkened, their souls not yet scarred, their paws clean and bloodless.

If only it were that way now.

Happy house on a quaint suburban street

The sun hangs in the sky

The fantasy is painted so vividly in my head, I can almost taste it. I relish these stolen moments with my thoughts, where I am the Rosepaw I’ve always longed to be; loved equally by my Clan and my kin, trusted and valued and trained by a father who chose a path of light instead of shadows.

Everything framed, nice and neat

In a lovely little lie

But when I open my eyes, I know that it was all a dream. All a lie.

My Clanmates don’t trust me. They don’t value me like they do Mintpaw.

All because of my father’s legacy.

Can’t let them know

’Cause no-one understands

They don’t have his brown tabby pelt.

They don’t have to face the whispers and suspicion following their every move.

They don’t have to earn the trust that should have been granted a long time ago.

They don’t understand me.

Your face can’t show

What you’re hiding in your hands

I blink back tears and force a calm look on my face. With a deep, shuddering breath, I gently disentangle myself from the willow tree’s embrace and start to pad slowly home.






Look at her, a total trainwreck

I blunder into the camp, stalking past the guards without a greeting. Jeers echo behind me and I can’t ignore them, no matter how hard I try. They press into my ears and crowd my thoughts, sowing seeds of doubt in my uncertain mind.

Let her off this ride

Tears spring into my eyes; tears of hatred and anger, resentment and sadness and hopelessness. I just want it all to stop…

I shouldn’t have come back to camp…

Lift her out from all the pain

I gaze beseechingly up to the sky; the stars are covered by thick clouds. I flatten my ears, feeling suddenly small below the vast expanse of gray. Are my own ancestors so ashamed that they can’t even look at me?

She tells herself she needs to hide

I slip behind the apprentices’ den and crumple to the ground, burying my head under my forepaws. If I hide, no cat will remember me, nor my father.

I need that.

When it’s just you

And that song

Pawsteps sound outside the den, quiet and light.

It’s impossible to play

I shrink back, not wanting to be seen. I’m done trying. I’m done pretending to fit in. I’m choosing to disappear.

Fake your way through

Strum along

“Rosepaw?” A soft mew. My head whips up and my fur starts to rise defensively, but it’s only Mintpaw, staring in shock at my wild, tearstained face.

And everything’s okay

“It’s all going to be okay,” she soothes me, gently grooming my back. The touch is relaxing, but I don’t believe her.

How can everything be okay?

Can’t let them know

’Cause no-one understands

Your face can’t show

When my Clan sees me, they flinch. They startle. They do a double-take whenever I come around the corner.

I only remind them of my father.

No-one understands

Your face can’t show

What you’re hiding in your hands