Fire and Heart... Two things that you think are complete oppisotes, but actually they are... Synonyms for each other. Find out why in my story. I am Flamepaw.

Chapter: One

Flampaw's P.O.V.

"Flamepaw, train!"

"Flamepaw, hunt!"

"Flamepaw, patrol!"

My ears hurt. My sensitive ears. I want to rest.

Runningpaw came forward.

"My ears hurt."

"Mine also."

I looked at Runningpaw. She was my best friend!

She reminded me of a heartbeat.

Runningpaw... The name echoed in my heart...

Heart & Fire mix... Very well. You don't even know.

Runningpaw's P.O.V.


I looked at my crush.

He was literally made of muscle.


Here comes my moment.

"I love you!"

"I love you too!"

We hugged.

I wanted to have his kits...

And maybe I did.

Chapter: Two

Flamepaw's P.O.V.

"Their beautiful."

I curled around my mate and kits.

I'm not Flamepaw anymore... I'm Flamethrower.

And she's Runningheart.

But my heart runs for her...

And hers for mine.

"Oh... They were tiring to have."

She fell asleep.

I purred and slept too.

Runningheart's P.O.V.

I woke up.

Flamethrower was curled around me.

"Wake up."

I nudged him.



He purred and rested his head on me.

"Have you named them yet?"


I thought of names for them...

"What about Firekit for the tom?"

"And Heartkit for the girl."


Heart & Fire are a good mix...

Chapter: Three

Flamethrower's P.O.V.

You still don't get that Heart & Fire are a good mix?

Well here's some convincing...

We're mates.

We are a mix.

The prophecy is true.

Starclan is true.

They guide our every step...

And they are wise.

Runningheart's P.O.V.

Still aren't convinced?

Your unconvincable.

Maybe the same will happen with our kits.

And they said,

Running & Flame are a good mix...

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