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This was my attempt at a sad story. Comment on it in the talk page.--Shaf Girl 19:00, 16 October 2008 (UTC)

The moon was nearly full. The night was cool. It was perfect timing.

They ran away, over the hill, crossing the bridge so not to get their paws wet in the river. She had black fur like the night. He had white fur like the moon.

She was scared of what her leader would do to her if he found out. It was said that her Clan had hearts like the cold wind that blew around them. For many of them, it was so. With his Clan, they were too proud to accept what he was doing. It was all about pure blood.

When dawn was approaching, they ran back the way they came. Across the gray road was the fastest path to home. The colossal monsters that travelled there were not often seen at this time, so they did not look.

She ran across, stumbling a bit, but making it to the other side. She turned to see him come toward her, but it was not so. It was large and shiny, and coming for him. He didn't even see or hear it. It just passed over him and went on its way, and he was no more than broken and beaten.

The night was wasted for her. Her world was ending. Then she looked at her belly, and she knew all was not lost. She used the secrecy that was known in her Clan, and she snuck back to her den. When morning came, they found her sleeping in the den with the other warriors, as though what happened last night was just a dream.

That night she and the other cats met at the old barn. The leader of his Clan spoke of finding his limp body on the gray road. There were blames made, and claws unsheathed, but the clouds threatening to cover the moon stopped any fighting

It was not long before she moved to the nursery. No one asked her who the father was, for it was standard that she wouldn't tell. She experienced more pain than anyone, even the medicine cat, had ever seen.

When new life came from her, it was too much. By the time the third bundle of fur came out, she lay still. The little ones were given to another to feed.

Two looked like their mother, but one was almost identical to his father. No one could guess where he got his light coat.

There was a great famine, and many fell asleep and never woke up. One time, he dreamed he was in the night sky. Creatures with stars in their pelts told him to come with them, and he followed them. He never saw the light of day.