==Chapter 1==

Blossompad jubilantly raced into clearing and scanned it for Frostar, there he was sat eating a vole. Blossompad licked her lips hungrily then shook her head, there would be time for food later. "Frostar" she meowed walking over to him. "Oh, Blossompad I've been waiting for you!" Meowed Froststar, Blossompad noticed her eyes were glowing with relief. "Downpelt survived she's in her den now eating!" "Wow! That's great news, but I'll see her in a bit I...." But she was cut short, she realised since Downpelt was better so she wouldn't need the catnip anymore. "Errrmmm...." She mewed awkwardly, shuffling her paws sending up small clouds of dust. "Well, get on with it then!" Froststar said irritably. Blossompad flicked her tail in annoyance and mumbled "never mind." and stalked off to see Downpelt.She looked so better its like she never had greencough. Blossompad had always looked up to Downpelt when she was a apprentice and when Downpelt was a warrior. "Well your looking great!" Blossompad meowed whilst taking a seat next to her. "I know! I didn't even need catnip!" Suddenly she looked guilty. "Sorry to making you go into twoleg territory for some." Blossompad remembered her anger and looked away so Downpelt couldn't see then took a deep breath and said " its okay, I didn't manage to get some anyway." And with that she walked out of the den and called a goodbye over her shoulder.Even if Froststar wouldn't Blossompad would make him pay, she was full of hatred for this tom.

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