Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Chapter 1

No cat has ever been chosen as a recruit from our camp. Brambleclaw walks out of a den and said, "Hey Brookfall stay here we just got a messenger that someone is about to be picked to be sent away to war." I nod my head sadly to Brambleclaw. Suddenly he leaped up on the rock "Attention! We got a message that someone is going to be in war." he said sadly, "Brookfall you are going to war tomorrow." Suddenly my mother broke into tears and my father had a surprised expression. Brambleclaw walks by "Sorry you might as well get some sleep you leave in the morning." he said softly. The next morning I awake to be escorted out of the den, I see my father still is wearing a surprised face and mother is still crying. I eat prey, then they show me the way out of camp.

Later, they leave me in front of a big cat, he said "They call me Foxfoot." "What's your name?" he snarls at me. "It's Brookfall." I said "Well here's your squad Bigtooth is your captain, Fleetflight is you second commander, Berryclaw is your medicine cat, Stormblood and Bloodfur are soldiers along with Shinepelt and Dawnbreeze . Your also a soldier. Tell Bigtooth that he needs his squad to come here to train, look around central camp, and get your new mission. "Yes Foxfoot" I respond looking annoyed.

I just finished telling Bigtooth everything. Suddenly "everyone get down here we are leaving now to get to central by morning" he growled.

We, were there. Everything in life slowed as I saw the city life happen. "You have to have 5 hostages and have killed the leader, deputy, and their apprentices Darkstar said to me" Bigtooth said to us. Stormblood how do we get in to the main camp Bigtooth asked. "Well we know the leaders den is up on the rock here, and the guards a station in front of it and behind it we would have to ambush the back guards when the switch happens, to get into the by the leader's den" Stormblood quickly explained. "Dawnbreeze you got caught once did you see about what time they switch?" Fleetflight asked. "They switched in the middle of the night and the middle of the day" Dawnbreeze says. "So, when we ambush the guards we will be stuck behind the stone den, what does that give us?" Shinepelt questions. "I have an idea, for the fun of it when I was a kit we would break through stone, I learned to do it quietly I could teach you." I say.They all look at me. "Ok, how do you do it. Bloodfur asked me. Well you take a sharp stone in you mouth and you push and push, but we need a couple of us to catch the pieces so they don't fall and make a racket. I told them.