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Leader: Strikestar- Brown Tabby Tom with Pale Green eyes and a Black stripe going down his back

Apprentice, Sharppaw

Status: Untaken

Deputy: Fallenreed- Black She-cat with bright blue eyes and a missing eye

Status: Untaken

Medicine Cats: Herbleaf- Brown and White Tortoiseshell Tom with a black tail and amber eyes

Status: Untaken

Guards: Appletail- Dark Red Tabby She-cat with green eyes and a russet colored tail

Apprentice, Reedpaw

Status: Untaken

Bearflight- Brown Tom with a short black tail and baleful blue eyes

Apprentice, Shinepaw

Status: Untaken

Warriors: Mossflight- Light Brown Tabby She-cat with pretty Green eyes and a raw scar running down her tail to her chin

Status: Untaken

Shadowstep- Black Tom with grey paws and violet eyes

Apprentice, Beepaw

Status: Untaken

Crookedshine- Black Tabby Tortie She-cat with emerald-green eyes

Status: Untaken

Apprentices: Sharppaw- Grey Tabby Tom with a nicked ear

Status: Untaken

Reedpaw- Russet Tabby She-cat with Huge Hazel Eyes

Status: Untaken

Shinepaw- Golden Tortie with Brown eyes

Status: Untaken

Beepaw- Black and White She-cat Tabby with amber eyes

Status: Untaken

Queens: Sootheart- Black She-cat with golden paws and hazel eyes |Mother of Herbleaf’s kits: Snowkit, Frozenkit, Frostkit, Icekit.|

Status: Taken by Magicalpotato

Frecklewhisker- Brown Tortie with green eyes |Expecting Bearflight’s kits|

Status: Untaken

Kits: Snowkit- Brown Tortoiseshell with golden paws

Status: Untaken

Frozenkit- Black She-cat with a golden tail and spots around her tail

Status: Untaken

Frostkit- Brown and White Tortoiseshell with golden paws

Status: Untaken

Icekit- Black She-cat with golden paws and hazel eyes

Status: Untaken

Elders: Jayeye- Black Tom with a white muzzle and paws

Status: Untaken


Leader: Lakestar- Blue She-cat

Status: Taken By Magicalpotato

Deputy: Waterripple- Black She-cat with grey paws and blue eyes along with a narrow muzzle

Apprentice, Scorchpaw

Status: Untaken

Med Cats: Fallowtail- Cream Colored she-cat with a rose in her lion-like flank

Apprentice, Mossypaw

Status: Untaken

Mossypaw- Blue Tom with brown paws and yellow eyes

Status: Untaken

Guards: None

Warriors: Twistedmist- White Tom with grey eyes and darker flecks with darker shades of tabby fur

Apprentice, Mudpaw

Status: Untaken

Apprentices: Mudpaw- Brown Tortoiseshell with green eyes with dark brown paws she is a she-cat

Status: Unknown

Queens: None

Kits: Driftkit- Grey Tabby Tom

Status: Untaken

Elders: None


Leader has sent themselves and their clan to search for new territory /AKA- I’m to Lazy/


Same with SC


You can only get Two cats

You can only edit if I let you in the team.

I have certain Chapters for certain characters for a reason

Chapter 1 (Magic)

Sootheart let out a purr. “Hello Herbleaf.” She mewed. The Tom nodded. Many cats had stated when she had her kits that they looked like him. “That’s Herbleaf?” Snowkit squeaked, her pitch high. “Hi! I’m Icekit! If you didn’t know.“ Icekit mewed. Sootheart brushed her tail against Frozenkit’s spine. “Let’s go.” She said. Her kits nodded

At Night

Sootheart curled her paws around her kits. “They don’t deserve a mother like me....” She muttered.

She then gritted her teeth. “I never asked for kits..“ She thought, but inside she was really happy about their birth.

She remembered how she became Herbleaf’s mate.


”Hi Herbleaf.” “Hi Sootpaw...” The Tom brushed his tail against the ground.

”Hey Sootpaw can I tell you something?” He asked. Sootpaw nodded. “Ok Sootpaw, I’ve loved you for a very long time and I was wondering if you could be my mate!” He gushed. Sootpaw purred.

”Why wouldn’t I say yes?”

End Of Flashback


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