Group of stars

a book in the pneumatico warriors series, the original series

"I apolagize if anything is flawed because i got a new programthat i say something and it types it so bare with me"-Beartrooper


Sparowkit play fighting in the dark tunnel that’s the nursery, these dark tunnels are linked all around territory even territory that none of the clans have been to.

There is a long line of trees in the deep center is the main camp and in the front of it to the tunnels to near the Long Thunderpath at the end of these line of trees is the Muddy Trail which half is our clans Pneumaticoclan and the other half Falconclans

Sparrowkit and Beekit play fighting of course Sparrowkit winning, because Sparrowkit is five and a half moons old and Beekit is only two and a half moons old so, Sparrowkit always over powers him.

Ashkit walks over to him, Beekit’s Little sister. “hey guys” Ashkit mews they both nod to Ashkit and greet her “wanna go to the great fruit tree and try to find a fruit to practice pouncing and clawing at the fruit. They go into the nursery to ask there mothers, Sparrowkit he has a mother her name is Leafpelt, no one knows who his father is only Leafpelt and no one ever bothered to ask her who.

Beekit and Ashkits parents are Stoneblaze and Cinderfall. When the kits they all jump up in happiness being allowed to got hey have to go threw the line of trees and into the camp and out the under tunnel then walk threw the huge Leaf-bear gulge or just galled the gulge theres always huge leaves and at the end is the Great Fruit Tree way over to the corner is the destroyed twoleg fence you can jump it to get to Falcon clans territory and if you keep walking to the right you will reach the Muddy Trail they reach the Great Fruit tree safely.

In the Leaf-Bare gulge theres many snakes and mostly in Ashclan and Lakeclan the alligators roam but the alligators are known to migrate all the way into Falconclan and Pneumaticoclan in Green-leaf so they made it here safely. Sparrowkit jumps up and sinks his claws into one of the ripe yellow fruits and yanking it down Ashkit pounching on it breaking it a little and Sparrowkit sinking his claws back into it and Beekit followed a huge bite into it instead of spitting it out he eats it Sparrowkit and Ashkit giggle “I don’t care what how full the moon is these fruits are always Yummy” Beekit giggled “hey do you guys smell that” Sparrow kit repeated “A-h little” Beekit meows “nothing really” Ashkit responds “its getting cle-“ Beekit broken off by two huge tabby cats scooping up Beekit trying the rest but Sparrowkit grabbing Ashkit and shoving each other into the Weed garden the cats eventually disappear with Beekit. Sparrowkit and Ashkit exchange looks and bolt back to camp.

Chapter 1

Sparrowkit and Ashkit bolt to camp as fast as possible and when they bolt into the stretch of trees and into the camp when they go the close there eyes when they open them they bowl rite into the leader of Pneumaticoclan Oakstar, Oakstar jumps up and a battle hiss the Pneumaticoclan deputy Longclaw runs ove claws extended and ready for war “just somekits, what are you guys in such a panic” the leader of Oakstar said addressing Longclaw and then to the kits “Two cats, we were playing at the great fruit tree and they ran up and just scooped up Beekit they woughd of scooped us up to but I tackled Ashkit and saved us both” Sparrowkit said with bold expression then to a prideful tone, Oakstar in a panoc yells to Longclaw “take Snowtail and Cinderfall and looke around the area of the dog enclosure. There was a huge fenced in area where dogs went during the day but there was no way in or out and rite next to I t to the right was the low courtyard where there is an easy acces to the Falconclan territory then on the other side the three trees.

Then Oakstar addresses Thornnose to take Duckstripe near the Great fruit tree and into the Muddy trail and into the far gutter system and be careful not to go into Falconclan territory, then he starts meowing to other cats Sparowkit walks away and lays at the dog enclosure gutter system to blow of steam, she was thinking in her mind that its all his fault that they shoudnt of been playing so close to Falconclan territory now the Pneumaticoclan leader Oakstar and the whole clan think that Falcon to blame and it isn’t even there scent. Wait its not even there scent now Sparrowkit knew he had to go find Oakstar and tell him that they had no clan scent exept maybe Ashclan Sparrow kit has never scented Ashclan before due to they are at the far side of the land and she has hardly been near Falconclan territory which is rite next to there territory he bolts threw the nursery junping ou into the bushes and into the leaders den screaming fastly “they didn’t have Falconclan scent no clan scent maybe Ashclan but nor poneumaticoclan, Lakeclan, or Falconclan” Oakstar without think bolts out of the den trying to find his deputy to tell him that Falconclan is no threat but is stoped by Longclaw coming into him saying :we found dead prey had Ashclan scent all over it”

Chapter 2

Amberpaw walks blankly around the camp no meaning any more her mentor Crowpool is old and thinks she shoughd become a warriors because he wants to join the elders den because of his brother Blackcloud so she just walks blankly around camp alot now because her mentor wont teach her any think because theres nothing more for her to learn but for some reason Oakstar wants to keep her as a apprentice.

Shes on the otherside of the Long Thunderpath in the little field over there hunting she jumps and pounches on a Vole and grabs it in her jaw and a scent hits her nostril and she atomaticly knows that this cat is not of any clans she runs across the thunderpath and almost hit by a passing monster runs into the casmp.

Amberpaw has decided to keep this to her self and just imaginbe that it was a figment that her mind created droping her Vole in the fresh kill pile and walking ove r to the apprentices den rite out side of the line of trees the side opposite of the nursery as Amberpaw lays down rite outside of the apprentice den when her friend Gorsepaw pads up not quite ready to be a warrior but pretty much a tuff cat hard to beat in a fite. He walks up and lays down greeting her “hi Amberpaw, what ya doin” “nothing much like usual I guess” Amberpaw said dully “well I just got back from hunting patrol and we scented something weird, the smell of a cat but no cat from the clans” Gorsepaw sais suspiciously Amberpaw thinks shoughd she say what she had seen when she was hunting the cat with strange scent she responds to his comment “well if you promise not to tell no- cat” “agreed” Gorsepaw said enthusiastically “ok I was hunting alonme on the other side of the Long thunderpath I caught a Vole and then I scented a weird scent and I turned around and I see a brown tabby padding towards me and I bolted back to camp and droped my vole in the fresh kill pile and then picked up a mouse walked over here and here I am” “wow, well its probably a badger or somthin, I widh one of us coughd go to the gathering to see if any of the cats look like the one you said you saw” “yea I wish to” “well at least-“ Gorsepaw cut off as Crowpool walked up and told Amberpaw she coughd go to the gathering It is one of the things helpful for an apprentice” Crowpool finished. Amberpaw thanked him as Gorsepaw sais” I was gonna say atleat we can ask around much different from going to a gathering but now, good luck I sugest you get good rest what ive heard it’s a long wwalk down there and very tyring” Gorsepaw said worringly “thanks Gorsepaw” Amberpaw said as she walked towards the fresh kill pile.

Chapter 3

All the clans in the land were preparing for the gathering traveling herbs everything anything that woughd sustau=in them on the journey.

Amberpaw went to the Medicine cats den which was rite across from the apprentices den half in the camp half out. Amberpaw walked in Birdwing was laying in the corner his Medicine cat apprentice Cobbleheart is making up some traveling herbs Amberpaw walks in Cobblehear welcoming her “hello Amberpaw are you here for some traveling herbs” Cobble heart sais “yep finaly going to the gathering for the first time it will be fun” “well have fun be sure to update me when you get back” “I will- hi Birdwing’ “hello Amberpaw” Cobbleheart whispers ”Sleeping”

Amberpaw walking out of the medicine cats den and saw the group of cats gathering to go to the gathering Amberpaw walks up to her mentor, Crowpool she walks to is side he paints “Im getting to old to go to this gathering you represent yourself prove to Oakstar your good enough to become a warrior” Crowpool rambles with the clear unsuddleness that he was not feeling well Amberpaw pressed her nose to Crowpools chest, she walks up to the big group of cats

The walk is you walk past the hard ground square and into the area and walk past the dog aenclosure and by the three trees and then follow the Long thunderpath till you go to a hard gravel pathway walk up it jump into the dirt ditch walk up and to the side of the long thunder path and walk up and jump down the round gugle and up the rock and you reach the great rock where the leaders meet every full moon to discuss whats happened this moon.

Pneumaticoclan enters the area Amberkit walks up one of the warriors seating areas and sits when Lakeclan apprentice walks up introuduced himself “Hello im Birchpaw” The young tabby apprentice “im Amberpaw” she said “Yea things are going crazy at Lakeclan we are blaming Ashclan for crossing there border and stealing fish and injuring a apprentice” “funny because Pneumaticoclan is saying thsat they have been stealing prey” “looks like its all Ashclans fault, whats next are they gonna blame Ashclan for causing the moon to change and for a cold Leaf-Bear” Amberpaw and Birchpaw laughed “lets watch what the leaders address”

The four leaders of each clan climbed to the top of the great rock Oakstar of Pneumaticoclan, Cinderstar of Ashclan, Batstar of Lakeclan, and Duststar of Falconclan.

The most elder of them all decides to speech nodding agreeing to the other leaders Duststar approaches “Falcon clan is prospering food is well and theres not much to complain about” then the Falconclan leader steps back then Batstar comes up “the only problem is that we have seen Ashclan been tajing fish from our part of the lake, and we have smelled unframiliar scents” Cinderstar nods in agreement then Batstar steps back Oakstar steps forward “we have to scented these smells and Ashclan has been stealing prey to stop that woughd be much abliged” “You make lyes of us” Cinderstar sais “our patrols have smelled your scent on the prey” “then obiously your patrols have lied” “now you call us lyers, why woughd we need to lye you have stole enough prey from Lakeclan to feed a whole clan” “this gathering is over goodbye!!!” Cinderstar barkes

All the clan get into groups, Birchpaw and Amberpaw say goodbye and all the clans go back to there home

Chapter 4

Sparrow kit was walking along the Long Thunderpath and was going to the Muddy Trail to find a pinecone to play with Spoarrowkit missed Beekit very much.

He looked over and saw Duckstripe and a unknown cat was rumbling with Duckstripe and Sparrowkit saw that Duckstripe was losing.

Sparrowkit in a effort to help ran and bowled over he unframiliar cat Duckstripe grabed the scruff of the unframiliar cat Duckstripe screams,”lets go we need to get this prisoner back to camp they start to drag it.

Sparrowkit wondered why they were going threw the gulge and not along the Long Thunderpath Sparrowkit wondered and decided to ask.

“Why are we going threw the gulge and not along the Long Thunderpath” “well I found this thing near three trees and its safer to go threw the gulge its worth the risk of some snakes” Duckstripe said intelectualy.

As there walking they see a cat eating Pneumaticoclan prey and they don’t smell of any scent and alittle bit of Ashclan Duckstripe plowed over to it it zips away.

Duckstripe walks back”we need o get back to camp before more come” they both run and pad towards the camp as they enter the camp in the middle of the night and they go into the leader’s den forced to wake him up “Oakstar, we found this eatin out prey near the broke down twoleg fence and we dragged him here, and on our way we found another was eating prey aswell” Duckstripe sais fastly “well you and Snowtail keep and eye on him, and in the morning we will interagate him, Sparrowkit you are gonna have to come aswell you were apart of this” then Sparrowkit walked to the nursery and Duckstripe took it to the warriors den

Chapter 5

Ok now that were all here lets start this

Sparrowkit, Oakstar, the strange cat, Amberpaw, Duckstripe were all sitting together in the center of the camp about to interiagate the prisoner

` Oakstar starts “What, What is your name” “ill make this easy for you Oakstar, my name is Bat’s Wing we are a group away from the Ancients we are called the Dog apck we live outside the dog enclosure in three trees Ashclan will never tell you but were at war and so far we are beimg picked off 1 by one we stole one of Ashclans kits” “you stole one of our kits, Beekit, give him back” Duckstripe spat “he’s my best friend please give him back” Sparrowkit said “if you don’t give him back we might take him back” Amberpaw said Bat’s wing screamed “you touch any of the dog pack you wont see a day when you’re a warrior’ “the only reason im not a warrior is because the clan needs experienced warriors and my mentor senior warrior Crowpool wants to be a elder he cant with a apprentice” “Mousedung!” Bat’s wing spat Amberpaw attakes Bat’s Wing Duckstripe breaks it up “The reason your not a warrior is because of behavior like this” Oakstar spat

“Now Bat what can we do to get you to give us or member of our clan back” “if you help us take down Ashclan kill them all you get your kit back” “uhh fine but until the-“ Oakstar cut off “we will be in touch”then two other cats bolt towards them a white one a black one the black one is the one they caught stealing there prey

Then all the cats bolt away into where no one can see them

Chapter 6

Oakstar started to scream to different cats “ Longclaw come with me Crowpool you bring your apprentice we need to go to Ashclan territory and tell them what the dog pack has told us. Amberpaw walked over to Crowpool he said “this is a huge threat we have might not come out of this alive” Crowpool said wooried “Im read” Amberpaw sais in confediance “good you will need that spirit with Ashclan ther territory is across the lake there are many alligators and other dangourous creatures in the Lake we will meet Falconclan make an exuse then meet Lakeclan patrols probable and make a exuse for them aznd then a couple hundred tail lengths in Ashclan territory always be ready to attack and to bee attaked and Ashclan is the farthest territory away are you ready” “yes” Lets go meet Oakstar

Crowpool and Amberpaw walk up to Oakstar “ok lets do this Amberpaw you stay at the back of the group and Crowpool you need to stay next to me Longclaw, Crowpool needs to act like my deputy until we talk to Ashclan so you go back to Amberpaw and get ready to go visit go visit Birdwing and Cobbleheart to get some travel herbs “do you need them” Longclaw asked Amberpaw “no thank you” ‘ha im getting to old not to” then Longclaw walked away towards the Medicine Cat den Amberpaw thought to her self if Ashclan doesn’t accept us we coughd all be killed but if there not she will defenitly become a warrior then well we will see what Ashclan thinks

Chapter 7

The traveling group of Oakstar, Amberpaw,Longclaw,Crowpool were traveleling thye were at The great fruit tree they were walking pacingly they reached the wrecked twoleg fence were at this time of year red roses were growing with thorns evert where they satred to jump on the fence as they do one of the thorns go threw Longclaws pad “owwwww” Longclaw waled “what is it” “a thorn and inch into my pad” “Crowpool go back to camp with him, Amberpaw you come with me Crowpool and Longclaw charge back to camp “ come on Amberpaw don’t be afraid lets go” they both jump the fence together they start walking down the windy moor area two Falconclan warriors tackle them and pin them down “why are you trespassing on Falconclan territory” “were going to Ashclan we have important business to talk to them about” “what business” “confedential” “you do see whos pinning who down” “ok we need to go to Ashclan territory to talk to them abnout a ancients group who need us to attack them” “well were were Lion’s Claw and Dove’s Down now were gonna go tell Briar’s Claw the leader of the dog pack goodbye” and then the cats bolt off toward the three trees, Amber paw and Oakstar look to each other and bolt off toward the Overgrown downed twoleg fence and jumped it and by the feeling of the long blades of brown grass and huge trees over hang told Amberpaw that this was indeed the Lake area they both hat to a stop as they stand at the edge of the green lake “Well do we have to swin this” Amberpaw asked “eather that or creep threw the badgers den” “I woughd rather swim” “swim fast” then they both jump into the the muddy lake Amberpaw scented a Crocodile and at the same time as Oakstar did “Crocodile” “swim faster” they both knead as fast as they coughd threw the lake. Crocodiles are even more dangourous then alligators because Crocodiles will persue you till there killed or you are Alligators will brake off there persute but a cat coughd kill a crocodile, Lakeclan and Ashclan sometimes eat them as prey they got out of the Lake and three warriors jumped out mud stresked fur and attacked the now grounded Crocodile and one starts dragging the Crocodile back toward Ashclan camp the biggest of the three cats sais to the cat dragging the Crocodile “take that to the the fresh kill pile Fawnslash” he said to the apparent Fawnsplash “Well apparently you know that’s Fawnsplash im Bearfang the Ashclan deputy and this is Tinystripe the senior warrior of Ashclan, why are you on our territory” ‘it’s a long story lets start like this, we know about The Dog Pack and there comin for our clan and possible yours as we speak, we need to talk to Cinderstar”

Chapter 8

Sparrowkit walks to the medicine cats den because he sees Crowpool taking Longclaw to the Birdwing or to Cobbleheart Birdwing hasn’t been doing a lot latly I think hes sick he stumbles into the medice cats den and asks “what happen Longclaw” “well as we were going to Ashclan when I jumped the Twoleg fence with the thorns one got wedges so far into my pad” “pretty badly youl need to let it come out on its own until we can pul it I woughd say a moon of rest” Cobbleheart said to Longclaw “you shoughd go sit over there he pointed to a nest next to were Birdwing lay “ok but first as deputy I ask and you must answer whats wrong with Birdwing is he sick or what” Longclaw said with authority and curiosity “well ok the truth comes out he has Whitecough” Cobbleheart sighs “actually a bad case of Greencough hes been keeping it confidentisl but if he dies go forbid there gonna have to find out eventually” Cobbleheart said as Crowpool walks to the warriors den and longclaw walks and lays next to Birdwing and slowly comly drifts to sleep

“There Coming!!!!!” Cinderfall a Pneumaticoclan queen Longclaw’s mate screamed as she hearded her three kits to the nursery Volekit,Cherrykit,Lionkit and Molepaw looks over and sees all of the Dog pack running and attacking Duckstripe goes to defend the nursery in laughing in a MROOOOOW of laughter “well Bird’s Limb you fled to the clans all that time ago you were our mest healer well I tool your place remember me Birch’s Claw the one who chased you out of the Dog Pack im sure you don’t remember I heard you were called Birdwing hah well enjoy your ride to the Dead End” and Birch’s Claw grinds his claws into Birdwing’s neck killing Birdwing and revealing that well Bird’s Limb was the former leader of the Dog Pack

Chapter 9

The dog pack didn’t have enough people to do to much damage but they did enough to hurt the clan sycologocy revealing Birdwing’s dark past Cobbleheart comes up to Sparrowkit in the Nursery “hey Sparrowkit” “hey Cobbleheart” “I know what you saw was pretty scary but we need to keep what we heard to iurself for all the clan needs to know is that Biedwing dyed of when the Dogppack attacked” “I know what Brich’s Claw said coughd make a war” “good” “Hey guys what happen” Duckstripe said to Sparrouwkit Cobbleheart “well when the dog pack attacked they jumped it snd killed Bird’s Limb ahh I mean Birdwing” “no I think you really meant Bird’s Limb, Sparrowkit,Cobbleheart, what really happen” “well don’t tell anyone and when Oakstar comes back we all need to go tell him, it goes like this, none of us were alive but when Birdwing came here he was already skilled medicine cat and they accepted the loner in because they needed a Medicine Cat so there he came but he said his name was Bird but it was Bird’s Limb so he was a to-be healer for the Ancients and when the cats broke off from the ancients he came to and was the new healer and leader of The Dog Pack” “well that’s quite a lot to swallow” and well he had greencough towards the end of his life and he was bound to die it was patient confidentiality” “oh I understand we must tell Oakstar, when he returns, meet were he is” “ok”

Chapter 10

“please Cinderstar the threat is great theyhave the power to slowly pick off our cats one by one and why we accuse you of stealing our prey is because you just told us that they have the ability to change scents from Falconclan, Ashclan, Pneumaticoclan they can make themselves smell like prey so along with the Ancients and the Tribe of Rushing water we never know what were smelling, we really need you, you and us together can atleast show them whos boss and return our kit and in the mean time create a friendship between clans” Oakstar tried to convince Cinderstar in the Ashclan camp when a warrior walks in we just caught Lakeclan deputy Sandspot along with two other warriors Beetlepelt and Dustfur were just on our territory stealing prey” “go back and see if there still there if they are chase them off, and Oakstar I guess its worth a shot because if there a pretty big threat atleast pushing them out of the way woughd work well ok Darktail and Raggedfur go with these warriors there going to battle The Dog Pack” the two cats walk up to Oakstar and Amberpaw “now be gone of my territory bring them back as soon as the battle ends” “ok Cinderstar” then the four cats walk back towards the exit of Ashclan territory where on the way out they see Stoneblaze a Ashclan queen with her one kit Snailkit watching them leave.

“Ok were gonna stop at our camp and pick up some warriors then we will be on our way to three trees, ok” “no problem” Darktail repeats as Raggedfur nods. They all jump the broken down twoleg fence and they jumped the fence without thorns and they walk threw the gulge and into the pneumaticoclan camp when Oakstar goes into the camp Duckstripe Sparrowkit and Cobbleheart all come up to Oakstar “ok oakstar we have something to say, befor birdwing came to the clans he was bird and well he used to be a ancient his name was Bird’s Limb and when the Dog Pack broke off from the Ancients Bird’s Limb and he was the leader the exiled we don’t know why. And the Dog Pack attacked and there new leader Birch’s Claw killed Birdwing” “uh well I don’t really know what to say but that we have to go to attak them, Cobble heart go to moonstone now we will need our Medicine Cat, Duckstripe thornnose come with us and now we have a group of six hey Crowpool come with us seven shoughd fight them off well ok lets go’

Chapter 11

When the group was walking up they see a little kit

Sparrowkit ran up to him “Beekit!” Sparrowkit jumped up and ran to him and immediately.

“They returned him why woughd they” Oakstar mumbled to Crowpool “probably didn’t want us to attack” “well wahat are we gonna do, we cant attack they actually returned Beekit that woughd be against Starclan makes no sense” “Oakstar if ive learned anything as a warrior is that a lot of things don’t make sense” “I know we have bussness to disscuss” pneumaticoclan has a crashed tree that the leader jumps on and addresses the clan its called the Treetop

1. Oakstar jumps up on the Treetop and Yells “All cats old enough to catch there own prey gather under the Treetop for clan meeting” Oakstar yelps. Amberpaw looks around and sees all the cats in the clan gathering under the treetop for clan meeting she sees Sparrowkit padding up, we under part of the Treetop so she follows him all the other To the under the treetop and went to seeing what the clan leader Oakstar have to say he screams "Sparrowkit please come forth!" Sparrowkit politely padded up to the front of the Treetop. Amberpaw could see that his fur was properly groomed by the way the likelihood of for "younger Sparrowkit from here on out you will be known as Sparrowpaw do you swear to uphold the warrior code and everything that means the defendant clan because of your life" “I do" Sparrowkit said with pride by swelling up in his chest "now Sparrowpaw as you will be known as now your mentor, will be, thornnose, thornnose please come to the front of the high rock" thornnose dated the leader Oakstar said the he padded up next to the new apprentice Sparrowpaw "thornnose please pleaded please pass on all your wisdom to the young apprentice and everything that you are your mentors taught you in your mentors mentor has taught you empathic down through the generations” Oakstar yelled "I promise" "then young Sparrowpaw's training will begin tomorrow morning bright and early anything yo decide the teacher apprentices up to you good luck thornnose" Amberpaw looking up to the Treetop laughing they will make it to an apprentice that will not make me a warrior yet I will be I will now be the oldest apprentice in the clan history this is outrageous to the need Crowpool so much to keep these apprentice just so we can become an older Amberpaw thought to her self Longclaw hobbled up behind Amberpaw almost as if he's read her mind said "don't be so critical of yourself may be Oakstar wants you to be the best that you can be extra the practice think about if you are gonna be the oldest apprentice and make history within the clan" "it's not easy if you think but thanks for the encouragement" Amberpaw said as in the nicest way she could to Longclaw "as it turns out Longclaw will be injured for a long while so it's up to me to make a new deputy temporarily until he has healed" Oakstar yelled to every cat and under the treetop can hear him "due to experience I decided to choose Crowpool to be the temporary will rarely deputy in to uphold Longclaws duties into old Longclaw has recovered in his apprentice will not be a getting as much attention as her training work requires, and she has been an apprentice for six and about making clan history of along the oldest apprentice yet, so with my authority I have decided to make Amberpaw a warrior, Amberpaw please approach the treetop and Crowpool please approach treetop and, Crowpool Amberpaw politely walked up to the bottom of the Treetop so the leader Oakstar. Just the open, Amberpaw you work for many minutes to learn in a pooled Almighty warrior code and now it's time for you become a warrior, your mentors taught you well and hopefully he is passed on all the knowledge that he has to you and you swear to uphold the warrior code as long as you shall live" "I do" Amberpaw and repeated as the prime rushing through rivers of body like a warrior chasing a rabbit "then from now on Amberpaw you will be known as and warrior name will be known as Amberfur, good luck to you in being a warrior, and Crowpool your duties here clan has proved your loyalty and for that you may become an elder you please or you could become my deputy it is up to you" "I will choose to stay a warrior and become your deputy” “I respect your decision” blackpaw walked up to the newly warrior Amberfur and came up "congratulations Amberfur I'm so happy for you I can't wait till I'm up below the treetop for my warrior same money anyways good luck to you" Blackpaw was called off by the the chant of the clan "Amberfur! Amberfur! Amberfur!"


all the cats walked around the camp as if everything was all right while back in the leaders den Oakstar an Crowpool were discussing what to do about the dog pack the new they were not safe after camp they knew they need to come up with something to make be safe but all they could come up with is steer straight of them "maybe we could, were Ashclan, get rid of them" "what you mean Crowpool" "I mean, their danger to the forest and I think we should get rid of the warrior code never said anything about saving yopur clan" "well do we must"

Authers note

Im sorry for any mistakes ormispellings its my first fan fic and I have a new program and I say it and it types it so bare with me any mistakes please edit

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