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This is the first fanfic in Four Seasons


Everything was fine. At least, in RiverClan, WindClan and ShadowClan. But for ThunderClan... things weren't so well. The death of the deputy, right after Dawnstar, caused arguments about ThunderClan's next leader. Robinflight. is caught between these disputes, as several cats want her as ThunderClan's leader. However, she doesn't want the power. How will she settle the quarrels of her Clan before ThunderClan is torn apart?


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Leader - Dawnstar

Deputy - Pineshadow

Medicine Cat - Willowflight (apprentice: Hollypaw)

Warriors - Robinflight (apprentice: Brackenpaw)







Brackenleap (apprentice: Reedpaw)



Talonear (apprentice: Hazelpaw)





Hawkeyes (apprentice:Stonepaw)

Snakeheart (apprentice: Ripplepaw)


Apprentices - Reedpaw






Queens - Silversplash (Leafkit, Twigkit and Petalkit)

Elders - Weedwhisker




Leader - Darkstar

Deputy - Emberstorm

Medicine Cat - Dewspring (apprentice: Sootpaw)

Warriors - Songleap


















Leader - Reedstar

Deputy - Troutleap

Medicine Cat - Shadewhisper


Leader - Galestar

Deputy - Goldenleaf

Medicine Cat - Heathershine



"He's dead." Willowflight's eyes were dull. "You'll need to appoint someone before moonhigh. I know that Pineshadow's was a strong warrior, but the infection..." Dawnstar shook her head. "No. I'm on my last life, Willowflight. I need some time to think before I appoint someone." Willowflight dipped her head. "As you wish."

Dawnstar padded through the forest, deep in thought. She didn't notice the dark figure stalking her. Suddenly, it leapt. All that the ThunderClan leader saw was a flash of brown tabby stripes before she fell to the floor, blood pouring out of her throat.


"There was still hope!" a gray tabby tom hissed. "She might have chosen you!" The brown tabby snorted. "It was me or Robinflight. Besides, pratically every cat in the clan wants her. She's so... kind to everyone and a natural leader. I'd have no chance." He scratched the forest floor impatiently. "Besides, I've always wanted to do that. Dawnstar was weak." The gray tabby nodded. "Very well. Good luck. Bring pride to the Dark Forest."


"Dawnstar is dead!" Hawkeyes cried, his leader's dead body dangling from his jaws. He respectfully laid the limp, creamy brown figure at the base of Highrock. Cats began to spill out of the dens.


"Was that her last life?" Sorrowful murmurs about their leader turned into panicked, intense whispers about ThunderClan's next leader.

"Who will be leader now?"

"Dawnstar didn't appoint a deputy..."

"Pineshadow and Dawnstar dead in the same day..."

"StarClan help us!"

Hawkeyes narrowed his eyes at the clan. Snakeheart, Shadesnarl and Foxshadow were glancing at each other. Then they turned their gaze to Hawkeyes. Hawkeyes nodded. Snakeheart rose and yowled.

"We think Hawkeyes should be our leader!" Hawkeyes caught doubtful mutters being tossed around.

"He's too quick to fight!"

"Yeah, we think Robinflight should be our leader!"

"We want our kits to be safe! We don't want another Brokenstar!" Brokenstar?! Was that what some of his clan really thought? Hate started boiling in Hawkeyes' belly. He turned his icey blue glare onto a small, reddish brown she cat crouched at the edge of the clan, her amber eyes wide in shock.

I'll get my leadership... as soon as I deal with Robinflight.

Chapter 2

Robinflight winced as yowls of anger tore at her ears. She didn't even want to be deputy. Why would her clanmates choose her over Hawkeyes? Hawkeyes would be good at defending his clan. But what if he forced ThunderClan into unneccessary war? Robinflight couldn't help the thoughts that kept nipping at her in the back of her mind. She could still feel the weight of Hawkeyes' glare as she quietly slipped away to see her sister, Willowflight, the medicine cat.

"Please, Willowflight. Tell them that the next leader can't be me. I don't want to lead. I just... can't." Robinflight pleaded to her sister. Willowflight sighed. "I don't know, Robinflight. I understand that you don't want to, but I know that you will make a good leader. A better leader than Hawkeyes. But the final decision is StarClan's." Robinflight closed her eyes as a sign of acceptance. "Very well. I just hope StarClan makes their decision before our clan is torn apart by the argument of ThunderClan's next leader."

Robinflight emerged into a clearing of chaos. Cats yowled at each other, fighting, snarling. Horror washed over Robinflight. She rushed over to Vixenblaze, her former apprentice. "Stop! Stop it, all of you! This isn't what StarClan would want use to do!" A voice made Robinflight spin around. "StarClan and your petty warrior code. When I finally take full control of this clan, I will kill you, in the most painful way possible and convince the clans, all four of them, to turn away from StarClan and worship the Dark Forest." And with that, he disappeared into another wave of fighting cats.


Robinflight needed some time to herself. After days of arguing and cats pestering her, she finally realised that she was wrong. She had finally opened her eyes to Hawkeyes' ambititons, and was fustrated for taking so long to realise it. I swear by StarClan that - before Robinflight was inturrupted by a bundle of dark ginger fur errupting out of the bushes. "Brackenpaw!" Behind him, following more calmly, was Vixenblaze. "I didn't expect to see you here." Robinflight mewed in surprise. Vixenblaze rolled her eyes. "We just came to tell you that Hawkeyes -" Brackenpaw cut her off and went straight to the point - "Disappeared! And he wasn't alone either. We scoured the whole forest." Robinflight frowned in confusion. "What do you mean, not alone?" Vixenblaze glanced in the direction of ShadowClan. "We think that he's gone to get ShadowClan to side with him if it comes to war." Now Robinflight was furious. "War? This is a ThunderClan dispute. There is no need to drag the other clans into this." Brackenpaw snorted. "Well we're going to go get WindClan and RiverClan to side with us." Before she could reply, the two cats disappeared into the bushes. Robinflight could do nothing but sigh as she saw the scar on Vixenblaze's leg get swallowed up by the bushes.

Chapter 3

Vixenblaze snarled at the RiverClan leader. "Fine! Then if you're ever in need of our help, don't come running to ThunderClan begging!" Reedstar snorted in contempt. "I'd like to see that. Now, if you please, get your stink off my territory." Furious at both the RiverClan and WindClan leader's rejections, Vexenblaze beckoned to Brackenpaw as the padded out of the camp. "Mousebrained foxhearts. One day..." Brackenpaw growled.

Robinflight had given up on trying to stop the fighting. It was simply impossible. Hawkeyes wasn't even trying to help. Clearly, he didn't care about what happened to his clan, as long as he got his leadership. StarClan probably won't even accept him. I hope. Robinflight thought, unaware of Willowflight appearing behind her. "You know what it will mean if Hawkeyes becomes the next leader." Robinflight frowned. "I've told you this hundreds of times, Willowflight. I don't want to be the next leader! Get Dewnose to lead or something. She would make a good leader." Willowflight nodded. "Dewnose would be a good option, but we need you. StarClan needs you. You are the one they deemed to lead this clan." Robinflight glanced at her sister in surprise. "Have you had a sign?" Willowflight glanced away. "I saw a hawk, circling the ThunderClan camp. And in the camp..." The gray she cat shuddered. "Bodies. Bodies covered in blood."

Hawkeyes pricked his ears. A sign? From StarClan? That can't be good news... Hawkeyes knew what he had to do. Even if it meant killing one more cat. Even if that cat was the healer and the messenger for StarClan. Even if it was Willowflight.


Robinflight couldn't ignore the kits bouncing around her in circles.

"Do you want to be the deputy?"

"What would ThunderClan be like if Hawkeyes became Hawkstar?"

"Who do you think will make the best leader? You or Hawkeyes?"

Not even Robinflight herself could answer those questions.


Robinflight sighed as Vixenblaze stomped through the forest. Every cat was bad tempered these days. If not even Dewnose, the calmest, quietest cat in the clan could stop her temper from flaring, which cat could? The conflict in the camp was begining to become unbearable.

Chapter 4

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