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Warriors Fanfiction

This is a story for Nightshimmer's contest! I couldn't think of anything better to name it, so I named it after the main character. XD. Hope you enjoy! Cinderstar "Never be afraid of the future, for it brings wonderful things." -Brightsky 23:41, October 6, 2012 (UTC)



Graypaw: Gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Duskpaw: Very dark gray tom with amber eyes.

Silvertail: Silvery gray tabby tom with green eyes.

Morninglight: Ginger she-cat with blue eyes.

Sagefall: Brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Echokit: Silver she-cat with soft blue eyes and white paws and chest.

Ravenstar: Black she-cat with warm amber eyes.

Barkpaw: Golden Brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Poppypaw: Ginger she-cat with white paws and a white chest and green eyes.


Graybird: Gray tabby tom with green eyes.

Snowfeather: White she-cat with blue eyes.

Sunpaw: Golden tabby she-cat with white paws.


Minnowflash: Silver tabby she-cat with peircing blue eyes and a whte chest.

Breezepaw: Long-haired white she-cat with green eyes and a gray tailtip.

Chapter 1

"I've got the tansy you asked for." Graypaw meowed, padding up to her mentor, Sagefall.

"Thanks Graypaw, you'll be a great medicine cat one you've finished your training." Sagefall meowed. Graypaw glowed with pride at his words.

"How's Duskpaw's training going?" Graypaw asked.

"Good, Why didn't you go see for yourself?" Sagefall asked,

Duskpaw was her brother. They'd never been really close, for some reason or another, and Graypaw, her paws being on the path of a medicine cat, rarely ever saw her brother anymore, and when she did, he was always hanging out with Barkpaw and Poppypaw.

Barkpaw and Poppypaw were a moon older than Duskpaw and Graypaw, and they had formed strong friendships with Duskpaw. Poppypaw was Graypaw's best friend in the clan, but there was something about Barkpaw she just didn't trust. Maybe it was because he had put a dead bee in her nest, which ended up stinging her, and because he was so secretive...

"Graypaw, are you listening?" Graypaw was jolted out of her thoughts by her mentor's voice. "I said we're going to the moonpool tonight."

"Sorry, I zoned out." Graypaw admitted, ducking her head with embaressment.

Sagefall let out a purr of amusement. "Well, we'll need to leave soon, so if you're ready to go, let's do it."

"Okay!" Graypaw meowed happily. Visiting the moonpool was her favourite part of training. As she padded out of the den, she saw her younger sister, Echokit, playing waith a ball of moss.

"Where are you going?" Echokit asked Graypaw.

"To the moonpool." Graypaw told her sister. "To speak with StarClan."

"Can I come?" Echokit's eyes widened with wonder.

"Sorry." Graypaw shook her head. "You have to be an apprentice to leave the camp."

"But that's-" Echokit paused, deep in thought. "Four whole moons away!"

"I know." Graypaw said sympatheticly. "But you know what? I'll play hunt the squirrel with you when I get back tomorrow, does that sound all right?"

"Okay!" Echokit mewed, her disapointment forgotten.

Graypaw let out a purr of amusement as she walked away, and her thoughts were filled with the young silver tabby she-cat. Echokit was born three moons after she and Duskpaw had become apprentices. Echokit had no littermates, but she was loved by the whole clan, and everyone was willing to play with her, especially Morninglight and Silvertail, their mother and father. Echokit was so cute, she could wrap anyone around her paw, except Duskpaw and Barkpaw, Graypaw observed.

Before long she was gazing down at the Moonpool. A sense of peae filled her, and there was a spring in her step as she padded down the sloop, her paws slipping in the dimples. She heard Sunpaw and Breezepaw folowing close behind her, they were RiverClan and WindClan's medicine cat apprentices. Toadpaw, the ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice, was walking with more dignaty, step in step beside his mentor, Stonestripe. The WindClan medicine cat, Snowfeather, and the RiverClan medicine cat, Minnowflash, were deep in conversation with Sagefall.

Soon they reached the pool. Graypaw almost forgot to breathe as she saw the half moon and the stars reflected in it. Her friends, Breezepaw and Sunpaw, were standing beside her. Sunpaw's paws were shifting with aniticipation and Breezepaw was staring intently at the pool, stars reflecting in her green eyes.

She saw Snowfeather flick her tail and bend down to drink the water. Graypaw slowly lowered her head and lapped up a few drops of the cold water. She soon fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

When Graypaw first, opened her eyes, she wasn't sure if she really had, because it was pitch black. Then a light appeared on the horizon; the sun was rising. It's morning. She thought to herself. there was just enough light to show Graypaw her surroundings. She was in the forests of ThunderClan, and there was no sign of any of her warrior ancestors.

"Poppyleaf? Honeystar?" She called the names of the cats who most often came to her dreams, but there was no reply.

Then a gray shadow of a bird appeared in the sky. It let out a call which echoed through the forest. Graypaw's eyes widened, wondering what was happening. Then the sun bean to set again, until it was dusk. Then dusk turned to darkness, and Graypaw flug her eyes open to see sun shining over the lip of the Moonpool hollow.

Sagefall was prodding her side. "Wake up, it's time to go home."

"Did you dream?" Sunpaw asked exitedly.

Graypaw nodded, but didn't go on to discuss it. She felt lost, was StarClan abandoning her? This was the first time they'd failed to appear in a dream...

"Are you okay?" Sunpaw asked, her eyes round and sympithetic.

"yeah, it's just that-" Graypaw began, but Sagefall cut her off.

"Come on Graypaw it's time to go." He meowed. "Otherwise the clan will be wondering where we have gone."

Graypaw nodded, slightly irritated that she hadn't had the chance to confide in her friend. She didn't want to rebuke her mentor, because that would mean awkward questions. She knew he hadn't heard her conversation, and she didn't know what he would think if StarClan hadn't appeared to her. Would she be forced to stop her training as a medicine cat? Was she worthy of being a medicine cat? Was that why StarClan hadn't come to her? All she saw was ThunderClan territory, it was just a normal dream...

"Come collect herbs by the WindClan border at sun-high." Sunpaw whispered, so Sagefall wouldn't hear.

"Good-bye Sunpaw, see you soon!" Graypaw meowed, giving her golden tabby friend a knowing smile.

"See ya!" Sunpaw meowed.

Then Graypaw turned to follow her mentor, and couldn't wait to confide in her friend about her confusing dream.

Chapter 3

It was almost sun-high, and Graypaw was racing to the WindClan border. She had only just managed to slip away. Sagefall had sent her to tend to Ravenstar's wound she had recieved in the battle with WindClan a few days ago. Only after she was done was she allowed to go collect herbs. It wasn't as if she was doing anything wrong, but she was still reluctacnt to tell anyone except Sunpaw about StarClan's absense in her dream last night.

When she reached the border, Sunpaw was waiting for her.

"What it it?" Sunpaw asked. "What were you going to say to me this morning?"

"StarClan didn't appear in my dream." Graypaw admitted. "It was just a normal dream. It took place in ThunderClan territory." She told Sunpaw her dream.

Then Sunpaw's mouth gaped open. "I-I had the same dream." She meowed. "Except it took place in WindClan teritory. The bird didn't make any noise, but other than that, it was the same."

"It must have been from StarClan then." Graypaw breathed. "How else would we share the same dream. I just don't get why they didn' show themselves..."

Sunpaw's eyes widened, but not because of Graypaw's words. Yowls of pain echoed from farther along to border. Sunpaw and Graypaw raced to find the sorce of the sound.

Graypaw's mouth dropped open when she arrived. Duskpaw and Barkpaw were attacking a gray tabby tom with green eyes.

"Prey-stealer! This is the last time you set foot over our border!" Duskpaw yowled. "Have you forgotten how we beat you in the battle?"

"I didn't even cross the border!" The gray tabby hissed. "I was on my side!"

"But you were going to!" Duskpaw hissed.

"Duskpaw, let him go!" Graypaw meowed desprately.

"No, WindClan filth never seem to learn their lessons!" Duskpaw hissed. "No matter how badly they get beaten. I'm going to teach them a lesson they'll never forget!"

He lunged for the gray tabby tom's throat. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion.

Sunpaw was yowling "Graybird!" While Graypaw was staring into a horrified green gaze that mirrored her own. It almost felt like she was looking at her reflection, except that it had green eyes. Suddenly Morninglight raced into the scene, eyes wide with horror and pain, and letting out the most heartbreaking yowl Graypaw had ever heard.

And then it was over. Graybird lay dead on the ground, bleeding heavily from a gaping wound on his throat. Duskpaw's mouth was stained with blood, and he was standing triumphantly at the body beneath his paws.

Morninglight stared at the body, looking shattered, broken. "Duskpaw... How could you... Y-you killed your father."

Chapter 4

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