Hello, and welcome to the show where I ruin perfectly good fanfics with my friend, Google Translate. :D What I will do is ask you to request one of your fanfics, then I will take an (excruciatingly) long time to translate all of it and make it an entirely new (horrible) fanfic. This is going to be fun >:>

- Ginger

(Beforehand Note: If anything inappropriate or other pops up in the translated version, I am SO sorry. If you do find anything, you have my full permission to edit it. Thnx :D)


Juniperfrost, for the idea.

Also all the others who did Google Translate fails :D


Surrounded by Shadows/Google Translated - Finished

The Last Whisper/Google Translated - WIP

Bluestar's Spirit/Google Translated - TBS

Path Of The Stars/Google Translated - TBS

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