A Fanfic by Lyrics, Ella and Goldie

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"Goldenkit, Snowkit, you have reached the age to be an apprentice. From this day on, you will be known as Goldenpaw and Snowpaw before you receive your warrior names. Your mentors will be Morningmist and Snowpelt respectively. Morningmist is a skilled hunter, and Snowpelt is a bold fighter; both are mentors of many successful warriors. I am sure that they will be able to pass down all that they know to you two."

Flamestar nodded at the two cats and beckoned them to step forward.

"Morningmist. You are ready to take on another apprentice. Sandbreeze has been an excellent mentor, and have trained you well. You have shown your agility and wit to be an adept mentor. You will be the mentor of Goldenpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her. Snowpelt. You have been without an apprentice for a while and I believe this is the right time for you to apprentice Snowpaw. Icestar was a brilliant mentor. You have proven yourself to be daring and fierce. You will be the mentor of Snowpaw, and I expect you to pass on your knowledge to her."

Morningmist bent down to touch noses briefly with Goldenpaw. The golden she-cat reached up to meet the deputy, before bowing her head. Goldenpaw did not notice Snowpaw or Snowpelt; she only heard the enthusiastic cheers of her Clanmates and her family, especially Poppyflower and Wavewater.

A few moments later, after Morningmist had nodded at Goldenpaw, Poppyflower padded over to Goldenpaw and Snowpaw.

"Congratulations!" The queen had a joyful glint in her vivid green eyes as she mewed at her two kits. The golden apprentice purred in response, the green eyes that mirrored her mother's also glowing with excitement.

"I'm finally an apprentice!" Snowpaw cheered, her blue eyes bright with joy. Poppyflower purred affectionately

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