This is a series abut the adventures of GladeClan


First Arc (Beta)

A Taste of the Wild

Following a bitter taste of Twoleg cruelty, Lionstar forms GladeClan, which survives against all odds. Is prequel to the website.

Burning Snow

Leafbare descends on GladeClan as Lionstar, Pebbledream and Moonfrond fight to keep their clan alive. Is based on "the Great Fox raid" a GladeClan Roleplay event.

Light Descending

GladeClan suffers their first loss, and must learn the true spirit of a warrior. Is based on "the Great Fox raid" a GladeClan Roleplay Event.

Purple Dawn

The first arc draws to a close as a deceased cat must guide Moonfrond in choosing an apprentice, or all will fall. Is based on "The Great Storm" a GladeClan RP event.

Second Arc (BetterHunting)


The Moon's Change

A prequel about the life of Moonfur.


Lionstar: Leader of Gladeclan, and founder.

Cover Gallery

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