Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Ghosting is a series by Wolfy.

Genre: Romance, Action, Drama, Fantasy

This will be like one of the TV series kind of thing. Each episode won’t have any chapters and will be kind of shorter than a normal fan fiction. Idk how many seasons there will be or how many episodes in each season there will be.


Season 1

Meet young Sunkit. A new kit in MoonClan, soon to be apprenticed, along with four other apprentices in MoonClan. He is extremely excited, and is ready to train to become a warrior for his Clan. But after a tragic accident, Sunpaw isn’t himself anymore. He’s a ghost. And he’s running out of time. StarClan refuses to let him in until he figures out an evil that’s hiding amongst all five Clans. No one can see or hear him except for one odd cat. Sunpaw makes new friends, and goes through sabotage, lies, and horrible betrayals. But the evil in the Clans might be the ones he loves most.

More Seasons Coming Soon


Coming Soon