Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction
thís ís α fαn fíctíσn mαdє вч us. plєαsє nσ єdítíng unlєss чσu sєє grαmmαr/spєllíng єrrσrs :)

©h@p+3® 0π3 [chapter one]

   Chargestar jumped up from where she lay in her specially programmed next when she heard Bytedisk and Fileflash burst through the camp entrance, paw-lights flashing. "What is it?" Chargestar meowed. "Invaders? Hackers?"

     Bytedisk huffed. "We don't know. We were guarding camp, and suddenly we started flashing. We decided to tell you, in case you had any idea what this is about."

     Chargestar frowned. "No..." She thought for a moment. Maybe the programming wonked out again. Or we could be hacked, or...  She pushed the thoughts out of her head. "We're probably fine. I'm guessing there was a minor error in the alert system." She shook out her white fur briskly. "I'd better go check, see if there's a problem." She walked over to where the programming den was, sat down, and looked through the code. It seemed fine, so she walked outside.

     Discopaw was walking toward her, looking worried.  "What's up?" Chargestar mewed, trying not to sound stressed. wip*