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This is where EVERYONE posts the best, stupidest, funniest Warriors-related commercials of the millenium! This page is open for ANYONE to edit, so make up a stupid commercial and write it here! HAWKFIRE98 00:39, May 28, 2010 (UTC)


Power Catgers Action Figures (Power Rangers But Cats)

Tangerine: Do you love Power Catgers?

Random cat: Yes!

Tangerine: Do you REALLY love Power Catgers?

Random cat: YES!


Random cat: YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! -starts trembling-

Tangerine: Then buy these Power Catger Action Figures, who will stand in awesome poses and say random things!

Random cat: -snatches first Power Catger and presses button-

Power Catger: "WindClan cats smell like socks."

Random cat: What the... -presses button again-

Power Catger: "RiverClan cats look like hairballs."


Pokémon Go

Carmel: Are you itching for a new Pokémon game?


Carmel: Then Pokémon Go-

Lyrics: -kicks Carmel off stage- YOU STUPID! U MEAN POKÉMON SUN AND MOON!

Icemist: wut

ThunderClan: I WANT POKÉMON GO U (bleep)

-Carmel stomps on stage, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in paw-

Carmel: LYRICS! YOU SHALL DIE! -tries to electrify Lyrics-

Lyrics: You will not win, Palpatine! -does backflip and draws out a purple double blade lightsaber-

-awesome battle scene-

-5 hours later-

Lyrics: YOUNG SKYWALKER! -points lightsaber to Carmel's throat- YOU SHALL DIE UNDER MY PAWS!

Carmel: -growls- NEVER! -slams blade into Lyrics' lightsaber-

Lyrics: You're weaker than I am! Don't deny it!

-Ella runs in like a fangirl-


Carmel: -puts down lightsaber- Sure!

Lyrics: -stabs Carmel- YAS!

-Carmel collapses-


Lyrics: -bows- sure. This is my sig. You can't stop me from anything, because I am implusive, tough, and I love you


You can't stop me from anything, because I am implusive, tough, and I love you

Kit Accessories

Vishueni: Tired of your kits whining for something to do?

Crowfeather: Yes white lynx- I mean Visheuni.

Visheuni: Then, your problems are solved! Buy the Kit Accessories! Collectable at select online stores!

Crowfeather: *goes online and pulls it up*

Visheuni: 10 dollars for a set, 5 for a single!


Visheuni: No, that is extremely cheap.

Crowfeather: Here, take 1000 dollars!

Visheuni: I'm rich!


Kitty Vuitton

(Young version of Bluestar dances on stage with 10 inch super sparkly silver sequin heels)

Bluestar: This pair of pretty blinding silver heels are on 90% discount! £20000000 per shoe! Get them now!

(Audience throws dead mice at her)


(She gathers the mice and tumbles down stage)

Moonflower: (walks on stage in a black tutu that is something people wear in 1700) Look, this tutu is on 90% discount- HKD 1! (1 USD= 7.8 HKD)

Eternal Ice, Sand, and Rose

Name Changer Machine

(Crookedstar, Loudbelly and Dawnstripe goes on stage)

Dawnstripe: Are you all SICK OF BAD NAMES?

Crookedstar, Loudbelly: YES!

Dawnstripe: Do you all want to change the bad names?!

Crookedstar, Loudbelly: YES!

Dawnstripe: Well then, use this Name Changing Machine! Just simply enter your prefix- and BAM! Now I am Dawnshimmer! If you want to change your prefix, enter your suffix!

(Crookedstar enters suffix and gets his name)

Crookedstar: I am now Handsomestar! *squeals happily*

(Rainflower marches in and enters her prefix)

Rainflower: I am now... Rainpool! Nice name! *Rainpool runs away*

(Loudbelly enters prefix and gets his name)


Inventor: Forgot to mention it has a 30% chance of failing! Get it now for £0.0000001! Dial [234 567 890|+12 234 567 890] to get it FREE!!!

(Loudjinglejanglepants mauls inventor)


Jade_JMint33 06:48, February 15, 2016 (UTC)

Moxi Clean

  • Ashfur walks in, dressed like Billy Mays*

Ashfur: Has this ever happened to you?

  • cuts to Hawkfrost*


Ashfur: Well, now theres a solution! Just apply Moxi Clean to your fur, and in minutes your fur will be blood and ash free! Just take a look at these satisfied customers!

Tigerstar: Moxi Clean saved me the trouble of licking Runningwind's blood off my body!

Yellowfang: Thanks to Moxi Clean, I went to Starclan completely clean of ash from the fire I died in!

Ashfur: To hide the evidence, just use Moxi Clean to clean away ash and blood. It even hides the scent! It worked with me! I returned to my clan from threatening Squirrelflight's "kits" and looked completely clean! He he...

Ashfur: And with this special TV offer, you can get Moxi Clean for only 4........easy payments of 25.86!

Ashfur: But wait theres more! If you call this number in the next two seconds you can get two containers for free-TOO LATE YOU SLOW BYE.

  • Commercial ends* (Credit to Nigahiga for ending.)

Yay. Hawkeh Why do you want a marshmallow?? ) 00:09, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

Purr-fect Brownie Pan

Darkstripe walks in. He is wearing overalls and sparkly high heel boots.

Darkstripe: Tired of having awful burnt brownies that stick to your pan? Tired of having to rip them apart to get to the warm chewy soft inside? Well with the Purr-Fect Brownie Pan, that will all disappear!!

Poppydawn: *gasp* REALLY??

Darkstripe: Absolutely! The Purr-Fect Brownie Pan is only $ and a fourth of a cent!

Poppydawn: Only $ and a fourth of a cent!! WOW! *wide eyes in awe*


Poppydawn: *freaks out and looks on the screen below, types in the number, and orders a brownie pan*


Poppydawn: *dials numbers so fast that the phone bursts into flames* Toothpaste and coconuts!! *curses violently at the phone and leaves*

Number that was down below: [[1]] Call now!

Amazing Bouncie Paws

Firestar: -pads in- ARE YOU TIRED OF REGULAR PAWS?

Sandstorm: YES!!

Firestar: Well here's BOUNCIE PAWS!!! -puts them on- You can bounce and pad at the same time!

Sandstorm: YAY

Firestar: -puts on bouncie shoes- See these? They make you fall. -falls-

Sandstorm: -frowns-

Firestar: BUT WITH BOUNCIE PAWS...-puts them on and bounces- YOU BOUNCE AND DON'T FALL! JUST CALL [[2]] to get them!!

Sandstorm: -picks up the phone and calls- I WANT BOUNCIE PAWS

Person: here. -bouncie shoes appears from phone-

Sandstorm: -wears them and falls- WOW, WUT A WASTE


Lionblaze: Hello, everybody! Are you lonely?

Jayfeather: Meh.

Lionblaze: Well, you need a good friend! And I can get you one!

Jayfeather: Meh.

Lionblaze: Cheer up, little guy!

Jayfeather: >_<

Lionblaze: Aww, be happy!

Jayfeather: DON'T. CALL. ME. LITTLE. GUY. *mauls*

Lionblaze: *is maul'd*

Breezepelt: HI! Jayfeather, I'm here to take Lionblaze's place!

Jayfeather: GASP! You're my best friend, Breezepelt!

Breezepelt: When you Create-a-Cat, you get to find the pelt you want, pick the color of stuffing, and give the heart a kiss so your kitty friend has lots of love!

Jayfeather: Sounds like fun! Breezepelt, you aren't my BFF anymore, I need to go Create-a-Cat!

Breezepelt: *forever alone*

Foxy Clean

Beetlewhisker and Tawnypelt pad in.

Tawnypelt: Tired of having dirty foxes in YOUR territory?

Beetlewhisker: YES!

Tawnypelt: Don't you just want to wash them up and get them sparkly clean??

Beetlewhisker: TOTALLY!

Tawnypelt: Well, with the new Foxy Clean storage packs, that is possible!!

Beetlewhisker: How? *eyes wide*

Tawnypelt: First, stuff that stupid fox into the washing machine. *stuffs fox into washing machine* And then, simply drop one of the Foxy Clean storage packs in, and start it up! *presses START*

Fox: OMGosh! ITS LIKE A CARNIVAL RIDEE!! *screamz*

Tawnypelt: Shut up! Were doing the commecial! *kicks washing machine and turns back to camera*

Beetlewhisker: The fox is SO clean!! *admires*

Tawnypelt: Yes, if you want your fox clean, call [[3]]! Call now! *smiles and winks*

Fur Blower!

  • Feathertail and Squirrelpaw walk out

Feathertail: Do you want nice, poofy, dry fur?

Squirrelpaw: YEAH!!!!

Feathertail: While look no more! *produces blow drier* We call this: the Fur Blower!

Squirrelpaw: COOL!

Feathertail: *hands to Squirrelpaw* Here! Try it! *continues tal;king. In background, Squirrelpaw turns on blowdrier, smiles and points it at herself, she gets blown away* This product is perfectly safe! It takes your wet, stinky fur and makes it nice and warm and dry!

Squirrelpaw: *is dizzy from being blown away* So....don't...delay...order yours...today!

Feathertail: It's a squirrelleg value for just 99 rabbits!

Squirrelpaw: Get yours today!

Together: At: 555-555-555-555-555 FURDRIER !

IDK.--Goth MonkeyPiece by piece I lost my sainity to the penguins. 21:25, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

The IPod Cat

Random deep voiced announcer: First the IPod. Then the IPod nano. Then the IPod touch... And now, The IPod Cat! It comes in three sick nasty colors!

Fire Hot red tabby! Icy blue She-cat, and White Tortoiseshell tom!

Lionblaze: (Walks infront of camera)

Random deep voiced announcer: Hey, you!

Lionblaze: Yesh?

Random deep voiced announcer: The IPod Cat is only $2342.48!

Lionblaze: OH. MY. STARCLAN!

Random deep voiced announcer: And it holds 4 1/5 songs!

Lionblaze: *Ish Surprised*

Random deep voiced announcer: Let's hear some reviews from our satisfied customers!

Brambleclaw: The IPod Cat ruined my life... *Sniffs* WHY WOULD YOU PEOPLE MAKE SUCH A THING?!?! WHY WOULD YOU...

Random deep voiced announcer: Let's go to another review, heh...

Squirrelflight: The IPod Cat stinks.

Foxleap: (In Straight Jacket) I loved it!!!!

Squirrelflight: Can it you! *Mauls*

Foxleap: Gah!

Random deep voiced announcer: Uh, heh. Well, you heard them! Buy yours today! Just call [[4]]!

Lionblaze: You cheapskate! Selling cats for profit! *Mauls Random deep voiced announcer*

Random deep voiced announcer: (Cannot be heard over intense screams of pain and mauling)

Found a vid on YouTube called "The IPod Human" And spoofed it here. (I hid four LOST references. I'm such a geek.)

--WarriorcatZ1324 Post Tenebras Lux 21:09, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Star Bags!

Mistystar- Are you sick of your pelts always getting cramped up in your den?

Reedwhisker- Yeah!

Mistystar- Well try Star bags! Just put in your pelts *stuffs another pelt in bag* Suck out the air with your mouth! *sucks out the air* And there!

Reedwhisker- *takes the bag* Wow! *pours water all over it and takes out pelt* Cool it's still dry! *pelt is soaking wet*

Mistystar- And it even holds heavy winter pelts! *stuffs in her fluffy winter pelts and bag explodes* See! It still holds it!

Reedwhisker- I can't wait to try them!

Mistystar- Just call 1-800-This-Lame!

Reedwhisker- Awesome! *calls*

Mistystar- Sorry, we don't have any more Star Bags.

Reedwhisker- *gasps*

Mistystar- We only have these things called Space Bags, pfft, wrong shipment.

WetstreamLet Me Win But If I Do Not Win Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt

Debbie Hawkfrost Green Bags!

Hawkfrost: *tries to sound dramatic* Ew, look at these rotten fruits and vegetables! *holds nice looking fruits up* Oops, wrong fruit.. *holds up rotten ones* Don't you want them to look better?

Whitewater: YES!! OH. MY. STARCLAN! YES YES!

Hawkfrost: *pulls out a plastic Ziploc baggie* Then put them in here! *shoves fruit in bag* And let them stay there for a couple of days until they look worse *cough* I mean better!

Whitewater: *grabs chair and sits by the bag, looking intently at it for the next four days*

Hawkfrost: *pulls them out* Now look at them! They are more disgusting *cough* Cleaner than ever!

Whitewater: *dies from the smell*

Hawkfrost: Erm..they're supposed to do that..I think...

Lionheart: *walks in and dies from the smell*

Hawkfrost: Dangit.. *mutter mutter* Well anyway, if you want better looking fruits, then call now!!!

Birds fall from the sky after they die from the smell.

The cameraman dies and the camera tips over, ending the commercial.

Hawkfrost: Director! I never got to finish my commercial! *furious*

The Director is dead, too.

Spongebob: *walks in and talks SUPER fast* Call [[5]]! I repeat [[6]]! It is twenty dollars and a fifth of a cent. No shipping and handling is required. Please don't give these to your kids. Call now!


Lionblaze: Hi, everyone, do you hate battles? Well, I don't, and if you do I should maul you... but, for the sake of the commercial, DO YOU HATE BATTLES?

Graystripe: Yeah!


Graystripe: YEAH! Why are we yelling?

Lionblaze: Then get the KITTYCLONE! *puts on fake happy face* today!

Graysripe: What does it do?

Lionblaze: The KITTYCLONE! *puts on fake happy face* clones you. You can tell it to eat it's dirt, fight battles for you, kill Ashfur, Hollyleaf, or Firestar, and fight battles for you.

Graystripe: That sounds awesome!

Lionblaze: I know! And while your CLONE! *puts on fake happy face* does whatever you want it to, you can sit around camp and steal fresh-kill! Then you can grow plump, and a desperate ThunderClan can sacrifice you to get food for the winter.

Graystripe: O.o I want the KITTYCLONE! *puts on fake happy face*

Lionblaze: *shoves one in his face* There. DON'T TALK TO ME, YOU BATTLE-HATER!

Graystipe: *runs to the KittyClone! and Clones! himself*

Graystipe 2: Hi, Lionblaze!

Graystipe: Graystripe, I want you to kill Firestar.

Lionblaze: *cheers*

Graystripe: I'm tired of him stealing my spotlight!

Firestar: *steals Graystripe's spotlight*

Graystripe 2: *murders Firestar*

Graystripe: Yay!

Graystripe 2: Hey, you look like Firestar. *murders Lionblaze*

Graystripe: Murder Brambleclaw now.


Graystripe: *steals some fresh-kill* Get the KITTYCLONE! *puts on fake happy face* today!

Whitecough Medicine

Tigerstar and Darkstripe pad in.

Tigerstar: Are you tired of suffering from whitecough?

Darkstripe (Sneezes.) Yes.

Tigerstar: Then buy the whitecough medicine! (Holds a pill in his hand.)

Darkstripe: (Takes pill and feels all better.) Wow, it really works!

Tigerstar: Of course it does. And you can have it for only $49.99! Plus 999,999,999.00 shipping and handling. And we will throw in a second pill with your order, free. Just pay double shiping and handling. It can all be yours, if you cal: [[7]]. That's [[8]]. Remember, thats [[9]].

Darkstripe: (Really fast.) We are not responsible for, depression, hair loss, heart attacks, strokes, or death.

Darkstripe: (Dies.)

Snake Crisps!

Poppyfrost and Honeyfern walk in. Rainstorm is there speaking.

Rainstorm: Are you tired of boring old mice, chewy birds, watery water voles, and hairy squirrels?

Poppyfrost and Honeyfern: YES!

Rainstorm: Then you'll love Snake Crisps! They are juicy, crunchy potato chips with a hearty flavoring of snake!

Honeyfern: *Dies for the second time*

Poppyfrost: *Ignores* Where can I buy these 'Snake Crisps'?

Rainstorm: Just call [[10]]! Only 19 squirrels and a mouse! Plus 200 voles for shipping and handling.

Poppyfrost: *dials phone and walks away*

Rainstorm: We are not responsible for: Poisonings, Whitecough or Death.

Amber Rain quickly turns into Typhoon... 'HK, the land of the typhoon... 09:32, February 15, 2011 (UTC)


Tigerstar: Are you tired of all the hard work it takes to clean up your enemy's blood? Well worry no more! The ShamPOW is the perfect product for you!

Poppyfrost: Really, how perfect?

Tigerstar: Well, it also works on water, milk, and medicine!

Firestar: Wow this seems great! *Looks directly at camera* Where can I find one?

Tigerstar: Well just call [[11]]! It's that easy! [[12]]! Operators are always on the line waiting for your call!

--Scene cuts to Hawkfrost, Thisleclaw and Darkstipe in front of telephones answering calls and writing down notes--

Graystripe: This great product and customer service for only 19.95! That's right, just 19.95! So call now!!

--Scence cuts to deep voice--

You must be 12 moons or older to order. CALL NOW!

--ShinestarOhhh! Shiney! 06:49, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

Cookiefinder EXTREEEMMEE!

Jayfeather: Are you tired of being unable to locate your secret cookie stash?

Dovewing: *nods*

Jayfeather: Then worry no more! With the Cookiefinder EXTREEEMMEE you will never lose your cookies!

Dovewing: Yay!!!

Jayfeather: The Cookiefinder EXTREEEMMEE locates all cookies within a mouse-length of you, as well as having a handy drink holder! *Shows Dovewing drink holder*

Dovewing: *Fake jaw drop* O.M.GEE! That is soooo cool! Feathertail, come see this!

(Feathertail walks in)

Feathertail: That is amazing! I never got that awesome range from Cookiefinders of competing brands.

Jayfeather: There's a living, breathing example- well, dead but anyway- for you! Call 1800-CRAPPY to collect yours! And if you call in the next five minutes, we'll give you a free metal cookie!

(Blank screen with falling apart cookie with star behind it appears)

(Screen flashes back to Jayfeather)

Jayfeather: Get your Cookiefinder EXTREEEMMEE today!

A fast voice mumbles: Warning-ctualCookiefinderEXTREEEMMEEmaynotwork.batteriesnotincluded.healthinsurancedoesnotcovercostofinjuriesguaranteedfromthisproduct.

I love the dawn's shimmering light 22:32, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

The 'KillLionblaze 3 Thousand' !!

Announcer: Aren't you tired of watching Lionblaze kill all of your Clanmates without him having even a scratch?

Russetfur: Yeah....

Announcer: Well, not anymore with the 'KillLionblaze 3 Thousand' !!!

Russetfur: how does it work?

Announcer: Well first, you try to assemble your KL 3 Thousand by looking at meaningless instructions that never make sense.

Russetfur: *reads manual* GAH!! *gets frustrated and shoots book with gun*

Announcer: Second, turn on the KL 3 Thousand and watch it malfunction.

Russetfur: So...when do I get to kill the rascal?

Announcer: Whoa! Slow down! We have to figure out what's wrong with the machine! *inspects the KL* Okay I see the problem, it's stupid.

Russetfur (mutters): Like you?

Announcer (says with smile): I heard that! :) :) Okay and third and lastly, sic the KL 3 Thousand on the infamous Lionblaze and watch with fury as he tears it apart.

Russetfur: What, you're telling me that this thing doesn't work?

Announcer: Nothing works, sweetheart. As our job as announcers is to be totally annoying and lie about our stupid, meaningless products!

Russetfur: Don't. Call. Me. Sweetheart. RAWR! *mauls announcer*

  • Lionblaze comes in*

Lionblaze: Okay, If you buy this stupid piece of crap that doesn't kill me, you get a bonus item that still costs money even thought we say it's free. With only the price of 3000000 mice with the monthly price of 400000 voles, you can get this fail of a product!

  • Cloudtail comes in and does fast-talking*

Cloudtail: Wearenotresponisbleofyougettinghurtordyingfromthe'killlionblaze3thousand'.thoughweareresponsibleifthisproductsucks.norefunds.

Hehe... -- User:Honeyrose34/Sig 21:13, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

The Strike-Slice!

  • Mousewhisker enters a random clan-esque kitchen*

Mousewhisker: Hello! It's MOUSEWHISKER with the STRIKE-SLICE! You're gonna feel GRRRRR-EAT all day because you'll be slicing your problems away with the strike-slice!

Daisy: MOUSEWHISKER! Be careful with that!

Mousewhisker: ....*cough* See, check this right? It's a vole! You just *strike* and you've got chunks for you, two strikes and you've got some for your friends, and look! Add a mouse and....*strike* the more you strike, the better it gets! Feeds the kitties in no time!

Daisy: Are you listening to me? Be careful!

Mousewhisker: I AM, MOM. Now see this? This is what I call a nice, juicy rabbit. But I'm sure you must hate pulling the meat out to eat, it's torture right? WRONG. With my patented Strike-Slice, just slice your troubles away!

Mousewhisker: Now, there are MAAANY different ways to use the Strike-Slice!

  • Use it with your friends!*

Hazeltail: Mousewhisker, this is awesome!

Mousewhisker: Yeah~!

  • Use it on your enemies!*

Emberfoot: BORDER TRESPASSER! *lunges at Mousewhisker*



Mousewhisker: Haha! No chance, you fox-dung! *strike-slice*


Mousewhisker: So buy your very own Strike-Slice today! Call the number below: 555-You're-Gonna-Love-My-Mice or visit your local pet store! BUT WAIT! There's more?

Emberfoot: ....Huh?

Mousewhisker: Buy your Strike-Slice within the next hour and you'll get a complimentary.....ROOT-RUBBER! See, watch this! You just put your rotts here, right, and then you twist and...BAM! You can put these roots on your older kits food and they won't even notice as they get even healthier!

Poppyfrost: How much for these wonderful items?

Mousewhisker: I'm glad you asked! You can grab your Strike-Slice and your complimentary Root-rubber for the low low price of......19.95 kits plus shipping and handling!

Molekit: *in an awkwardly low, manly voice* ShippingandhandlingdependsontheareainwhichyouliveforWindClanitisonly6kitsbutRiverClanowes14kitsandShadowClanowes21kitsbecausetheyaretheenemiesofus.

Mousewhisker: That's right, nephew! Now order your Strike-Slice right away, and get to giving me those kits!

Molekit: Warning: We do not protect against disembodiement, death, your mate leaving you, your kits safety or Mousewhisker's reliability.


Bring to life [[13]]

Bluestar: Are you tried of randomly walking around a forest making useless threats on living cats

Brokenstar, and Mapleshade: Yes!

Bluestar: Well today is your lucky day, with the bring to life [[14]] you can come back to life and actually do something about alive cats.

Mapleshade: How much?

Bluestar: It costs only 50000000 mice. But if you order now it will cost you 5000000000000000000 mice

Brokenstar: I need to order now to get the deal!

Bluestar: the number to call is 1800-this is actually a machine to get rid of the dark forest cats. That number again is 1800-this is actually a machine to get rid of the dark forest cats

The amazing kit transporter

Crookedstar: For all camps who call there are now kit transporters!

Cherrykit: what do they do?

Crookedstar: All territories who call will have kit transporters around their territory. There is one in camp that only you can transport to for when you are out of camp and you need to get in. The ones outside the camp you go in to go around your territory. You can also use the ones outside to get back in unseen.

Cherrykit: WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crookedstar: the number is [[15]] there is one catch though

Cherrykit: Ya?

Crookedstar: The transporter inside camp will only let you in if you use a transporter back in if you are a kit. The transporter inside the camp is in Firestar's den where we will install a alarm system for kits that go through the transporter. That number is [[16]]

Cherrykit:I need one!

Kit-Killer 6000

Brackenfur: Are you tired of those pesky kits always at your paws? Are you sick of those annoying kits always bothering you? Well, now, we have a solution! The brand new Kit-Killer 6000!

Sorreltail: Brackenfur! Can you come and take Lilykit and Seedkit for a walk?

Brackenfur: See what I mean? *To Sorreltail* I'll be right there dear! While I'm gone, here's one of our satisfied customers.

  • Changes to Ashfoot*

Ashfoot: This thing really works. Got rid of my son Eaglekit just like that! *snaps* I love this. It got rid of my other kits, too! Too bad it didn't work on Crowfeather.....

  • Changes back to Brackenfur*

Brackenfur: Using amazing kit-killing technology, it uses hundreds of methods to kill those irritating kittens. To purchase one, call [ARE NOT|1-800-WE ARE NOT] RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BANISHMENT FROM YOUR CLAN. That number again is 1-800- WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BANISHMENT FROM YOUR CLAN.

  • Sorreltail, Lilykit, and Rosekit come in*

Sorreltail: Brackenfur, what are you doing?

Brackenfur: Um.....nothing.

Sorreltail: What is that thing you are hiding?

Brackenfur: Nothing.

Sorreltail: The "Kit-Killer 6000"?!?

Brackenfur: ..........Call in now, and you get a free Brackenfur!

hehehe BTA~Imma Admin, So Don't Tick Me Off! 22:01, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

CUDDLE CAT! (Pillow Pet!) (Sniffmas)

Its a Cuddle

Its a Cat

Its a Cuddle Cat!

Hollyleaf: I just came back! :D Well, I brought something with me.

Lionblaze: Whadda bring?

Hollyleaf: A Cuddle Cat.

Lionblaze: What is a Cuddle Cat?

Hollyleaf: Instead of singing that annoying jingle, Ill show you. First, take the cat.

  • Takes Jayfeather and folds him in half*

Hollyleaf: Fold the cat in half.

Jayfeather: Oh my Starclan! THIS IS SO UNCOMFORTABLE!

Lionblaze: *Gasps in awe*

Hollyleaf: Then, give it to the perfect size cat. *Yells* O-oh Mousefur!

Mousefur: Whadda want? *Before she can finish, Hollyleaf shoves the cat under Mousefur's head.

Hollyleaf: Now call this number to get one for a low price of 19.99. Warning. We do not accept Bills 50$ or under. No cash-back. No checks or credit cards. Cats-Love- Pie Call this number today: Cats-love-Pie

Lionblaze: OOOHHH! *Dials number*

Hollyleaf: There are also: Apprentice and Kit versions! Get every collectible one today!

Walkie-talkie for lovers == Blackstar: tired of not being able to talk with your mate from another clan?

Leafpool and Crowfeather: (eyes wide) Ya!!

Blackstar: well look no farther. With the six way walkie-talkie for lover you will be able to talk during the day without having to walk all the way to the border just to say hello. It costs one kit from each of your litters you have together.

Leafpool and Crowfeather: Wooooooooooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackstar: the four other walkie-talkies that come with this set will be installed in the leaders of all the clan's den so they will who you meeting where, when, and if it's not a cat from there clan ways to moke their leaders.

Crowfeather and Leafpool: How do I get one?!

Blackstar: You call 1800-this is a trap. That number is again 1800-this is a trap.

The Revenge on Blackstar commercials

Claw sharpener:

Firestar: tired of the enemy's claws stuck in your back? Give them the claw sharpener as a way to get rid of your problems. Here is how it works.

Firestar walks over to Blackstar: do you have dull claws?

Blackstar: Yes!!

Firestar: do you want to do something about it?

Blackstar: Yes!!!

Firestar points to the claw sharpener: Well stick your claws in that machine.

Blackstar sticks his claw in the machine. Machine makes noise. Noise stops and Blackstar gets out of machine and sees that his claws are now tiny stumps with no point.

Blackstar: I'm going to get you for this! Rowanclaw was suppose to be here and when he gets here I will get pay back.

Blackstar attacks Firestar and realizes he can't do any harm.

Firestar: See with this claw sharpener you won't have to worry about being clawed. Call [[17]] to get yours today. It costs only 19.86.

Foxleap: Wearenotresponsibleifclawaharpenertakesofftheentireclaworinsomecasestheentirepaw.Wearealsonotresponsibleifyouaccidentlycutoffyourownclawsorpaws.

Christmas Tree Collector:

Willowshine on the border of ShadowClan and RiverClan: Tired of being attacked if you walk into ShadowClan territory to get a pine tree for a Christmas tree?

Mothwing and Rowanclaw: Yes!

Willowshine: Well look no farther with the Christmas Tree Collector and here is how it works! (Turns on machine)

Machine reaches into ShadowClan pulls a pine tree out of the ground and places it in the RiverClan camp. Tree falls down destroying the dens and blocking the river making it over flow washing away the rest of the dens.

Mothwing and Rowanclaw: We want one!

Willowshine:To get one call 1800-get a Christmas tree. That number again is 1800-get a Christmas tree.

Rowanclaw: I can't wait to get one!

Mothwing: Aren't you from ShadowClan?

Rowanclaw: This is the Claw sharpener commercial right?

Willowshine: No

Rowanclaw: If anyone asks I wasn't here. I might as well go home now.

Kittypet distractors

Talonpaw and Cedarheart with Tawnypelt and Blackstar are sitting next to a Twoleg nest.

Blackstar: Tired of hostile Kittypet attacking you in your own territory and having to let Firestar's warriors help you?

Talonpaw and Cedarheart: Yes!!

Blackstar: well with the Kittypet distractor you don't have to! Tawnypelt bring me one of the sacred bells.

Tawnypelt walks in slow motion towards a tree. She kepts walking and walking and walking and walking and walking.

Blackstar: Hurry up. After this I need to take my revenge on Firestar for cutting my claws. (Blackstar turns to the person typing this) Stop this and let me finish my comerical.

Author decides that she doesn't like this set of characters and declares: This commercial is now over!! Blackstar, Tawnypelt, Cedarheart, and Talonpaw, you are now fired!

Kittypet distractors take two

Firestar walks in with Princess and Smudge.

Princess: Tired of hostile kittypets attacking you?!

Smudge: Yes! (looks confused) We have hostile kittypets?

Princess: Firestar bring out the sacred bell.

Firestar walks over to a tree

Anoying Author aka me: stop this now! This is horrible!

Kittypet distractors take three

Blackstar, Talonpaw Tawnypelt, and Cedarheart walk in and sit down next to a Twoleg nest.

Talonpaw: I thought we were fired.

Annoying Author: I changed my mind

Blackstar: Tired of having to ask for help from ThunderClan because of hostile kittypets?

Talonpaw and Cedarheart: Yes!

Blackstar: Tawnypelt get the sacred bell! (Turns to look at Author and growls)

Author smiles and waves back

Tawnypelt gets to the tree and takes out a shiny jiggling bell. Walkes over to Blackstar and gives him the bell.

Blackstar: All you do is throw it up in the air and the kittypets will start to chase it. If one of them catches it it explodes.

Author: You are suppose to tell them the phone number to call.

Blackstar: Oops. The number to call is [[18]]. That number is [[19]]

Blackstar: throws bell up into air and kittypets chase and jump after it.

Talonpaw Cedarheart, Tawnypelt, and Blackstar: Wow shiny! (They all run after it)

Author: I thought you might think the bell is shiny.

Firestar on his way to a commercial (grounds shakes and parts of the ceiling falls down) :The author needs to replace the ceilings.

Kittypet distractors take four

Author: Ooops!

The She-Cat Whisperer

(A/N - Yeah, I put this at the beginning. Anyhoo, this is an ad which keeps airing in my hometown, and I absolutely hate it. It's sexist and awful and... sexist. So, not only am I seizing the chance to make fun of a cat I thoroughly hate (heh, heh) I'm also checking if anyone else thinks this ad is sexist. (YouTube it). And, if you do, please comment below. I'm checking if I'm overreacting or not before I complain to the network.)

Brambleclaw: *cheers* Yay! I'm finally out of camp and hanging out with my friends! *drinks beer with Ashfur and Crowfeather*

Squirrelflight: *bustles up and stuffs stuff in her oversized purse* Right, Brambleclaw, we're leaving now. These cats stink! One of them loves me, and the other one loves my sister. *frowns*

Brambleclaw: O_O But, but... I've only had one sip of my beer! The glass is still full, thus proving that I have hardly been here any time at all!

Squirrelflight: I don't care one bit. Now, you just hand that nice full glass to Ashfur... *mutter, mutter* *starts dragging Brambleclaw towards camp*

Brambleclaw: *wails* Noo, help me, help me! Aaaaarrrrggghhh..... *scream dies away into death-gurgles*

Squirrelflight: What? Whoa, wait a minute. He wasn't supposed to die! *looks to director*

Director: *drags Brambleclaw away and replaces him with Firestar*

Firestar: *cowers*

-Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears in the doorway. He holds up his hands and stares meaningfully at Squirrelflight-

Ashfur: *whispers* It's the She-cat Whisperer!

The She-cat Whisperer: Whoa. Whoa, girl. Steady on there, Squirrelflight. Let him have another beer! Why don't you just go and have a chat with Leafpool.

Squirrelflight: *looks dazed* *turns to Firestar* I think I'll just go and have a chat with Leafpool.

Firestar: *cheers* Woohoo! I'm finally free of my irritating daughter! YES! Thank you, thank you, kind sir.

She-cat Whisperer: *stares at Firestar* It's a talking cat? Whoa, trippy...

Firestar: *clinks his beer with Ashfur and Crowfeather and cheers* Hooray!

THE END (no, but seriously. YouTube the ad. It's creepy and sexist. I mean... anyone heard of the Horse Whisperer? Or the Dog Whisperer? Sheesh...) mae pob Brenin cenllysg Zaffie! 22:22, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

The Cat-mas Tree!

(Starring: Firestar, Tawnypelt, and Blackstar)

Firestar, Tawnypelt, and Blackstar walk in.

Firestar: Are you tired of getting your kits' a retarded ShadowClan pine tree every Cat-mas?

Blackstar: YES!!!

Tawnypelt: *rolls eyes*

Firestar: Then we have a solution! It's called the Cat-mas Tree!

Blackstar: What is a Cat-mas Tree?

Firestar: I'll show you! *grabs Tawnypelt and makes her stand up on her hind legs and ties them to the ground*

Tawnypelt: Really?!

Firestar: Then, you take some Cat-mas lights. *grabs lights out of no where and starts wrapping them around Tawnypelt*

Tawnypelt: Don't touch me with those things, mouse-brain!

Firestar: Then you put a star on top *grabs magical star and ties it onto Tawnypelt's forehead&

Firestar flips a switch, making Tawnpelt glow.

Tawnypelt: *sighs*

Blackstar: WOW! How do I get one?

Firestar: Just call [[20]]. Again, that is [[21]]

Tawnypelt: Now how in the name of Starclan will I get out of this stuff?

Firestar: Uh......good question....... *runs away*

Blackstar helps Tawnypelt out, then Tawnypelt mauls Firestar.

Jayfeather poofs in magically: Get your Cat-mas tree today!

I know, fail xD Paul McCartneyI LOVE YOU!!!!! 23:05, December 10, 2011 (UTC)


Mousefur:Are you tired of having lousy apprentices care for you?

Longtail:YES!!!!!!!! OH STARCLAN YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Mousefur:Then try the elder servant 3000! It picks out your ticks!

(Cat shaped robot picks out Longtail's ticks super fast.)

Mousefur:It feeds you!

Longtail:(To robot) I want rabbit surpise!

Robot:Here you go Longtail. (Holds up Rabbit surprise.)


Longtail:Stop that falling tree from hitting me!

(Robot picks up the tree)

Robot:OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Explodes,tree fall on Longtail,killing him.)

Mousefur:Call 1800-DUMB that's 1800-DUMB We are not responsible for death elders!

The Mouse-Catcher 5000

  • Firestar comes on screen*

Firestar: Tired of having to hunt SO much for your lazy mate?

Spiderleg: YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!

Firestar: Then we've got just what you need!

Spiderleg: Is it a Daisy-killer? PLEASE say a Daisy killer!!!!!!

  • Daisy walks on screen*

Daisy:*raises eyebrow* ExCUSE me?

Spiderleg: Oh, um, heh heh, what I MEANT was... I love you honey!

Daisy:*walks off stage with skeptical look*

Spiderleg:*wipes sweat from forehead* PHEW, glad that's over. What were you saying?

Firestar: As I was saying..... The Mouse-Catcher 5000 can take care of ALL of your needs!

  • cuts to Hawkfrost*

Hawkfrost: With the Mouse-Catcher 5000, I was able to lure Firestar into that fox trap!

  • cuts to Leafpool*

Leafpool: With the Mouse-Catcher 5000, I was able to distract the Clan while I had kits with Crowfeather!

  • cuts to Hollyleaf*

Hollyleaf: With the Mouse-Catcher 5000, I was able to not starve in the tunnels! Thanks guys!

  • cuts back to Firestar*

Firestar: Have these happy customers convinced you? If not, our PRICE will even more! The Mouse-Catcher 5000 can be YOURS for only $29.99! That's $29.99!

Cloudtail:*in creepily deep voice* Plus $299.99 shipping and handling.


Mousekit:*in really deep voice* Wearenotresponsiblefordeath,greencough,whitecough,injuries,visions,hallucination,poisonedfood,oranythingelse.


Bluestar:Do you miss a cat that is in Starclan?

Firestar:(Crying) Y-Y-Y-YES!!!!! MY SPOTTEDLEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bluestar:SHUT UP!!!!! I mean,then buy the Reincarnator 3000! It's simple! Just point it at a starclan cat....then blast!

Firestar:(Points at Spottedleaf and blasts.)



Bluestar:SHUT UP!!! I mean,then point it at a queen and blast. Then wait for nature to take it's course.

Firestar:(Blasts at Daisy)



Daisy:(Staring at a tortieshell kit) AWWWWWWW.....

Firestar:HEY!!!!!! THAT IS SPOTTEDLEAF! (Picks up kit and kisses it) I LOVE YOU! (Kisses more)

Bluestar:(Covering kissing with her paw.) Call 1800-WERESTUPID today! That's 1800-WERESTUPID!

Cloudtail:(Deep voice) We are not responsible for bringing evil cats back from the dead.

Cinderheart:Why is my kit......killing other cats?

Dark brown tabby kit:MUHAHAHAHA!!!!! I AM TIGERKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super drink

Firestar:tired of being tired? to hard to hunt or take care of kits? well not anymore! with the new super energy drink!*hands one to graystripe*

Graystripe:*opens can and drinks it*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM SO ENERGIZED!!!!!IM GOING TO HUNT!!!!!NO IM GOING TO CLEAN THE WHOLE CLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!*runs around like maniac*NOW IM GOING TO KILL RANDOM CATS!!!!!*sees firestar*

Firestar:why are you looking at me like that?!oh NO don’t come near me!!

Graystripe:*starts mauling firestar*DIE DIE!!!!!!!

Camera man:we are experiencing technical difficulties please stand by.

Graystripe:*suddenly falls asleep*

Firestar in raspy voice:order one now [4567|123 4567] DIE DIE and if you call now you get a specail offer!!!one whole crate of drinks for only [[22]]!!!if you call later its 2000 so call now and get the deal!!!

Leafpaw in strange low voice:wearenotresponsibleforsuddenkillingurgesorgettingexiledfromyourclan

by:dark meow (talk) 04:50, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

twoleg translator 1000

Onestar:tired of getting your mate or best friend stolen by twolegs?

Firestar:yes YES!!

Onestar:well not anymore!!!with the twoleg translator 1000 you can tell the twolegs to stop peacfully!!!it also translates twoleg speak in over 50 languages!!!here is a live demo!!!

Firestar:*walks up to twoleg*get off my territory stupid twoleg!!

Twoleg:huh?what the heck?!?!stupid #@$#@ cat.

Firestar:!!!! How dare you call me that!!!*attacks twoleg*

Twoleg:*attacks firestar*stupid @#$#@%$ cat!!


Onestar:watch your language!now see how peacefully they got rid of the twoleg?*twoleg rips firestars tail off**firestar rips out twoleg hair off head*order now and get a free twoleg to try it on!!!just call 1800@#$#%^%$


Onestar:CALL NOW!!!!

by:dark meow (talk) 04:49, July 20, 2012 (UTC)


(A/N: This is going to be a total fail. xD)

Spottedleaf: Tired of Sandstorm steal--*coughs* I mean, tired of other cats *hacks* stealing your mate?

Ashfur: O_O Yes.

Spottedleaf: Well, with the Competition-Be-Gone, you can zap that competitor out of the running and get that tom--

Cloudtail: *pokes head in* Or she-cat! *disappears*

Spottedleaf: And be competition-free! Let's try it out - Ashfur, want to be our guest-tester.

Ashfur: *grins evilly* Get ready, Brambleclaw...

Spottedleaf: *hands leafblower-type object to Ashfur and raises voice* Now, this won't hurt them--

Ashfur: It won't?

Spottedleaf: *continues* But it will make sure that lovely cat is yours - forever! Brambleclaw, please step forward.

Brambleclaw: *grumbles*

Ashfur: Squirrelflight, here I come! *turns on leafblower*

Brambleclaw: ¬_¬

Ashfur: *struggling* It...won't....work!

Spottedleaf: Let me try it, dear. *takes leafblower-type object* Sandstorm!

Sandstorm: *irritable* What?

Spottedleaf: *slides work goggles onto head and turns on the leafblower*

Sandstorm: *gets sucked into leafblower*

Spottedleaf: There! Call [[23]] today! That's [[24]].

Ashfur: *fur is ripped and missing one claw - fought with Brambleclaw* And what does that stand for?

Spottedleaf: Uum...not Sandstorm be gone, surely?

Ashfur: *mauls*

Red Panda Potter 16:55, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

kitypet catapult

Onestar:tired of pesky kittypets?!

Blackstar:YES YES!!!

Onestar:well then you should get the kittypet catapult!!!!

Blackstar:that’s AWESOME!!!!how does it work?

Onestar:first load the bait!then move to the kittypet area!then aim at another clan!!then wait until you see the kittypets in the catapult!!then cut the cheese*cough* string!!here are customer reviews!!

Sandstorm:this is horrible*cough*great!!

Graystripe:this is the worst*cough*best thing ever!!!it flung me out of stupid thunderclan territory into starclan!!

Mistystar:well since im getting paid to do this,I mean this is AWESOME!!!i am not getting paid to do this!!this is my honest opinion!!this thing was horrible,I mean great!!it launched my best warriors into starclan!!

Onestar:so call now!!!for only 1232342.34!!the number is1800we suck!!



by:dark meow (talk) 04:48, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

The Ultra Make-a-kit!

(Warning you now, this is going to suck)

Sorreltail: Did your mate stop having kits with you?

Daisy: YES YES!

Sorreltail: Do you want to stuff yourself with fresh-kill, but can't since you have no kits?


Sorreltail: Then buy the new Ultra Make-a-Kit!

Daisy: How does it work???

Ferncloud: Yes tell me! 7 kits isn't enough! I need 20!!!!!'

Dustpelt: *walks away awkwardly*

Sorreltail: All you do is jump into this metal thing here. *shoves Daisy in*

Daisy: Wait! What if I die???

Brightheart: Good ridance

Daisy: *pouts* Spiderleg! She's mean!

Spiderleg: Thanks Brightheart

Daisy: *starts whining like a kit*

Sorreltail: Daisy, if you don't shut up, I will kill you.

Daisy: *shuts up*

Sorreltail: anyway.... just throw yourself in and flick this switch! *flick switch and Daisy falls inside the machine*'

Daisy: *screams* I'm gonna die!'

Cloudtail: Make me nachos and I will save you.

Daisy: FINE!!! *makes awful nachos*

Cloudtail: These suck! *walks away*


Daisy: oh

Sorreltail: Now, once the she-cat is fully insid ethe machine, a secret process forms, and then, BOOM! She has kits!

Daisy: *slides out of the machine with 4 new kits* I name them Softkit, Spikekit, Stripekit, and Stupidkit.


Daisy: Lol, yes I can!

Sorreltail: *kills Daisy* Ferncloud, raise the kits

Ferncloud: *picks up the kits*

Sorreltail: No, Like you did with Icecloud and Foxleap!

Ferncloud: Oh *picks up the kits like she did with Icecloud and Foxleap*

Sorreltail: Sigh. If you want one of these, just call 1-800-make-a-kit and get your Ultra Make a kit today!

yeah that sucked. Oh well. Credit to Tanglefrost for the nachos Brighty... Bluestar and Brightheart 01:21, December 6, 2012 (UTC)Bluestar&Brightheart



(Onestar walks in)

Onestar: Why so sad?

Cloudtail: My nachos is taking forever!

Onestar: Well that's where I can help! I have here Onestar's Instant Nachos!

Cloudtail: OOOH! :D

Onestar: Tastes just like a real nachos baked in the oven, with no time at all!

Cloudtail: How do I use it?

Onestar: Well, you get one packet of Onestar's Instant Nachos, then you say "UMA NACHOS" 3 times, then stamp your paw, then put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and you're done!

Cloudtail: Let me try!


(Cloudtail stamps paw)

(Cloudtail puts the nachos in for 15 seconds)


Cloudtail: The nachos is done!

(Onestar takes the nachos out)

Onestar: See! Exactly like a real oven-baked nachos!

Cloudtail: Can I try some?

Onestar: Go ahead!

(Cloudtail eats the nachos)

Cloudtail: YUM!

Onestar: Did you hear that folks? It's delicioius! Now, for just $4.99 a pack, you can make your OWN! Onestar's instant nachos comes in 4 varieties: Mexican spice, Indian Spice, Mother's Love and Vegetarian, and if you order within the next ten minutes, you get a free CLOUDTAIL!

Cloudtail: What!?

Onestar: Just call:

[918 912|1800 918 912]

That's right,

[918 912|1800 918 912]!

by: Tanglefrost101!

The Winning Machine!

Tigerheart: Tired of trying to be a successful evil villain but always being killed off by the Erins?

Tigerstar, Scourge, and Hawkfrost: *sigh* Yes...

Tigerheart: What if you could WIN the battle of good and evil for once?

Scourge: I could rule the forest!

Tigerstar: No, I could rule the forest!

Hawkfrost: I just wanna beat Brambleclaw. That guy gets on my last nerve.

Scourge and Tigerstar: *start squabbling over who will be supreme ruler*

Scourge: Me!

Tigerstar: Me!

Tigerheart: SHUT UP!

Scourge and Tigerstar: *pee self in suprise* AGHAGAHGA! MOMMY!

Tigerheart: *counts to ten slowly* Then YOU need The Winning Machine! This handy device will help you win every battle with the simple flick of a button!

Mapleshade: *picks up winning machine* Does it work for revenge?

Tigerheart: Well, duh!

Mapleshade: YEAH! *pushes button repeatedly but nothing happens*

Scourge and Tigerstar: *snicker*

Mapleshade: THIS *presses* ISN'T *presses* WORKING! *presses like 25 times in two seconds*

Tigerheart: That's because it's a ripoff--I mean the total package! Not only does it give you complete domination, it gives you revenge, mind-control, and an endless supply of fresh-kill!

Mapleshade: *starts trying to disconnect and reconnect wires* WORK!!!!!!!

Tigerheart: Plus The Winning Machine! comes in THREE sporty colors--blood red, bone white, and bruise purple! Plus, if you order now, you get a free kit freshly stolen!

Random kit: *appears on screen* What the-?

Tigerheart: *reappears* Order your The Winning Machine! today before it's too late! You can call 1.800.EVIL. I repeat, that number is 1.800.EVIL!

Mapleshade: *in background* GAH! STUPID MACHINE!

By the one, the only, the supercalifragilisticexpialodocious NIGHTY!!! Her name is Nighty And she starts the trends!Skyfall 03:40, December 7, 2012 (UTC)

The Kitty Mixture

(Warning again, this will be stupid)

Onestar: Do you struggle with getting a mate?

Thornclaw: YES! Nobody loves meh! *sad face*

Onestar: Well, buy the new *is suddenly cut off by a screaming Hazeltail*


Onestar: ummmm.... yeah buy the new Kitty Mixture!

Snowfur: *pops out of nowhere* OMG WAT IT DO? WANT FOR MEH WHITY!

Whitestorm: Mom, stop embaressing me!

Snowfur: NEVAH!!!!!!

Onestar: *sigh* Can I get back to my comercial now?

Twoleg: Yep


Twoleg: Oh my *walks away, completely unharmed*

Hollyleaf: Y U NO LET ME KILL HIM???

Brighty (thats meh): Holly, I luv you, but your killing things is getting out of hand. Have some matches instead. *throws matches at Hollyleaf*

Hollyleaf: I hate matches

Brighty: *extreme gasp* but Fercloud said you luuuuuuved matches!

Hollyleaf: *sigh* Didn't you watch Big Brother ThunderClan Week 5?

Brighty: Yeah, but I thought you would like them tooo!

Hollyleaf: *attempts to maul Brighty*

Onestar: *cuts off Brighty and Hollyleaf fighting* any-who. Buy the Kitty Mixture, and get an instant mate who will love you forever. And if you decide you hate them, just kill them. They can have kits too!

Kit: Wearenotresponsibleforyourexileand/ordeath.Pleaseuseresponsiblyandbe12moonsoroldertobuy

Onestar: Yep! Now call 1-800-Matches! for your Kitty Mixture! Call now and get 2 for half off! NOW CUT OFF THE FIGHT!

Brighty and Hollyleaf: *stop fighting*

Onestar: Thank you, and goodnight!

That was really stupid. I have a thing for doing stupid I guess. Credit again to Tangle for the matches reference and the mention of his/her fanfic. Brighty... Bluestar and Brightheart 01:13, December 8, 2012 (UTC)

The Fluffy Feet

Cinderheart: Ok, it's leafbare. Your pads are freezing! So what do you do?

Lionblaze: Um... nothing?

Cinderheart: NO! You call [[25]] and order a pair of Fluffy Feet!

Lionblaze: Feet?

Cinderheart: Fluffy Feet are soft slippers that insulate your feet so you can't get that awful leaf-bare snow inbetween your claws!

Lionblaze, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather pop up: Yay!!

Cinderheart: So pick up that phone, call [[26]] and get a warm, cozy, warm, cozy, warm, fluffy pair of FLUFFY FEET!

Breezepelt: But how much will it cost me? *squinty eyes*

Cinderheart: NOT MUCH! Just 56 1,[[27]] dollar payments!

Breezepelt: WOW so cheap!!!

Cinderheart: IKR ;)

Lionblaze: Will you be my mate? *drools*

Cinderheart: Only if you buy a pair of FUZZY FEET today! 8D

Black Raven 01:01, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

Pie Flavoured Claws!!!

(If you guys have read these fanfictions, you might know what I'm refrencing)

Hollowflight: Are you tired or normal boring claws?

Lionblaze: All they do is kill stuff. Can claws do anything else?

Hollowflight: They can now! (holds up bag off pies) This shall help!

Lionblaze: Pie?

Hollowflight: Pie

Hollyleaf: Mmmmmm... PIE! (eats the pie)

Lionblaze: HOLLY! My claws are ruined!!!!

Hollowflight: Actually I picked up the wrong bag. (Holds up package of spices) THIS SHALL HELP BORING CLAWS!

Crookedstar: (jumps through a portal) I WNAT SOME!!!

Hollowflight: (throws him a bag) Hey,,, I thought only Mistystar could use portals!

Mistystar: (jumps through a portal) He paid me 30 rabbits. They mysteriously dissapeared from RiverClan camp.

Hollowflight: Well then... That's interesting.

(Enter Tigerheart Stage Right)

Tigerheart: Hey Hollowflight, aren't you on Big Brother RiverClan right now?

Hollowflight: WEEKEND BREAK! I'm selling mah claws now! Nobody in the house likes them. D:

Mistystar: That stikns. How do your claws work?

Hollowflight: So you take the flavor you want, and pour it on your claws like this! (does so) Now let them dry for 20 minutes, and BOOM They tastle like pie forever! You can change the flavor, just pour this stuff on your claws, (pours stuff) and it takes away the current flavor and your can add more!

Lionblaze: I'll take 10 packets! How much do they cost?

Hollowflight: Only 10 easy payments of $19.95, or 50 rabbits!

Lionblaze: (Throws rabbits and takes the packets)

Hollowflight: Wow. Where did he get these?

Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Tigerheart simultaneously: WindClan territory.

(In WindClan)

Onestar: CROWFEATHER, BRREZEPELT, HEATHERTAIL! Since you bother ThunderClan so much, go find where all our rabbits went!

Crowfeather, Breezepelt and Heathertail: YES SIR!

Hollowflight: They come in Cheery cherry, listening lime, lorr lemon, awesome apple, or perfect peach! Or der your today! Just call 1800-Thisisactuallyahugescam That's 1800-Thisisactuallyahugescam

Crowferaher: THERE HE IS!

(Hollowflight is mauled)

Lionblaze: GET IT! ITS COOL!

Brighty... Bluestar and Brightheart 01:02, January 8, 2013 (UTC)

Da Amazing Cook-A-Fresh-Kill!

*Heathertail walks infront of a crowd*

Heathertail: (In a strange deep voice) Are you tired of eating cold fresh-kill?

Sagewhisker: *appears from a random portal* I am!

Graystripe and Rowanclaw: Meeeeeeeeeee!

Deep-voiced Heathertail: Then get the new Cook-A-Fresh-Kill! *Holds up a tiny microwave*

  • Breston Pickles appears with 4 arms, each holding a Cook-A-Fresh-Kill*

Breston Pickles: It comes in Aqua Blue, Grass Green, Firestar Red, and Highlighter Yellow!

Furzepelt and Boulderfur: Get outta here!

  • Breston Pickles disapears into thin air*

Deep-voiced Heathertail: Just put your fresh-kill here...

Breezepelt: That's a microwave!

Crowd: Gasp!

Deep-voiced Heathertail: Breezepelt, I banish you from this commercial! *Holds up a diamond pickaxe*

Breezepelt: Eeeeeeeeeek! *Runs away*

Deep-voiced Heathertail: Only $298.89 plus taxes, handling, and shipping

Foxleap: What are taxes?

Deep-voiced Heathertail: 12 rabbits, 23 mice, and 18 thrushes!

Foxleap: Okey-Dokey! *Goes off in search of fresh-kill*

Firestar and Brambleclaw: We want ours now!

Deep-voiced Heathertail: What? They're not made yet. At least not enough.

Crowd: 0-o *whole crowd gets poker faces*

The End by: Cleverpelt, aka, warriorlover12345. (Sorry, can't do my siggie)

The Vanishing Cat®

Ivypool: Do you ever feel like you're third-wheeling? Taking a back-seat in the conversation whilst your friend and his or her mate cuddle up with sweet talk?

Redpoppy: ...all the time. ¬_¬

Ivypool: Then it's time you got the Vanishing Cat (licensed by Ivypool & Co. :D)!

Redpoppy: And what does this...'Vanishing Cat' do, exactly?

Ashfur: She-cats these days...no more brains than a mouse!

Ivypool & Redpoppy: *growl*

Ivypool: The Vanishing Cat (licensed by Ivypool & Co.) will rid you of your friend-troubles - and your friend's romantic interest! All you have to do is buy the machine, a relatively small device no bigger than a hare, and implant it into your desired victim's next meal.

Redpoppy: But what if he's a rogue? D:

Ivypool: Find a way. Anyways, Dovewing, Tigerheart, you two will be the demonstrators. Now, see this chip?

Redpoppy: *eagerly* Is that the Vanishing Cat? :D

Ivypool: Indeed! Now, Dovewing, Tigerheart, why don't you two go get some food to eat? Oh, Tigerheart, that's pitifully small! Take this mouse! *inserts chip into mouse and pushes it enthusiastically towards Tigerheart* It's perfectly safe! :D

Tigerheart: *snarfs mouse*

Redpoppy: ...now what?

Ivypool: Now we wait! :D

Tigerheart: *blows up*

Redpoppy: Wow! Look at that everybody, it worked!

Ivypool: For a small fee of thirteen mice, the Vanishing Cat can be yours! Order now and we'll throw in an additional Vanishing Cat for a particular enemy you hate. Call [[28]]. :D

Redpoppy: *dials*

Ivypool & Redpoppy: Guaranteed to work :D

omg, that was such a fail. -_- I fail at amusement. -- Forever going with the flow but you're friction 23:48, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

Blood Redifyer!

Hawkfrost: Are you tired of that your enemies blood is pale when you kill them?

Mapleshade&Tigerstar: *Wide eyes* Yeah! Yeah!

Hawkfrost: Then get the Blood Redifyer! It turns your blood the perfect shade of red!

Mapleshade&Tigerstar: Oo, ah.

Hawkfrost: I will need a test subject.

Crimsonpaw: Meee! Meeeee! Ooo! Pick Meeee!

Hawkfrost: Your blood is plenty red!

Crimsonpaw :,(

Hawkfrost: Do you want me to prove your blood is red?

Crimsonpaw: No, sir. *Is scared*

Hawkfrost: Good. How about you, kind sir?

  • Out in audience* Paleblood: *Points to himself* Me?

Hawkfrost: Yes, you. Come on up here!

Paleblood: Okay!

Hawkfrost: So you just stick the Blood Redifyer under the claws and...

Paleblood: Owey!

Hawkfrost: just let the Blood Redifyer do it's work.

Paleblood: My blood feels more red already!


Paleblood *Is killed*

Hawkfrost: Just look at that scarlet blood! Get your Blood Redifyer today!

Tigerstar: I'll take 1!

Mapleshade: I'll take 2!

Thistleclaw: I'll take 12!

Hawkfrost: Just call 519-0016-POISON CONTROL! Once again that's 519-0016-POISON CONTROL!

Shredtail: *Really fast* WearenotresponsableforanypoisoningsorspillageofBloodRedifyeronyourselfbutwearetotallyresponsableforanydeaths.

That was fun! Can I go to the change room to see if this book fits me? 18:26, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

Dark forest B gone

Bramblestar:Are you sick of the Dark forest always killin' cats!

Longtail: Yes they killed mah mousy *Bursts into tears*

Bramblestar: Then call [[29]] IS NOT A REAL NUMBER and avenge your mousys death by buying the Dark forest B gone!

<Shows picture of Dark forest B gone>

Clawface: Whats that?

Bramblestar: Why its a Dark forest B gone!

Clawface: Can I try?

Longtail: Sure put your head next to that thing that looks like giant mechanical claws!

Clawface: *Head gets shread to peices*

Snowkit: Order now and avenge a death at [[30]] IS NOT A REAL NUMBER I reapeat [[31]] IS NOT A REAL NUMBER! --hawkfrost_and_bramblestar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:31, October 28, 2013 (UTC)

Dazzleshine Toothpaste

Firestar: Do you have horrible, yellow, cavity filled teeth?

Yellowfang: *nods feverently*

Firestar: Then try NEW! DAZZLESHINE CAT TOOTHPASTE! Sure to guarantee you a perfect smile!

Yellowfang: What does this Dazzle stuff do?

Firestar: It does this! *flashes perfect, straight, white teeth* I tried NEW! DAZZLESHINE TOOTHPASTE! for just one week and I ended up with these beauties! *flashes smile again* That's right folks, just ONE WEEK!

Yellowfang: How can I obtain this Dazzleshine toothpaste?

Firestar: Just dial 1800-DAZZLE-RAZZLE to get your toothpaste! I'll say it again, that's 1800-DAZZLE-RAZZLE!

Yellowfang: *picks up phone* I WANT TOOTHPASTE!!!

Firestar: Order within the next five minutes and you will get this NEW! DAZZLESHINE MOUTHWASH! ABSOLUTLEY FREE! That's right folks, ABSOLUTLEY FREE!

Yellowfang: How much does it cost?

Firestar: Only all your catmint and half your prey, or £10,000 in twoleg money! At this bargain price, you can get NEW! DAZZLESHINE TOOTHPASTE! easily! Now here's the science bit!

Deep voiceover: NEW! DAZZLESHINE TOOTHPASTE! blasts plaque, destroys cavities and whitens teeth in just one tube! After a week, you'll have gnashers just like Firestar!

Firestar: So buy NEW! DAZZLESHINE TOOTHPASTE! For that PUURRRFECT smile! *flashes smile again*

Deep voiceover: DazzleshinetoothpasteCo.isnotresponsibleformakingyourteethevenworse

LOL! Only Miss The ☼ Sun ☼ When It Starts To ☁ Snow ☁ 18:18, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

Firestar's pizza delivery

Firestar: *is eating pizza* Oh hi!

Producer: Take two

Firestar: *is eating pizza* Welcome to Firestar's one and only.... Pizza delivery!

Tigerstar: It's so delicous that you will want it so...so...so.... Oh man gimme that pizza Firestar!

Firestar: Gimme gimme never gets, don't you know my manners yet?

Tigerstar: Pizza, Pizza *Goes into zombielike trance*

Firestar: *Eats whole pizza*

Tigerstar: No the horror....

<Tigerstar and Firestar fight>

Leafpool: The bottom line is that our staff are terrible but the food is awesome!

Squirrelflight: You can order it on- Hey who spilled cheeze on my script???

Leafpool: *Slinks away*

Squirrelflight: @!%&&^$^%&*(^

Daisy: Watch your language.

Squirrelflight: NO!

Leafpool: Lets randomly break the fight by eating pizza!

Everyone: OK!

I twas told bagels are in the sky 03:30, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

Squirrelflight's ear wax remover

Squirrelflight: Ok everyone! Today we're showing you the new ear wax remover made by me! Here we have some test subjects. Longtail, what do you think?

Longtail: What? I used it in one ear and now I can't hear out of it! *shouting* Here let me try the other ear! *uses ear wax remover on the other ear* OH COME ON! I'm ALREADY BLIND! NOW I'M DEAF TOO!

  • camera pans over to Squirrelflight*

Squirrelflight: Ok... moving on. What do you think Ashfur?

Ashfur: I'm not talking to you, or using your darn product! You betrayed me!

  • Ashfur and Squirrelflight fight*.

Leafpool: Oh come on you two! I'll try your wax thingy!

  • tries the ear wax remover, and loses hearing in her right ear*


  • Leafpool stomps off in anger*

Squirrelflight: Well...that went well... Let's end with ICECREAM!

Everone: YEAH!

  • everone gets ice cream*

Squirrelflight: Order your ear wax remover today for only $1000000, and we'll send you some free ice cream!

The Epic Water

*Before Recording*

Firestar: i found this bottle it looks cool

Sandstorm: ur rite!


Sand and Fire: ...

Firestar: *spills bottle* opps

Firestar summoned: Epicness Duck

Epicness Duck: hai

*Epicness Duck is overhyping*

*Epicness Duck Exploded

*At Recording*

........ (nothing cuz no1 is there)

Moral of the story: dont spill random bottles (aka dont spill anything

Prey Spawner 2000

Greystripe: Do you feel like that you have no prey in Leaf-Bare or don't have enough prey for your kits?

Ferncloud and Bramblestar: YES!

Graystripe: well buy the Prey Spawner 2000! Makes all prey come instantly when this spawner is placed!

Bramblestar: SWEET how much is it?

Graystripe: only $10000000000000 and call 120-456APPLESUCK-1223

Hollyleaf: Wearenotresponsibleforspawnercrushingyourordeath

Made by ZodiacMeow

The Bring Back To Life Machine!

  • Bluestar, Lionblaze, and Firestar walk onto stage*

Bluestar: Tired of the cats you love getting killed? Well, there`s a solution!

Firestar: What is it?

Bluestar: The Bring Back to Life Machine! Just stand over the dead cat and turn it on!

Lionblaze: But where is the 'on' button?

Bluestar: Right here! *presses button* Then, the dead cat comes to life! Watch! *Kills Jayfeather and presses on button*

Jayfeather: *explodes*

Bluestar: If you want yours today, it is for the low price of 19.99! Just call 199-Bring-back-to-life! And if you call now, it is only 30.99!

Lionblaze & Firestar: *dilas number*

Bluestar: wearenotresponsibeforexplosionsordeath


Take One

Squirrelflight: Hey she-cats!

She-cats: YEAH?

Squirrelflight: Are you tired of boring old yellow claws?

Hollyleaf: DON'T YOU DARE CALL MY CLAWS BORING!!!! (mauls)

Squirrelflight: (chokes out) Security! (dies)

Take Two

Dawnpelt: Hey she-cats!

She-cats: YEAh?

Dawnpelt: Are you tired of your-er.. normal claws??

She-cats: Um.. I guess?

Dawnpelt: Well, here's the brand-new-

Tawnypelt: Dawnpelt, you're doing it wrong. You do it like this.

Tawnypelt: BUY THIS NOW!!!! (mauls camera)

Take Three

Nightcloud: Sigh.Hey, she-cats?

Heathertail: Yeah?

Nightcloud: Wait, why is no one else there with you?

Heathertail: Because the author cannot remember any other she-cats from WindClan and is too lazy to look up more.

Nightcloud: Oh. Well, in that case, lets just skip to the end of the commercial.

Onestar: Buynowforfreeifyoucallinthenextfiveminutes.Wearenotresponsibleforanycatsdyingoffumes.

Take Four

Mistystar: Heeeeeeyyyy she-cats!!

She-cats: Yeah?

Mistystar: Are you tired of-no, let's just skip to the product.

Willowshine: This is claw-polish! Just open the bottle, apply the polish to your claws with the brush, and die from the fumes! Yaaaaayy!

Mothwing: Claw-polish comes in five colors: Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, and Tree! Buy now!

Leopardstar: And for just $100000000000000000 more, we'll improve your offer! If you buy one, it's $9999999999999999999, and for two, it's $1000000000000000000!

Mistystar: We are not responsible for eliminating every she-cat on this planet!

(Camera turns off. We hear a voice saying, "Good job cats!" Then we hear the sound of mauling. A lot.)

By Katy!


Roxi Clean

Rock: hey everyone, tired of ur dirty fur?

Riverclan: we aint got dirty fur!

Rock: who cares, u get muddy! Anyway heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Roxi Clean! It makes ur fur as clean as mine!

Cats of clans: but the screen only shows ur shadow!

Rock: who cares?! Anyway, heres how to use it. U rub this pixie dust in ur fur along with these stars, clouds, and underground stuff and jump in the lake and stay there until u feel like ur gonna drown and the-

Jayfeather: i cant take this anymore * faces camera to Rock*

Cats of clans: * GASP*

Rock: nuu camera guy, nuu!

Jayfeather: he just wants to make u nerdy and ugly like him so that he can be friends with u cuz he doesnt like hansome and dumb cats! For example, ME!!!

Cats of clans: * goes to rock and smashes Roxi Clean*

Firestar: Rock, i hereby award u the trophy of worst commercial ever

Rock: at least i got a trophy to be friends with meh

-I am Fwuffy, Life is Fwuffy 01:45, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

The Forgetting Machine!

(Hollyleaf and Cinderheart and Firestar walk in)

Firestar: Are you tired of remembering everything?????

Hollyleaf&Cinderheart: Ummm...

Firestar: Great! Use this machine to forget EVERYTHING! Buy now!

Hollyleaf&Cinderheart: Ummm...

Firestar: Let's hear some reviews from satisfied customers!

(Tawnypelt and Dawnfeather walk in)

Tawnypelt: Uh... What's this place?

Dawnfeather: (Has forgotten how to talk)

Firestar: Thank you!

(Dawnfeather and Tawnypelt exit)

Hollyleaf: How much is it?

Firestar: Hmmm.. It's on sale! $9999999999999999.999

Cinderheart&Hollyleaf: OMSC!!!!!!!! (Throws $9999999999999999.999 at Firestar and takes machine)


~Warriors Rock~

Dawn [User:Warriors Rock|t@lk]] 02:08, March 9, 2016 (UTC)

Toms Be Gone!

NOTE: This is not meant to offend any boys.

Tawnypelt: Tired of toms following you around all day?

Queens: YES!

Tawnypelt: Then, your in luck, because we have the Toms Be Gone! Machine!

Sorreltail: What does it do?

Tawnypelt: Just point it at someone you want gone, and click the fire button!

Blackstar: (Grabs it, aims it at Tawnypelt, and clicks fire.)

Queens: NU!

(Smoke all around)

Tawnypelt: (Dizzy voice with eyes rolling in circles) I think I'm going to faaint! (Faints)

(Cat Commercial Medicine comes in and takes Tawnypelt)

Toms Be Gone! Take 2

Tawnypelt: Tired of toms following you around!?


Tawnypelt: Then, your in luck! We have the Toms Be Gone Machine!

Goldenflower: What does it do?

Tawnypelt: Just aim it at a tom...

Blackstar: (secretly has machine ready to fire Tawnypelt)

Tawnypelt: ... And click the fire button! Then, your tom will be gone! At least for a day.

Blackstar: (fires)

Random Kits: wearenotresponsibleforanyshecatsgettinghitorexplosions

In Background: (Tawnypelt has fallen in the ground and sirens are waling and there is a fire)


(This has been airing all over my network. The song is getting annoying, and so, I decided I'm putting it on here. If you want to YouTube/Google this ad, the original is State Farm. Please note that this will be different from the real commerical. I need to have some imagination.)

(Blackstar and Firestar walk onto stage.)


(Sink is overflowing)

Firestar: Great StarClan, no!

Cloudtail: *Appears*

Blackstar: Who are you!?

Cloudtail: I am Cloudtail from State-cat! State-Cat can solve your problems!

Firestar: Even stop a battle!?

Cloudtail: Yes!

Blackstar: Show me what you can do!

Cloudtail: (Fixes sink magically, and water all goes down the drain.)

Blackstar: OMSC!

Cloudtail: To have State-Cat by your side, call 1800-State-Cat-is-a-scam today! That's 1800-State-Cat-is-a-scam! If you buy today, you will get it for a special deal of 20000000 dollars for it instead of 1!

Firestar: SO SO CHEAP!

(It cuts to Cloudtail holding a sign and Hazeltail singing: State-Cat is by your side!)

Cloudtail: Get State-Catted today!

Glossy Pelt

(Tawnypelt and Whitestorm walk on stage)

Tawnypelt: Tired of having a boring white pelt?

Whitestorm: Yes!

Snowfur: Yes!

Tawnypelt: Well, I have a solution! Glossy Pelt!

Snowfur: What does Glossy Pelt do?

Whitestorm: Yeah!

Tawnypelt: It colors your pelt!

Snow and White: How?

Tawnypelt: Well, first apply it to your pelt in the color you want, and then, within a month, you will die because Cat Company did a bad job making this!

Cat Company: Hey!


Tawnypelt: Tired of your boring old white pelts?

White Cats: Yeah!

Tawnypelt: Well, I have a solution! Glossy Pelt!

White Cats: How do you use it?

Tawnypelt: First, simply apply it to your pelt!

Whitestorm: (Applies it)

Tawnypelt: Then, wait at least 2 minutes for the color to show up!

(camera pauses, then 2 minutes later...)

Whitestorm: (Glossy pelt shows up)

Tawnypelt: Then, enjoy your new pelt that cats will be jealous of! Lets hear some satisfied customer reviews!


Whitestorm: Glossy pelt shows of my true style! Buy yours today!

Tawnypelt: The colors it comes in are: Sky Blue, Grape Purple, Dust Brown, Fiery Red, Sand Yellow, Sun Yellow, and Storm Gray!

Whitestorm: This can also cover your white splotches!

Tawnypelt: Yeah! Just apply them to your splotches, and wait two minutes!

Brightheart: It covered up my spots amazingly!

Tawnypelt: Glossy Pelt is available at select Walcat and TarClan (Target) Stores! If you want to order, you can order them on www.MyGlossyPelt.com, www.Catazon.com, and if you like a challenge, bid for them on www.Ecat.com!

Cloudtail: Glossypeltisnotresponsibleforcatsdyingofthefumes.

Tawnypelt: Call 1800-Glossy-Pelt-doesn't-work to get yours!

Mary su PSA

e PSATallstar : Hello , I am Tallstar of Windclan. I am sorry to say that there are fan created cats that have issues. Here is an example.

-Gleamstar randomly appears-


Tallstar : This , is Gleamstar , born as Starkit. Her mother is a Shadowclan cat named Dawnsparkle and her father is Jayfeather

-Jayfeather slides in-

Jayfeather : What in the name of Starclan is that thing?

Gleamstar: DADDY!

Tallstar : As you can see , Gleamstar has three major mary sue alerts. Purple fur is number one , it is an unnatural fur color. Then , she has rainbow eyes that can change to amber on will. Lastly , she has a direct relation to a cannon character. It is somewhat okay to be a long-lined decendant. Take this for example , a cat's mother's father's mother is Hollytuft. Our good example is Icefang of Windclan

-Icefang suddenly appears-

Icefang: How did I?

Tallstar : This is Icefang , as you can see , she has a grey-blue color , and a white underbelly. This is a natural coloring that can happen to cats. She has blue eyes, this is a color that can happen to a normal cat. Now , who are your parents Icefang?

Icefang : My mother , Panthertail , never told me who my father was , but she had her rights.

Tallstar : Had? She shes gone now?

Icefang : Yes , she was killed by a cat who's name I can not mention , as it may spoil it for the story Icefang's dreams (Shameless self advertising lol)

Tallstar : Interesting

-Icefang and Tallstar turn to the screen while Jayfeather starts running away from Gleamstar-

Tallstar : Please , dontate now so we can get rid of the Mary sues

-Gleamstar disappears and Jayfeather sighs in relief-

Icefang : Please call 1800-Windclan-cares

Tallstar and Icefang : Payed for the anti Mary sue foundation of Windclan


Feathertail: Tired of having to catch fresh-kill and hunt for yourself everyday?

Stormfur: Yes! SISTER GIMME

Feathertail: No! Stormfur, this is a commercial behave!

Take Two:

Feathertail: Tired of having to hunt for yourself everyday, or starve in leaf-bare?

Silverstream: Yes!

Feathertail: Your life's biggest problem is solved! There is new Fast-Food, where you just buy it at Cat-Donalds'!

Silverstream: How do I get there?

Feathertail: Just go to the river, take a left, then a right, straight ahead, and your there!

Silverstream: OOH!

Feathertail: You can also order from camp!

Silverstream: How?

Feathertail: In order for us to take your orders from camp, you must call 1800-I-Will-Not-Give-You-This, and tell us what you want! If you are in another Clan, you must allow us to cross your borders to give you the food.

Silverstream: Anything else?

Feathertail: If you order a meal, store or home, in the next hour, you get a free kit-toy for the Clans' kits!

Silverstream: LE GASP!

Feathertail: If you want yours now, dial 1800-We-Will-Not-Give-You-This, that's 1800-We-Will-Not-Give-You-This! Remember, get a free kit-toy!

Silverstream: *dials number*

Stonefur: *in deep voice* Wearenotresponsibleforyourmealnotcomingtoyourclanoryoubeingkilledwheneating *in background Blackstar and Feathertail are fighting and Feathertail faints*

Goldfish Crackers

Firestar: Bored of bland old snacks?

Sandstorm: Not really, squirrel actually tastes pretty good.

Firestar: Well, say goodbye to tasteless old squirrel because Goldfish crackers are here!

Sandstorm: Ummm.....

Firestar: It's very healthy for you, with a sodium level of 230 milligrams per 55 tiny pieces!

Sandstorm: Isn't that unhealthy?

Firestar: Check out the story of this satisfied customer!

*screen shows a video of Yellowfang*

Yellowfang: Goldfish crackers are amazing! They've helped my son Brokenstar so, so much and even gave him that kink in his tail!

Brokenstar: Wait, what? You're my mom? And that's why my tail's bent? AARGH I NEED TO RELEASE THAT ANGER WITH SOME DEATH!!!!!!

Yellowfang: Oh, wait, news update. My son is killing everybody, including innocent kits! Firestar, do Goldfish crackers offer the solution?

Firestar: Yes, they do! For the low price of your soul, you can order one of our new line of Goldfish crackers ranging from water hemlock to deathberry flavors!

Sandstorm: WHAT?? Why am I your mate again?

Yellowfang: *wide eyes* OMSC! Take my soul, I need that! What number do I call?

Graystripe: You can call 1-800-STARCLAN-SUCKZ. That is 1-800-STARCLAN-SUCKZ. Or you can go to starclansuckz.com/goldfishcrackers.

Firestar: *holding up a bag of Goldfish* Re-smack that smile's back- Goldfish.

Princess: Rusty, you idiot, the slogan is "The snack that smiles back", not "Re-smack that smile's back".

*camera is thrown to the ground. the only sounds are screeching, yowling, and hissing as Princess is mauled by Firestar and forced to eat hemlock flavored Goldfish*

*commercial ends with a winking Goldfish character*

The Kit Thingy-Thing 3000

(Brightheart walks in wearing a pink sparkly dress and high heels)

Cloudtail: OMSC Brighttail you look hot

Brightheart: Get out of here Cloudtail! (kicks Cloudtail in face) Are you cats tired of not having enough kits in your clans?

Bramblestar, Rowanstar, Onestar, and Mistystar: No.

Brightheart: Leafstar, get in here.

(Leafstar walks in)

Everyone but Brightheart and Bramblestar: Who are you?

Brightheart: Leafstar, answer the question.

Leafstar: No.

(Brightheart yowls in rage and eats everyone)

Brightheart: Sorry about that. You need the Kit Thingy-Thing 3000!

(Cloudtail lugs machine onto stage)

Brightheart: When you press this red button, kits appear!

(Brightheart presses button and three kits pop out)

Brightheart: Press the green button and names and generated!

(Brightheart presses button and names get generated: Jinglekit, Janglekit, and Pantskit)

Bolt78625: (giggles) Name Changer Machine reference!

Brightheart: And press the blue button to give them milk.

(Milk bottles pop out and the kits drink from them)

Brightheart: Order it today for only $1,000,000,000! And call in the next five seconds to get it free! Heh, heh, too-

(phone rings)

Random Rouge Cat: Hello Brightheart. I was wondering if I could borrow some toilet pap-

Brightheart: (sigh) You've won a free Kit Thingy-Thing 3000!

RRC: What?

Brightheart: Thank you, good night. (hangs up) So anyways, call this number to get your Kit Thingy-Thing 3000 for only $1,000,000,000: [[32]]! That's [[33]]! Bye!


Leafpool: *devouring a starling* "Oh, hey!"

Producer (Cinderpelt): Come on!! Take 500!

A c t i o n

Leafpool: "Hey, you! Yeah, you! Have too many things to do? Too many places to be? Not enough time for yourself?"

Brambleclaw: "Yes! How did you know?"

Leafpool: "Then you need Screwitol! The first ever herb you can take to help you to just Screwitol!"

Ashfur: "I'll take 20!"

Funny music

Leafpool: "Made by me and Cinderpelt, it's sure to be the best around! Just remember, when stressed, just Screwitol!"

Leafpool: "And right now, you can get it for only 400,000 starlings! That's right, only 400,000 starlings! Yep, you heard me, 400,000 starlings!"

Firestar: "What a good price!"

Leafpool: "Call [[34]], [[35]], remember, [[36]]. Call now to get a free leaf!"

ThunderClan: "Just Screwitol!"

Original idea from Screwitol. (Really really fast)- We are not responsible for whitecough, greencough, poisonings, stroke, convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from all places, shortness of breath, cancer or death.

Copyright, July 5th, 2016.

--I watched you as you left love kills. . . 14:57, July 6, 2016 (UTC)


You made friends with a rouge cat named BRAD, who gave you rogue insurance


2 almost-murdered-clans-with-cat-insurance, 3 boring clan jobs but


And then you totalled him, (More like murdered him cough cough*). :|

AND then, StarClan insurance calls

And you break into your happy dance.


Painless YAYAS

Honeyfern: (falls down)Ahh! I've just been bit by a snake! HELP! And it hurts so badly!

Leafpool: Oh no, i can't help her, what should i do?

Bluestar: (Moonwalks in from outta knowwhere) (begins dancing)Then you need YAYAS!

Honeyfern: WHAT?

Bluestar: painless YAYAS are little gels that get rid of pain and helps people when they are dying!

Leafpool: ok, give me some-

Bluestar: (Pulls from Leafpool) But wait theres more! Come buy the all new painless lotion and be like Lionblaze! Only $9.99-

(Honeyfern dies)

Bluestar: Welp, she could still order it in StarClan.

(Leafpool stares horrified in background)

Bluestar: (Dances in front of screen) Order now for $9.99 and get the second one free! Don't wait, call 8!

Tigerstar: (Tackles Bluestar) Give Me SOME!!

Darkstripe: Hey, what if i fall and can't get up.

Tigerstar: Then you stay there, your not getting my YAYAS!!! (Puts YAYAS)(Side effect kills him)

Side effects may include, dying, dying, dying some more, greencough, killing spree, eats-a-lot, dizzyness, too much going-to-medicine-cat trips, sneezing, couging, addictiveness to deathberries, (IDK WHY), shaking, falling feelings, canablism, attacking people outta books &more


Kitten Snax!

(This is going to be rlly stupid but I don't care)

*cheerful music plays *

Leafpool: *holds up a box containing heart-shaped cookies * Kitten Snax! The yummiest snack for kits everywhere!

Bramblestar: Made of healthy, organic products like poison, deathberries, and nuclear shrapnel!

Leafpool: Plus, it has 3,000,000 grams of sugar per serving for that healthy, sweet taste you love!

*camera turns to Mosskit, Mistykit, and Stonekit *

Mosskit: Yummy! *eats a Kitten Snax *

Mosskit: *explodes*

Bramblestar: Buy them today! Call 1-800-THISWILLKILLYOU. That's 1-800-THISWILLKILLYOU.

Leafpool: If you call now, get a second box FREE for only $1,999,999!

Crowfeather:Wearenotresponsiblefordeath,seriousinjury,housefires,orlungdamage.Sideeffectsincludeintense sneezing,extraeyeballgrowth,explosions,heartattack,lungcancerorotherlungtumors,andseveregreencough.

Stonepaw: *pops up with ten eyeballs on his head* Buy now!

(By Firestorm136)


(I'm really sorry if you like Dovewing or any other characters in this fanfic. I just needed some Mary Sues and Gary Stus to use in the commercial. I love them all too, don't worry ;) )

Ivypool: Are you tired of-


Ivypool: O...kay.......

*take two*

Ivypool: Are you exuasted, fatigued, worn out, and weary of Mary Sues dominating book series and stealing your thunder? Do you feel like you have the short end of the stick?

Icecloud: YEAH!!!!

Ivypool: Well, now you don't have to! *pulls up curtain revealing a complex-looking machine behind* This is the MarySueKiller5000!


Ivypool: With this facinating piece of machinery, you can kill off all the beloved characters of Warriors and make your own story! May I demonstrate?

Ivypool: *yells* DOVEWING!

Dovewing: Hi, sis! What is that thing?

Ivypool: Uh.... it's a COOKIE MAKER! Yeah, a cookie maker! Can I show you how it works?

Dovewing: Sure!

Ivypool: *presses button and a laser comes out the top* So, you point the laser towards a cat...

Dovewing: I can already taste freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies!

Ivypool: And then you press the green button! *presses green button*

*laser beam shoots out of the laser and hits Dovewing, who decentigrates*


Ivypool: Buy now for only $19.99!! Just call 1-800-IKILLEDMYSISTER. That's 1-800-IKILLEDMYSISTER. And if you call now, you'll get a limited-time GaryStuKiller5000 for FREE!

Icepool: I want to kill Firestar so that ThunderClan has a leader who cares about all cats, not just Mary Sues and Gary Stus!

Ferncloud: I want to kill myself so that I can be reincardinated into a real warrior, not a stereotypical queen!

Silverstream: I want to kill Graystripe for magically finding the Clan after being seperated by miles and miles and randomly succeeding in an impossible journey! (Also to get revenge on Millie >:D)

Ivypool: Wearenotresponsibleforsuddendeathofbelovedwarriorscharactersintheseries,accidentalexplosions,or vengefulwarriorsinyourClan. Thankyou.

(By Firestorm136)

The Secondlife2000


Ashfur: No fair! You get a second chance and I don't!

Cinderpelt: Well, I have something that may help you: the Secondlife2000!

Ashfur: You mean the Second Life 2000?

Cinderpelt: No, I meant Secondlife2000! You just point the device at yourself. Shoot it...And boom! You'll reappear as a kit in your Clan!

Ashfur: Can I try?

Cinderpelt: Sure!

*Ashfur shoots himself*


Brambleclaw: They are beautiful!

Birchfall: This one's Dovekit, that's Ivykit.

Whitewing: And that's Ashkit!

Ashkit/fur: Yay!


Cinderpelt: Let's look at the other triers. Bluestar--Oh, she's Bluefall now. Spottedleaf's--FIRESTAR GET OUT OF WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's Spottedpaw. Mosskit's Mosswing. Honeyfern's--BERRYNOSE GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! FIRST FIRESTAR, THEN BERRYNOSE! Ugh! Honeyfern's Honeyfur. Um, Larchkit is now Larchcloud...

Cinderpelt: Anywhoo, get the Secondlife2000! Works on Twolegs too! Call 1800-FORGETYOURLIFEINSTARCLAN! Again, that's 1800-FORGETYOURLIFEINSTARCLAN. Buy now to get a free Ashfur!

Ashkit/fur: WHAT?!?!?!

Cinderpelt: I mean, buy now to get a free doughnut! Sorry, Ashfur--I mean, Ashkit!

Every Picture tells a story 12:28, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

MeowMedicine v2

Cloudtail: Buy MeowMedicine now! The only cure for Meowcitis! What is Meowcitis? It's an extremely rare virus that will cause you to meow uncontrollably! Take a look!

Cat:Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow Cloudtail:Nooooooo not this again! (relives horrrible memories of The Warrior Show) GET HIM OUT NOW!

(cat leaves)

Cloudtail:Anyways! Get MeowMedicine!


The fox /Badger remover 6000

Firestar: Are you tried of-

Crowfeather:No I'm not tried I slept for 15 days straight so I can't be tried I'm compleatly fine


Firestar :Are you bored of foxes and badger entering your territory?

Lionblaze:Nope Grandpa I'm compleatly fine I can kill them with one blow

Firestar: Your soupposed to say Yes

Lionblaze: Wait this is a commercial???!!!!

Firestar :Yes.



Firestar: Are you bored of-You know what?I'm too old for this.(Walks away)


Willowpelt: Are you bored of having to deal with foxes and Badger in your territory

Dustpelt,firestar and almost every clan warrior other that Lionblaze:Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willowpelt :Well you need the Fox/badger remover 600

Dustpelt,firestar and almost every clan warrior other that Lionblaze: How does it work

Willowpelt: It simple all you have to do is stuff a fox into this machine(Pionts at a box)Just grab the fox(Grabs Flareon )and stuff into the box(Stuufs flareon into box)

Flareon:How many times do I have to say this I'M NOT A FOX!!!!!!!! (Yes I'm Flareon)

Willowpelt:Then you push this utton(Pushes red button) And presto


In thunderclan camp

Flareon:(Evil laugh and breaths fire over the camp.)

Thunderclan camp:(Burns)

Willowpelt:Buy your Fox/Badger remover 600 today for just 200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000083876583257948567598260501734754756487576498564508436y14064376154165498768722222222222222397349867546897360923842390-00000989865687747578686970589353846477477777833i3 mice plus shipping and handleling.

Just call this number I'm-not-a-fox.TRhats right I'm-not-a-fox.Call today


Willowpelt :So call today!


Bird-B-Gone 2000

Cloudtail:lalalalala I luv nachos-WHAT? IT STARTED?!

Take two

CloudtailRox:Are you tired-


Take three

Cloudtail:Are you sick-

Crowfeather:Oh my StarClan! No cat is SICK!

(cat randomly dies of Greencough)

Crowfeather:Almost no cat is sick!

(a bunch of cats die from Greencough)

Crowfeather:I'm not sick!(dies from greencough)

Crowfeather(from StarClan):FINE I GIVE UP

Take four

Cloudtail:Are you sick and tired of being carried away by hawks and eagles?

Snowkit, Swoop, and Bright Stream:Yes!

Cloudtail:Snowkit, how could you hear me?


Cloudtail:What? Oh whatever. You need the Bird-B-Gone 2000! Just spray yourself with it and birds will leave you alone!

Twoleg:Buy it now for only 1000000000000000000000000000 squirrels! Call 1-800-I-Hate-Hawks, yes, 1-800-I-Hate-Hawks. Call in the next 20 minutes and get free nachos!

Cloudtail:WHAT? NO! MY NACHOS!

Twoleg:Cloudtail, you signed a contract saying you wouldn't steal the nachos!

Cloudtail:I did? Oh yeah... well (takes contract and rips it up)HA SO THERE!

Twoleg:Uh, that contract also had your right to be in this commercial.

Cloudtail:nonononononono make a new one pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I wont take the nachos again I promise!

Twoleg:Fine. Once the commercial is over.

Cloudtail:Ok! *ahem* Wearenotresponsibleforanysortofillnessfromthisproductincludingwhitecoughgreencoughredcoughcancerheartdiseaseordeathnorareweresponsibleforasuddenurgetoeatnachosdonotinhalethisproductasitcanpotientallycauseseverelungcanceorpneumoniaanddonoteatthecontainerasitmaylooklikeabirdbutnottastelikeoneanditcancausechokingandeath. Buy it today!

I'm just a Kitten, so, don't mess with me! Ok?... 02:03, July 9, 2016 (UTC)

The Best Thing Ever!

Cloudtail: Are you tired of working so hard to do everything? Tired of getting sick and injured all the time? Tired of seeing cats you love perish every book? Tired of having to hunt, fight battles, etc.?


Cloudtail:Aww, well thats too bad, because nothing like that exists! Goodbye!


Stange Voice: We are currently experiencing techical difficulties. Please stand by.

(20 minutes later)

Cloudtail: Ok-huff, the problem has been-puff, sorted out.

Cat:My leg!

Another cat:My eyes!

Cloudtail:Ok you know what bye.

I'm just a Kitten, so, don't mess with me! Ok?... 02:03, July 9, 2016

The Matemaker 4000

Take One


Honeyfern: Do you really want a mate but that cat you're crushing on is already taken?

Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf: *Walks away*

Take Two


Tawnypelt: Do you want a mate that is already taken?

Nightcloud: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!

Take Three


Ashfoot: Do you--

Nightcloud: Breezepelt is missing!

Ashfoot: Ugh!

Take Four


Mistystar: Do you have a crush on a cat but he or she's already taken?

Mothwing: There you are! I was looking for you!

Take Five


Leafpool: Do you want to be mates with a cat but is from a different Clan?

Dovewing: Yes!

Leafpool: *relieved* Well, what you need is a Matemaker 4000!

Dovewing: How do you use it?

Leafpool: Point the machine at your wanted mate and push "OK."

Dovewing: *Points machine at Tigerheart*

Leafpool: Everyone from both Clans won't care, and act like everything's normal even though the cats know that you are mates.

Tigerheart: *Comes running at Dovewing* I love you!

Squirrelflight: Wearenotresponsibleforthemachinenotworkingandtheclanbanishesyouordeathorsickness.

Every Picture tells a story 12:25, March 18, 2017 (UTC)


(This is the warriors version of Honda)

Feathertail: Tired of it taking forever for you to get somewhere?

Brambleclaw: Yes!

Feathertail: Well, there is a solution! The Conda! (Shows shining brand new Twoleg Monster)


Feathertail: I know. But it is designed for cats! No more walking, and no more Clanmates getting hit!

Brambleclaw: How do I use it?

Feathertail: Just open one of the doors and sit in the seat! Take hold of the wheel and steer it where ever you want to go!

Brambleclaw: But that would make it unsafe for kits if the just hopped in a steered the wheel.

Feathertail: We have something that only YOU will have that turns it on! Keys! Just put them in the hole, and twist, and walla! On!

Brambleclaw: WHOA! How much is it?

Feathertail: If you want shiny new, it is 20 dollars! For rusty old, it is 10 Million!

Brambleclaw: I want shiny new but that would be so expensive! And rusty is so cheap...

Feathertail: Then get Rusty! (Shoves it in his face)

Brambleclaw: EW! NOT THAT DISGUSTING THING! (Snatches keys for Feathertail's and drives away)

Feathertail: Get your Conda today at Conda Store! If you call now, we will ship it to you for only 100 Million Dollars!

In Background: WHOA SO CHEAP!

Feathertail: Conda also offers you a deal you can't turn down: A lifetime supply of mice for just 1 Million dollars if you call right before this ends!

In Background: (Sing-songy) We love Conda!


Cat Condo

Tawnypelt: Taking a vacation?

Frostfur: Yes!

Tawnypelt: And do you need somewhere to stay while you are here?

Frostfur: Of course!

Tawnypelt: Well, stay at the Cat Condo. Available everywhere popular. You can get a room for 2000 dollars, or be stranded and have nowhere to go!

Frostfur: Oh so cheap!

Tawnypelt: To get a room, call 1800-The-Rooms-Are-Bad! That's 1800-The-Rooms-Are-Bad!

In Background: THIS ROOM HAS NO TOILET!? (wets fur)

Cat Airditioner

Take One

Heathertail: Whoo! Is it hot in here!

Crowfeather: It's purrfectly fine!

Heathertail: I wasn't talking to you!

Take Two

Hollyleaf: Isn't it hot, Lionblaze?

Lionblaze: Yeah.

Jayfeather: Then you need--

Hollyleaf: We don't want herbs.

Lionblaze: Ahem. This is a commercial, remember?

Hollyleaf: IT STARTED?!?!?!

Take Three

Gorsetail: It's REALLY hot! Now I see why ThunderClan and ShadowClan live under trees!

Harespring: Well, you don't need trees, you need the Cat Airditioner!

Gorsetail: Isn't it called Air Catiditioner or something?

Harespring: Nope! It's the Cat Airditioner. Set it by the den, and turn it on. Voila!

Gorsetail: I'm SO refreshed!

Crowfeather: Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken!!!!!!!!!!

Harespring: He might be under that chicken spell. That commercial is coming soon!

Gorsetail: Nope. It's coming catairsoon!

Harespring: Get your Cat Airditioner NOW! Call 1800-STOP-SAYING-CHICKEN. 1800-STOP-SAYING-CHICKEN. Get one within the next 10 minutes to get a free chicken!

Crowfeather: Chicken chicken chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Picture tells a story 12:23, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

The Chicken Spell

The Chicken Spell-Normal

Crowfeather: Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken!!!!

Harespring: Ugh! You already ruined the Cat Airditioner commercial!

Gorsetail: Uh...the Chicken Spell commercial's starting so he's supposed to do that.

Harespring: But we--Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken!!!!!!!!!!

Gorsetail: Oops. Guess that was the chicken spell. Okay. You put three mice into a bottle of water. Put nachos on top of the bottle. Count to 10. Then put a dock leaf in it. Count to 10 again. Then pour it onto a cat. Be careful not to spill it on your--Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken!!!!!

Ashfoot: Uh...Kestrelflight! I think Crowfeather, Gorsetail, and Harespring are under the Chicken Spell!

The Chicken Spell-Reversed

Kestrelflight: If you want to stop the cats from saying chicken, then do what you did to make the Chicken Spell. But don't pour it. Then, do that twice. Not just once. Twice. Call 1800-CHICKENS-ARE-AWESOME to get the ingredients free. Just remember, don't pour it on yourself!

Crowfeather: What just happened? Wait. WHAT?!?!?! I will never say chicken EVER AGAIN!!!!!

Gorsetail, Harespring: Me too!

Kestrelflight: Chicken chicken chicken!!!!

Crowfeather, Gorsetail, Harespring: UGH!!!!!!!!

Gorsetail: Harespring and Crowfeather, make the reverse spell. Anyway, the number is 1800-CHICKENS-ARE-AWESOME.

Jayfeather:(appears outta nowhere)Works on Twolegs too!

Every Picture tells a story 12:21, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

The revengifier

Flareon:Are you tried-

Crowfeather:No!!!!I'm not!!!

Flareon:Didn't you give up?



Flareon:Are you sick of

Jayfeather:No!!!no ones sick!!(Stuufs Flareon's muth with herbs)

Flareon:(Crisps Jayfeather)

Take three

Flareon:Are you desprate to-

Rusty's housefolk (Run towards Flareon):OH THANK YOU UMMMM.FOX-THINY

Flareon:I'M NOT A-

Rusty's housefolk:We've been so worried since rusty disapeared in 2003.Just thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Flareon:I'm not sell-

Rusty's housefolk:(Start to hug and squeeze Flareon)

Flareon:(fAINT WHISPER) security....


Flareon:Do you want revenge on someone but you can't get it

Darkforest,Ashfur,Nightcloud,Spootedleafand others:Yess!!!!

Flareon:Well,you need the revengifier!!!(pulls out a strange laser gun)

Darkforest,Ashfur,Nightcloud,Spootedleafand others: How does it work?

Flareon:Easy all you have to do is load a revenge crystal with revengefull feelings.(Grabs a large crystal balls and screams to it)Then you load it into the revengifier gun and you piont at your victum while screaming you reasons for revenge like this(Loads crystal ball into gun and pionts at Umbreon and screams) THIS IS FOR SMASHING MY IPOD!!!!!!!!

Umbreon(Whips out her revengifier gun and screams)THIS IS FOR BURNING MY DDR MAT(Shoots gun)

Lasers colied and the set explodes.

Flareon: (Form Somewhere in the rubble) Call this numbre 1800-I-burned-my-sister's-ddr-mat.

Umbreon:(Form somewhere in the rubble)And if you call in the next 3 second you recive a set of 12 revenge grenades!Call today


Leader-a-tron 3000

Tigerstar when he was Tigerclaw: Want to be leader?

Hundreds of Cats: YES!!!

Tigerclaw: Then you need the Leader-a-tron 3000! Just point it at your leader and they'll die within 48 hours! Look, it really works!

*video plays of the scene in Forest of Secrets where Tigerclaw fighting Bluestar and killing her*

Tigerclaw (now Tigerstar): See? All I did was use it on Bluestar 48 hours before the --

*Firestar when he was Fireheart comes running in*

Fireheart: Woah woah woah! That's not what happens!

*Fireheart starts yowling to the stage director*

Fireheart: Who put the edited video in the projector?

Lokilog (from off screen): Sorry!

*A few moments later...*

Lokilog: Done!

*video plays of Tigerclaw aiming a Leader-a-tron 3000 at Nightstar*

Fireheart: That's more like it...

Tigerstar as Leader of ShadowClan: See? it works!

Mapleshade: Why couldn't you have invented this earlier?!? My life would have been so much better!

*Mapleshade tackles Fireheart*

*Lokilog jumps out onto the stage*

Lokilog: HEY! I invented it, not him! And stop attacking my second favorite character!

*Mapleshade stops attacking Fireheart and stares at Lokilog*

Mapleshade: Who's your favorite character?

Lokilog: Um... Spottedleaf.

Mapleshade: ARGHHHHH!!!!

*Mapleshade starts chasing Lokilog around the stage*


Mapleshade: *cough cough* SPOTTEDLEAF *cough cough*



*Commercial switches off and the actual TV show turns on*

☀ -- Cheeseus Rice -- ☀ 23:58, July 11, 2016 (UTC)

Dark Forest is ALIVE!!! 10,000

Take One

Tigerstar: Are you sick--

Darkstripe: I am not sick!

Take Two

Brokenstar: Are you tired--

Mapleshade: I'm not tired!

Take Three

Snowtuft: Tigerstar and Brokenstar, it's done this way: Do you want to stay alive to have revenge against the Clan cats?

Dark Forest warriors: YEAH!!!!

Shredtail: Then you need the Dark Forest is ALIVE!!! 10,000!

Hawkfrost: How does it work?

Snowtuft: Put it in your paw and say "I wish to become alive."

Tigerstar, Darkstripe: I wish to become alive.

Tigerstar: Hey! It was my turn!

Darkstripe: Was not!

Mapleshade: *steals machine* I wish to become alive.

Tigerstar, Darkstripe: Hey! Give it!

Mapleshade reappears in ThunderClan and kills Graystripe*

Graystripe: AH!!!!

Dark Forest warriors: *fights for machine*

Tigerstar: I wish to become alive.

Tigerstar reappears and take a life from Firestar*

Shredtail: Buy your Dark Forest is ALIVE!!! 10,000 now by calling 1800-REVENGE-IS-BLOOD. 1800-REVENGE-IS-BLOOD. Buy now to get a free...um...

Snowtuft: A FREE--

Tigerstar: *from ThunderClan* A FREE FIRESTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Picture tells a story 12:18, March 18, 2017 (UTC)


Cloudtail: Who are you? Oh, I know! You're Hollyleaf's pretend sister!

Hollywhisker: Uh...no. I'm not. Anyway, look up at the sky.

ThunderClan looks up at the sky*

Hollywhisker: See how boring it is?

ThunderClan: YES!!!

Hollywhisker: Then you need the Cloudcat. The device will be embodied in your tail. Just use it to point at anything and the item will reappear in the sky!

Jayfeather: Whoa. Let me try! *points at Squirrelflight*

Brambleclaw: What the--

Jayfeather: Sorry. Thought that was Leafpool.

Leafpool: Excuse me?

Hollywhisker: Squirrelflight has Leafpool's scent!

Cinderheart: She used the Scent Changer!

Squirrelflight: Sorry. Thought this was the Scent Changer commercial already.

ThunderClan: *sighs*

Every Picture tells a story 12:14, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

The cat copier

Flareon:Are you desprate to find your long los-(Jayfeather comes up and shoves Flareon aside)

Jayfeather:Tried of having to hunt,patrol,fight,spend time with your frist mate,your third mate,your kits,and in overall everything else?

Cat viewers:(Silence)

Jayfeather:(Puzzled)Why aren't you screaming yes?

Random cute tabby :Becuase the last time it was a joke!

Jayfeather:well this time it-

Flareon(Angrey)Didn't I crisp you in my last comercial?

Jayfeather:Yes you did but it was a clone and now heres my fabulous invention!(Pionts at Flareon)

Flareon:I'm sure that I'm not your inventcion.

Jayfeather:(looks embaressed and pionts to an old banged up copier macchine.)

Cat viewers:?????????????????????????????????????????:O

Jayfeather:I present you the Cat copier!All you have to do is lay down on the copier.(Lays down)And ress start(Presses start)

Cat Copier:(copies jayfeather)

Jayfeather:Now observe!

Paper with copied Jayfeather starts to wiggle and a jayfeather comes out

Jayfeather 2:Hello.

Flareon:This looks familiar....

Dipper Pines;(Comes form out of no where)Hey your stealing ideas form Gravity Falls!

Jayfeather:This is not a crossover

Dipper Pines:Then why is there a Pokemon in the comercial?

Jayfeather:I don't know

Flareon:Whatever I want to start the other comercial

Jayfeather Order this numbre 1800-YES-WE-STEAL-IDEAS-FORM-GRAVITY-FALLS and get a free Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines(Shocked)wait!What!

Flareon:(In a SUPER fast vioce)WearenotresponsibleforyourclonesturningagainstyouandyoudyinggettinglockedinaclosetlossingyourcrushtosomeidiotandfordisneycomingtoyourhousetotaketheirecaractherbacktotheireshowwearealsonotresponsiblefordeathdeathdeathdeathdeathandIalmostforgotdeath.

Everything That I knew Fell Around Me..

The kittypet locatorinatorizer.

Flareon:Are you desprate to find your long lost kittypet

Random Housfolk:Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flareon:I present you with the kittypet Locatorinatorizer!!!!!!!(Pionts at a tracking device)All you have to do is insert the fur of your long lost pet and press start.Then you will teleport to your cat's locacion

Rusty's housefolk:(Insert rusty's fur into machine and press start)(They teleport to the Thinderclan camp)

Thunderclan:(Cats scream and run away)

Rusty's housefolk:Rusty!Rusty!Rusty!RUSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flareon:So call this number 1800-KITTYFINDER before it's to late!!!!!!

100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000005803683465849692874986748901346509874725-48675436-0943528547085673409678484494030338934 Phones start ringing

Flareon:Oh wait,I'ts too lte.SUCKERS!!!!(Crackles like a witch)

Phones stop ringing

Everything That I knew Fell Around Me..

The Scent Changer

Hollyleaf: Tired of--

Crowfeather: STOP ASKING IF I'M TIRED!!!

Hollywhisker: Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down. This is a commercial. What she means is that do you not like other Clans recognizing you spying even though your scent in disguised?

WindClan and ThunderClan cats: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollywhisker: Okay.

Hollyleaf: EXCUSE me? I was supposed to be the reporter here!

Hollywhisker: Sorry. Don't kill me.

Hollyleaf: What do you think I'm gonna do? Give you deathberries? Anyway, get the scent changer!

Breezepelt: BORING!!!

Leafpool: Well, get this--

Crowfeather: Why would we even listen to you?

Squirrelflight: *opens mouth to say something*

Nightcloud: Or you?

Brackenfur: Just forget it! Point at any rival Clan cat and push down "Change". Then you will be given the scent of that cat!

Heathertail: But wouldn't the rival Clans think there's something wrong since there's TWO cats with the same scent? Shouldn't there be a "Scent Switcher"?

Cloudtail: We couldn't afford it since we were low on money.

Sedgewhisker: What's money?

Purdy: Kittypet talk. We just couldn't afford it. Don't mind the money part.

Hollyleaf: Get your Scent Changer now!

Hollywhisker: Call 1800-TWO-CATS-WITH-THE-SAME-SCENT! Buy now and what do you get?

WindClan and ThunderClan cats: A FREE--

Heathertail: A free Lionblaze!

WindClan and ThunderClan cats except Heathertail: WHAT?!?!?!

Every Picture tells a story 12:12, March 18, 2017 (UTC)

Season-Changer 3000

Cloudtail: Are you tired-

Crowfeather: NO!

Cloudtail: OH MY-

Take Two

Cloudtail: Are you sick and tired of-

Cat who was tricked last time: OH STARCLAN NO!

Strange Voice: We are currently experiencing techical difficulties, please st-

Cloudtail: OW! MY LEG!

Strange Voice: Shut up!

Take Three

Brightheart: Are you sick and tired-

Cloudtail: BRIGHTHEART! You're supposed to take me to the hospital!


Take Four

Smudge: ... GET ME OUTTA HERE!

Take Five

Firestar: Are you sick and tired of leaf-bare always ruining the year?

Graystripe: No.

Take Six

Firestar: Do you wish you could change the seasons at will?

Graystripe: Uh n- I mean yes!

Firestar: *sigh* Well then you need the Season Changer 3000! Just tell it what season you want it to be, and bam! There you go!

Graystripe: Make it leaf-bare!


Firestar: WearenotresponsibleforthemachineblowingupsettingthecamponfireandcatsbanishingyouforsettingittoleafbareDonotputwateronthemachineasitcanelectrocuteyouandmakeyourfurpuffupandstuffdonoteatanypartofthisasitispotentiallyradioactiveandcancausecancerdeathdeathandmostimportantlydeath.

Why Visual Editor...

The Hidden Pregnacy Diet!

Leafpool:Even wonder how no one noticed that I was pregnant?

Flareon:No.....but now that I think about it.........Yeah why didn't anyone notice?

Leafpool:Well,you need th-


Leafpool:Hush fox


(Battle music starts and a sign apears saying Flareon vs Leafpool)


Leafpool:Ever wonder how no one noticed I was pregnant?

Flareon(Tied to a tree with a tape over her mouth):Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Leafpool(Ignores)Well,you need to try the HIDDEN PREGNACY DIET!

Various Queens:(Gasp)

Leafpool:the hidden pregnacy will seemingly make you look as your as scrawny as your clan mates when you actualy not!!!!All you have to do is assemble.(Assembles a complex looking machine) and enter it(Eneters machine and walks out) The machine will take note of your weight and belly shape and then as you walk out it will give you a booklet created specificly for your needs(Booklet pops out form the machine and Leafpool takes it)The booklet is filled with recipies,excersises,and strange dances that you can do to get that PURR-FECT belly of your dreams.

Jayfeather:Call today!!!!!The number is 1800-purrfect-belly!Call in the next 30 hours and recive a free flareon!

Flareon(Trashes around angrely)MMMMMHMHMHMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


Flareon(Breaks free)I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS LEAFPOOL (Leaps at her)


Camara falls to the floor and goes on static

Everything That I knew Fell Around Me..

The Magic Power Giver!

*Jayfeather, Graystripe, Firestar, Leafpool, and Icecloud walk on stage*

Jayfeather: Are you tired of having a boring life?

Graystripe, Leafpool, and Icecloud: Yes

Firestar: No.

Jayfeather: Well who cares, the Magic Power Giver will make your boring old life FUN!

Everyone but Firestar and Leafpool: Yay!!

Leafpool: I don't want a fun life..

*Jayfeather walks over to the Power Giver, turns it on*

Jayfeather: Just enter your name and-

*Graystripe shoves Jayfeather down, Enters name and power is chosen*


*Graystripe zooms away through the window*

Firestar: I think i'll just, uhm, take a little try...

*Firestar walks over Jayfeather, enters name and gets a power*

Firestar: I can die! Waitwha-

*Firestar explodes*

*Jayfeather gets up, and enters his own name*

Jayfeather: As you can see,I now have super speed.

*Icecloud shoves Jayfeather aside, entering her name and getting her power*

Icecloud: I can now revive any cat of choice!

*Jayfeather shoves her off stage and she revives herself*

Icecloud: HA! I'm UNBEATABLEE!!

*Jayfeather runs away, Icecloud chases him*


Icecloud: LIKE I CARE!!

Leafpool in that voice at the end of things: wearenottheownersifyoudiebecomestupidmurderafriendreviveanenemyorkillyourdselfwithdeathberries.

Weather Maker

*Tallstar and Jake walk on stage, Tigerstar is hanging by a rope tied around his chest*

Tallstar: Ever wanted to make weather? Well now you can with teh Weather Maker!

*Jake claps*

*Tallstar turns on the machine, lightning strikes Tigerstar*

Tigerstar: What the crap, man?

*Tallstar makes it rain*

*Jake claps*

Tigerstar: I spent hours on this pelt, its ruined now, Tallstar, I swear when i'm untied you will be running.

*Tallstar turns it onto tornado*

*Tigerstar is ripped from the rope, he squirms away*

*Tallstar does a very girlish scream*

*Jake claps*

Jake in very low voice: wearenotresponsiblefordeathorbeingtakenawayintospacebutifyourphoneischargedweareresponsible.

The Ultimate Supreme Teeth-Washer

Alderpaw: Have you ever been tired of washing your dishes?

A Random StarClan Cat: What in me is a dish?

Alderpaw: A dish is what you eat your food with.

The Random StarClan Cat: Uhhh....I don't use dishes. I use my teeth to eat.

Alderpaw: Then this will clean your teeth!

The Random StarClan Cat: *stares at big metal machine* But I don't think my teeth will fit in here. And I don't think that this is safe...

Alderpaw: Not to worry! Clawface?

*Clawface steps onto the stage and rips out The Random StarClan Cat's teeth*

Alderpaw: *grabs teeth* Thank you, Clawface. *tosses teeth into dishwasher*

Alderpaw: Look at these nice, sparkly-clean teeth! This random StarClan cat is begging to buy this, but he's not alone! You, viewer, can get this the Ultra Supreme Teeth-Washer for only $1,999,999,999,999,999.99 plus shipping and handling! That's right, only 1 quintillion, 999 quadrillion, 999 trillion, 999 billion, 999 million, 999 thousand, 900-and-ninety-nine dollars and 99 cents, but only if you're the first buyer! Otherwise, it's 1 duodecillion, 999 undecillion, 999 decillion, 999 nonillion, 999 octillion, 999 septillion, 999 sextillion, 999 quintillion, 999 quadrillion, 999 trilllion, 999 billion, 999 million, 999 thousand, 999 dollars and 99 cents!

*$1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 appears on the screen*

The Random StarClan Cat: Iy don' wa'a buy yish 'ing!

Alderpaw: Hear that, folks? Those are the words of a happy, pleased customer!

The Random StarClan Cat: IY NOH PEASED!

*Clawface binds and gags The Random StarClan Cat*


Sparkpaw: Alderpaw, you're doing it wrong! Here, let me advertise!


Hollyleaf: *gulps nervously* O-okay....*hands over $1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99*


*Dogwood gives Sparkpaw $1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99*

Alderpaw: Order yours today at 1-800-WETROLLED-U! That is 1-800-WETROLLED-U, or visit www.lol-we-ripped-u-off.com/dishwasher.

*commercial ends*

Funnifier for Sad Kitties

Bright Stream: Hello! My name is Bright Stream. When I died and when Clear Sky left me, I was oh so sad. So I made this invention! We're having Bumble test it out.

Bumble: Why did Turtle Tail ever leave me? *sobbing*

Bright Stream: Oh, good thing! All you have to do is go inside and have a friend press this big fat red button. So, Bumble, demonstrate.

Bumble: *blows nose and chucks it onto a mountain of tissues* W-what...?

Bright Stream: *quieter* you know, go in the machine!

Bumble: OH! Yes, right. *runs inside machine*

Bright Stream: *presses button* See? Look how easy that was!

Producer (Cloud Spots): Bright Stream, you pressed the wrong button.

Bright Stream: Really? I did?

(the machine goes crazy)

Producer (Cloud Spots): You THINK?

Bright Stream: *presses emergency stop button* we need a new test subject.

Clear Sky: *steps forward*

Bright Stream: OMG CLEARY! *rushes forward and kisses his face*

Clear Sky: *pushes Bright Stream away* EWWWWW! SHE-CATS HAVE GERMS!


Clear Sky: *glares at Bright Stream while walking backwards into the machine*

Bright Stream: *presses the right button this time*

Clear Sky: *walks out of the machine like normal*

Bright Stream: Now, audience, watch.

Machine: I maed u a cookeh... but i eaTEd it o.O

Clear Sky: That's mean! I mean... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

Machine: wun day i woek up and was married 2 a potato XDDDDD SO RANDOM!!!!

Clear Sky: HAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! *clutches sore sides and wipes away a few tears from eyes*


Clear Sky: *laughs at his own laughing*

Dappled Pelt: Bright Stream! That looks really life-changing! How much money?

Bright Stream: Only $19.99 including shipping and customisation!

Dappled Pelt: *purchases* WOW!!!! :D

Really fast talker: andrememberitaintlegitsohahagocrytoyourmummyohwaitnopretendthatsnotmeanpretendthatitsnotfaultydodgyorafraudthankyoualsosomesmallobjectsarechokinghazardsandifyoutouchthemyouwilldieyouvejustbeenrippedoffbythewaytheseareallrealcats

(end of commercial)

The Killinator 9000!

Clawface: Ever want to get rid of that one annoying cat you HATE?

Darkstripe, Tigerstar, and Ashfur: YES!!

Clawface: Ever wanted to reek havoc from beyond the grave?

Darkstrike, Tigerstar, and Ashfur: YESS!!

CLawface: Well now you can, with the Killinator [[37]]!!

Darkstripe with fake smile: Dude, its The Killinator 9000

Clawface: I knew that *In sassy voice*

Clawface: Now, just make the cat step inside the machine. OHHH FIRESTAR!!

Firestar is forced onto stage with chains by Mapleshade, who is holding a pitchfork

Clawface: Step insdie the machine.

Firestar does so.

CLawface: Ashfur, will you do the honors of pressing the red button?


Ashfur presses the button.

A message flashes across the screen: The following actions are pg-13 moons, please block all kits eyes.

Faint screaming from Firestar, teh machine is vibrating. Saw noises and slashing noises are heard.

Gagging is heard, slicing in being heard aswell, something like a gut snapping is also heard.

Screams die down and Clawface has a smile.

Firestar crawls out of machine, sliced, diced, and all out almost dead.

Firestar is blurred cause of blood.

Clawface: As you an see, those are some happy customers. *points to the DF cats*

Firestar: Dirt..bag...

Firestar dies for good.

Mapleshade shoves in Crookedstar, Clawface shoves in Graystripe, Tigerstar shoves in Scourge and Scourge shoves in Tigerstar, and Graystripe pulls Clawface in, Sorreltail slams Darkstripe in, Hollyleaf shoves in Ashfur, Mudclaw and Hawkfrost shove eachother in, and insert dat white cat with scar* pulls *insert an enemy here* in. Leaving only Mapleshade to remain.

Mapleshade infront of the vibrating machine that is chucking gore and blood everywhere: Buy it today for only



plus shipping and handling

Hawkheart in really low voice:wearenotresponsibleforbeingpulledinkillingafamilymemberorshootingyourselfwithhazards

Ashfurs screams die away and it chucks him out, diced.

Mapleshade throws a pitchfork at the escaping Tigerstar, killing him as he is dragged back in by a half gone Scourge

Mapleshade: the website is www.KEELYOURFRIENDANDMATE.com

Mapleshade throws a knife at camera, thus ending teh commercial.

The Clan-Toy!!!!111!!!

Bluestar: Tired of being bored with a Clan?

Tigerstar: Yes!

Bluestar: I am so not giving it to you.

Take Two

Hazeltail: (sigh) Are you tired of being bored with your Clan?

Firestar: Yes!

Hazeltail: Then, get the Clan-Toy! It's the most boring-

Take Three

Hazeltail: Are you tired of a boring Clan?

Firestar: Yes!

Hazeltail: Then, get the Clan-Toy. It will amaze your Clan.

Firestar: How?

Hazeltail: While first, there are multiple selections available.

Firestar: Show me.

Hazeltail: Go to Www.ClanToyIsBoring.Com, dummy.

Firestar: (pulls it up)

Hazeltail: You can scroll through the selections, and get the one you want! Once you have found it, if you have more to order, then click 'Add to Cart'. If that is all, click 'Check Out Now'.

Firestar: AWESOME! It looks so amazing, can I get any deals to get it sooner?

Hazeltail: Call within the time of this commercial, and it will be delivered in the next-

Phone: RING!

Hazeltail: Go.

Delivers: At your service, Hazeltail.

Hazeltail: Go order now, or DIE!


Hello Kittypet

Hollyleaf: Are you kits tired of needing to play with moss balls and leaves?

Birchkit, Dustkit, Fernkit: YES!!

Hollyleaf: Are you bored to go outside and see the same old mossballs?

Birchkit, Dustkit, Fernkit: YESS!!

Hollyleaf: Well you need, HELLO KITTYPET!!

It's a snuggly friend that you'll never want to leave!

The most famous kittypet!!


Hello kittypet who is just Firestar in pink clothing: Why did I sign up for this?

Hollyleaf: She comes in 3 colors, Fiery orange tabby, White snowy, and Black o lantern.

Purchase one at www.Thisisascam.com, and call us at 666-HELLOSCAMMER-6666




Icecloud who is in pink clothing: We are not responsible if you are slapped in this stupid outfit. *is mauled and killed by kits, then ripped apart limb by limb by each kit*


Kits: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS *grabs guns and swords*

Kit: Shoots camera*

Mate4Life Volume 2.0

Sparklepaw: Are you sad about not having a fun loving mate who can cherish you and love you for life?


Anne Boleyn: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sparklepaw: Not you 1600 version of King Henry VIII! I meant the Warrior cats!

Littlepaw: Yep.

Jayfeather: :(

Sparklepaw: Well here is the new Mate4Life Volume 2.0 invention!

Jayfeather: :(

Littlepaw: What does it do?

Sparkepaw: It gives you a strong, long living mate who will love you as you love her, and bear you kits!

King Henry VIII: Why didn't they invent this when I was alive?!

Sparklepaw: Go on, try it! You could customize you mate however you like!

Jayfeather: (customizes mate)(mate pops out)

Willowheart: YAY! We're mates! (touches Jayfeather on the muzzle)(Jayfeather blushes)

Sparklepaw: (teleports into the future) Well there you have it! Get your own mate4life, and also a discounted price of 20 mice!

Littlepaw: My mater Silverheart is now deputy, and I WANTED TO BE DEPTY! AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET WARRIORIZED! WHAT IS HAPPENING!! (blows up)

(Jayfeather bounces into Sparklepaw, out of breath) WHA-

Jayfeather: SHE'S GONNA (BEEP) ME!

Sparklepaw: WHAT?! (Watches Willowheart attack from the forest) OH!!

Dark Voiced Cat: Order now and get the second one free! Try Mate4Life today.

Side effects include death, random attacks, sudden inappropiate actions, robotic voices, taunting, fighting, beatin you to lead the clan, making you suffer, and so much more depressing stuff. CALL 1800-RUINMYLIFE today


Are you upset with whatever you say to your mate or a clanmate, or even your own leader?

Firestar: Definately

Bluestar: Ummmmmm....

Lionblaze: Sigh. Yep.


(Tigerstar runs away)

Then you need SayIT!

Bluestar: Say what?

JUST SAY IT! MAKE UR DREAMS COME TRUE! (Yells throwing everyone back with awesome explosions)

(Bluestar randomly loses hearing from loud noises)

This new impressive pills can make you say the nicest and helpful things and ideas to your clans!

Lionblaze: REALLY?!

But wait! There's more! Order today and get the second one free! It costs 15 mice for 2 pills, 20 for 4! AMAZING RIGHT! (blows everyone backwards with last sentence)


Firestar: We should try some! (grabs free pills and hands each to Bluestar and Lionblaze)(Gulps down)

Lionblaze: I feel smarter already! HEY I GOT AN IDEA! (Jumps off a cliff)

Firestar: Um......okay?

Bluestar: (wanders to StarClan) I have some grave news. I put a whole bag of jellybeans up my (beeep)!

StarClan: GASP! (all scatter running while policecars run over Bluestar)

Firestar: (wanders to Harry Potter)Harry, I just have to say, Your a lizard harry.

Harry Potter: Im a WHAT?!

Firestar: A blizzard! I mean a gizzard! Sanstorm, you know what I mean. You are a piece of LITTER.

Sandstorm: WHA-

Firestar: No wait I didn't say that! The pill did! I really want to murder you! Wait, what?

Sandstorm: (dashes away)

Firestar: COME BACK! (brambleclaw walks over)

Brambleclaw: Whatcha doinf Firestar?

Firestar: Oh, im sucking lolipops 24/7 365 while teleporting in bombs. (random Silence)

Firestar: I have an Idea!

Later on...

News: Firestar, a legendary warrior jumps in front of a train, protesting against deforestation, and dies.



Honeyfern: Are you tried of not having your mate with you?

Jayfeather: Yes

Honeyfern: Then look no farther! We have a new machine, The Timeinator! Just step right into it and pick a time. You select by cat.

Jayfeather: *pads in and chooses the time of Half Moon*


Jayfeather: I AM you. *slaps*

Half Moon: Two Jay's Wing's? OMSC! *faints*

Jay's Wing: *glares*

Jayfeather: WHY!?

Honeyfern: He's so happy! To be like him *shows crying Jayfeather* call 111-THISISBAD-111 today, or order at www.Youfellformyscamlol.com!

The Clan-Spyer 1!

(Can be heard in background): We have a bad editing system so we can't do another take! Be good! Action!

Clear Sky: Have you ever wanted to spy on the other Cla-

Leafstar: Maybe you have, but you were a butt when you lived.

Clear Sky: *sighs* Have you ever wanted to spy on the other Clans?

Leafstar: No.

Clear Sky: Well, I have a solution! The Clan-Spyer 1 lets you read what the Clans are doing! Even SkyClan!

Tigerstar: OMDF (oh my dark forest) gotta have this!!!!! *snatches phone and downloads app*

Clear Sky: You can plot your evil plans, and see witch Clans are weak!

Leafstar: Your bringing-

Clear Sky: SHUT IT, LOSER!

Leafstar (with tape over mouth): Donta orfer tis!

Clear Sky: To get it on your computer, go to www.Theclanswillbedoomedlol.com!

Mapleshade: *goes to computer and looks at website*

Clear Sky: As you can see, you just have to sign up and put in your Credit Cat, and buy it for exactly a billion dollars!

Sharpclaw: Why so cheap?

Leafstar (still with tape over mouth): YO DUMPY!

Clear Sky: To be like them... *shows surprised and scammed Mapleshade and happy Tigerstar* buy one today! If for some reason, you don't like our cheap deal, you can get one for 1,000 mice! Order now and get a free Leafstar!

Leafstar: WHAT!?

Tigerstar: My screen says "Leafstar has fainted".

Clear Sky: *puts Leafstar in box*


*commerical ends*

The Dark forest Escapes!

Tigerstar: You bored with StarClan escapes

Moonflower: OH YES!

Tigerstar: well, come to the dark forest escape! it's 100% kit friendly!



Snowfur: Hey sis?

Bluestar: yes?

Snowfur: I'm lost.

Bluestar: where are you?

Snowfur: between the BloodClan spa and Darktail's rouges resturant. ohh but I had good meat there, the only problem was it was Firestar's body.

Bluestar: Tigerstar, how did she get lost?

Tigerstar: That's the fun! You can get in but no ones ever come out! When you Die Fall asleep, they make you part of the meal!

Hawkfrost: and it's kit friendly! and if you buy your tickets at Darkforestescapes.die you will get 50% off! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! All asleep bodies go to the Dark forest for free! call 877- Dark-forest right now!

Note: we are not responsible if you: Die, get lost, get killed. enjoy!


Kit-O-Maker 200000000000000000


Bluefire: Try out this new machine! You can customize a kit if you want! See, I’ll clone myself for you! *types data into the machine*

Clone kit: Hi, we look alike!

Bluefire: THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE MY CLONE. So, Ferncloud, how many do you want?

Ferncloud: I’ll take one, for now. Name: Pinekit. A beautiful black she-kit with pale green eyes. Personality: protective, determined, overly caring.

Pinekit: Hi, mom!

Bluefire: Do you want any others?

Ferncloud: Sure, I’ll take 2 more. Frostkit, a white she-kit with green eyes and Dawnkit, a brown tabby tom with golden eyes.

Bluefire: *enters data* oh no...

*200000000000000000 kits pour out of the machine, 100000000000000000 white she-kits with green eyes and 100000000000000000 brown tabby toms*

*Ferncloud and Bluefire are crushed by the sheer weight*

Bluefire: *really quickly* the machine has a 33.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333% chance of malfunction, where it makes 200000000000000000 kits. That’s why it’s called the Kit-O-Maker 200000000000000000. *dies with Ferncloud*

Every other Clan cat in a [[38]] mile radius: *dies*

Pinekit and Bluefire-clone-kit: WE RULE THE WORLD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call [[39]] to get yours today!

Bluefire-clone-kit: If it kills you and all your Clan mates, blame the idiot who made it. Also known as THE CREATOR OF MY CLONE.

The Kitting machine

Ferncloud: any cat mad-

Crowfeather: THANK YOU

Ferncloud: any cat mad they won't have kits?

Sandstorm: YES

Ferncloud: now, you can make kits for yourself, what do you want Sandstorm?

Sandstorm: A pale gray she-cat, and a brown tom!

Ferncloud:Now I'll hit you and-oops.

Sandstorm: what?

Ferncloud: Brambleclaw, don't get mad, I have bad aim


*brambleclaw kits*

Brambleclaw: I will name them, Fernkit and Cloudkit, because of the Queen who made me - OH STARCLAN WHAT ARE THEY DOING??

*Every cat who ever kitted*: HAAAAAAHAHAHA

Slate: they are Suckling

Brambleclaw: WHAT?? this is out of control, RAHHHHHHHH

*Comercial ended because of cuncutions of actors

Catvana (Carvana Parody)

Firestar: Are you tired --

Crowfeather: Shut your mouth! I'm not tired you mouse-brain!

Firestar: Okie-dokie...

Take 2

Firestar: Do you want a new way of --

Mousefur: No, you idiot! I'm an elder!

Firestar: Okay, I'm getting seriously annoyed now.

Mousefur: *sighs dramatically* Young cats these days.

Firestar: I'm not old!

Mousefur: Wait what? I said --

Firestar: I DON'T CARE!!! *mauls Mousefur*

Take 3

Firestar: The old way of selling cars is getting --

Lionblaze: OLD! We know.

Firestar: *sighs* We need a new way! Have you ever thought about buying cars 100% online?

Lionblaze: Hm. No, I haven't.

Firestar: Rhetorical question. Any way, we need to buy cars 100% online!

Mousefur: No, we don't!

Firestar: YeS wE dO iT's FoR tHe CoMmErCiAl!

Mousefur: Sheesh, have it your way.

Firestar: D:<

Lionblaze: Geez, he looks angry.


Mousefur: Okay.

Firestar: *slaps his face* So sell the old way of ditching your car, and JUST MOVE ON TO THE NEW WAY for StarClan's sake

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior


Lionblaze: Wanna be invincible like me? *flexes and winks at Heathertail*

Heathertail: Mouse-brain! Nobody wants to be like you!

Lionblaze: Hey!!! *mauls Heathertail*

Take 2

Lionblaze: Hey? You wanna be invincible?

Everyone except Firestar: YASSS!!!

Firestar: Knowledge and wisdom surpass all strength.

Lionblaze: Well you'd think that, 'cause you're OLD.

Firestar: But there is a time to fight. *mauls Lionblaze*

Lionblaze: *throws Firestar off* Ha! See? I'm invincible!

Lionblaze: *gets face in front of camera and starts rapping oddly in jibberish*

Take 3

Lionblaze: Who wants to be INVINCIBLE?

Everyone except Firestar, who is in the medicine cat's den: MMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!

Lionblaze: Well, look no further than the *in dramatic voice* INVINCIBLE-MAKER 2000

Everyone: *gasps*

Lionblaze: It can instantly make you *in dramatic voice* INVINCIBLE! Just walk on in and you'll be *in dramatic voice* INVINCIBLE!

Crookedstar: I'll try! *walks in*

*machine makes odd crackling sound*

Lionblaze: Don't be alarmed! It's still working!

*machine continues making odd crackling noise*

Lionblaze: Hehe... wait for it...

Crookedstar: *blows up*

Lionblaze: See how well it works? Call [WON|1800-THIS WON]'T WORK to buy an *in dramatic voice* INVINCIBLE-MAKER 2000! That's [WON|1800-THIS WON]'T WORK!

Jayfeather: *in extremely low and fast voice* Wearenotresponsiblefordeath,seriousinjuries,poisoning,orbrokenbones.

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

The Kitgun

Mistystar: hewo catus! Ever had an annoying cat who just won't shut up?

Sandstorm: omg YES

Bluestar: Mistystar have you been possessed?

Mistystar: Mehby. Anyway, not important. Ever had a REALLY-


Mistystar: then you need the KITGUN! Shoot 'em and they'll shut up!

Juniperkit: MOMMY! ISN'T SHUT UP A BAD WORD?!?!?

Mistystar: be quiet, kit

Sandstorm: KITS ARE SO QUIET! GIMME KITGUN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mistystar: hehe *shoots everycat in sight*

Sandkit: ...

Spottedleaf: what's going on here?

Mistystar who might or might not be Mistytail in disguise: *shoots*


Firekit: ...



Peaches! Potatoes! Pears! Oh my!

The Lose-Weight-A-Tron

Lionblaze: Are you--

Crowfeather: Don't say it! Tired.

Lionblaze: *sighs* TAKE TWO!

Take 2

Lionblaze: Do you wanna lose weight?

Some fat kittypet: Oh my StarClan! Is that possible?

Lionblaze: Yeah! Well, now it is! With the Lose-Weight-A-Tron! First, enter your current weight! Next, enter how much weight you want to lose, and then just step on in and you'll have lost that much weight!

Fat kittypet: Sounds great! *enters both numbers, walks in*

Fat kittypet: *comes back out skinnier* Whoa, it works!

Second fat kittypet: I wanna try! *enters numbers and walks in*

Second fat kittypet: *comes out skinnier* It worked!

Blackstar: I wanna try it! *enters numbers, walks in*

*machine sends out sparks and small bolts of lightning*

Lionblaze: Hehe... don't worry, it's working!

Blackstar: *walks out and has gained 400 pounds and is nearly round* WhAt HaPpEnEd!?

Lionblaze: Well, order now for just $9999999999999999999999999999999.99!

Jayfeather: Wearenotresponsibleforyougainingtonsofweight.

Blackstar: GAHH!!! *mauls Jayfeather and Lionblaze*

*camera is tipped over and commercial ends*

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

Dog-tooth Collars

Scourge: Do you want to look cool?

All the cool cats: OMSC YASSS!!!

Scourge: Do you wanna look AWESOME!!!???

All the cool cats: YASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Bone: Then buy this dog-tooth collar! It's a kittypet collar studded with DOG TEETH!!! How cool is that?!

Scourge: I don't hear anybody, so I'm gonna talk louder *smiles evilly and grabs huge megaphone* HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!

All the cool cats: AWESOME!!!

Scourge: *impales someone* Isn't it so safe too? Order now!

Bone: Wearenotresponsibleforyourdeath,someoneelse'sdeath,oranyseriousinjuries.

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

Join TigerClan!

"Are you just tired of a long day doing nothing?!"

(Cat lays on rock, snoring)

"Are you bored of your Deputy waking you up for the dawn patrol?"

(Cat screeching in sleeping cat's ear)

"Well, join a real clan!"

(Cat leaps up)


"Yeah! You heard me! All you need to do is join TigerClan! The best clan in the forest!"

(Showing snoozing cats getting their backs rubbed by kittypets)

"Everything is here! From pools..."

(cats swimming in lake and floating on logs)

"...to gyms!"

(Cats doing pull ups)

"Call now and NEVER be bored again!"

(Phone number on bottom of screen)


Cream of Invincibility to Author Powers 30000

Hollyleaf: Sick of being bossed around by cats with author powers?

Mistytail: I'm offended

Cats: *scream in approval*

Hollyleaf: sick of being lugged around like luggage and becoming background?

Brackenfur: o wow yeah

Random cat: shh you're supposed to be cardboard

Brackenfur: awww *turns to cardboard*

Hollyleaf: sick of being told what to do and never being able to put in your opinion?

Cats: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollyleaf: WHAT?

Cats: YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollyleaf: Well buy the Cream of Invincibility to Author Powers 30000! It'll get rid of all of that stuff and more!

Random cat: WOW! It works! *tries it on*


Hollyleaf: only $30000 with a 30000% tax! Order now at 30000credits.order.30000items.org today!

Leafpool: wait why won't my fur comb? Its STUCK!!!!

Hollyleaf: *winks* Available for $30000 and 30000% tax at 30000credits.order.30000items.org ! Shipping costs $30000 plus original amount of money!

Leafpool: MY FUR IS GLUED!!!!

Heathertail: MY PADS ARE STICKY!!!!


Hollyleaf: available now! Shop at 30000credits.order.30000items.org for $30000 and 30000% tax with a $30000 shipping cost!


Peaches! Potatoes! Pears! Oh my!

Ivypool's Useless Machines

Super-Power-Inator 2000

Ivypool: Have you ever been jealous of Lionblaze, Dovewing and Jayfeather having special powers when it should have or could have been you?

Hollyleaf: YES!

Ivypool: Are you fed up with being thrown into the backround?

Hollyleaf: Uh huh!

Ivypool: Then you need the Power-Inator 2000!

Hollyleaf: OOOOOH!!!

Ivypool: If you call the number on your screen today, you will get a Super-Power-Inator 2000 for the low, low price of $1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 plus $2,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 for shipping! But wait, there's MORE! If you call in the next ten seconds, you will get another one for free! Just call [[40]]! That's [[41]]! Or go online to www.ivypoolsuselessmachines.com/Super-Power-Inator_2000 and add to your cart! Or you can go to www.ivypoolsuselessmachines.com/browse to view our other machines!

Dovewing: Like the-

Ivypool: Shhh!

Hollyleaf: YAY!!! *calls [[42]] and nothing happens* DARN! *goes to www.ivypoolsuselessmachines.com/Super-Power-Inator_2000 and adds to cart* YAY! NOW I CAN HAVE A SUPER POWER LIKE MY BROTHERS AND DOVEWING! YAY!

Delivery cat: *delivers Hollyleaf's Super-Power-Inator 2000* Hollyleaf: *reads instructions and assembles* Now I'll aim this at myself and- *explodes*

Ivypool's Useless Machines is not responsible for death, explosions or failures to get powers. There are no returns allowed.

By: Wispy/Wispcloud

Flying-Inator 3000

Ivypool: Hey Dovewing!

Dovewing: Yeah?

Ivypool: Have you ever wanted to fly like a real dove?

Dovewing: Yes

Ivypool: Well I have just the thing for you! It is the Flying-Inator!

Dovewing: YAY!

Ivypool: If you call the number on your screen, you can get a discount for the Flying-Inator 3000! Only the low, low price of $1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 plus $2,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 for shipping! But wait, there's MORE! If you call in the next ten seconds, you can get and extra one free! Just call [[43]] now! That's [[44]]! Or you can go online at www.ivypoolsuselessmachines.com/Flying-Inator_3000 and add it to your cart! To look at more items from Ivypool's Useless Machines, just go to ivypoolsuselessmachines.com/browse to look at our wide selection of items!

Dovewing: *goes to www.ivypoolsuselessmachines.com/Flying-Inator_3000 and buys it* YAY!

Delivery Cat: *delivers*

Dovewing: *reads instructions, assembles and puts on* WEEE! IM FLYING! *tiny breeze blows and she falls* AAAAA- *lands on WindClan moor* Bleh *dies*

Ivypool's Useless Machines is not responsible for death, permenent or nonpermenent injury or failure to fly. There are no returns allowed

By: Wispy/Wispcloud

Change Your Story Spray!!

Feathertail: Are you angry at Erin Hunter, your creator on the way you died in Warriors?

Oakheart: YES! (cuz i got squished by a rock in the first book)

Dum Bramblestar: Wait we're just book characters? Also, what's a book?

Feathertail: *ignoring Dum Bramblestar* Well then buy Change Your Story Spray!! All you have to do is spray the part that you don't like with Change Your Story Spray, let it dry, and bam! Look at it tomorrow, and your life will be altered permanently!

Oakheart: *in amazement* WOAH

Feathertail:Yup! You can die as a hero just like that! Made by Leafy Products Inc!

Feathertail: *speaking quickly and in a low tone* LeafyProductsInc.isnotresponsiblefordeformity,injury,permanentortemporarylossofmemory,death,and/orceasingtoexist. Also,itwillrandomlychooseafateforyou.

Oakheart: *while Feathertail is speaking so he doesn't hear Feathertail* Spray, spray, spray, change my fate! with the change fate SPRAAAAY!

Oakheart: *makes weird chicken-like noises before poofing into nothingness.

Dum Bramblestar: Uhhh.... what just happened? Also, how did I get here? Also, what is here? (Dum Bramblestar didn't read the books)

Feathetail: *awkwardly* Uhh.. YOU SAW NOTHING!!

Feathertail: *dashes off*

Dum Bramblestar: *sits on stage for hours*


Feathertail: Alright, time to shoot the next commercial. Leafstripe!

Dum Bramblestar: *wakes up from deep, snoring, sleep* Wha-?

Feathertail: You? Why are you still here? How did you even get here in the first place? There weren't supposed to be any witnesses in case something went-

Leafstripe (my OC): *puts paws over camera, which was recording this whole event and broadcasting it live* Nope, nope, nope. That's an end to this. Sorry, folks!


The Bai-Bai-Kareninator 1,000,000

Feathertail: Have you ever been frustrated with the annoying Karens in your life when you-

that dude who's 14-year-old son was assaulted by Soho Karen: YAAAAASSSSS!

Feathertail: Sorry dude, but this is for Warrior Cats. Now let me finish!


Feathertail: Have you ever been frustrated with the annoying Karens in yo-

the 14-year-old boy who got assaulted by Soho Karen: YAAAAASSSSSS!!

Feathertail: *angrily* LET ME FINISH!!!!!!


Feathertail: Have you ever been frustrated with Karens that constantly bug yo-

Dum Bramblestar: Who's Soho Karen? Also, what is a Karen?

Leafstripe: *puts paws over camera as Feathertail pants, hunched over, covered in blood* Okay... we need a new commercial host... soon.

Bai-Bai-Karen Spray (REVAMPED!)

Leafstripe: Are you annoyed by those Karens who criticize your rp's when you are just tryna play Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition on Roblox?

Other Leafstripe: YAS GURL!!!

Leafstripe: Well then buy BAi-Bai-Karen Spray!!!

Other Leafstripe: IT makes the Karens go away?

Leafstripe: Yup!

Leafstripe: You just spray it on the Karen, and they dissapear!

Other Leafstripe: WOOOOAAAAAH!!!

Leafstripe clone: Just buy it from Leafy Products Inc!!!

Leafstripe: *in a low and fast tone* Bai-bai-karenspraymayormaynotbejustscentedholywaterandleafyproductsincisnotresponsibleforthekarensrevoltingagainstyouyoukillingafamilymemberbysprayingthemwithbai-bai-karensprayorafamilymemberorclanmatekillingyouwiththekarensprayoryougoingonasprayingspreeandturningalltheclansintozombies

Leafstripe clone:*sprays Other Leafstripe*

Other Leafstripe: *poofs into nothing*

Leafstripe clone: Wait... I thought it only vaporized Karens...

Leafstripe: I thought it did too... SCIENTISTS!! SHOW ME YOUR MATH BOARD!!!

*scientists wheel in the math board on which they create the formulas*

Leafstripe: *reads the math board and sees the biggest math problem written on the board: 1+1=3* WHAAAAT!!! WHICH OF YOU IMBECILES SAID 1+1 IS 3!! 1+1 IS NOT THREE IT IS 2 YOU IDIOTS!!

Scientists: *all point to Dum Bramblestar who is in a full body cast*

Leafstripe, Scientists, Other Leafstripe's spirit, and Clone Leafstripe: YOU AGAIN!!!!! *maul Dum Bramblestar for the 2nd time*

Feathertail: Ooh, are we mauling Bramblestar again? I wanna help! *jumps into the mauling party*

*camera tips over and commercial, which was broadcasted live (cuz' the cameraman is Dum Bramblestar Clone, so he doesn't know how to do it), ends.


The Deadth Spray

Squilf: Do you ever feel like you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallly should have killed someone in 2020 but now its 2021 and they've escaped unharmed


Squilf: Are you just agreeing with me cause I'm you're alive daughter?

Firestar: MMMHHMMMM!

Firestar: no. Actually scrrrge

Squilf: wat the heck is that supposed to mean. weeel anyways...

Squilf: well just buy the DEADTH spray, think of the WHOEVER *smirks a bit and thinks of ashfffiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr* and say every state in America! Then shove it in face

Random cat: WAT?

Cloudtail: yeet *begins to sing like DT*

Squilf: oh my gosh heck no *shoves bread in his mouth*

Cloudtail: oh Starcaln my paws are BLAAAAACCCK NOOOOOOOO


Jayboi: sowwy i'm in the tribe callmemaybelater byeeeeeee


Firestar: baby girl, what are you advertising?

Squilf: I'M A GROWN WOMAN oh and yesssssss it kills whatever

Firestar: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Finchpool: this is a commercial not love!!!!!!!

*Firestar looks at her, confused while he suffocates Squilf in a hug*


*Everyone grabs earmuffs really quick as Cloudtail begins to sing... (please don't let this make anyone mad, its just a joke..)


The Buff 600'000

DawnRise: Are u Sick and Sleeply


(Gets Mauled By JayFeather & Crowfeather)

DawnRise: Help.........

Take 2

My Mom is Now Is Place of my Sis*

SunPond: Are You Boring of Looking Like Cardbor-

Brakenfur: Hey Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

( Gets Mauled By Brakenfur)

Take 3

My Dad is In Place of my Mom*

NightFall:Are you Like Are u Kitting


(Gets maul By FernCloud and Daisy Cause Of Bad Kit Pun)

NightFall: Are you Kitting?

Take 4

I am Now here

DuskFall: Are U BoredOf Being Fat


DuskFall: Then u Need the Buff 600'000

LoudBelly: What Does it Do?

DuskFall:It make U Buff

So Step into the Box

LoudBelly Steps into the Box*

( Door Closes then Opens)

Buff LoudBelly: I works!!!!

Buff Whitestorm: Let me Try

Whitestorm Comes out Fat*

Fat WhiteStorm: WHAT

FireStar: Just call 1653-STOP MAULING MY FAMILY,I repeat Call 1653-STOP MAULING MY FAMILY

DuskFall:Call In the Next 5 Min. To Get it For 1% Off Or Go to Catmart or TarClanand Buy For Full Price 987,654,321,984,44,44444,838.7239283

QuickSilver In Deep voice: We are not responsible for Becoming Fat we are Responsible For Becoming Buff

By DuskFall

Kittypet Food

Take 1

Firestar: Are you tired of-

Crowfeather: For the last time! I'm NOT tired!

Take 2

Firestar: Are you tired of boring old prey?

Every ThunderClan cat other than Firestar: Yeah!

Firestar: WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! We have kittypet food!

Sandstorm: It comes in very nice flavors such as pork, tuna, and many more!

Bluestar: I want some! Where can I get it?

Firestar: Go to www.firestarstotallysafekittypetfood.com!

Bluestar: *buys a bag of kittypet food*

*The camera turns to Firestar so the camera didn't see Bluestar explode*

Sandstorm: *inhales* Firestar'skittypetfoodisnotresponsiblefordesth,sickness,orworse.Thatisonyou.

By: AnonymousDaFox


(Can be heard in background and screen is fixed on Tigerstar who is looking at his phone and wolfing down big macs)

Dovewing: Guys, we don't have all day. STOP POSTING VIDEOS ON CATTUBE BEFORE THE COMMER -- the viewers can hear us, can't they?

Ivypool: Hey, the strangest thing just happened. Our ratings plummeted and no one is watching. Huh. Wait, I think we have a viewer now. Oh we --

Dovewing: StOp It YoU nItWiT!!! *calms down* Wait, you mean we're on? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?!

Ivypool: Yeah, and the camera's on Tigerstar, who's eating, like, 90 bmps.!

Dovewing: WHAT THE HECK IS BMPS?!?!?!

Ivypool: Big macs per second.


Smudge: Actually, I bought some terrible $10 camera at ShopRite, so we have to film only 1 take! Isn't this great?

Dovewing: Remind you to maul you after the commercial.

Smudge: *enthusiastically* Okay!

Dovewing: *slaps face with paw* LET'S START THE DARN COMMERCIAL ALREADY!!!

*camera moves over so that it's facing Dovewing*

Dovewing: This is CatTube!

*dead silence*

Dovewing: *under her breath* Ivypool, that means YOU have to turn on the screen that shows the AWESOME FEATURES of CatTube!

Ivypool: Ohhhhh, right, that's why I'm getting paid!

Dovewing: *eye twitches*

Ivypool: *turns on screen*

Dovewing: You can create your own channel, like this one!

Ivypool: *shows Dovewing's channel with -30 subscribers*

Dovewing: How -- what? NEGATIVE 30?

Dovewing: *calms down* I mean, like this one!

Ivypool: *shows Blackstar's channel with -28 subscribers*

Dovewing: WHAT?!?!?! LIKE THIS ONE!!!

Ivypool: *shows Tigerheart's channel with 9.3 million subscribers*

Dovewing: HoW dId He GeT sO mAnY?!?!?!

Ivypool: We're on live TV!

Dovewing: Anyway, like THAT. And you can post your own videos!

Ivypool: *shows Dovewing's video of her jumping off a roof*

Dovewing: AHEM. We're having a talk later!

Ivypool: Sure!

Dovewing: *slaps Ivypool in the face*

Ivypool: Ow! Hey, that hurt! What was that for?

Dovewing: So get CatTube today for the low price of $999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999.99!

*camera goes black, but the audio is still running*


*huge fight breaks out between Tigerstar, Ivypool, Dovewing, and Smudge*


*camera tips over and commercial ends*

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

The Un-grumper 5000

Lionkit: This is the Un-grumper 5000! *holds up GINORMOUS contraption with many switches, levers, buttons, etc.*

Hollykit: You just push this button, pull that lever, flip that switch, push that other lever, pull out that button, pull this lever, and put the button back in to make any elder or other grumpy cat super fun and un-grumpy. Jaykit, you have to follow all the instructions I just gave.

Jaykit: Hmm... *looks confused*

Hollykit: I said you push this button, pull that le--


Lionkit: How 'bout you just follow the instruction manual.


Lionkit: I was talking to Jaykit.

Jaykit: The instruction manual is 50 pages.

Hollykit: That's not that much, I mean, including assembly and everything.

Jaykit: The assembly manual is [[45]] pages.

Lionkit: O.O

Hollykit: Well, what about the 50 page one. That's not very much.

Jaykit: FOR LIVE TV IT IS!!!

Lionkit: We need WindClan!

Hollykit: Why?

Lionkit: Everyone knows they're the fastest! And most of 'em are nice, too!

Jaykit: You mean Heatherkit.

Lionkit: *is embarassed* NO!


Lionkit: *calls WindClan*

Lionkit: Hello? Oh, hi Onestar. Yeah, so, me and my siblings are on live TV doing a commercial, and there's a 50 page instruction booklet, so since WindClan is SOOOO fast at everything, *rolls eyes* could you send someone over to help us? Great! Bye!

*someone knocks on the studio door*

Hollykit: Jaykit, let them in.

Jaykit: :/

Hollykit: JUST DO IT!!!

Jaykit: *shrugs*

Jaykit: *opens door*

Breezepaw: Did you say you needed help?

Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Breezepaw: Oh, then I'll be going now.

Hollykit: Oh, no ya don't! Lionkit, bring him back here!

Lionkit: Sure thing! *drags Breezepelt back into the studio and shoves him in front of the instruction booklet*

Lionkit: Do it.

Breezepaw: *opens booklet* Who made this thing? It's terrible! And the booklet is so long!

Lionkit and Jaykit: *nod to each other*

Hollykit: As a matter of fact, I made it, so STOP CRITICIZING IT!!!

Breezepaw: *shrugs*

Breezepaw: By the way, I'm better than all three of you because I'm a 'paw.

Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit: LET'S GET 'IM! *maul Breezepaw*

Breezepaw: GAH! JuSt LeMmIe Do ThE tHiNg!

Hollykit: Let him go, and MAKE SURE HE GETS THE MACHINE READY!!!

Breezepaw: *does all the instructions wrong*

Breezepaw: *under his breath* The Grumpifier 5000!

Jaykit: What was that?

Breezrepaw: Nothing.


Breezepaw: *goes back to WindClan and turns on his TV to the channel that the three of them are doing the commercial on* This should be fun!

Hollykit: Aim it at me, Lionkit!

Lionkit: Okay! *shoots a bolt of energy at Hollykit*

Hollykit: I have fleas in my pelt! I hate fleas. Get the fleas outta my pelt!

Jaykit: It seems that the machine's affect has been reversed, and Hollykit is now grumpier than Mousefur!


Breezepelt: Hehe. That was funny!

Heathertail: What was funny?

Breezepelt: Nothing!


Lionkit: Go watch something else while we sort this out!

Hollykit: Young cats think they can do everything these days!

Jaykit: *sighs*


Jaykit: Huh. That didn't work either.

Lionkit: Wait, we're still on! Eek!

Lionkit: Call 1800-I-HOPE-THIS-WORKS to get yours today! That's 1800-I-HOPE-THIS-WORKS.

Jaykit: Wearenotresponsibleifthismachinemakesyoureallygrumpy.

*commercial ends*

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

Tigerstar's Totally Not Filthy Restaurant

Tigerstar: Welcome to my totally not filthy restaurant!

Everyone: Okay......

Darkstripe: *excessive clapping* WOO-HOO!!! GO TIIIIGERSTARRR!!!!!

Tigerstar: Shut up you nitwit. Anyway, at this restaurant, you can eat your favorite fresh-kill in new flavors, help make the food, and get revenge--er......

Hawkfrost: Dad, just get on with the commercial.

Tigerstar: Okay, so, Dovewing, try this awesome pie! *holds up the most delicious-looking pie you will ever see*

Dovewing: Oooooo, looks AMAZING! *takes huge bite* Hmm, this tastes funny...

Tigerstar: Look, if you peel off the delicious-looking covering, it's a STINKY, BLACKENED, BURNT pie that's just CRAWLING with MAGGOTS!

Dovewing: *throws up*

Tigerstar: On to the next thing! *enters kitchen* You can help make the food! Hawkfrost, get up here and demonstrate!

Hawkfrost: Okayyyyy......... *flips some pancakes*

Tigerstar: *sighs over-dramatically* We practiced this.

Hawkfrost: Okay, fine.

*camera turns to Tigerstar*

Tigerstar: You won't BELIEVE how good it'll be when he's done! Let's see what Darkstripe is doing!

Tigerstar: *walks over to where Dovewing is picking maggots out of her teeth*

Darkstripe: Hi! I just finished making ANOTHER delicious meal!

Ivypool: *walks in* Hi guys! Wait, where am I?

Tigerstar: You're at Tigerstar's Totally Not Filthy Restaurant!

Ivypool: *enthusiastically* Sounds promising! Especially since I'm ordering from Tigerstar!


Darkstripe: *claps paw over Dovewing's mouth* Even better than Tigerstar will admit! Isn't it, Dovewing? *holds claw up to Dovewing's throat*

Dovewing: Er...yeah!

Hawkfrost (from the other room): I'M FINISHED!

Tigerstar: Come on, let's go see what he made! Ivypool can be our taste-tester! *walks into the other room*

Hawkfrost: Well, here it is! *holds up disgusting batch of blackened cookies*

Hawkfrost: And they smell good, too! See those succulent-looking GREEN FUMES rolling off them!

Ivypool: Hm, on second thought, I think I have something else to--

Tigerstar: Oh no you don't! You have to be the taste-tester!

Ivypool: Okayyyyy.........

Tigerstar: How 'bout EVERYONE has a cookie!

Everyone: *groans*

Tigerstar: Come onnnnn, they'll be great!

Everyone except Hawkfrost and Tigerstar: *takes a ginormous bite*

Everyone except Hawkfrost and Tigerstar: *throws up*

Hawkfrost: Huh. Well now I have to see if it's really that bad! *takes a huge bite*

Hawkfrost: I DoN't FeEl So GoOd... *throws up*

Hawkfrost: Dad, do you REALLY think this is GOOD FOOD?

Tigerstar: Of course, son!

*camera turns so that Tigerstar is in the center of the screen and everyone behind him is vomiting*

Tigerstar: Come to Tigerstar's Totally Not Filthy Restaurant today! It only costs $99999999999999999.99 to eat here! Well, plus taxes, so that's...

Tigerstar: *counting on fingers*

Tigerstar: $999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999.99! For this cheap price, enjoy the worst -- er... best -- meal of your life! Call [MEAL|1800-WORST MEAL] EVER to eat here today! That's [MEAL|1800-WORST MEAL] EVER!

*commercial ends*

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

Starclan Prophecy Generator 2000

Firestar: Have you ever wanted a machine that can generate Starclan prophecies for you without listening to old cats ramble on for centuries?

Brambleclaw: No, not really.

Firestar: Yes you do. Remember? *Glares at him*

Bramblclaw: Oh yeah! Right! Heh heh (._.')

Firestar: Well, then you need the Starclan Prophecy Generator 2000!! It generates prophecies for you in the blink of an eye! Just watch!

*Firestar walks over to what looks like a copier machine and presses a button. A paper slip pops out.*

Firestar: *Clears throat* *Reads ominously* "You shall save the clans from a coming darkness"! Now you try, my fellow cat!

Brambleclaw: My name is Brambl-

Firestar: NOBODY CARES! *Shoves Brambleclaw over and presses button.*

Brambleclaw: "You shall... save the clans from a coming darkness". -_-

Firestar: Ooh, sounds ominous!

Brambleclaw: -_- Bruh.

Firestar: I'm paying you, remember?

Brambleclaw: Fine! Jeesh.

Firestar: *Eyes Brambleclaw* Now, to get your own Starclan Prophecy Generator 2000, just call 1-800-JUSTACOPIERMACHINE today! The price is very low, only $1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 plus shipping and handling! And today it's only half off! (Not really.) So get your prophecy generator today!



The Make-A-Fanclan-10,0000!

*Random dragon pops out of nowhere*

Damselfly: Hey you!

A bunch of random oc's: Who, us?


Take two:

Damselfly: Hey you!

A bunch of random oc's: Who, us?

Damselfly: Yes, you! Do you struggle to find the perfect, unique, AMAZING Fanclan concept?

Random oc's: YES! ALWAYS!

Damselfly: Well then YOU need The Make-A-Fanclan-10,0000! It will give you tons of amazing and unique fanclan ideas!

Random Brown Tabby: Can i try it?

Damselfly: Of course you can! step right up!

  • *The random brown tabby goes to the small machine and pushes a button. a piece of paper comes out*

The random brown tabby: *reading paper* Wow! Couchpotatoclan! Their leader is Armchairstar and their deputy is Remotebutton!

Damselfly: Thats right viewers! The Make-A-Fanclan-10,0000 even generates a leader,deputy,medicine cat and a few warriors, elders, apperentices, queens and kits to help you start your fanclan!

Random white cat: Can i try to?

Damselfly: Of course!

** The random white cat approaches the Make-A-Fanclan-10,0000 and presses a button. but he presses the wrong one and is blasted away.*

Damselfly: *nervous laughter* As you can tell, if someone presses the black button they will be blasted away. no, i dont know why this is a thing, im just the saleswoman

Damselfly: The Make-A-Fanclan-10,0000 costs just 5,000 mice, or 50 scales! and, theres also an extension to allow you to make a Fantribe, available for just 500 mice or 25 scales.

A random black cat: *Inserts the extension into the Make-A-Fanclan-10,0000 and presses the button. a piece of paper comes out. they read it aloud*

Random black cat: COOL! The tribe of rolling fields! their Stoneteller is called a Grassreader and their name is Lark that sits on stem!

Damselfly: And if you call now, we will throw in a free oc creator! Just call 555-Fanclan-10-not-real-

Damselfly: And now for happy customers review

** Screen switches to Sunny and Lucky the cats**

Sunny: My brother pressed the black button and got thrown into a wall! but hey, at least i got a cool fanclan, Scaredyclan!

Lucky: *mutters quiet disagreement from his bed where he is in a full body cast*

** Screen switches to Owl that screams in exasperation because its owlets keep jumping out of the nest and her kits**

Owl: I love it! it keeps my kits out of trouble and entertained!

** In the backround one of her kits, Eagle gets blasted into the waterfall and the other one, Doe faints from fear*

Owl: And no i was not paid to say that. Now if you will excuse im going to check on Eagle and Doe. * she walks over to her kits*

Damselfly: well there you have it! two happy customers who dont regret their purchases AT ALL. So what are you waiting for? buy one today!

** Damselfly's niece, Jewelwing appears out of no where**

Jewelwing (in weirdly deep voice): wearenotrespinableforanyonebeingtoostupidtoreadthedonotpressbuttonontheblackbuttonandgettingblastedintosomethingandorbeingbadlyinjured

**screen fades into black as jeopardy theme songs starts to play*


The Twoleg Nest!

Leopardstar: Tired of staying in camp?

Mistyfoot: Actually, n-

Leopardstar: Say yes. Or I'll decrease your pay.

Mistyfoot (in a shaky voice): Yes!

Leopardstar (really loudy): WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! The Twoleg nest!

Mistyfoot (in an unimpressed tone): What does it do? Kill you?

Leopardstar: Nope!

*a little screen appears in front of Leopardstar's face*

Leopardstar: With The Twoleg Nest, you can choose a Twoleg Nest to live in!

Mistyfoot: *is edited to have stars in her eyes* Wow!

Leopardstar: When you find one you like, click on it to give yourself a virtual tour before making your final choice! Take this one, for example! *clicks on a modern-looking mansion and confirms she wants it*

Mistyfoot: Now what?

Leopardstar: Now, you wait for every twoleg in the house to be teleported elsewhere! Then, you will get teleported to the house! *Leopardstar and Mistyfoot get teleported to the mansion*

Mistyfoot: Wow!

Leopardstar: And you get everything the house comes with!

Mistyfoot: Where can I get this?

Leopardstar: JUST CALL [[46]]. That's [[47]]! Call within the next hour to get a free... a free... A FREE STONEFUR!

Stonefur: WHAT?!?!?!

Mistyfoot: Wearenottobesuedforatwolegdyingoryoudying.

Written by: AnonymousDaFox

PAWsta (Pasta)

Firestar: Do you want better food options than just prey?

Graystripe: YES!

Firestar: Something tastier?


Firestar: Then you need PAWsta! The yummiest noodles you'll find on this side of the forest!

Graystripe: What about the other si-

Firestar: PAWsta is made out of herbs, and has that taste of plump prey.

Graystripe: Yum! Healthy AND tasty? Where can I buy this?

Firestar: You can find it at any store that sells food!

Graystripe: I need to go buy some! *runs off to the nearest TarClan store*

Firestar: PAWstamaycontaindeathberriesandwearenotresponsibleforsickness,injuries,ordeath.

(If you get sick, blame this person)

Un-disasterize Territory 30000

Note: before we start, 30000 products are owned by this user and are officially copyrighted!

Misty: oh great, who made my stuff copyright?

Hollyleaf: me!

Misty: okay

Hollyleaf: have your territory and clan flooded?

Leopardstar: yeah...

Bramblestar: Ye

Hollyleaf: WELL, with this Un-disasterize Territory 30000, you can clean up water, get rid of pesky winds, put your camp back together in a snap, and change the weather! All you have to do is press this button!

Berryclaw: ooh-la-la! *presses button*

Territory: *becomes un-flooded as if nothing happened*

Hollyleaf: and not to mention that predators will be more attracted to your territory now!

Foxes, badgers, dogs, Tigerstar I, and other predators: rawr

Hollyleaf: SO! Order now at 30000products.com (a new website? Yay!) and buy your Un-disasterize Territory 30000 right now! Only for $30000, and they're only 30000 left in stock!

Wearenotresponsibleforpredatorskillingcustomersorcustomersdisappearingforwhoknowshowlong. DesignedbyHollyleafhelpsand30000products!

It doesn't matter if you don't succeed, what really matters is if you try your best, and if you keep on trying. So keep on trying!

Dream Cat BETA

Take 1

Leafstar: Do you want to create your dream cat?

Billystorm: I thought I was your dream cat!

Leafstar: No, Billystorm! Get out of my recording studio!

Take 2

Leafstar: Are none of the cats in your clan good enough for you? Want to create your dream mate? Then you need the Dream Cat BETA!

Harrybrook: It lets you select fur color, gender, personality, and more!

Leafstar: Show 'em Firefern!

Firefern: *selects her dream cat*

*a cat comes out and it kills her*

*everyone runs around the studio screaming*

*Commercial ends with the killer mate running at the screen and clawing it*

One-Letter Name Changer

Loudbelly: Does your name suck?

Sneezecloud: YES!

Loudbelly: Wish you could change it by one letter?

Sneezecloud: Maybe multiple, but YES!

Loudbelly: Then you need the One-Letter Name Changer! It adds, removes, or replaces a singular letter in your name! *presses button*

*a piece of paper falls from the sky saying "Your name is now Loudbell"

Loudbell: See? I'm Loudbell now! Much better than LoudBELLY!

Sneezecloud: I wanna try! *presses the button then grasps the paper*

Loudbell: What's your new name, friend?

Sneezecloud: ...

Loudbell: WELL?!?!?! SPILL THE TEA!

Sneezecloud: Sneezeclouds.

Loudbell: Wow! Multiple is better than one! Let's see some customer reviews!

Holyleaf: I'm holy now!

Spottedlea: IDK what a lea is, but it sounds pretty!

Sirestar: I love my new name! BOW BEFORE ME, FOR I AM YOUR SIRE!

Mallstar: I hate malls. They are loud and stinky.

Soxheart: I don't sound fox-hearted anymore!

Loudbell: What are you waiting for? Get it today or I'll steal your prey!

Sneezeclouds: Don't get it. It'll ruin your lif-

Loudbell: Whatevernameyougetfromthisispermanentandcannotbechangedorswitchedback.

*Screen slowly starts to fade into black as Sneezeclouds screams "WAIT, I'M GONNA HAVE THIS DUMB NAME FOREVER?!?!?!?*

The Fluffi-fier!

Dovewing: Are you tired of being sleek-furred?

ThunderClan: YES!

Dovewing: Do you wanna be fluffy?

ThunderClan: OH, YES!

Dovewing: Then try the fluffi-fier! It makes you 50% fluffier! *holds up what looks like a ray gun*

Ivypool: How does it work? I wanna be fluffy!

Dovewing: Just fire it at the cat that wants to become fluffy and they will!

Ivypool: Fluff-ify me Dovewing!

Dovewing: *fires ray gun but misses and hits Jayfeather*

Jayfeather: *is now a living puffball*

Dovewing: oops

Jayfeather: Reverse it, Dovewing...

Dovewing:*Whispers* we're on air!

Jayfeather: Now.

Dovewing: Alright, then. *shoots ray gun at Jayfeather. It doesn't work*

Jayfeather: Why isn't it working???

Dovewing: *looks away*

Jayfeather: Dovewing!

Dovewing: I forgot to mention... it can't be reversed.

Jayfeather: WHAT?! I'M GONNA GET YOU DOVEWING! *tries to maul Dovewing but can't cause his paws are too fluffy*

Dovewing: heh heh... well, anyway, get the fluffi-fier for all your fluffi-fying needs! Only £9999999.999 plus shipping and handling!

Lionblaze: *whispers* wearenotresponsibleforoverfuffifyinginjuryordeath.shippingandhandling£9999999.999.

lol ~ Ivy

Blood Bottle

Tigerstar: Have you ever wanted the blood of your enemies?

Brokenstar: YES!

Tigerstar: Then you need the Blood Bottle!

Brokenstar: Sweet! How do I use it?

Tigerstar: It's easy! All you need to do is insert this needle into the cat of your choice...

*camera turns to a sleeping Firestar*

Tigerstar: *puts the needle in Firestar* And then, the blood will be put into this little bottle!

Firestar: *snore* Ow... Graypaw... ThunderCla- *snore*

Tigerstar: And as a bonus, if you remove the needle with a lot of force, The bottle will carve the name of the cat in it, so you know who's blood it is! *grasps the needle and pulls it as hard as he can*

*"Firestar" is engraved in black letters on the bottle*

Firestar: OUCH! *wakes up* Tigerstar?!?!?!? I thought you were dead!

Tigerstar: Ifyourenemythencomesafteryouthatisyourfault

Firestar: *vanishes*

Tigerstar: It can be YOURS for only $100,000!

Brokenstar: Wow! So cheap! I'm gonna buy it now!

Tigerstar: Call within the next 10 minutes and get a FREE kit included for $1,000,000 or ALL THE PREY IN THE FOREST!

Brokenstar: What does the kit include?

Tigerstar: 5 Blood Bottles, a special poster, and a SPEAR! The spear will be customized to be stained with the blood of your worst enemy!

Brokenstar: Cool!

*phones start ringing*

Tigerstar: Well? What are you waiting for? Get it today or I'll claw your face off!

*commercial ends with Tigerstar and Brokenstar injecting every cat ever*

Warriors University!

Tallstar: Hey you!

Every Cat in the Warriors Books: Who, me!

Tallstar: Yes you! Have you ever wanted to learn in luxury?

Nightstar: Yes!

Tallstar: Then you need to attend Warrior University!

Firestar: Cool! Can we have a tour?

Tallstar: Yes!

*camera cuts to Tallstar standing outside a large, modern-looking brick building*

Tallstar: The outside is decorated to look like the forest!

*the camera does a slow 180, showing off the bushes, trees, and flowers lining the building*

Tallstar: Now for the principal's office!

*camera cuts to a large room with a long desk splitting the seating area and the actual office*

Tallstar: We have a seating area where you can wait to get help!

*Tallstar then pulls a candy from the candy bowl called "Rabbit Chocolate" and eats it*

Tallstar: *muffled by chewing* Now for the class hallways!

*camera cuts to a hallway with fake grass and moss on the floor*

Tallstar: This is where hunting class, fighting class, and healing class are located! Let's show them each classroom!

*camera cuts to the hunting class, which has a small prey pile and a large cage hovering above a small pit, the cage being filled with living prey*

Tallstar: Here, you can learn how to hunt as best as you can! *walks to a door in the class leading to a greenhouse-looking grassy plain*

Tallstar: Here is where you do practice hunting!

*the camera shows off the hanging plants, tall grass, and miniature river*

Tallstar: You can learn how to catch prey in the strangest places!

*camera cuts to fighting class, which is dawn gray and covered in fake bloodstains*

Tallstar: You learn to fight better here!

*camera cuts to healing class which has walls that are golden yellow and covered in vines*

Tallstar: For all my medicine cat friends out there, you can learn more about herbs here! *side glances a small flea market stall with herbs organized into potato sacks*

Tallstar: And those are the classes! Let's show them the dorms! Your dorm is customized by your clan!

*camera cuts to the ThunderClan-style dorm*

Tallstar: For ThunderClan, there is a small, potted tree, a moss-green Googcat (Google) Home, three emerald green twoleg beds, and the desks are made with a pleasant oak wood.

Firestar: *cheering in the background*

Tallstar: Moving on to ShadowClan!

*camera cuts to the ShadowClan-style dorm*

Tallstar: The walls are storm gray, you get a blood red Catazon (Amazon) Echo dot, and the beds are sunrise bloodstain! The desks are made out of spruce, stained with fake blood.

Tigerstar: *screaming "Hooray!" in the background*

Tallstar: WindClan time! *claps paws*

*camera cuts to a WindClan dorm*

Tallstar: WindClan dorms are quite special. They are quite long, so you can run quickly. You get a Silver Catazon Echo Silver, grass-lime beds, and birch wood desks!

*camera cuts to a RiverClan dorm*

Tallstar: RiverClan dorms come with a fish tank, dark blue beds, and a tranquil waterfall at the end of the dorm. You get a night-black Catazon Echo, and the desks are made out of acacia, and the drawers are painted like a sunset.

Leopardstar: *faint happy screeching*

Tallstar: And lastly, SkyClan!

*camera cuts to a SkyClan dorm*

Tallstar: The wall is painted like the sky, the beds are cloud white, and resting on stones that you need to jump high to get on! The desks are painted wool white, and you get a mini-model of the gorge! You also get a brown Googcat Home.

Leafstar: *doing a happy dance*

Tallstar: We have 2 more things to show you!

*camera cuts to the bathroom*

Tallstar: We have bathrooms for both she-cats and toms! The toilets have litter, dirt, and catnip in them! Once you did what you need, push the lever down, and it will replace the litter with brand new littler for someone else to use! And when you're done, wash your paws!

*camera cuts to the cafeteria*

Tallstar: Each clan's cafeteria looks the same, only the wallpaper is different! Here, you can get your favorite prey or drinks! *picks up a drink dish*

Tallstar: We have lots of food options! And water you shall have no more! We have more drink options!

*camera cuts to the drink machine*

Tallstar: We have water, milk, and several options of prey blood! *gets a bowl of rabbit blood and drinks it*

Tallstar: Well? What are you waiting for? Sign up today! Go to www.warriorsuniversity.com/signup to join today!

Tallstar: Warriorsuniversityisnottobeheldresponsibleifyoudieinfightingclassorgetkilledbyyourroommates.

Rid-the-Forest-now 30000

Take One

Squirrelflight: *sounding bored* ever had unwanted stuff in your forest

Hollyleaf: that's not how you do it!

Cats: *start snoring*

Hollyleaf: look what you did! *slaps a random cat's face* hey you!!!

Cats: *keep snoring*

Hollyleaf: UGH

Take Two

Author's note: sorry, but this commercial is only coming soon. The author does not have enough time to continue it for now. Sorry.

It doesn't matter if you don't succeed, what really matters is if you try your best, and if you keep on trying. So keep on trying! 19:33, 22 February 2021 (UTC)


((I know it's nowhere near Thanksgivin' but I just wanted to make a Thanksgiving-themed commercial :P))

Snailshell: You! Yeah, you!

Parrotfeather: *Looks around* Me?

Snailshell: Who else am I talking to, Parrotfeather?

Parrotfeather: You could be talking to the audience...

Snailshell: ... Do you need a family to celebrate Thanksgiving with? Well, come on down to JungleClan! We'll be happy to feed some random cats! We'll have amazing food, brought by the beautiful Duckfur and Rabbit-tail!

Duckfur: I can't wait to eat with strangers!

Snailshell: You might be wondering, "Wait? Where is this amazing and best clan ever?" Well, it's located in the southeast jun-

Butterflywing: *Smacks the turkey off the table while Snailshell is talking to the audience*



*Please hold :P*


Snailshell: Uh... Come on down to JungleClan to have Thanksgiving! We'll be waiting for you!

((Made by: Sleepysky; 2/25/21))


Spottedleaf: Hey you!

Sandstorm: Me?

Spottedleaf: Yes you! Do you want to be comfy?

Sandstorm: Yeah!

Spottedleaf: Then you need the Com-Fi!

Sandstorm: *gasps* What does it do?

Spottedleaf: Why, Sandstorm it's so easy! The Com-Fi is a blanket with AI built into it!

Sandstorm: Cool!

Spottedleaf: This blanket can talk to you, answer questions, and keep you nice and cozy!

*A Com-Fi falls from the sky and Sandstorm catches it*

Sandstorm: Wow! It's so soft! *rus to warriors den to sleep in it*

*camera cuts to Sandstorm curled up in her Com-Fi*

AI: Good night, Sandstorm. *plays rain sounds*

Spottedleaf: Go to www.comfi.com and order yours for only 5 easy payments of 1,000,000,000,000 mice! You can get them in Thunder yellow, Shadow black, river blue, grass green, and stone gray!

Sandstorm: *snore*

Spottedleaf: Wearenotresponsibleifyougetelectrocutedbycom-fiandhospitalpaymentsandsuingaren'taccepted.


Story Thyme!

Take 1

Dovewing: She-Cats and Toms! She-Kits and Tom-kits! It is with great pride that I show you the best app ever! Story Thyme!

Ivypool: Cool!

Dovewing: Story Thyme is an app that lets you create and share stories! Your home page is customized by your clan, interests, and books that you read previously! You can follow other users and read their stories!

Ivypool: What books can I create with Story Time- I MEAN THYME! DANG IT!

Take 2

Dovewing: She-Cats and Toms! She-Kits and Tom-kits! It is with great pride that I show you the best app ever! Story Thyme!

Ivypool: Cool!

Dovewing: Story Thyme is an app that lets you create and share stories! Your home page is customized by your clan, interests, and books that you read previously! You can follow other users and read their stories!

Ivypool: What books can I create with Story Thyme?

Dovewing: You can create regular books, p-kit-ture books, and mangas! You can even take any Warrior Cats book and change it!

Ivypool: Cool! How do the mangas work?

Dovewing: My sister, it's simple. You can chose panel size and shape, and the background!! You can then put a thought box, thought bubble, or speech bubble! You can also choose sprites of all your favorite cats and add them to the story!

Ivypool: *GAASP* I need to sign up right now! *grabs phone and starts to sign up*

Dovewing: Well what are you waiting for, ya scardey kits? Sign up for Story Thyme today!

Ivypool: I'm gonna make a manga of Dovewing being thrown into a volcano!

Dovewing: Wearenotresponsibleifwegetyourclosestfamilyandorfriendstoturnagainstyou.

*Ivypool and Dovewing start fighting, and blood splatters get on the camera*

*The screen slowly fades into white as the Story Thyme logo pops up*

Audio: Story Thyme. Share your stories.

Easygoing Spray

Featherwhisker: Do you want to be easygoing like me?

Everyone: YASSS!!!

Featherwhisker: Then buy EASYGOING SPRAY!!! It'll make you super easygoing and more likable! Let's try it on Yellowfang!

(In the ThunderClan medicine den)

Cinderpaw: Yellowfang, can I have a day off?

Yellowfang: No, you nitwit.

Featherwhisker: *sprays Yellowfang with Easygoing Spray*

Featherwhisker: Now Yellowfang, let Cinderpaw have a day off.

Yellowfang: Sure.

Cinderpaw: Yay! *runs off happily*

Featherwhisker: *to the camera* Let's go make some more cats easygoing!

(On a cliff in the Dark Forest)

Featherwhisker: The weather's so great here! *takes a deep breath* Anyway, here's someone we can make easygoing!

Tigerstar: *is panting and making grunting noises*

Featherwhisker: *sprays Tigerstar with Easygoing Spray*

Featherwhisker: Walk off this cliff!

Tigerstar: I'm cool with that. *walks off cliff*

Featherwhisker: So buy Easygoing Spray today! *winks*

Pinestar: Wearenotresponsibleifyouarekilledbecauseofthisproduct.

Hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior

The Smurf Machine 3000

Firestar: Are there some annoying mary-sues/gary-stus that you hate?

Tigerstar: Yes.

Firestar: Than try the Smurf Machine 3000! The king of useless crossovers! Just cram your enemy into the chute and our Smurf Machine will turn them into a smurf! Isn't this stupid great?

Tigerstar: Yes, this is great! (Crams Firestar into the Smurf Machine)

Firestar: HEY!

Smurf Machine: GRING GRUNG PING!

(A smurf pops out)

Firestar the smurf: I HATE YOU!

Tigerstar: (Informercial announcer voice) Get the Smurf Machine 3000 for only 599845628 easy payments of $13.99 (plus shipping and handling). Just call 1800-THISMACHINEISUSELESS! That's 1800 - THISMACHINE IS USELESS!

Chorus of smurfs: (Out of tune) GET YOUR SMURF MACHINE NOW!

Hehehehe... Join The Dark Bunny Clan! We have cookies 18:43, 8 March 2021 (UTC)

Ravenpaw’s 19-Bottlez-O’-Dishsoup


Ravenpaw: Are you tired of-

  • Crowfeather glances at him*

Ravenpaw: erm… are you… will mad work? Are you mad when your family and friends, *Cough* Barley *Cough*, uses all the dish soap, and you don’t have anymore?

Ivypool, Goldenflower, and Onestar: OMSC, YESS!

Ravenpaw: Then try out Ravenpaw’s 19-Bottlez-O’-Dishsoup! Its new, its improved, its horrible!

Onestar: *gets bored and walks away*

Ivypool and Goldenflower: What does it do?

Ravenpaw: You just aim it at a bottle of dish soup, and it turns into 19 bottles! HOW COOL IS THAT!

  • Ravenpaw starts playing heavy metal*

Ivypool: Wait, why do you need so many soups?

Ravenpaw: MIND YOUR BUSINESS, IVYPOOL! Ahem… Buy one in the next 15 seconds and get 1 cent off!

Goldenflower: *Gaspos and gets phone ready*

Ravenpaw: Call-

Greystripe: With a payment of $19,999 and 1 cent, call 1800-Its-Really-Shampoo now! That’s 1800-Its-Really-Shampoo! You can also buy it at your local Firestarmart (Walmart), Tigerstarget (Target), and Hollyleafazon (Amazon)! You can also buy it online at www.WhyDidisignupforthis.com!

Ravenpaw: WHY YOU ----! THAT’S MY LINE! *Jumps on Greystripe*

  • Big battle and someone die*


Greystripe: … that was not me…

Onestar: Dead under Ravenpaw’s paw’s paw’s paw’s


Firestar: … I never liked him anyways.

Onestar's starclan ghost walks on stage: Wearenotresponsibleforanydeaths,missinglimbs,oranykindsofinjurys.Sideeffectsaredeath,exploshoins,andotehrthingslikethat.

  • Later after commercial is out*

Barley: *Turns off tv and turns to Ravenpaw*

Also Barley: I take a VK for one day… and you make weird commercials of useless stuff.

Ravenpaw: You should see the potato-patatoer.
Barley: I don’t want to know, and I don’t want you to ever bring that up again.

Ravenpaw: *Poker face*

  • cough* By KittieWhiskerz *Cough*

Farm Lyfe 2,000!

Ravenpaw: Does your clan life suck?

Pinestar: Yeah...

Ravenpaw: Wanna live better, and cooler?

Pinestar: Yeah...

Ravenpaw: Then you need the Farm Lyfe 2,000!

Pinestar: Yeah...?

Ravenpaw: It lets you live that farm life you've always wanted to live!

Pinestar: *pouts* But I wanted to live a kittypet life!

Ravenpaw: With the Farm Lyfe 2,000, you get a special illusion that looks like you're living life on a farm! But this is no ordinary simulation, it even let's you smell farm smells, and walk into special locations!

Pinestar: OKAY, I'M DONE WITH YOU! *punts Ravenpaw across the forest*

*camera cus to Ravenpaw being flung through the air*

Ravenpaw: Wecannothelpyouifyouarebanishedfromyourcla- *hits the ground* ouch.

Clanlr (Tumblr Clan Version)

Harveymoon: Do you wanna know what's going on in the clans without leaving your den?

Billystorm: Yes!

Harveymoon: Wanna share stuff you've seen with other cats WITHOUT social interaction?

Billystorm: YES, OH YES!!!

Harveymoon: Then download Clanlr! It's the perfect place to share images and talk with other cats!

Billystorm: Wow! I need this app!

Harveymoon: Download Clarlr today for the low low price of only 1 hawk, 5 wolves, and 10 badgers!

Billystorm: Wow! So cheap!

Audio: Clanlr. Social interaction, but far-distanced.


Take 1

Firestar: Wanna have a pet prey?

Tallstar: Prey is for eating...

Take 2

Firestar: Tired of-


Take 3

Firestar: Want a-


Take 4

Firestar: Hey, Greystripe!

Graystripe: Yeah?

Firestar: Have you ever wanted to spare prey?

Graystripe: NO!

Take 5

Firestar: Mosskit!

Mosskit: Yes, Firestar?

Firestar: Have you ever wanted to keep prey as a pet?

Mosskit: Yes!

Firestar: Then visit the LIVING PREY STORE! It's only 12 fox-lengths away from FourTrees!

Mosskit: What can I buy there?

Firestar: Any living prey! Rabbits, mice, birds, and more! Perfect for you!

Mosskit: Wow! I need to go now! *runs off*

Firestar: Wearenotresposibleforbanishmentfromyourclanoryouturningsoftandnotwantingtohuntpreyanymore.

The Dirt-In-Your-Den AND The Dirt Den


Stonefur: Have you ever needed to go to the dirtplace but never wanted to leave your den? Then you need the Dirt-in-Your-Den! It lets you do your business in your own den! Get it now at www.dirtplaceproducts.com/dirt-in-your-den!

A Bunch of Ransom Cats: Wearenotresponsibleifyourdenamtesexileyoufromyourdenforstinkingitup.

Dirt Den

Feathertail: If you need to go to the dirtplace but can't hold it much longer, you need the Dirt Den! It's a den for making dirt in!

*camera cuts out then comes back on 4 hours later*

Feathertail: Get it now at www.dirtplaceproducts.com/dirt_den! Or call now at 1-800-THISSTINKS. That's 1-800-THISSTINKS!

Pool Pawty!

Leopardstar: Wanna have the night of your life?

Mistyfoot: YEAH!!!!

Leopardstar: Then come to the Pool Pawty! You can swim around, eat, socialize, and have fun!

*camera cuts to RiverClan cats swimming around and having a good time. There is a small glimpse of an underground dungeon and Firestar's ginger pelt*

Leopardstar: Also, forgot to mention... ONLY RIVERCLAN CATS ARE ALLOWED! If you are from a different clan, we will LOCK YOU IN THE DUNGEON! Half-RiverClan cats are the only exception.

Mistyfoot: I'll be there tonight!

Leopardstar: Wearenotresponsibleifyouarenotriverclanandneverseyourfamilyorfriendsagainhahanonecanhearthisanywaysoyouwontknowhahahahaha.

*commercial ends with Firestar's faint screeching*

Cloudtail's Nacho Heaven

Cloudtail: Hey, Onestar!

Onestar: *groans, then gives a forced smile* Yes, Cloudtail?

Cloudtail: Wish you could eat Nachos ALL DAY?!?!?

Onestar: N-

Cloudtail: Then visit Cloudtail's Nacho Heaven, just a few tail-lengths away from the ThunderClan border!

Onestar: *deep sigh*

Cloudtail: You can live your Nacho Dreams here! There's so many nachos that you can eat!

Onestar: ...

Cloudtail: AND, if you buy V.I.N.L or Very Important Nacho Lover membership, you get UNLIMITED, FREE visits to the V.I.N.L LOUNGE!

*camera cuts to the V.I.N.L lounge*

Cloudtail: Look how fun this is! Come to Cloudtail's Nacho Heaven today!

Onestar: Don't come. It sucks the-

*camera dies and commercial ends*


Firestar: Wanna live in a luxury Twolegplace with your whole clan?

Audience: YEAH!

Firestar: Then get the Clan-Bor-Hood! It lets you and your clan live in a Twolegplace! Look at all these fun nests! And not to mention the interior! Get it NOW at www.clan-bor-hood.com/settingchoice to choose where you want your twolegplace to be! Or, if you want a random one, go to www.clan-bor-hood.com/setting=random!

Audience: *cheers*

Firestar: Wearenotresponsibleifyougetabadlocationusingtherandomlocationgenerator.Youcannotmovebackintoyourownclanorchangethelocationofyourtwolegplace.Norefunds.

Ashfur's Love Spray

Ashfur: Have you ever wanted a cat you love to love you too?

All The Warriors Cats: YES!!!

Ashfur: Then you need Ashfur's Love Spray!

All The Warriors Cats: WHAT DOES IT DO?

Ashfur: You spray the Love Spray on the cat you love and then that cat'll love you too!

All The Warriors Cats: I WANT ONE!!!

Ashfur: Let me demonstrate.

(Ashfur walks over to Squirrelflight)

Ashfur: Squirrelflight! There's Er- some fresh-kill blood on your back. Here, let me clean it for you.

Squirrelflight: Thanks!

(Ashfur pretends to clean Squirrelflight's back and sprays the Love Spray on her)

Squirrelflight: I suddenly hate you Ashfur.

Ashfur: What?

Squirrelflight: I hate you, Ashfur.

Ashfur: Uh-let's move on for some reveiws from our satisfied custumors!

Bumblestripe: I used it on Dovewing and know she hates me.

Nightcloud: I used it on Crowfeather and he just used me.


Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind


Twigbranch: Tired of-


Twigbranch: Oy. Hey, Princess! Cut!

Princess: Sorry. It won't let me! I bought this for 1 skinny mouse! Is it really that bad?

Twigbranch: *sigh* Tired of-

Crowfeather: For goodness SNAKE!

Twigbbranch: -Social interaction? GOOD! GET CLANCHAT!

Princess: That'smycue! That'smycue!


Twigbranch: ClanChat allows you to chat with your clan!

Princess: Epic!

Twigbranch: Wearenotresponsiblefor-

*the camera breaks because the storage limit for recording was exceeded*

The CatPhone

Cloudtail: Do you ever wish you could talk to someone really easily and REAlly fast?

A sister's oc named Snowstar: yea i want to spam hate messages to the violence.


Snowstar: ;CCCCCC *melts 'cause he made of snow*

Cloudtail: watch dis!

Take 1

Ghost Bramble: Hey Firestar

Firestar: wuhhh

Ghost Bramble: Hey Firestar

Firestar: who's there?!

Ghost Bramble: *sigh* *grabs phone*

Firestar: Wh0 dErE

Ghost Bramble: *sends* Hey Firestar

Firestar: *sends* aHH Bramblebutt?! I thought you were evil leader now!

Ghost Bramble: *sends* thats Ashfur.

Firestar: *sobs* You were going to be executed! I was so happy for you!-

Ghost Bramble:

Firestar: *sends* 0H WAit- diD you saY-

Ghost Bramble: *sends * ya

Firestar: *sends *😃😃😃😃 you ARe dYinG?

Ghost Bramble: *sends* wait no...

Firestar: *sends* iheardthatashfursaidintheexcerptthatspiritswithoutbodiesthatareleftalonetoolongdisappearf0reVER.

Ghost Bramble: *sends* welp, you got me there. *evaporates*

Firestar: *starts singing dora songs*

Ghost Bramble: Hi Firestar.

Firestar: Its Furystar now.

Ghost Bramble: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Furystar: Luke Skywalker, I am ur fathr

Ghost Bramble: Hey Firestar Firestar I am NOT Ms dear to the coolest place in the world from being sanitized and a warrior were sent to StreamClan by the Sisters and the tom didn't even blink the way they were close yet to the coolest place in the world from being sanitized and the tom didn't even blink it to me and it seemed like a secret to the cave entrance of a creek-valley and the other kits are the same way of doing it for a while and then we have now decided on how much to make the money and how to get BUFF for a few years to go with the new place is the main thing a few days back and then a 8th to go out for dinner at night on Friday evening with me here at me with my texts on Ivpol days so determined by this week that my texts by Evelyn0707 For a bit to go through this with me up on what I can do you think I can do to get my life after the holidays but really cool weights for the first time I had to LEAD them to the coolest place in the world from being sanitized and the tom didn't work on Ivypool as the only reason for that lead to get a better feeling for you have not you will ever know it and it is just the same as you do

Furystar: wut the heck is this. My toes are cold I'm leaving

Ghost Bramble: but you haven't heard me press every button on my tablet yeeeetttttt...

Furystar: perfect. Let it stay that way.


Cloudtail: yay! wasn't that inspirational message fun? get a cat phone and you can do this to ALL OF YOU'RE FRIENDS!

Firestar: >:CCCCCCCC

Finchpool: I WANT ONE!

Firestar: *breaks camera*

Finchpool buyonetodayfor$99999999999999999999999with$9999999999999taxwearenotresponsibleforallofyourfriendshatingyouandmakingthemselvesaredemptionarc.

Firestar: DIE



Cloudtail: Do you miss your twoleg?

Firestar: *sighing* Yes...

Cloudtail: Then get the AMAZING TWOLEG-TO-CAT!

*Cloudtail hands Firestar something that looks a ray gun*

Firestar: *forced smile* Sweet! What does it do?

Cloudtail: My leader, it's simple. Point it at your twoleg, and press the blue button! Then, they become a cat!

*Firestar's twoleg pops up out of nowhere*

*Firestar shoots his twoleg*

Twoleg: *shrinks and turns into a cat* RUSTY! SERIOUSLY?!

Firestar: Yay! I'm gonna call you Stupidfur!

Stupidfur: REALLY? I'm gonna be a four-way clan hybrid, and THUNDERCLAN IS THE ONE EXCLUDED!

*Stupidfur leaves then comes back an hour later*

Stupidfur: My name is no longer Stupidfur! It's Watersplash in RiverClan, Darkclaws in ShadowClan, Gustscream in WindClan, and Rainheart in SkyClan! *mauls Firestar*

Cloudtail: Wearenotresponsibleifthathappenstoyou.


Warriorpaw: Hay Everybody

I just want you to read dis


Trust is everything. Break that trust, you're Tigerstar

The Kittypet Group

Smudge: Hey you!

Princess: Me?

Smudge: YES YOU! Wish you could join a clan?

Princess: Sometimes...

Smudge: Then join KitteypetClan! The best clan of all!!

Princess: What happens if I join?

Smudge: You get your very own warrior name!!

*Purdy walks in*

Smudge: Oh hey Purdy!

Purdy: I would like a tour of KittypetClan.

Smudge: Of course!

*camera cuts to KittypetClan*

Princess: Wow!

Smudge: See? We have a prey buffet, a pool, and anything you could ever want!

Princess: Where can I join?

Smudge: Just talk to me!

Purdy: I can't wait!!!

Smudge: Noclancatsallowed. Imlookingatyoufirestar.

The dramatic machine

Purdy: Are tired of not being able to look dramatic because you’re a cat, and cat are are just so cute, and you will never be able to look ferocious?

Cutepaw: *sobs* That’s too close to home, man!

Purdy: Sorry. Anyway, who wants to look dramatic?

Firestar: Me! Me! I lost my last life because Tigerstar managed to get my throat as I killed him, and then a TREE FELL ON ME!

Purdy: Well your troubles are OVER! This machine makes anycat look dramatic any time!

All cats: Oooooh!

Firestar: How does it work? Some sort of magic?

Purdy: It’s a fan. Wind always makes you look dramatic.

Firestar: Huh. *tries it, but it blows the wrong way, and his fur fluffs up* AHHHHH! I LOOK CUTE NOW! NO NO NO!

Purdy: uhhhhh…*punts Firestar away so that no one sees the machine malfunction* right. So, if you want to look dramatic, get the dramatic machine!

Once we were lost but now we are found

Totallynotnotgonnawork Super Pawesome Rebirth Machine

3...2...1... And, action!

Brokenstar: Ever wanted to rebirth, and have a new life?

Breezepelt: Um, heck yes!

Brokenstar: Well, buy the Totallynotnotgonnawork Super Pawesome Rebirth Machine, only costs 999 prey of your choice! You can choose your parents, your clan, your appearance, your kit name, and so much more! *Pulls off the stuff covering the huge item, revealing the Totallynotnotgonnawork Super Pawesome Rebirth Machine, which was shiny and new, with a bunch of buttons.*

Breezepelt: Nice! *Steps up to the machine* I'm going to try!*Paws the 'parent selection' button.*

*Machine makes weird noises and in the blank space next to the 'parent selection', the words 'Lionblaze and Cinderheart' are inserted.*

Breezepelt: Uh, heck no *tries again*

*machine makes weird noises again and where the words were, was replaced with 'Breezepelt and Heathertail'*

Breezepelt: Um, but I am Breezepelt *presses button again*

*Words are now 'Breezepelt and Breezepelt*

*Breezepelt gets frustrated and smashes the button, and then it says 'Nightcloud and Crowfeather.*

*Sighing, he moves on to the name button, and presses it*

*The machine gives Breezepelt the kit name of Splashkit.*

*Breezepelt presses the 'looks' button and the machine gives him the appearance of a black cat spotted with white. He turns to the 'gender' button and presses it, ending up being a she-cat.*

Breezepelt: Ugh, okay.

*presses 'clan' button.*

*Gets RIverClan*

Breezepelt: Okay, I gues I'll be Splashkit from RiverClan. Can I start my life now?

Brokenstar: Sure!

*Commercial ends and a logo saying 'Totallynotnotgonnawork Super Pawesome Rebirth Machine' appears.*

Voice: Only costs 999 prey! Get it now!

*There is a small warning at the bottom, saying




The Prophecy Maker

Jayfeather: have you ever wanted to be special and have prophecy about yourself, but are a background character?

Pachpelt: YES!

Jayfeather: then look no farther! Behold the prophecy maker! *shows box with a hole in the side and Yellowfang inside it*

Pachpelt: coooooooool. *looks inside* IS THAT YELLOWFANG!?!?

Jayfeather: Heheheh no. It is a machine that makes prophecy's. Watch. *pokes Yellofang with a stick*

Yellowfang in a bored tone: fine. Fire alone will save the clans. Happy?

Pachpelt: YES! I will set the forest on fire and become a major character! *runs of to a big oven*

Jayfeather: *really fast* wearenotreasponsiblefortheforesttoburndownorothernatruledisasters. *slows down* buy the prophecy machine for only 999,999,999.

Graystripe, the stripey gray cat


Leafpool and Mothwing walk on stage

Mothwing- It’s so tiring to collect herbs as a medicine cat.

Leafpool- We have so much other stuff too worry about, like not falling in love with good looking WindClan cats who may or may not be named Crowfeather.

Mothwing- That’s where EveryHerb comes in!

Leafpool- EveryHerb is a special new plant that works as every herb at once.

Mothwing- It only costs a 25 million dollars per leaf! And shipping only triples that!

Leafpool- What a great deal!

Mothwing- Side effects include:

Leafpool- Fever, coughing, internal bleeding, brain cell loss, organ removal, eye blindness, aching joints, broken bones, loss of limbs, decapitation, falling out teeth, bee stings without the bees, loss of smell, spine fractures, disuse of feet, greencough, whitecough, yellowcough, bluecough, orangecough, magenta with a splash of teal cough, and death!

Both- So call [[48]] to buy your very own EveryHerb


Be the change you wish to see 04:13, 17 June 2021 (UTC)

Super Battle Thingies!

The sky is dark. Lightning claps. The camera zooms in to the ShadowClan camp, where a bunch of exaggeratingly large and muscular dark toms march out of camp and into ThunderClan camp. ThunderClan is struggling.

"Help!" Graystripe cries.

For some reason, the entire battle stops to let Advertisementheart pass through and talk to Graystripe.

"It looks like you need a Super Battle Thingy™!" Advertisementheart exclaims.

"A Super Battle Thingy™?" Graystripe asks. "What is that?"

"It is a Mecha-Titanium-Robotic-Super-Multi-Function-Arm," Advertisementheart explains. "There are buttons that let you choose what weapons you want to use. You can choose between the Super Blade Saw™, the Triple Knife Claw™, the Mega Wrecking Ball™, and the Metal Jaws of Doom™. You strap it onto your arm and basically flail it at your opponent."

Advertisementheart straps it onto Graystripe's arm.

"Ooo, cool!" Graystripe meows.

A small text appears at the bottom of the screen that says: Be careful. Studies show that 50% of the time an attack with Super Battle Thingy™ gives yourself an injury. Studies also show that 70% of the time your attack harms your own Clanmate. Strapping the Super Battle Thingy™ to your arm takes between 10-30 minutes. Do not use if you are under 20 moons old. Requires 24 hours of charging every 10 minutes of use. Shipping costs $9999.99.

"Try it out!" Advertisementheart encourages. "Buy a Super Battle Thingy™! Only $1!"

Graystripe accidentally saws his own paw.


"Fox-dung! We have to shoot again!"

Axol (otl) | Qwerty (ToasterQwerty) | self-advertising go brr


Firestar: Are you tired-


Take 2

Firestar: Do you want to make a good fanfic?

Graystripe: Yes! It's like you can read my mind!

Firestar: Then you need THE ULTIMATE FANFICTION CREATOR 3000!

Graystripe: What can I do with it?

Firestar: If you have an EPIC OC, you can put them in the fanfiction! I have an OC who is my great-great-great-great-great-great grandkit!

*An eyesore cat pops up on the screen*


Graystripe: Wow!

Firestar: Then, you add them into the fanfic maker... *stuffs a drawing of his OC into the machine*

Firestar: Then a fanfic pops out!

*A book titled Rainbow Moons prints out of the machine*


We are not responsible if you get a cringy fanfic.

Pinestar's Hot Dogs

Pinestar: Hello she-cats and toms! Welcome to Pinestar's Hot Dog's, the best in town!

Everyone: Wow!

Pinestar: I, Pinestar the great, learned from the finest twoleg chefs, and experimented for many years, to find the purrfect hot dog recipe! Now all that work has paid off, and I opened the best hot dog resturant ever!

Everyone: Tell us more!

Pinestar: We buy fresh, organic ingredients and have the finest chefs make the best hot dogs ever! Now, lets take a look at some satified customers!

Mosskit: They're so good! I always want more, but momma wouldn't let me!

Pinestar: Oh dear, Bluestar, you should always let your kits eat more!

Bluestar: But I want them!

Pinestar: Oh well, NEXT!

Crowfeather: They're good.

Pinestar: Ok, NEXT!

Reedfeather: They're the best! They're so elegant, and delicious, and, and,

Misystar: Dear, dear, that's enough!

Reedfeather: But Moooooom,

Pinestar: Well there you have it, be sure to go to Pinestar's Hot Dogs! The best you've ever tasted!


Mosskit: Mommy, my tummy hurts!

Bluestar: Dear, I can't help you; my tummy hurts too!

Everybody: AND MINE!


I'm bad at writing spoofs.

-Dewdragon 15:10, 19 June 2021 (UTC)

RedCat (RedBull Parody)

Squirrelflight: Psst! Leafpool!

Leafpool: Huh?

Squirrelflight: Ever wanted to gain more energy?

Leafpool: *sighs* Yes.

Squirrelflight: THEN BUY REDCAT! It's an energy drink and it sprouts wings on your back!!

Leafpool: Cool! Can I try it?

Squirrelflight: Of course! Buy yours today for only $99.99! Or buy a case of 6 for $1,000,000!

Leafpool: Wow! I need to go buy it!

Squirrelflight: Well, what are you waiting for? Be like Leafpool and get RedCat today!

RedCat is not responsible for poisoning, loss of blood, or death.

Patrol/Hunting Dummy 2999.999

Longtail: ever get tired of going on patrol?

Dustpelt: YES!

Longtail: Then get the new Patrol/Hunting Dummy 2999.999! It does all your patrols for you! Here, watch this examples


Longtail dummy: *in robotic voice* I AM LONGTAIL GOING ON A NORMAL DAWN PATROL

Sorreltail: ok…….

Longtail dummy: *scent marks the border with ShadowClan scent*

Firestar: what are you doing!

Longtail dummy: *in robotic voice* SCENT MARKING THE BORDER

Thornclaw: yeah, with ShadowClan scent!

Russetfur: wheres the border go?

Firestar: its-

Russetfur: the whole territory is ours? Yay!

Firestar: NO- *gets trampled by ShadowClan cats*


Longtail: see? It works like a charm!

Dustpelt: I want one!

Longtail: their on 99% sale! cost is only $9999999999999999.99 dollars! www.thisproductsuck.net. Shipping cost is three times as much!

Dustpelt: cheap! Gimme one!

Longtail: here you go! *hands one*

Machine: *breaks*

Dustpelt: did it just break?

Longtail: no!


Diary of a Wimpy Warrior (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Parody)

Firestar: Hey you! Are you bored? Want to read something?

Graystripe: Yes to the first question, and no to the las-

Firestar: Then you need to read Diary of a Wimpy Warrior! It's basically my journal entries.

Graystripe: And I should be excited because...?


Graystripe: *scratching himself like nothing happened*

Firestar: Buy it today, and we'll send you a FREE GRAYSTRIPE FUR COAT!

Graystripe: *looks up* Wait wha-

*The ad ends, and an image of a smiling Firestar reading pops up on the screen*


Graystripe: Hi there! Are toy mice, sticks, and moss balls just too boring for your taste?

Millie: *mindlessly batting a bell ball back and forth in her paws, and sighs* Yes.

Graystripe: Then you need to buy Graystripe's Amazing Slime! It's mandatory if you desire fun!

Millie: *suddenly very excited* Ooh! Can you show me?

Graystripe: *purrs* It's like you can read my mind.

*a clump of galaxy slime falls from the roof*

Millie: *grabs it and starts goofing off with it* Wow! So fun.

Graystripe: What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

Millie: *trying to get it off her paws* How do you take it off?

We are not responsible for sticky paws or having fun forever.

Kit Replacer 1000

Poppydawn: tired of-

Crowfeather: I’M NOT TIRED!!

Take Two

Poppydawn: tired of your kits becoming evil in the dark forest?

Yellowfang: who cares about them?

Poppydawn: this is a commercial! you’re supposed to say yes!

Yellowfang: oh

Take Three

Poppydawn: tired of your kits becoming evil and going to the dark forest?

Leoaprdfoot: yes!

Sasha: yes!

Tigerstar: no!

Poppydawn: GET OUT OF HERE! *boots out of here*

Sasha and Leopardfoot: hey! *mauls*

Take Four

Poppydawn: (is covered in bandages and has multiple casts and cruches)

Poppydawn: tired of your kits becoming evil and going to the dark forest?

Sasha & Leopardfoot: yes!

Poppydawn: well, you can get the Kit Replacer!

Sasha: kit replacer?

Poppydawn: yeah! all you do is tyoe in your kit, and you choose everything about it! Here! *holds up kit that looks like Thistleclaw*

Poppydawn: this is Thistekit! I installed in him: obedience level 10, patience level 6, kindness lever 8, and respect level 5. It only cost $1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Leopardfoot: so cheap!

Poppydawn: yeah! watch this! Thistlekit, do the dishes. Thistlekit, get me the finest prey. Pick my ticks. Clean my bedding. Pick up my dirt

Thistlekit: *does all of it*

Ferncloud: YOU CAN’T TREAT A KIT LIKE THAT! *kills Poppydawn* Anyhow, lets hear some reviews from satisfied customers!

Crowfeather: I used this and it made Breezepelt stay in the Dark Forest. Now he killed all my family, even his replacements Lilykit, Gorsekit and Kestrelkit!

Yellowfang: I used this and Brokenstar didn’t care. but now, Lilacfur and Mouseclaw are part of his army! Same as his [[49]] other replacements!

Birchfall: I used this on Ivypool and she became so made she turned evil! Now she’s Ivystar and life is terrible!

Poppydawn: I- *Thistleclaw comes swooping in on a wrecking ball and hits Poppydawn in the head*

Thistleclaw: THIS IS FOR REPLACING ME! *kills*

Ferncloud: see how good this is? order today at 572-819-DONT-BUY. Again, thats 572-819-DONT-BUY