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RiverClan (cat creation is closed for this Clan)

Leader: Silverstar -- silver she-cat with a white belly, a white chest, white ear tip, a white star shaped patch on her left shoulder and blue-grey eyes

Deputy: Skystream -- silver tabby tom with yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Roselight -- small cream colored she-cat with rosy-brown splotches of fur, freckles, brown eyes, white fluff in her ears, and on her chest please no apprentice

Warriors: Ivyclaw -- white tom with amber eyes

Larkfeather -- seal colorpoint tom with blue eyes

Fawnheart -- fluffy brown she-cat wjth black stripes and amber eyes

Scorchfire -- dark grey she-cat with bright golden eyes, a long sleek tail and a notch in her left ear, apprentice Parakeetpaw

Emberspark -- black tom with red speckles, red patched paws and yellow eyes

Blacklight -- jet black tom with warm amber eyes

Daisypool -- white she cat with barely visible dark brown dapples and amber eyes

Jaggedheart -- black smoke tom with fiery amber eyes

Russetstep -- reddish-brown she-cat with slightly curly fur and amber eyes

Fallentail -- dark brown she-cat with a white chest, white belly fur, white paws and amber eyes

Skycloud -- light grey mackerel tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Blossomcloud -- pale cream colored mackerel tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Ambergaze -- ginger tabby tom with green eyes

Snowfrost -- black tom with almost white eyes, apprentice Sunpaw

Reedwater -- silver and grey spotted tabby tom with striking yellow eyes, apprentice Ashpaw

Apprentices: Parakeetpaw -- pale yellow she-cat with small orange rings around her two front paws, white tufted ears and amber eyes

Ashpaw -- solid dark grey tom with a little white around his muzzle

Sunpaw -- small, long haired ginger tabby with bright green eyes

Queens: Maplewish -- long haired, mottled redish brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Rosekit and Frostkit

Bloodwhisper -- ginger tabby she-cat, mother of Moonkit, Wavekit and Dreamkit

Elders: Swampwhisker -- dark tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes

Featherbreeze -- short furred, light grey she-cat with green eyes

Owlfur -- mottled tan colored tabby tom with a white chest and amber eyes


Leader: Duskstar -- large reddish brown tom with a white zigzag on his chest, pale amber eyes, and a long scar running along his shoulder. 

Deputy: Snowtail -- pure white she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye

Medicine Cat: Tansypool -- brownish-golden she-cat with white ears and sapphire blue eyes

Warriors: Maplefire -- pale red tabby with an orange spot above her eyes, a white chest,short fur and amber eyes

Leafstorm -- short-haired brown tom with white front paws, a white muzzle a white chest and vivid green eyes, apprentice Petalpaw

Hollowleaf -- pale gray she-cat with one black ear and brown eyes,

Goldentuft -- light gilded golden she-cat with dark ear tufts and hazel eyes

Wildbreeze -- short furred, black tom with a white ear, a white tail tip, a white paw and amber eyes

Smallstep -- white she-cat like snow, green eyes with a hint of blue in them

Chestnut -- light brown tom with darker dapples on his back and amber eyes

Willowgleam -- silver tabby she-cat whith dark and stormy colored eyes

Apprentices: Petalpaw -- red-brown she-cat with a white muzzle

Queens: Featherlight -- silver tabby she-cat with white legs, a white chest and pale blue eyes, mother of Pinekit, Leafkit and Breezekit

Elders: open


Leader: Swallowstar -- silver-white she-cat with gray tail tip and amber eyes

Deputy: Frostfoot -- short furred, tall, gray tom with a white paw and blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Redpetal -- long furred reddish-brown she-cat with a white left back sock and green eyes

Warriors: Brackenshade -- sturdy brown tom with a fluffy tail, a fluffy chesr and hazel eyes, apprentice Heatherpaw

Doveatream -- small silver she-cat with blue eyes

Coudspring -- tall white tom with green eyes

Iceskip -- white and grey tabby Tom with blue eyes

Cherrywish -- beautiful, ginger spotted tabby she-cat

Vixenblaze -- mottled red-brown she-cat with amber eyes, apprentice Flamepaw

Apprentices: Flamepaw -- bright flame-colored she-cat with emerald-green eyes

Heatherpaw -- pale golden tabby tom with bright amber eyes

Queens: open

Elders: open


Leader: Brightstar -- thick furred cream golden she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy: Dawnheart -- very pale ginger she-cat with a white muzzle and pale green eyes, please no apprentice

Medicine Cat: Lilywhisker -- long furred silver tabby she-cat with a white chest and yellow eyes

Warriors: Sunsight -- sleek golden tom with fur hat glows when hit by sunlight and bright green eyes

Owlflight -- brown tabby tom with a black tail-tip, a black frin paw and bright golden eyes, apprentice Palepaw

Stormleap -- strong, dark gray tom

Pikefang -- dark grey tom wit pure blue eyes

Mintsplash -- dark brown she cat with white and lighter colored bown spots and light brown belly fur

Apprentices: Palepaw -- pale cream colored tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Queens: Dawnfrost -- ginger she-cat with a fluffy tail and white belly, expecting Stormleap's kits

Grassshade -- brown and black spotted she-cat with yellow eyes like the sun, mother of Harekit, Smallkit, Juniperkit and Mousekit

Elders: open


Roselight was sitting in her den, sorting herbs.

"Horsetail, Feverfew, Goldenrod," she mumbled to herself, checking wich herbs she needed. "Marigold, Catmint, uhhh I'm gething pretty low on Tansy, I'll have one of the apprentices collect some."

"Roselight?" Ivyclaw's voice made her look up. "What is it?" she asked, seeing the worried look on the white tom's face. "It's Maplewish," meowed Ivyclaw. "She's been sleeping for ages and I can't wake her."

Roselight sighed. Why did toms always have to worry about the slightest change in behaviour? "I'll go check on her," she meowed. "But let me put my herbs back first."

She could feel Ivyclaw's gaze hot in her back while she pushed each pile of herbs into a separate hole in the den floor and put a big leaf over each one, to keep the herbs dry. Finishing she licked her paws to get the herb juice out from between her pads before it dried, then she turned around and meowed, "Let's go."

Ivyclaw immediately turned and vanished through the den entrance out into the sunlight. Slowly following Roselight pushed her way out of the den, blinking. Following the sound of pattering paws, Roselight crossed the clearing to the flat rocks that jutted out if the river. On top of the rocks was the sleeping form of a curled up queen, Maplewish.

Jumping up beside the queen and her mate, Roselight looked at the she-cat. She looked fine. Streching out a paw to touch her flank, she could feel the tiny movements of the kits inside her and felt a twinge of jealousy. She had always wanted kits but the path of a medicine cat forbid a mate. Pushing lost dreams aside she turned to Ivyclaw.

"Maplewish is fine," she meowed and saw the relief flash in the tom's eyes. "She's probably just catching up on some sleep. I bet those kits keep her awake half of the night. But you're right we shouldn't let her sleep to long. Why don't you try and wake her with a freshly caught fish?"

Ivyclaw purred thankfully, jumped of the rocks and slid into the river. Roselight watched him, sitting in the shallows, waiting for a fish to swim by.

She sighed. "I'd better get back to my herbs," she thought. Jumping of the rock, she padded across the camp. In front of the warriors den she saw Reedwater, the tom that she had to give up to become a medicine cat. Veering away from her den she padded over to him.

Reedwater greeted her with a purr and pushed half of his trout towards her. "No thank you," she meowed, shaking her head. "I want to finish my work before I eat." Reedwater nodded. "I understand."

Basking in the warmth of the silver-grey tabby tom, Roselight almost forgot why she had wanted to talk to him. "Could I borrow Ashpaw sometime tomorrow?" she asked. "Sure," replied Reedwater. "If you want I can help too." Roselight purred and cuffed him around the ears. "Well then you'll be the one to ask Skystream," she purred. Reedwater shook his head. "Okay, okay," he grumbled and looked up his yellow eyes wide and pleading. "But we can still be friends right?"

"Of course," she whispered, rubbing her muzzle across his cheek. "We will always be friends." Reedwater purred and got to his paws. "Well if you're taking Ashpaw tomorrow I'll take him hunting today," he meowedid over his shoulder as he walked towards the apprentice den. Roselight sighed and padded off towards her own den, her heart lighter.

Not much time passed until Roselight's face appeared between the roots of the old treestump that formed the medicine den. Having done all of today's work she padded over to the fresh-kill pile. Not feeling like eating alone she decided to wait for Reedwater and Ashpaw to return from their hunting trip. Looking around the camp she noticed that the flat rocks weren't occupied, so Ivyclaw had woken his sleepy mate.

Padding over to the rocks she jumped up and sat down where the reddish brown queen had slept not long ago. But instead of the queens lingering warmth Roselight felt as if she was sitting on ice. Looking down she saw that her paws had been frozen to the stone beneath. She watched horrified as glimmering frost covered the whole surface, spreading further and further until, finally, the whole river looked frozen solid.

Unable to move her paws Roselight looked up into the sky, seeking StarClan's wisdom. But instead of the clear Green-Leaf sky she saw snowflakes, dancing towards her and settling in the RiverClan camp. One of them landed on Roselight's nose. She tried to lick it off but it stayed, freezing her nose. She gasped from the cold. "Something is coming," she whispered. "Something cold."

Chapter 1

The leaf-bare sun was just appearing at the horizon. Every living creature was still burrowed deep in their warm nests, all except one.

On a small island placed in a swift flowing river, a cat was sitting, tail wrapped tightly around her paws, looking up at the last warriors of StarClan twinkling above.

Her white fur was shining, but her blue eyes were troubled. Sadly she stared at the stars above. "Why StarClan, why?" she asked. "Why did it have to be me?"

"Who are you talking to?" came a friendly voice from behind her.

Frostkit's fur bristled and she could feel the cold running up her spine, but before the cat behind her could notice she let herself relax and the cold vanished.

Turning she saw Roselight, the medicine cat. "Oh no-one in particular," she replied casually.

Roselight eyed her and came to sit next to her. "You know," the medicine cat began. "Sometimes it's okay to be different. You just have to accept who you are and not spend your whole life wishing you were someone else."

Frostkit stared at her, eyes wide. "How do you know all that stuff?" she asked. "Didn't you want to become a medicine cat?"

Roselight purred. "Yes I did," she replied. "It was everything I had ever dreamed of, but sometimes I think everyone would be better of without a few particular cats." While she was speaking Roselight glanced over to the base of the tall oak where her brother, Skystream, and a few warriors had gathered for patrol planning.

Frostkit nodded. "Yes," she murmured. "The Clan--"

"Frostkit?" little Frostkit slowly opened her eyes at the sound of her mother's voice. "Frostkit wake up. You were murmuring in your sleep."

Slowly sitting up, Frostkit rubbed a paw over her eyes. What a weird dream, she thought.

Yawning she stepped out of the nest, careful not to wake her sister, Rosekit, who was still curled into a tight ball.

She shook out her fur and started walking towards the nursery entrance longing for the crisp morning air.

"Where do you think you're going?" came her mother's voice from behind. Sighing she turned around and looked at her mother. The redish brown queen was still burrowed deep in her nest.

"I'm just going outside mama," she answered. "I'm not two moons old anymore."

"No you aren't," meowed Maplewish. "But you are still my kit and to be honest you shouldn't wander where you please with only four moons. So where are you going?"

Frostkit rolled her eyes. "Like I said, I'm just going outside." she meowed. Maplewish nodded. "Okay," she replied settling back down. "But don't get under the warriors paws."

"I wont," Frostkit promised and quickly pushed her way out of the nursury.

Inhaling the cool morning air she stood there for a few heartbeats. Then she looked around the camp, most of the cats were still asleep but some warriors, including the deputy Skystream, the dark grey she cat Scorchfire, and the white tom Ivyclaw, her father, we're gathered beneath the tall oak discussing patrols.

Purring she padded over to them and sat down beside her father, listening. "No we can't send out one patrol only," Skystream was meowing. "But why? Sending out two patrols will only tire the warriors," retorted Scorchfire. Skystream rolled his eyes, like a kit. "Yes, I know that," he hissed through clenched teeth. "But we are still arguing with WindClan and Silverstar is expecting trouble from ThunderClan as well. No thanks to you," he added, glancing at Ivyclaw.

Frostkit felt her fur bristle. "My father did nothing wrong," she meowed, raising her chin. The gazes of all three warriors rested on her, including that of Scorchfire's apprentice, Parakeetpaw.

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed Frostkit squeaked once and then dived under her father's belly to hide. Skystream huffed and then carried on organizing the daily patrols.

Curled up in her father's fur Frostkit was almost dozing off when her father suddenly stood up and the warmth was gone. Surprised Frostkit lifted her head and looked straight into the wide amber eyes of Rosekit.

Frostkit squeaked and jumped backwards. Her sister purred with amusement. "I really got you with that one," she managed to get out between all the giggling and purring. Frostkit rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, you did," she confessed. "What are you doing outside so early you're not exactly the one to rise with the sun, are you?"

"Nope, I am defenetly not," Rosekit replied simply. "But guess who's out of the nursery for the first time?"

Frostkit's  ears pricked. "Do you mean?" she asked and Rosekit nodded exitedly. "Yesssssss their finally out of the nursery. Come on let's play with them!!" and with that Rosekit darted away towards the three youngest Clan members who were taking everything in with wide wondering eyes.

Slowly Frostkit followed her sister, sometimes she wished she could be as carefree as her but somehow she was always thinking wandering of into a world of her own.

Reaching the grassy stretch in front of the nursery she saw that Rosekit was already buried underneath three silver and black fluff balls.

Slowly Frostkit crept up on them and with a mix between a purr and a roar she jumped up and landed directly in front of their noses. Squeaking with surprise all four broke apart to stand before Frostkit, who broke into a loud purr.

Rosekit exchanged glances with the three younger kits and then yowled, "Attack!" The first kit to spring forward was Wavekit. The burly tom-kit wrapped his paws around her front leg and clung on like a burr. He was followed by Dreamkit and Moonkit who jumped into her, throwing her onto her side. And last but not least came Rosekit who landed squarely on her sister and pinned her down. "We have won!" exclaimed Moonkit and the other kits joined in. "RiverClan forever!!"

Frostkit felt irritation beginning to well up inside her and desperately tried to push it down, but it didn't work.

Rosekit who had still been pinning Frostkit to the ground jumped backwards with a surprised squawk, shaking her paws. "What in StarClans name just happened to you?!" asked Rosekit, still staring at her paws.

The other kits too had moved away from Frostkit shaking their paws as if they had grown numb. Frostkit stood up and shook out her fur, but instead of the relieving feeling of air in her pelt she felt as if rocks were clinging to her fur and it made a weird clinging sound.

Rosekit gasped when she looked at Frostkit and the other kits too were staring at her. "What?" she hissed at them. Moonkit, Wavekit and Dreamkit shrank back and Rosekit gave her sister a glare while stepping in front of them.

Still not having gotten an answer Frostkit asked again, "Why are you staring at me as if I just grew wings?"

Shaking her head Rosekit replied, still staring, "You didn't quite grow wings but there are ice crystals in your fur." "There are what?" Frostkit asked disbelievingly. "Also you just got so cold that it completely numbed our paws," Dreamkit added.

Frostkit sat down, overwhelmed, and the ice crystals, again, made a small clinging sound. Leaning down Rosekit whispered something to Moonkit who nodded seriously and rushed of to the nursery.

Tentatively Rosekit approached her sister but she didn't press her fur against Frostkit's like she would have done normally.

Silence streched out between them until Maplewish  came bussling out of the nursery, she too stopped dead when she saw Frostkit, but not for long. Quickly her mother ran to her side and licked her between the ears, again she too drew back her head surprised but then Maplewish curled around her daughter and nuzzled her cheek, eyes wide with concern.

For the first time since Frostkit could remember her mother's warmth didn't feel reassuring, instead it was making her feel queasy.

Bloodwhisper who had gone to tell Roselight was now back and drew her kits back from the scene, herding them into the nursery.

Roselight also came from her den, looking worried. Frostkit hissed. She didn't want their pity!! She just wanted to know why in StarClans name she had ice crystals in her fur! Feeling irritated again Frostkit could felt the cold spread through her body until she was wrapped in it once more.

Maplewish, being a concerned mother, did not notice the temperature change of her daughter. Roselight on the other paw, who had streched out a paw to touch Frostkit's forehead, yelped and pulled it back.

Looking uneasy Roselight meowed, "It's probably better if I take her to my den." Maplewish nodded. "Yes of course, but I'm coming with you," she fretted.

Roselight shook her head. "No," she meowed firmly. "You're going back to the nursery, you have two kits remember."

Maplewish nodded to shocked to think for herself. Taking hold of Rosekit's scruff the redish brown queen got to her paws and walked away, without another word.

Suddenly really realizing what had just happened, Frostkit looked up at Roselight, uncertainy clear in her eyes. "What's wrong with me?" she wailed, the kit in her taking the lead.

Noticing this, Rosekit licked her between the ears. "It's gonna be alright, everything 's gonna be alright," she meowed soothingly and resting her tail on Frostkit's shoulder led the small white cat to her den.

Chapter 2

Frostkit was lying in her nest, panting. "When can I finally get out if here" she groaned. "I'll burn before you let me out."

Roselight sighed and turned around. "I just want to be sure that you're okay," she meowed coming up to stand before Frostkit. "It's not that normal  to have ice crystals growing in your fur, you know." Frostkit sniffed. "Don't remind me."

The cream colored medicine cat shook her head. "You don't seem like any kit I have ever seen," she meowed and Frostkit stared at her wondering what would come next. "Sometimes you seem... you seem... older. Not like a four moon old kit."

Frostkit hissed irritated. Why couldn't they just leave her be?! Roselight turned away and started sorting her herbs again.

Grumbling, Frostkit settled down into her nest and thought about the sparkling frost she had seen on the trees, it cooled her down enough to let herself relax.

She was almost drifting off to sleep as a cat pushed past the trailing roots. Opening her eyes, Frostkit saw her father, Ivyclaw.

She winced, he had come to see her everyday since the first accident with the ice. But her mother had never set paw in the medicine den and neither had Rosekit.

Sitting up, Frostkit greeted her father with a purr and pushed her nose into his fur. Ivyclaw, lovingly licked her between the ears. She closed her eyes relishing the moment.

Then her father pulled away and turned to Roselight. "Can I take her out of the medicine den today?" he asked. Roselight looked uncertain. "Okay," she sighed. "It's probably for the best. I can't keep her confined much longer anyway."

Frostkit  couldn't believe her ears, she was finally allowed outside again. "Come on, come on," she urged her father while stumbling to her paws. "Take it easy," he meowed shaking his head.

But Frostkit couldn't. She wanted to go outside, strech her legs, run and play with Rosekit. She rushed towards the entrance but stopped dead before the sunlight could touch her paws.

"What's up?" Ivyclaw asked, sounding worried. Frostkit swallowed hard. "Do they know?" she stuttered.

"No," Ivyclaw replied. "I told Silverstar who decided it was best to keep it quiet. After that Roselight gave all of the kits  thyme and a whole load of poppyseeds, I have heard from your mother that Wavekit, Dreamkit and Moonkit now think they had a strange dream."

Frostkit let out a sigh of relief and pushed her way out into the sunlight. Her father came out behind her and looked down at his daughter, purring.

The small white kitten took a deep breath of the frost bitten air. "Frostkit!" she heard the yowl just before a redish brown shape crashed into her.

Frostkit let out a suprised squeak. "Rosekit," she meowed through her sisters thick fur. Rosekit jumped to her paws. "Jup it's me. Did you miss me?" she asked.

Frostkit nodded, she had really missed her sister. Suddenly she remembered what Ivyclaw had told her about the kits and that they thought they had had a weird dream. She shot her father a questioning glance, but the white tom shook his head. Frostkit let out a sigh of relief, her sister knew, she wouldn't have to hide from her.

Sounding a playful roar she launched herself at her sister and together they tumbled across the clearing right into the fresh-kill pile. A big fish slid off the top and landed right in front of Swampwhisker's paws who stumbled over it, clearly suprised. Regeining his balance the elder glared at the two kits and huffed, "One day they sprain their paw and the next they scatter the fresh-kill pile."

Frostkit cocked her head, so that's what her parents had told the Clan. But Rosekit didn't leave her time to think, instead her sister launched herself at her and pushed her over. Pinning her to the ground her sister yowled in triumph. "I have won!!" she exclaimed,but then her face twisted and she quickly hopped off.

Frostkit got to her paws, worried. "What's up? Did I...?" she asked, lowering her voice. Rosekit's  eyes widened. "Oh no, no ,no. I was just remembering the last time..."

An eerie silence streched out between them and Frostkit was thankful when her sister changed the subject. "Do you want to see the small ones?" she asked and Frostkit remembered their nickname for Bloodwhisper's three kits. She nodded it would be good to play with them.

Rosekit smiled at her and together they walked towards the nursury. Pushing inside, Frostkit saw her mother curled up in her nest. Maplewish raised her head and her eyes shone. Getting to her paws she trotted towards them. "Well hello my little one," the queen purred.

"Mama!" Frostkit exclaimed but her mother didn't even twich a whisker much less look at her. Instead Maplewish licked Rosekit between the ears. "Want a fish?" she asked her.

Rosekit shook her head. "No mama, but maybe Frostkit wants some," she suggested. Maplewish's face hardened. "I told you never to mention her name," she whispered her voice sad.

Frostkit watched as her sister pushed her nose into her mother's fur. "Don't be sad mama," she said. "You don't have to be sad now. Frostkit's here with us, look!" Maplewish shook her head. "No my dear Frostkit is watching from the stars, remember?" she meowed, stroking Rosekit's shoulder with her tail. "I know that it's hard to accept, but your sister is dead sweetheart."

Maplewish pressed her muzzle onto Rosekit's head then turned and pushed out of the nursery, both kits stared after their mother, lost for words.

"Did she...?" asked Frostkit and Rosekit nodded staring.

"Why would she sa-" Rosekit meowed but was cut off by a series of delighted squeaks. "Frostkit! You're back! Can we play now?" the small ones asked rushing up and flinging themselves onto Frostkit.

She could see Rosekit tense, her sister must be thinking of the last time the kits had played with her but Frostkit wasn't feeling irritated, she enjoyed playing with the small ones. It took her mind off all the strange things that had happened lately.

Frostkit purred and pushed all of them off her so she could get to her paws again. Looking down on them she noticed that Moonkit was looking at her funkily. Frostkit blinked and that something was gone instead she saw a michievous little kit, staring up at a cat she admired.

Frostkit straightened. "I am the evil ThunderClan leader, I am going to take all your territory and you won't be able to do anything about it," she hissed playfully. Then she turned and carefully took hold of Moonkit's scruff, swinging the small kit from side to side.

"If you ever want to see your little friend again, better be prepared to give up your territory," she meowed, it was supposed to sound threatening but it was hard to threaten a cat through a mouthful of fur.

Frostkit bunched her muscles and leaped across the nursery in a single leap, with Moonkit clamped firmly between her jaws, squealing with delight. She landed with a thud and pushed the squirming Moonkit into one of the holes beneath the bramble wall.

Turning she saw that Rosekit had formated her little gang of kits so that they were cutting off any means of escape. Behind her she could hear Moonkit squeak, "Help me! I am being held captive in a cave made out of bones."

Frostkit couldn't help but giggle at the small kits words. "Yes," she confirmed. "And if you don't act quickly maybe I'll send my pet foxes in for her."

"We're coming Moonkit!" Rosekit yowled  and launched herself at her sister, knocking Frostkit into one of the big nests. The white kit wriggled under her sisters weight but couldn't get free.

Already feeling the cold running up her spine Frostkit went limp, concentrating only on the thought that she was just playing, she wasn't really being attacked, there was no need to worry.

Rosekit didn't notice. "Ha! That trick 's the easiest one ever," she growled playfully.

Frostkit winced. She didn't want to hurt her sister. She stared up at Rosekit with wide pleading eyes, hoping her sister would understand.

Luckily the redish brown kit understood and quickly hopped off letting Frostkit get up.

The white kit could feel the kits stares hot in her back. Had she done something wrong? Did she have ice in her fur again? But no it couldn't be that because her sister was calm, sure of what to do.

Frostkit turned to stand shoulder to shoulder with her sister. "You know," Rosekit began. "An honorable warrior doesn't kill to win battles, not even while playing."

"And I am getting kind of hungry do you want to go out and snack on a fish?," she added when the kits were still staring at them.

Frostkit sighed with relief as the kits, yowled their agreement and stormed out into the clearing. Rosekit followed but stopped and turned at the entrance. "Are you coming " she asked. Frostkit shook her head. "No I need some time to think," she meowed and her sister nodded understandingly.

Padding to the edge of the nursery she wriggled underneath the protective bramble wall to come out on a ledge seated just above the rushing water.

The sun was sinking behind the trees and everything seemed calm. "Frostkit?" she heard a tiny whisper from inside the nursery. "Yes?" she replied wanting nothing more than to be left alone.

A cat wriggled through the small gap, Moonkit, with a fish clamped between her jaws. "I brought you this," the black smoke cat meowed. "And I just wanted to tell you that I know about your powers I won't say anything to anyone I promise."

Frostkit blinked. She had defenetly not expected that. "I'll go now," Moonkit mumbled and was about to wriggle beneath the bramble wall again.

"Moonkit wait," Frostkit meowed. "Do you want to share this fish?"

Moonkit's eyes shone. "Yes!" she squeaked and settled down beside Frostkit to take a big bite out of the fish.

Frostkit sighed. Maybe she wasn't a total disaster after all. Even if her mother thought she was dead, she still had her father, sister and friends to help her understand this ice magic.

Chapter 3

"All cats old enough to swim gather beneath the tall-oak for a Clan meeting!" Silverstar's voice rang around the clearing, coaxing the cats out of their warm dens into the still cool morning air.

Frostkit streched and rolled over. She didn't want to get up but her sister obviously had different plans. Rosekit was already up and about poking her sister with a paw. "Oh come on," she meowed. "I want to go see the Clan meeting."

"Go on your own," Frostkit mumbled trough mouthful of moss.

Rosekit blinked but then she had an idea. "Guess what's gonna hapen at this meeting?" Rosekit challenged.

Frostkit huffed, her sister wouldn't give up. "Nah I don't want to guess just tell me," she demanded. Rosekit rolled her eyes. "Parakeetpaw is getting her warrior name."

Frostkit's eyes shot open. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" she asked, stumbled out of the nest and ran towards the nursery entrance. "Wait for me!" Rosekit called, charging after her.

Bursting into the clearing Frostkit stopped and scanned the crowd of cats for her father. She spotted him sitting between Jaggedhert and Skyckoud, with just enough space left to fit two kits.

"Come on," she meowed over her shoulder, pushed her way through to her father and sat down next to him. Ivyclaw looked down at his daughters as they settled next to him. He had already opened his mouth to say something when he was interrupted by Silverstar.

"Today we have gathered for one of the best things that can happen to a Clan, the making of a new warrior," Silverstar announced. "Parakeetpaw, please come forward."

The young pale yellow she-cat with the two rings around her front paws,walked forward cautioudly. As if a dog might sprung out at her and eat her alive. Frostkit had to giggle at her own thought.

"Parakeetpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan even at the cost of you life?" Silverstar continued. Parakeetpaw nodded. "I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name," Silverstar meowed. "Parakeetpaw, from this moment onward you shall be known as Parakeetchirp. StarClan honors your courage and quick thinking and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan."

Silverstar jumped down from the tall oak and rested her muzzle on the newly appointed warrior's head, who licked her leaders shoulder respectfully then stepped back, into her new place amongst the warriors.

"Parakeetchirp! Parakeetchirp! Parakeetchirp!" the Clan chanted her new name and Frostkit could see that she was proud. Slowly the cats began to break up, some volunteering for patrol others picking a piece of fresh-kill.

"Wait," Silverstar meowed. "I have one more duty to perform. The cats lifted their heads and slowly came padding over again.

I wonder what she wants to do. Frostkit asked herself. "Rosekit, Frostkit please come forward. It's time the Clan got new apprentices."

Ivyclaw quickly brushed his tounge over each of his daughters heads and then watched proudly as his kits walked into the middle of the clearing.

Silverstar raised her voice. "Rosekit, Frostkit, you have reached the age of six moons and are ready to be apprenticed," Silverstar meowed. "Rosekit from this moment until you receive your warrior name you shall be known as Rosepaw. Fallentail will be your mentor."

Frostkit watched as Fallentail stepped out of the crowd to touch noses with her new apprentice. "Frostkit," Silverstar continued. "From this moment onward until you receive your full warrior name you shall be know as Frostpaw. Emberspark will be your mentor."

The black and red tom stepped forward to touch noses. Frostkit let herself relax and nothing happened.

The meeting was now breaking up. Rosepaw walked up to Frostpaw's side. "Let's tell mama and the small ones," she meowed. "They stayed in the nursery so they don't know that we're finally apprentices!"

Frostpaw nodded her agreement and together they scampered across the clearing to push into the nursery.

Immediately they were greeted with a series of delighted yelps from the small ones. "Can we play now?" Wavekit asked.

Frostpaw shook her head. "No," she replied proudly. "Rosekit and me are going training."

Moonkit stared at her with wide eyes. "But then you must be Frostpaw now, right?" she asked and Frostpaw nodded.

"Rosekit? What's up?" sounded Maplewish's voice from the shadows and Frostpaw watched her sister pad off.

"Mama," Rosepaw exclaimed. "I'm no longer Rosekit. I'm Rosepaw now." Maplewish purred, but then her face darkened. "Your sister would have loved to become an apprentice."

Frostpaw sighed, she didn't want to hear any more of this. Turning she pushed out of the nursery again, shutting out her sisters murmering behind her.

In the clearing were very only few cats, Swampwhisker and Featherbreeze were sharing a carp while Owlfur was dozing not far off.

Beneath the tall oak Silverstar was talking to Emberspark. Frostpaw padded up curious.

"Okay so I thought you could train her--ahh Frostpaw. Come here it's best if you hear this as well," Silverstar meowed. Ducking her head Frostpaw sat down next to her mentor and Clan leader.

Emberspark nodded encouragingly. "I was saying," Silverstar continued. "That I would like you, Emberspark, to not train her with other apprentices that much. It would probably be good to try and understand her... magic, before we start actual training."

Frostpaw's head shot up. "Does that mean I can't go hunting or have battle training?" she asked and Emberspark purred. "No," he replied. "I think it means that you will have less battle and hunting training than the other apprentices."

The white apprentice sighed. "But," Silverstar added. "Everything has a good and a bad side. To understand yourself and your little magic, I want you to travel to the moonstone earlier than the other apprentices."

Frostpaw gasped. "Really?" she asked disbelievingly. "Thank you."

Emberspark nodded. "But first," he meowed. "I shall show you our territory. What do you think?"

The red and black patched tom got to his paws and padded out of camp with his white apprentice scampering behind.

Frostpaw could feel Emberspark eying her, it made her nervous. "What?" she snapped but then bit her lip. For StarClans sake this cat was her mentor! "Sorry," she mumbled.

"Its okay," Emberspark replied. "I shouldn't have looked at you like that." Frostpaw hadn't expected that but suddenly she felt happier than she had been in a long time.

Her mentor stopped sniffing the air then he turned towards her. "What can you smell?" he questioned. Frostpaw took a deep breath. "I can smell twolegs," she meowed. "But the smell is stale."

"Good," Emberspark praised her. "Anything else?"

Frostpaw concentrated hard, but couldn't find anything else. Then it hit her, Emberspark was trying to get her to think there was something else even if there wasnt. "Nope," Frostpaw replied. "Nothing here."

"Are you sure?" Emberspark asked and Frostpaw nodded. Her mentor broke into a purr. "Very good," he meowed.

They walked on and soon reached a clearing surrounded by old but beautiful willows. "What is this place?" Frostpaw breathed.

"This, young Frostpaw, is the willow sircle," Emberspark meowed his voice lowered. "Here we burry all our fallen Clanmates and the leaders are burried under the silver willow."

He pointed with his tail to an old willow with seemingly silver bark. "Wow," Frostpaw meowed. "But then this is a sad place right?"

Emberspark twitched his ears. "Sometimes," he responded. "When we burry our fallen Clanmates but on other ocasions it can be a place where you can find the peace and the wisdom of our ancestors. RiverClan ancestors."

Slowly Frostpaw padded around the clearing, gazing up at the beautiful trees. "Come on, we have more territory to explore," Emberspark meowed. Frostpaw left relucantly, she would return to this sacred place.

Emberspark broke into a swift run, leading her along the riverbank. Pointing out things like Sunningrocks or Stepping Stones.

In the distance Frostpaw could see her sister and the fluffy ginger shape of Sunpaw with their mentors Fallentail and Snowfrost.

"Can we at least explore the rest of the territory with them?" she asked. Emberspark sighed. "No," he meowed. "We can't. Remember  Silverstar's orders, Frostpaw." The white apprentice sighed. "Okay."

Emberspark continued to lead her throughout the territory explaining things or selling little stories about them, but Frostpaw wasn't really listening she was thinking about her apprenticeship. What would it be like to never train with other apprentices? Would she have to do all of the battle training with Emberspark only?

Frostpaw suddenly stopped. "Can I even swim?" she asked and Emberspark stared at her. "You're a RiverClan cay of course you can swim," he answered.

"No, no. That's now what I meant," Frostpaw explained quickly. "U mean with my... my magic. Will I freeze the water or something?"

Emberspark shook his head. "Honestly I have no idea," he responded. "And we won't try now." He meowed as Frostpaw stared at the river glittering between the trees."

"Then what are we going to do now?" Frostpaw demanded. "We are going back to camp," her mentor decided.

As they padded back to camo Frostpaw realized how tired she was. Her paws were dragging on the ground when she pushed into camp after her mentor.

Next to the apprentices den she immediately spotted Rosepaw who was exited chatting with Sunpaw. "Well there are two who will talk the night away," Emberspark remarked before he padded away to join his mate beneath tall oak.

Padding over to Rosepaw she settled down beside her sister and bit into the remains of her sisters meal.

Rosepaw looked up and smiled. "Hey Frostpaw! How was your first day of training mine was great first we went to Sunningrocks and then..."

Frostpaw stopped listening and drifted off to sleep, her head resting on her sisters shoulder.

Chapter 4

"Ouch!" Frotspaw hissed, rubbing a paw over her nose.

Emberspark sighed and let himself fall onto all four paws again. "Honestly Frostpaw, you're worse than a newborn kit!" he exclaimed. His apprentice rolled her eyes, not this again. "If you don't even lift a paw to defend yourself, then it's no surprise that you get hit. For StarClans sake, this ist battle training!"

"I know, I know," Frostpaw grumbled, she had been training for a moon and her mentor was getting impatient, but so was Frostpaw. Emberspark's fur bristled. "If you now, why aren't you doing anything about it?" he hissed, his muzzle a mouse length from hers.

Frostpaw laid back her ears, backing away. She felt her fur beginning to stiffen with cold. "I am trying!" she retored. Without taking the time to hink about what she wanted to do, Frostpaw lifted her paw and brought it down hard on her mentor's muzzle.

He stumbled backwards, obviously stunned by the cold that was penetrating from her paws. Emberspark blinked and Frostpaw suddenly became worried. "Did.. did I hurt you?" she asked. Emberspark shook his head. "No," he replied and looked at her sternly. "But we will have to work on your emotional control again."

Frostpaw hung her head. They had figured out that she didn't just have ice powers, but also mighty problems with controlling herself during strong emotions. "I will never figure this out," she mumbled. Emberspark looked at her. "Don't talk like that Frostpaw," he tried to encourage her. "Look on the  right side of this. You succeeded in landing a well placed blow!"

The white apprentice twitched her ears miserably. Yes, she thought. But don't forget that I could have frozen you to death. "There's nothing that I'm good at," she mowed but felt like wailing it out loud. Emberspark wanted to say something but Frostpaw interrupted him.

"Think about it," she encouraged her mentor. "I can hunt but only on land, birds and stuff, which is definitely not very welcome with our Clanmates. I can't swim because I would freeze the river, as a result I can't fish. And last but not least, I can't fight or train because I always fear that I freeze you to death." 

Emberspark sighed, but did not step forward or rest the tip of his tail on her shoulder, like he would have done with any other cat. "That's exactly what I mean," she mumbled, Emberspark didn't hear.

Instead he was, once again, thinking aloud. "Maybe we should talk to Silverstar again," he suggested, but Frostpaw shook her head. "No, what is she supposed to do about it?" Frostpaw asked.

Her mentor shook his head. "I don't know," he admitted. "Let's get back to camp."

Reluctantly Frostpaw followed. "What am I supposed to do, back at camp?" she asked challenging her mentor. "I don't know," Emberspark repeated. "Find one of the kits to play with, they like you."

Frostpaw purred, the small ones had grown a lot and were always begging Frostpaw to teach them a battle move, which, of course, she couldn't. She padded into camp and went off to find herself some fresh-kill. 

Only seconds after she had settled down Wavekit came bounding up. "Hey Frostpaw!" he mowed happily. "Could you help me for a sec?"

Frostpaw cocked her head. "With what?" she asked, wondering. Wavekit glanced around. "Well, we're playing hide and seek," he explained. "And Moonkit is seeker and she is awfully good, so I thought maybe..."

Frostpaw purred, Rosepaw and I probably did the same, she thought. "Of course," she mowed out loud and Wavekit immediately dived underneath her belly. " "You're cold," he remarked and Frostpaw flinched. "Hush now," she instructed. "I can hear her coming."

Two heartbeats passed and then Moonkit came scampering from behind the  nursery, a few leaves sticking to her nose. Frostpaw purred. "Why exactly are there leaves sticking to your nose?" she asked, amused. "Here let me help you." Moonkit shook her head. "No thanks," she meowed. "I told Wavekit that I could also find him without using my nose and so he, of course, wanted me to prove it."

Frostpaw nodded understandingly. "Well," she purred. "Off you go then!" Moonkit scampered off, her tail held high. Frostpaw shook her head and silently finished her meal. She swiped her tongue over her lips to get rid of the last traces of fresh-kill, as Wavekit poked his nose out from under her. "Is she gone yet?" he asked quietly. Frostpaw yawned. "She is gone now but she could come back," she remarked and Wavekit's head vanished immediately.

With Wavekit snuggled deep into her belly fur, and probably asleep, also Frostpaw fell into a slight doze, her head lightly resting on her forepaws. She was woken by the rustle of reeds and the chattering of Rosepaw. 

"I can't believe you didn't see that!" her sister was exclaiming. "He was just lying there, underwater of course, and then jumped up catching it!" Sunpaw padded into camp after her. "It wasn't that good, anyone could have done it."

Ashpaw, who was obviously the one Rosepaw had been talking to, purred, a rare occasion. "No Sunpaw," he meowed quietly. "She is right, you're a brilliant hunter."

Sunpaw licked his chest fur, embarrassed. "Thank you," he mumbled. Suddenly a brisk meow broke through the apprentices chatter. "Will you stand there all day, or are other cats allowed to enter camp as well?"

Quickly Rosepaw, Sunpaw and Ashpaw moved out of the way, so that Snowfrost could push his way through the reeds closely followed by Fallentail and Reedwater. "Apprentices," the black tom mumbled as he padded towards the warriors den and Reedwater purred. 

Frostpaw waved her tail at her sister, who pricked her ears and came padding over. "Hey Frostpaw! What's going on in your life?" she asked as soon as she came into earshot.

Her sister flopped to the ground next to Frostpaw and began grooming herself. Frostpaw purred. "Na," she replied. "Training is going... okay, I suppose."

Sunpaw and Ashpaw joined them, each carrying a fish. "Frostpaw," Sunpaw exclaimed. "Why are you always back so early?"

Frostpaw flinched. "Well," she replied. "I am back early, but I'm also always the first one out in the mornings."

Ashpaw grinned and Sunpaw giggled. "Fair enough."

"Wavekit! Wavekit come here!" Moonkit jowled, racing through camp. "I've got a fresh fish for you!"

Rosepaw cocked her head. "What's going on?" she asked with a questioning glance at her sister. "They're playing hide and seek," Frostpaw explained, purring. "Moonkit is trying to prove Wavekit that she can find him without using her nose." 

Rosepaw giggled. "Yeah I remember that one," she laughed. "I hid under one of the nursery nests where you trod on my tail." Frostpaw broke into a purr, reliving one of the happy memories of her life. "But," Frostpaw added. "Wavekit picked a very clever hiding place. Probably cleverer than yours."

Rosepaw cuffed her around the ears. "You'll see!" she hissed playfully, but didn't attempt to get up just yet. "So, where is Wavekit hiding?"

Frostpaw glanced around to see if Moonkit was near, she wasn't. So Frostpaw rolled over a bit to reveal Wavekit, curled up and sleeping. "Awww," Sunpaw and Rosepaw meowed in unison. 

"Kits are soooooooo cute," Rosepaw sighed. Frostpaw rolled back and Wavekit meowed something in his sleep. "You would be a brilliant mother," Rosepaw remarked, but Frostpaw shook her head. "No," she meowed. "I'm not patient enough and anyway it needs two cats to have kits."

Rosepaw nodded. "I know I know."

Frostpaw purred and leaned forward to groom Rosepaw behind the ears. Her sister sighed. Moonkit walked past, deep in thought. She padded up to Frostpaw and looked at her. "Could you please move over for a second?" she asked. Frostpaw nodded and carefully got to her paws. "Ha!" Moonkit exclaimed. "I knew it!"

Rosepaw purred. "Don't wake him," she instructed. Moonkit sighed. "Of course not," she replied. "But what am I supposed to do now?"

"I have an idea," Frostpaw meowed. "And that is?" Moonkit asked.

Frostpaw carefully picked up Wavekit by his scruff and placed him next to Rosepaw where he rolled over and continued sleeping. She settled back down and meowed,. "Come here."

Moonkit padded to her side and flopped down, not even commenting her cold fur. Frostpaw felt warmed by Moonkit's silence alone and purred.

The small black smoke kit looked at her and smiled. Frostpaw pulled Moonkit closer and began grooming her fur. Lulled by the long rhythmic strokes of Frostpaw's tounge, Moonkit fell asleep and started snoring.

Rosepaw laughed quietly. "I still think you would make a brilliant mother," she meowed. "What is it with you and kits, especially Moonkit."

Frostpaw stiffened. What's wrong with that question, she asked herself. Shaking her head she answered, "Well... I don't know. I'm probably just the cat she has decided to look up to." But even while she was speaking a small voice in her head protested, "Nah! You don't want to believe that do you?" She was thankful when her sister didn't ask any further.

The sun sank farther and farther, the kits, reluctantly  went back to the nursery and also the apprentices were sent into their den. Sunpaw and Rosepaw talked for ages, as always, and Frostpaw listened and thought about the whole day; how she had clawed Emberspark, the knowledge of not being able to do anything to serve her Clan and the strange feeling that had overcome her when Rosepaw had spoken of Moonkit.

The chirp of happy birds woke Frostpaw. She stretched and  made her way out of the den. The cool morning air brushed her whiskers and a faint breeze ruffled her fur.

The clearing was empty, except for the few lonely warriors that were preparing for dawn patrol. Wondering if she should offer to join, Frostpaw padded towards the fresh-kill pile and picked a rather scrawny carp from yesterday's hunt. She carried it over to the apprentice den and sat down in the shade. Hungrily she bit into it, relishing the taste. The carp was gone pretty quickly and Frostpaw lifted her head wondering if it would be okay if she got herself a second piece of fresh-kill.

Just then the familiar grumble of the elders broke the morning silence. "Swampwhisker," Owlfulr was complaining. "Why exactly did we have to get up even before the dawn patrol leaves. We're elders, we will also get good fresh-kill if we stay in our den the whole time." Featherbreeze huffed and silently padded after her mate who obviously didn't really care about Owlfur's complaining. "Here take this," Swampwhisker offered and pushed a fat trout towards Owlfur. "It will fill your mouth and lessen the complaints."

The tan colored tabby elder huffed but picked Swampwhiskers offering up and carried it over to the flat rocks that were just beginning to warm up beneath the greenleaf sun.

The dawn patrol left and more and more warriors began emerging from their den. Frostpaw sat in silence waiting for Emberspark to wake up. Finally her mentor appeared yawning. She got to her paws and cautiously padded over to him. "Uhh Emberspark?" she asked and he looked at her. "Frostpaw, good. Silverstar wanted to speak with us again. We might as well do that now," he meowed and shook out his fur.

Frostpaw sighed and reluctantly followed her mentor. 

Soon she was sitting next to Emberspark in Silverstar's den underneath the tall oak, with her leader sitting opposite of her. "So Frostpaw," Silverstar began. "I have heard that you have... troubles with training."

Frostpaw shuffled her paws. "Well," Emberspark prompted. "Tell her what your troubles with training are."

Frostpaw shot her mentor a glare and, of course, immediately got one back. "The thing is," Frostpaw explained. "That... that watching the other apprentices train together, watching them swim and hunt. All that always makes me realize how different I am. Well... and the fact that always training with the same cats makes me want to claw his fur off."

Silverstar blinked. "Did I miss something?" she asked. Emberspark shook his head. "No you didn't," he answered and shot Frostpaw a warning look. 

"Okay then," Silverstar meowed. "I fear I cannot help you with your first problem, but I think I can help you with the second one. There is just one thing, since I don't want to tell to many cats of your powers ut has to be a cat that already knows about them. Tell me, Frostpaw, who knows of your powers?"

The white apprentices ears twitched. "Well, My mother and father know, of course. And Rosepaw, Roselight and you two and well..."

Silvertsar pricked her ears. "And?" she repeated. Frostpaw took a deep breath and blurted out, "And Moonkit."

Her leader's eyes widened. "Moonkit?" she meowed dispelievingly. Frostpaw nodded. "She didn't forget the first accident... unlike her littermates."

Emberspark cocked his head. "Maybe it would help if you trained with another apprentice," he suggested. Both she-cats stared at him and Silverstar asked, "How are we supposed to do that? It's not advisable to train apprentices with their littermates."

"We wouldn't be able to do it immediately," Emberspark added. "But if you give Moonkit a mentor who knows about Frostpaw's powers, maybe Ivyclaw, they could train together which might lessen the feeling of loneliness."

Silverstar nodded thoughtfully and turned towards Frostpaw. "Would you like to train with Moonkit?"

Do they really mean it, Frostpaw asked herself. "It would be the greatest thing ever!" she squeaked excitedly, then licked her chest fur, embarrassed.

Emberspark purred, "Then it's decided?" he asked his mate and Silverstar nodded. "Good." Turning to Frostpaw he meowed, "May I speak with Silverstar for a sec? I'll be out in a moment."

Frostpaw nodded and ducked underneath the trailing roots and emerged into the sunlight. 

She wasn't planning to eavesdrop, but she was caught of guard by Emberspark's next question. "Do you think it will work?" he asked and Frostpaw could hear Silverstar sigh. "I don't know," her leader admitted. "But it's worth a try, right?"

"I feel like I've let you down," her mentor meowed but was hushed by his mate. "Don't say that," Silverstar instructed. "You aren't responsible for her powers.., and honestly I always doubted that Frostpaw could be a warrior."

Frostpaw bit her tounge to stop herself from wailing. Her paws felt frozen to the ground and they probably were. If even her leader thought she couldn't be a warrior, what hope was there?

Chapter 5

The bright sunrays were reflected in the clear, greenleaf warm water.

Frostpaw was sitting by the river with her tail hanging in the water, listening to her mentor talk. Almost three moons had passed, The small ones had become apprentices, now Wavepaw, Dreampaw and Moonpaw. Silverstar had kept her promise and made Ivyclaw Moonpaw's mentor.

Training had been fun with the small black smoke cat, she always succeeded in making Frostpaw laugh. They had started with not freezing cats she played with and, much to Frostpaw's surprise, it had worked. Now she could play fight with any of the apprentices without the fear of conveniently freezing them to death.

They had continued with water sessions. Frostpaw could sometimes touch the water but mostly it still froze beneath her paws. She still felt very useless but the depressing loneliness was gone.

"Frostpaw!" Her mentor's irritated meow broke through her thoughts and Frostpaw raised her head. "What?!" she hissed.

Emberspark flicked his ears but didn't even scold her for hissing, he had also realized that it wouldn't help. "You are supposed to listen to me, not daydream," he explained. Frostpaw nodded. "Of course," she meowed. "Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense."

The black and red patched tom sighed. "Yes," he grumbled through clenched teeth. "I know." Then he shook himself and meowed, "Let's try again."

Frostpaw flicked her ear. "Err try what?" she asked. Emberspark shook his head. "Going into water."

The white apprentice winced. "Oh... yes right."

"Good," her mentor began. "Think about something in your every day life... something that calms you down."

Frostpaw closed her eyes and immediately her thoughts flew to Moonpaw, the young apprentice was hunting fish with her mentor... and of course Frostpaw wasn't allowed to go with them, she tried not to sob at the thought. It wasn't Moonpaw's fault, she defended her friend.

"Now place your front paws in the water," her mentor instructed.

"You can do this, Frostpaw," she whispered to herself and stepped into the water. She had already done this once, with Moonpaw and her father at her side. Her father had watched proudly while she took her first few steps in the water and Moonpaw had excitedly jumped around her, lending quiet support.

"Right exactly like that," Emberspark praised. "Now take the next step."

Taking a deep breath Frostpaw took another step, now the water was barely below her belly fur, this was the farthest she had ever been in water.

Behind her eyes Frostpaw could see Moonpaw's young but firm gaze locking with hers, her friend was always with her even if they were doing completely different things. 

Little Moonpaw had become a very good hunter, that fact always made Frostpaw a bit jealous. She had been training two moons longer than her but couldn't even swim. "She isn't the one to blame... StarClan is," she told herself over and over. Frostpaw had sunken so deep into her thoughts that she didn't hear the paw steps until it was to late.

A splash, and Rosepaw's happy meow of greeting and it had happened, Frostpaw had frozen herself into the water. The white apprentices eyes flew open and she could her her mentor's outraged yowl, "For StarClan's sake, Rosepaw!" Her sister flinched and slowly backed out of the icy water, tail between her legs.

Frostpaw hadn't even noticed her mistake and looked at Emberspark critically. "Why are you hissing at her?" she spat.

The red and black patched tom curled his lip. "How dare you speak that way with your mentor!" he growled with a wild light in his eyes. "You can't hunt! You can't swim! The only thing you could do is fight and, of course, you are to shy to land a blow!"

Shocked, Frostpaw stared at her mentor. The big tom had fluffed out his fur and looked twice his size now, his ears were flat against his head and his sharp teeth were bared.

Slowly he advanced on her, stalking through he shallow water as silently as a snake. 

Finally even Frostpaw noticed her mistake and stared at the ice around her, panic building up inside her. Frantically she struggled to get free, which had exactly the wrong effect. The ice was beginning to grow again!

Suddenly she remembered one of her first training sessions. She stopped struggling, closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. Momentarily the ice began to vanish, it didn't disappear completely but it was enough to get out a paw. Within seconds she had unsheathed her claws and tried to fend her mentor off.

Emberspark simply dodged her blows and hissed. Baring his teeth, his amber eyes blazing hungrily.

"Help!" she screeched at her sister. Rosepaw just stared, her jaws gaping.

"Stay away from me!" she meowed, panicking.

Frostpaw's heart seemed to freeze with dread. What would he do with her when he reached her?

Emberspark hesitated and for a moment, he seemed to remember that this was his apprentice. That he was supposed to teach her! But after a moment he shook himself and muttered something inaudible. Then his head shot up and Frostpaw could see his wild grin. Within seconds he turned around and kicked at Frostpaw with his hind legs, shattering the ice and sending Frostpaw flying.

Not being prepared, Frostpaw landed on her side with a thud. 

Unable to move, the white apprentice watched her mentor advance on her, his teeth bared. The black and red patched tom came to halt in front of her and rested a paw on her neck. 

Frostpaw's eyes widened and she stared up at Emberpsark, would he really... ?

She closed her eyes, shaking madly. In a last desperate effort she whispered her sister's name, "Rosepaw... p-please..."

Starclan must have watched because in exactly that moment a cat crashed into Emberspark, sending him flying. But instead of Rosepaw's redish brown shape, the cat who had saved Frostpaw was white! With a deep growl Ivyclaw positioned himself over his daughter, hackles high and teeth bared.

A few tail lengths away, Emberspark was getting to his paws, his tail, lashing from side to side. 

"What in StarClan's name, were you doing with my daughter!?" Ivyclaw's outraged yowl split the air like lighting. And what follows after lightning? Thunder.

Emberspark shot Frostpaw a cold look but didn't answer. This just made the white warrior more furious, the storm had begun. Not wanting to listen to the squabbling toms, Frostpaw flattened her ears and shut them out.

A cold nose was pushed into her fur and the white apprentice lifted her head. Big green eyes stared into hers and Moonpaw's shaky meow reached her ears, "F-Frostpaw are you okay? We saw what was happening but couldn't get here fast enough."

Frostpaw smiled at her friend. "I'm a bit shaken, but otherwise okay... I think," she meowed a little croaky. Moonpaw let out a shaky breath and pushed her nose deeper into Frostpaw's fur. They laid there a while until finally Ivyclaws meow sounded above. "Frostpaw, my little one, are you alright?"

Frostpaw peered around her father, to see Emberspark hunched between the roots of an old willow, looking pretty embarrassed.

Slowly the white apprentice got to her paws and shook her head. She took a deep breath and immediately felt the cold running up her spine. Eyes widening she jumped backwards, away from Moonpaw and her father. "D-don't touch me... ," she whispered. "I don't want to hurt you."

The trip back home as well as her sleepless night, slid past Frostpaw like a bad dream, she just couldn't stop thinking about how close she had come to death. Emberspark's hate filled eyes kept burning through her. Maybe, she thought. Maybe it would be better for everyone if I just died. Moonpaw didn't leave her side, and Frostpaw was very grateful. What would she do without her friend?

But now the greenleaf sun was shining, glittering on the waves rolling by. Moonpaw had gone to battle practise and Frostpaw was alone. Silently she sat beside the river watching the endless rush of water, until something cought her eye.

Turning her head she saw a golden cat carefully stalking along the river. No! Four cats!

A pale she-cat was in the lead, closely followed by a brown tabby tom. The third cat, a dark grey tom had halted and was sniffing at a clump of grass. The cat she had seen first, a golden tom, was tagging behind, probably keeping watch.

Her fur bristled and small snowflakes flurried around her. With a quiet growl she jumped to her paws and turned around, quickly scanning the clearing she noticed that neither Skystream nor Silverstar were in the clearing. Maybe Silverstar is in her den, she thought and quickly made her way across the clearing.

Bursting into the leaders den, Frostpaw came to a halt, only to stare at the two cats she found.

Her leader was lying on her back all four paws in the air. Emberspark was stretched out across her belly while insanely licking his mate's face. Both cats turned their head to look at Frostpaw and a shadow of embarrassment hung over them both.

Frostpaw self consciously flicked her ears. "Well uhm... actually I wanted to... ," she stammered.

Quickly Emberspark got to his paws, allowing Silverstar to get up as well. The silver and white she-cat scrambled to her paws and looked at Frostpaw. "What do you want to tell me?" she asked, as if notning had ever happened.

"Well," Frostpaw began. "I saw four cats on our territory! Cats that do not belong to RiverClan." Silverstar pricked her ears and her eyes narrowed. Pushing past Frostpaw she growled, "Follow me Frostpaw."

Hurriedly, the white apprentice scrambled after her leader, leaving Emberspark to come out last. Quietly, she watched while Silverstar rounded up a few warriors: Parakeetchirp, Reedwater and, of course, Skystream.

Hotly chatting they followed Silverstar to the camp entrance where the clan leader stopped and turned. Flicking her tail at Frostpaw she meowed, "Come, you have to show us where exactly you saw them." The white apprentice nodded and followed the small group of warriors.

Together they crossed the small stream, that separated their camp from the rest of their territory. After that Frostpaw lead them to the spot on the riverbank where she had seen the four cats. From there the patrol followed a scent trail until Silverstat stopped, ducking behind a thicket.  "ThunderClan," Skystream hissed, who was crouching next to his mother who just nodded. 

"Are we going to fight?" Frostpaw asked in a hushed whisper. Reedwater flicked his ears. "Could be," he answered.

Frostpaw nervously shifted from side to side. A small wave of cold swept through her, but she did her best to suppress it. 

Suddenly a deep meow sounded behind them and all five cats whirled around to find a pale colored she cat standing there. The rest of the patrol emerged and every cats eyes widened. 

A thin sheet of ice was spreading throughout the clearing and freezing the trees that surrounded it. Slowly the eyes of every cat turned to Frostpaw who was wildly trying to stop the ice, without much success. Instead snowflakes began to fall, lightly dancing through the air. 

Frostpaw winced and the other cats took a step back, string at her. The white apprentice tried to smile only to utterly fail and even freeze herself to the ground...

Chapter 6

Coming soon.

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