This is a collaboration between FrostfurTheQueen, NekoFromTheFarm, and WarriorsCalling.


This is a story about four Clans; HillClan, RockClan, MallowClan, and BoneClan. There is a prophecy...

Three will combine; dangerous vines, sharp rocks, and falling piles of bones... the hills will be in danger, and a sweeping flood form the lake will harm us all...

Young Lochpaw seems to be part of this prophecy, this omen. But will he harm, or help his Clan...? -Neko

Will Wolfpaw find the love she has always been looking for?-Warriors


DF: Dark Forest, Place Of No Stars

STC: StarClan

RC: RockClan

HC: HillClan

BC: BoneClan

MC: MallowClan



Leader: Lividstar-Reddish furred She with amber eyes

Deputy: Buckbramble, male, dark chocolate brown with darker brown swirls and green eyes, mates with Doeflower, bold and loyal

Medicine Cat: Brookdawn, female, ginger with white stripes, blue eyes, may be in a secret relationship with Jaggedclaw :O, mysterious

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Whisperpaw (Whisperwind), male, white with gray classic tabby markings, amber eyes, almost mute, can only whisper, cunning


Doeflower, female, brown with white spots like a doe and blue eyes, friendly and kind

Stagcharge, male, light sand colored fur with brown tail stripes and amber eyes, jealous of the relationship between Doeflower and Buckbramble, training in the df

Rollinghill, male, orange with black stripes and blue eyes, friendly and a good cat in general, mates with Thintail, is the father to Flowerkit ,Branchkit, and Songkit

Pinkwisp, female, albino with red eyes and floofy fur, kind, shy

Apprentice, Flamingpaw

Lilybrook, female, lilac (look it up) with green eyes, floofy, can be a bit snappy at times but generally nice

Moonshade, male, white with black spots, dark brown almost black eyes, mysterious, quiet, and a bit creepy, training in the df

Roseflame, female, red with rose leaf green eyes, kind, outward, naive, has slight anger issues, former rouge

Crowwing, a black tom with yellow eyes, cold, mean, very sharp claws, training in the df

Apprentice, Coldpaw

More Coming Soon!


Lochpaw, male, blueish grey with green eyes, loud and a bit of a show off, the exact opposite of his sister, warrior name is Lochpath, mentor is Stagcharge

Shadowpaw, female, black with grey eyes, quiet doesn't talk much but very friendly when you get to know her and very loyal to clan, warrior name is Shadowstorm, mentor is Rollinghill

Flamingpaw (Flamingheart): male, ginger with blue eyes and terracotta red paws, mean and snark, very protective, enjoys bullying Lochpaw and Shadowpaw with his sister Coldpaw, training in the df

Coldpaw: female, white with blue eyes, blind in one eye due to a scar that curls around her shoulder down under her belly (from a badger), cold-hearted and mean, enjoyed bullying Lochpaw and Shadowpaw with her brother Flamingpaw, training in the df

Queens & Kits:

Thintail, female, white with brown stripes and light green eyes, sister to Doeflower and mother to Flowerkit, Branchkit and Songkit, mate is Rollinghill

Flowerkit, female, orange with light blue eyes, mother is Thintail, father is Rollinghill, and siblings are Songkit and Branchkit

Branchkit, male, dark brown with light brown underbelly has light green eyes, mother is Thintail, father is Rollinghill, and siblings are Songkit and Flowerkit

Songkit, female, white with orange and black spots has amber eyes, mother is Thintail, father is Rollinghill, and siblings are Branchkit and Flowerkit



Leader: Darkstar (Formerly Darkthroat): A white tom with a black throat, belly, muzzle, and under-tail with green eyes

Deputy: Sharpfang: A brown molly with a darker tail and paws, very long, sharp teeth, and long, whip-like tail

Medicine Cat: Alpineblossom: A blind brown molly with dark brown spots

Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

Warriors: Bouldercrack: A huge, muscular gray tom with yellow eyes, a stub tail, and a torn left ear

Jaggedclaw: A dark gray tom with orange eyes, large, powerful hind legs, rigid claws, and lighter paws

Apprentice, Gravelpaw

Blackmarks: A gray tom with black paws, black ears, a black-tipped tail, a black muzzle, a black throat, a black under-tail, and a black belly

Rabbitrush: A very fast sand-colored tom with powerful hind legs and brown spots

Cloudedeyes: A mean gray molly with cloudy, gray eyes

Apprentice, Grasspaw

Thistlenose: A mean gray tom with a lighter undercoat, a fluffy tail, a very log muzzle, and green eyes, training in the df

Skywish: A blue-gray molly with white spots, green eyes, and a long tail

Firethorn: A. orange tom with a spiky pelt, a white paw, and green eyes (yes, he's in Firestar's bloodline, Sparkpelt's child in my imagination, named after his great grandfather)

Shadeglade: A shady black tom with green eyes and a black-speckled nose, training in the df

Sandstripe: A sand-colored tabby molly with green eyes and a fuzzy tail, training in the df

Ferngaze: A speckled sand-colored molly with fern green eyes

Magmablaze: A fluffy black tom with an orange underbelly, paws, and tail, training in the df

Apprentice, Wolfpaw

Darkleaf: A black tom with autumn-leaf-yellow eyes and white ears, belly, white lower part of face, a white throat, and muzzle

Spottedwing: A spotted gray molly with black spots and green eyes


Gravelpaw (Gravelfall): A dark gray tabby tom with gravel-colored (think of the MineCraft block) eyes, and black paws, tail-tip, spots and ears, bullies Wolfpaw

Grasspaw (Grassblade): A brown, soil-colored tabby tom with grass-green eyes, bullies Wolfpaw

Wolfpaw (Wolfhowl): A widley-hated dark gray molly with dusk-blue eyes who is rejected by her Clan and bullied

Queens And Kits: N/A

Elders: Pikefin: A brown tom with green eyes and a long, sharp muzzle


Leader: Yarrowstar, male, white and orange with amber eyes

Deputy: Lighttail, female, black with a white tail and green eyes

Medicine Cat: Gullwing: female, white with black paws and ears, yellow eyes, collects feathers, kind & good at job

Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A


Sparrowtail, male, dark brown with black stripe down back & his tail

Moonfur, female, a mix of greys & silvers, has deep blue eyes

Sunwing, male, orange with a golden belly, ears, paws, a golden-tipped tail, throat, and muzzle with deep yellow eyes, both ears are shredded off, stubbed tail from a dog, seems emotionless to hide all of his fears

Ambereye, female, white with one amber and one blue eye

Frostedglow, male, fluffy white tom with blue eyes

Vulturefeather, male, black with a hairless head and green eyes, training in the df

More Coming Soon!


Fernpaw, male, back & white splotched has a nicked ear & yellow eyes, mentor is Sparrowtail, warrior name is Fernspot

Daisypaw, female, white with black legs ears & tail has green eyes, warrior name is Daisytail, mentor is Moonfur

Applepaw, female, same as Daisypaw but with scar eye & yellow eye, warrior name is Applefur, mentor is Lighttail

Queens & Kits: N/A

Elders: N/A


Leader: Bloodstar (Formerly Bloodsplotch): A white tom with orange-and-red splotches all over his body and blue eyes, mates with Lakefern, father of Hayfang, Solarshine, and Rubyeyes

Deputy: Grayfoot: A white tom with one gray foot and blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Rivertail: A white molly with a fluffy, blue-gray tail and amber eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Amberpetal: An amber norwegian forest cat molly with amber eyes and a very, very, very long and fluffy tail

Warriors: Skunktail: A clever black tom with two white stripes down his back onto his fluffy tail and blue eyes

Apprentice, Antpaw

Lakefern: A blue-gray molly with amber eyes, mates with Bloodstar, mother of Hayfang, Solarshine, and Rubyeye

Bluestem: A skinny blue-gray she-cat with a long snout and blue eyes

Hayfang: A golden tom with blue eyes and long claws, brother to Rubyeyes and Solarshine training in the df

Apprentice, Birchpaw

Rubyeyes: A red molly with orange-red like rubies, sister of Solarshine and Hayfang, training in the df

Apprentice, Smokingpaw

Solarshine: A chimera tortoiseshell molly with one blue and one amber eye, sister of Rubyeyes and Hayfang, training in the df

Apprentice, Ferretpaw

Copperdust: A brown tom with copper eyes

Lightningflash: A white tom with a yellow lightning symbol down his left flank

Wildbreeze: A rowdy brown tom with amber eyes, mates with Dawnbird

Rattooth: A gray tom with long, sharp teeth and blue eyes

Blazingtalon: An orange tom with sapphire-blue eyes and a short tail, training in the df


Antpaw (Antcrawl): A thin black tom with purple eyes, silver around his eyes and nose, kind of a bully, a scar across his left eye making it blind

Birchpaw (Birchheart): A soft-hearted white tom with black, ticked tabby stripes and green eyes

Smokingpaw (Smokingmane): A smoke-colored maine-coon tom with amber eyes, a stubbed tail from a badger, and a silver mane

Ferretpaw (Ferretface): A siamese tom with blue eyes and a torn left ear

Queens And Kits: Dawnbird: A brown molly with light orange eyes, expecting Wildbreeze's kits

Elders: Stoneclatter: A large gray tom with light gray eyes and short claws

Cats Outside Of Clans:

Aphid: A fat dark gray tom with green eyes and black stripes and a fluffy tail, rouge

Tar: A black tom with green eyes, rouge

Papacito: A golden, handsome young kittypet tom with a blue collar and a gold bell

Prologue (Neko)

A gray molly was staring deep into a pool. Ferns, grass, bracken, and underbrush surrounded her, all dotted with stars. Starry cats padded back and forth, hunting for starry prey. Cat's pelts flickered in the pool as they continued their day-to-day lives, unaware of the cat watching them.

The molly's eyes were deep, blue pools, reflecting the shimmering water. Her fluffy tail flicked back and forth. A cat emerged from the wildlife, padding over to the gray molly. They were a faded black tom with emerald green eyes with large, black pupils. "Mackerelfin, are you okay? You look a bit... odd. Distressed."

"Yes, Flintshard, I'm fine. I'm sorry, it's just... they don't know what's coming. It's so peaceful, there in my Clan... but those beautiful rolling hills will be destroyed."

"Listen. I may be a forest cat myself, being of MallowClan. But believe me on this... I care about your Clan too. I care about them. You lived there. I may have not known you in my time, but now... I don't now how I lived without you."

"Flintshard!" Mackerelfin shouted, blushing red. "Stop!"

"Fine..." he muttered.

"You'll have to tell them soon," said Mackerelfin.

"I am not of your Clan, though," Flintshard pointed out.

"You're right. And I think it's time..."

Chapter One: (Neko, Loch's POV)

Lochpaw lashed his tail. Shadowpaw and him were circling each other, slowly. Then Lochpaw pounced.

"Yow-ow-ow!" yowled Shadowpaw loudly as she leaped back an him. He dropped on all fours near her. "What was that?"

"My battle cry! It strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies!"

"I'm not an enemy! We're battle training!"

"Oh yeah..."

Lochpaw huffed.

"Hey! Lochpaw, Shadowpaw, stop gossiping and get back to training!"

Lochpaw sighed. "Yes, Stagcharge."

His mentor had been moody since Doeflower and Buckbramble had gotten together. Especially to him and Shadowpaw, though he didn't know why. He lashed his tail. Why must he hate me?

Stagcharge sat down next to Rollinghill, Shadowpaw's mentor. "Continue," he grumbled."

Shadowpaw and Lochpaw began circling again. This time, Shadowpaw sprung at Lochpaw first. Lochpaw waited until she was a dark cloud above him, before surging upward and driving his head into her stomach. She let out an "oof" and landed on three paws, her back left leg crumpling beneath her as she rolled away from Lochpaw and back onto her paws. Lochpaw darted at her, running a paw through her flank as if to scratch it. Shadowpaw recoiled with a blow to his cheek that, even without claws unsheathed, almost made Lochpaw stagger. Shadowpaw sprung at him again, trying to dart under his legs. Lochpaw dropped onto her, and, his weight being greater, pinned her to the ground. "I win!" he mewed triumphantly.

Shadowpaw grumbled. "You win..."

Rollinghill stepped down the rocky, curb-like edge into the sand-filled hollow. "I think that's enough battle training for today. It's almost nightfall; you two can get first pick from the prey pile today."

"Yay!" shouted Shadowpaw, making several crows caw and fly out of some nearby trees. "Oops," she giggled, then began to race back to camp. Lochpaw followed her, almost passing her before he reached the camp. He jumped at the prey pile and snatched a still-warm rabbit off the top, beginning to eat it. Shadowpaw snagged a squirrel, and together, they quickly finished their food.

Chapter Two: Run Away (Warriors)

Wolfpaw and Grasspaw Circled Each other

"What you going to do BirdBrain? Paw me to Death!" Tatted GrassPaw

"Pounce on him! You Disappointment of a cat!" Hissed MagmaBlaze

GrassPaw Pounced

"You will never be a RockClan Cat! You are a Useless, Weak, and Clumsy Excuse For a Cat!" Hissed Grasspaw, Biteing and Scrathing Her.

GrassPaw got Off her


All Her Life she had been Abused By EveryCat

Wolfpaw Started to Cry and Ran into the Forest. She ran into A Gray Russian blue tom.

Chapter 3: (Frostfur)

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