A new legacy has begun

Froststar has begun FrostClan, a well thriving Clan, but can this new Clan face the dangers that Clan life brings?

Now let's shift to SunClan

Sunstorm, now Sunstar has hated Froststar's decision. It's time to make his own Clan.

Things are going well-for Sunstar, Ivyflower, Gorsepaw, and Leafpaw. But Brightpaw feels cast aside. Who knew one feeling, could cause drama far beyond the heart can take?

The Bright Prophecy

Dapplestar has died and Thornstar has taken over as leader. Snowkit has been found and Birchpaw has decided to go the way of a warrior. Meanwhile two prophecies of the same meaning are given to two different cats and SunClan is getting stronger and plan to take over FrostClan and rule the forest with hatred. Will the Brights be able to stop it?



Brightmist longs for her deceased love Windmist. But the question is: "Does he like her back, and miss her too?"

Snowstorm's Regret

Before SunClan was formed...

Before FrostClan was made

Before Snow and Frost met Dapple....

Find out about Snowstorm's past.


A song about Leafspirit.


A collection of facts you never knew!


Sign Below

I'm only human and I bleed when I fall d o w n...

And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight

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