• Leafshade wasn't mad about Brightmist killing her to defend the one she loved, but she would never let it show near Gorsewhisker. 
  • Gorwhisker knew crowwing thought it was the right thing taking the kits to frostclan for secrectly he disliked sunstars idea of apprentices at four moons 
  • Gorsewhisker's true love is Leafspirit, his relationship with Crowwing was more of a high crush
  • Ivyflower wanted a second set of kits
  • After spending time working for SunClan, Leafpaw/spirit developed a crush on Gorsewhisker. The Leafshade side of her found it wrong as Gorsewhisker is her brother so Leafpaw let go of Leafshade, sending her to StarClan, so now Leafspirit can be with Gorsewhisker.
  • Snowstorm had a younger sister named Lynx. Anyone by now would know this but Lynx died from being sick, not from the snow
  • Brackenpaw/claw knew he was never a SunClan cat - he faintly remembered Brightmist and Junipiercloud
  • Flameheart forgot about Snowkit when The Bright Prophecy was made
  • Swiftpaw/wind was origanoly going to be medicine cat apprentice but it was later changed to Birchpaw/twig
  • Birchpaw was going to be a medicine cat for good at ,but due to the prophecy and Snowkit, it was changed to where she would later be a warrior with her littermates
  • Leafshade and Leafspirit always fought in one body. Leafspirit didn't let her go she made her go
  • lLeafpaw/spirit/shine she was called Leafshine but SunClan didn't know so she was renamed Leafspirit in SunClan, but to FrostClan she is still Leafshine
  • one of snowstorm's second litter MIGHT be called Lynxkit to repersent her younger sister
  • Froststar always wanted kits of her own
  • Brightmist had went from different color eye changes from green to blue to amber
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