The way the humans become cats in the stories I stole form The Wolves Of Mercy Falls series, but they stole it from traditional werewolf stories so Meh >:P.


This is a Colaberation Series. I (Bloody) am the head. I will write the prologues, epilogues, super editions, alliences, and make the plot line. In other words im the Vicky, although i bet i'll be ten times as mean >:P.

SmudgeyHollz, is my second in command and a best firend. She was the first person I approched with this idea. If I am away she will be in charge, but no drastic changes smudgey. Oh and it looks like Smudgey is gonna be the new Rollbacker/Admin, so she'll also be able to fix any Vandelism problems we or other stories might have....recevied.

Zaffie is the third person I approched. She's one of my best friends who I trust deeply. Plus she has awesome stories.


Series 1

  1. A New Start In Life - Bloody & Smudge
  2. I'll Always Be The Bad Kid - Bloody
  3. Water Under The Bridge - Zaffie
  4. Parting Ways - Smudge

Series 2

  1. Unighted We Are Again - Bloody
  2. Will The Peace Last - Smudge
  3. Torn Apart - Zaffie
  4. The Final Decision - Bloody

Other Stuff and Side Editions

Speical/Short Stories: Shared Secrets Revealed - Bloody


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