This is a series, written by Nighty and later adopted by Robo, then even later adopted by Brighty about Foxspirit, a cat raised by foxes, and Hawktalon; a she-cat with a dark past and an even darker future.

Prequel Trilogy

  1. Foxspirit's Beggining- A tiny kit is discovered by a vixen in the woods. What will happen?
  2. Hawktalon's Choice- Hawkpaw is just a normal apprentice- except for the fact that her father is a cold-blooded murderer.
  3. Clawstar's Pain- Clawstar has always had a reputation for evilness. But what if he wasn't always evil?


  1. With the Spirit of a Fox- Aaro is just a normal fox- or so she thinks. When she meets a cat named Hawktalon, her world is turned upside down. COMPLETE
  2. In the Talons of a Hawk- Hawktalon is now leader of WindClan- Hawkstar. Her problems are over, right? Not so fast. COMPLETE
  3. Scarred by Claws- It's Hawkstar's and Clawstar's last chance for domination of the forest, and this time it's all or nothing. IN PROGRESS

Sequel Trilogy

  1. Midnight Flowers- When Midnightpaw's life turns upside down, she flees to SkyClan. But will she ever be rid of her haunted past?
  2. Silver Blooms- Midnightblossom is now a warrior of SkyClan, and is happy. But when a cat from her past joins SkyClan, will life ever be the same?
  3. Sky Breathing- SkyClan is at risk from a group of dangerous rogues, and the Clan is being torn apart. But the scariest thing is- Midnightblossom is the only one who can stop them.


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