Foxbranch’s Hope

Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind


This story contains some things that might be considered gore, and has some severe injuries in it.

Please comment! I need some opinions about my writing. And I'm new to this.




Firestar [black she-cat]


Foxbranch [ginger tom]

Medicine cats

Snowstorm [white she-cat]

Rabbitleaf [blue tom]

Mousetooth [black tom]

Grayleaf [gray she-cat]


Snowyfur [white she-cat]

Hawkslash [ginger tabby tom]

Ravenflight [gray she-cat]

Flowerstorm [yellow tabby she-cat]

Treesplash [dark brown tom]

Grasshopperslash [light brown tabby tom]

Hopestorm [gray tom]

Badgerleap [yellow and white tom]

Robinfeather [light brown tabby tom]

Thornfang [yellow tom]

Sharpeye [ginger and white tom]

Moonfur [tortoiseshell she-cat]

Mothsong [black and white she-cat] Apprentice, Grasspaw [white she-cat]

Eagleheart [calico she-cat]

Tallfoot [white tom]

Dovestrike [dark gray and white she-cat]

Squirrelspring [pale silver tom]

Mistnose [dark brown tabby she-cat]

Weaseldash [ginger tom]

Moletail [gray tom]

Owlflight [russet she-cat]

Jaywind [orange and white she-cat]

Snowbrook [yellow and white tom]

Lionwhisker [orange tom]

Hollyberry [dappled white she-cat]

Nettlethorn [black tom]

Owlnest [ginger she-cat]

Otterpelt [dark gray tabby she-cat]

Whiteflight [white she-cat]

Dashleap [orange tom]

Stalkfeather [light brown tabby she-cat] Apprentice,  Flamepaw [gray she-cat]

Blazetree [dark brown tabby tom] Apprentice, Poolpaw [black she-cat]

Flickowl [dark red tom]

Whiskerbreeze [white tom]

Spotpelt [tortoiseshell she-cat]

Irispetal [black she-cat]

Flakefall [white tom]

Flashstrike [black she-cat]

Woodcloud [pale gray she-cat]

Fastclaw [ginger and white tom]

Leapwing [brown and white she-cat]


Poolpaw [black she-cat]

Grasspaw [white she-cat]

Flamepaw [gray she-cat]


Berrybush [cream she-cat]


Rosepelt [red she-cat with a limp]

Clawtooth [gray tom with unusually long teeth]



Longstar [Tan tabby tom]


Splashcloud [White she-cat with black splotches]

Medicine Cats

Alderheart [Dark ginger tom with amber eyes] Apprentice, Owlpaw


Snowtail [White tom]

Oakspring [Light brown she-cat]

Sharpwing [Grayish Brownish tom]

Redwing [Red tom]

Flowerpool [Yellow she-cat]

Yellowmoon [Pale yellow tabby tom]

Whitefang [White tom with black markings on his chest] Apprentice Rainpaw

Bluerain [Blue tom with white streaks]

Mistfur [Tortoiseshell she-cat]

Graysight [Gray she-cat]

Snowpool [Very pale yellow she-cat]

Stormlight [Black tom]

Rosepool [Dark brown she-cat]

Foxtail [Orange tom with hints of white]

Flinttooth [Gray tom]

Grasseye [White tom]

Slashnose [Ginger she-cat]

Feathersplash [Pale gray tom]

Badgerwind [Reddish brown tom]

Grayspring [Gray and black she-cat] Apprentice, Tailpaw

Treeglade [Silver tabby tom]


Tailpaw [Yellow tabby she-cat with black tail tip]

Rainpaw [Small brown tom]

Owlpaw [Tawny she-cat]


Swallowfeather [Gray and blueish she-cat] (mother to Flowerkit [Plump Blue tom], and Sandkit [Pale ginger she-kit])

Goldenglare [Golden she-cat] (mother to Shimmerkit [Gray she-kit], and Jewelkit [Black she-kit])


Stemflight [Orange yellow tabby tom]

Appletail [Pale brown she-cat]



Rootstar [Yellow tom]


Needleclaw [Black and white she-cat]

Medicine Cats

Fidgetflake [Black and white tom]

Mistfeather [tortoiseshell she-cat]


Cherrystrike [Russet she-cat]

Sparrowflight [Brown she-cat]

Quailclaw [Dark gray tom]

Lightsnow [Light cream tom]

Icestone [White she-cat]

Featherfall [Yellow and white she-cat]

Birchroot [Light brown tom]

Redear [Red she-cat] Apprentice, Branchpaw

Stonestripe [Gray and white tabby she-cat]

Cinderleaf [Orange tom]

Brambletail [Light brown tabby tom]

Fernshade [Dark ginger she-cat with white paws]

Palestone [Pale golden she-cat]

Mudfoot [Dark brown tom]

Goldenbreeze [Golden tom with patches of fur missing]

Stemshine [Pale gray she-cat]

Bluecloud [Blue she-cat]

Shimmerfrost [Yellow she-cat]

Bushbranch [Brown tom] Apprentice, Frostpaw

Blackmoon [Black she-cat]


Branchpaw [Light brown tom]

Frostpaw [White she-cat]


Cherrynose [Cream she-cat] (mother to Slashkit [Ginger tom], and Haykit [Yellow tom])


Sparrowpelt [Very pale red tom]



Streamstar [Gray and blue tom]


Graystone [Gray tabby she-cat]

Medicine Cats

Brightmoon [Bright honey colored she-cat]

Flakenose [White tom]


Spottedmoon [Speckled yellow she-cat] Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Sandtide [Ginger and white tom]

Lakefur [Blue tom]

Fishstrike [Silver tabby she-cat]

Stormsight [Black tom with 3 white stripes]

Mooncloud [Yellow tabby she-cat]

Thrushclaw [Orange she-cat] Apprentice, Thornpaw

Salmonscale [Red furred tom]

Rosemist [Brown and cream she-cat]

Blackstripe [Black she-cat] Apprentice, Scalepaw

Bluepelt [Blue and gray she-cat]


Sorrelpaw [Tortoiseshell tom]

Thornpaw [Golden tabby she-cat]

Scalepaw [White tom]


Sandstripe [Sand colored she-cat] (mother to Onekit [Yellow she-kit with white splotches])


Volefur [Dark brown tom]

Hootspring [Cream and yellow tabby tom]



Wingstar [White and gray tom]


Pineflight [White tom with black pinelike markings]

Medicine Cats

Puddleshine [Brown tom with white splotches]

Shadowsight [Gray tabby tom]


Blazetail [White and ginger tom]

Mousefoot [Tawny tom] Apprentice, Brackenpaw

Leaftree [Russet she-cat]

Breezefeather [Black she-cat]

Woodfur [Light gray tom]

Frogstrike [White she-cat]

Treewhisper [Dark gray tabby she-cat]

Whisperbreeze [Black and gray tom]

Barkstone [Dark brown tom]

Redfeather [Red tabby she-cat]

Fernrustle [Golden she-cat]

Flameripple [Orange tabby she-cat]

Ripplestream [Silver tom] Apprentice, Scorchpaw


Brackenpaw [Golden tabby she-cat]

Scorchpaw [Yellow tabby she-cat]


Tallear [Black and white she-cat] (mother to Brightkit [Black tom], Lightkit [Pale yellow she-kit], and Spikekit [Gray she-kit])


Ratshadow [Very dark grey tom]

Lightflash [White and pale yellow tabby she-cat]

Chapter One

It had been a quarter moon since Firestar; the Leader of WindClan, and Wingstar; the Leader of ShadowClan, had told the other Clans; ThunderClan, RiverClan, and SkyClan that the Dark Forest was back with new Warriors and was trying to recruit new Warriors.

Longstar and Streamstar hadn’t believed this, and had said it was a ‘nursery tale’.

But Rootstar had believed them, and had said he would be careful.

There could be a traitor in the Clans.

So WindClan was also suspicious of each other.

They now stayed in groups, talking to each other.

Foxbranch was devastated about this, since if the Dark Forest attacked, all the Clans and Clanmates would have to be a team; but if not even Clanmates from the same Clan couldn’t trust each other, how would the Clans unite and defeat the Dark Forest?

Especially since two of them didn’t even believe that the Dark Forest was back to power.

But also, Foxbranch’s heart was leaping with joy.

It was because it had also been a quarter moon since Firestar and Foxbranch had become mates.

They both had agreed that not having kits would be the best decision.

Just then, an angry screech interrupted Foxbranch’s thoughts.

“You two are fox-hearted traitors!” it was Sharpeye.

He continued, “I’ve seen you both perform battle moves that I’ve never seen before!”

“No! We’re not traitors!” retorted Irispetal and Flakefall.

Just at that moment, Foxbranch had arrived where the three cats were quarreling next to the fresh-kill pile.

“What happened?” asked Foxbranch, even though he clearly knew what was happening.

He needed to know the whole story, and if he had gotten mad without knowing the whole story, he would have been a terrible deputy.

“These two are traitors!” snarled Sharpeye.

“Flakefall, Irispetal, do you have anything to say about this?” Foxbranch mewed evenly.

“Yes. Thank you Foxbranch.” Flakefall meowed and continued, “When we were battle training, Irispetal and I both used a move we call the Revenge. It’s where you charge forward, towards the enemy's chest and knock them down onto their backs with force, then when you’ve got them under your claws, you can unleash any other attack you can use on them. Sharpeye then said that was a move that he’d never seen before, and called us traitors. We know how to use the Revenge because we learned it when we were rogues.”

“I understand. Sharpeye, you don't have to be so suspicious of others all the time!” Foxbranch meowed.

“Well, there are traitors in the Clans, and that’s a good reason to be suspicious.” Sharpeye retorted.

Foxbranch rolled his eyes as Sharpeye padded away from them.

“Oh, Irispetal, Flakefall, while I have you here, can you teach the Revenge to other cats who are willing to learn? It’ll be good to know some new battle moves to use against the Dark Forest cats.”

“Sure!” Flakefall replied.

“We’ll tell the other cats about our training sessions!” Irispetal added cheerfully.

Then, they padded away, planning on their training sessions.

Foxbranch sighed.

This was exactly what he was thinking about.

Now everycat is suspicious of each other! he thought sadly, missing the old days of peace when WindClan trusted each other with their lives.

If cats kept mistrusting each other, the Clans could fall apart!

This is what the Dark Forest cats would want.

To dismantle the Clans into small groups and then destroying the Clans and taking over the lake territories.

Grayleaf, one of the Medicine Cats had received a prophecy from StarClan: There will be traitors from all five Clans. The Darkness is back, and will threaten both living and dead. If you fail to defeat the Darkness, everything will be lost.

And also, some of the Clan cats were getting dreams of dead cats asking if they wanted to become stronger and help their Clans to glory.

But all the cats knew that this was a lie to recruit living warriors for the Dark Forest. Foxbranch himself had gotten one too, but he, of course, refused the offer.

I can’t bear to think that some of my Clanmates are traitors.

Foxbranch thought miserably. 

Squirrelspring’s gentle voice interrupted Foxbranch’s negative thoughts.

“Hey, Foxbranch, should I go out hunting with Moonfur and Weaseldash?”

“Sure, I’ll come with you guys too.” Foxbranch replied, some of his usual cheerfulness revived.

“Okay.” Squirrelspring purred.

As the hunting patrol padded out of the dip in the moor that was their camp, the wind carried scents of juicy and fresh prey.

Prey was coming back after the harsh leaf-bare.

Fortunately, WindClan didn’t lose many cats.

Foxbranch sensed that new-leaf was coming.

Just then, out of the corner of his eye, Foxbranch spotted a rabbit.

Chapter Two

Foxbranch immediately dashed after the rabbit.

Squirrelspring, Moonfur, and Weaseldash , who also had spotted the rabbit, chased after it too, following right behind.

Just when it was a heartbeat away from its burrow, Foxbranch clawed its hind leg.

It squealed, then toppled down to the ground.

Then, Foxbranch swiftly broke its spine.

“StarClan, thank you for this piece of fresh-kill.” he recited the words passed down from generation to generation.

“Great job Foxbranch!” Moonfur admired.

The others had finally caught up to Foxbranch.

“Yeah, you’re so fast!” Squirrelspring panted.


By the time it was dusk, the patrol had caught 16 mice, 9 voles, 8 squirrels, and 5 more rabbits in addition to Foxbranch’s first rabbit.

“We should head back to camp now. I didn’t know that time could go by so fast!” Weaseldash meowed, satisfied.

“Yeah, the others will be so surprised at how much fresh-kill we caught!” Foxbranch purred.

When the hunting patrol returned back to the WindClan camp, cats were sharing tongues.

Whiskerbreeze and Flakefall were sharing a vole, while Berrybush talked to her old mentor, Hollyberry by the nursery.

The first cat to notice that the hunting patrol was back was Thornfang, Flowerstorm’s littermate.

“The first hunting patrol has arrived!” he mewed.

“Where were you!” Firestar meowed, padding towards the patrol.

“The second hunting patrol had already arrived. We were starting to get worried.” Firestar nuzzled Foxbranch’s ear with her muzzle.

“We got so carried off by hunting, we didn’t know that we had hunted for so long!”

Foxbranch purred. “Plus, we brought lots of fresh-kill back! Now everycat can eat plentifully!” the patrol dragged the fresh-kill that they had caught back to the WindClan camp and added it to the tiny fresh-kill pile.

Now, the fresh-kill pile looked more like a fresh-kill pile.

“Now everycat can eat!” Ravenflight exclaimed, her green eyes flashing.

Only a few cats had gotten the chance to eat because there had been so little fresh-kill.

Just then, the third hunting patrol arrived, carrying more fresh-kill in their jaws.

“Perfect. I was just about to send out another hunting patrol, but with this much fresh-kill, we don’t need to worry!” Firestar mewed, satisfied. 

The cats of WindClan shared tongues once again and ate.

“Hey Foxbranch, want to share?”Firestar asked, a plump rabbit dangling from her jaws.

“Sure.” Foxbranch replied.

“You take the first bite, Foxbranch.” Firestar meowed.

Foxbranch took a bite out of the rabbit.

When he had swallowed his bite, he said, “Firestar, there’s something I want to say to you.”

“What is it?” Firestar asked, curious.

Her voice was muffled out a bit by her bite of the rabbit.

“Firestar, it’s just that the Dark Forest coming back to power, cats from the same Clan suspicious of each other, it’s just so frustrating and an-and sad. At sunhigh, Sharpeye almost attacked Flakefall and Irispetal just because they used a move that he hadn't seen before!” replied Foxbranch, despair overwhelming him.

“Oh, Foxbranch. I understand what you mean. I feel like that too.” Firestar mewed in understanding.

“But remember, Foxbranch. That we still have loyal Clanmates in WindClan.”

“Thanks for making me feel better. I knew I could count on you, Firestar.” Foxbranch purred.

Firestar purred too; they entwined tails together and nuzzled each other.

“We should finish the rabbit now.” Firestar said after they were done snuggling.

“Yes, we should.” Foxbranch agreed.


Foxbranch awoke at dawn.

Sunlight was trickling into the dip in the moor, brightening the WindClan camp.

Cats were beginning to wake up from their dens, yawning and stretching.

Foxbranch padded over to Grasshopperslash, who was grooming himself in front of the Warriors’ Den. (WindClan cats now sleep in dens too because once ThunderClan invaded WindClan at midnight, and because they were sleeping out in the open, they were easy targets. WindClan lost some honorable warriors that night so that’s why they sleep in dens these days. To honor their brave warriors.)

“Hey Grasshopperslash, how are you?” Foxbranch mewed.

“Good. I dreamt of hunting a big plump mouse. It was HUGE! It-” Grasshopperslash’s next words were interrupted by Firestar’s call, “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the Clanmound for a Clan meeting!”

“We got to go!” Foxbranch meowed.

He and Grasshopperslash walked over to the Clanmound, where Firestar was sitting.

They were the first cats there but gradually, (and groggily) the other cats came too.

“Maybe Firestar will make us Warriors!” Poolpaw chirped, as the Apprentices made their way to the Clan meeting.

“No silly. We didn’t pass our assignments or do anything heroic to become Warriors!” Grasspaw meowed playfully, scampering alongside her and Flamepaw.

When the whole Clan was gathered beneath the Clanmound, Firestar began, "Snowstorm has informed me that WindClan needs more herbs to prepare for for the battle with the Dark Forest cats. So, I will send out a patrol to gather all kinds of herds, far and near WindClan. The cats who will be on the patrol are-" Firestar was interrupted by Snowbrook's rude mew. "Firestar, can't we just ask ShadowClan for herbs and use the herbs in WindClan territory? ShadowClan and WindClan are allies, after all. Do we really have to send out a herb gathering patrol?"

"Of course we need to, hare-brain! ShadowClan needs their herbs as well." Lionwhisker hissed, lashing his tail. His shoulder fur was bristling.

"The cats on the patrol will be Foxbranch, Snowyfur, Jaywind, and Blazetree." Fiestar finished.

"This Clan meeting is now dismissed!" Firestar lepaed off the Clanmound and went into her den, which was an old badger set in the moor.

Murmurs rippled through the WindClan camp.

Snowyfur, Jaywind, and Blazetree were already beside Foxbranch.

"So, we're really going?" Jaywind meowed eagerly.

"Yes, we are." Foxbranch replied, with a mrrow of amusement at the young cat's enthusiasm.

"We should learn about herbs and where to find them, since we're going to look for herbs."Snowyfur mewed, flicking her tail towards the Medicine cat den.

"Great idea, Snowyfur. That way we can know which herbs we need the most!" Foxbranch praised the senior warrior.

"Thanks." Snowyfur mewed, embarrassed by the sudden compliment.


"So this is Marigold, great for preventing and treating infection. We're going to need a lot of Marigold. Oak leaf is good too." Snowstorm told the cats on the herb patrol.

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